Welcome to Sports Entertainment

Welcome to Sports Entertainment 
Be yourself. The piece of advice you always receive and almost never listen to.
123 1 123
Pyra is pacing around her brand new living room as *Nsync tries to calm her down.
“I can’t help it its taking forever.”
“Would you relax! It will happen,” Lance says.
“You’re starting to make me dizzy,” JC says.
“Sit down, I’m getting motion sickness,” Chris says. Pyra looks at the five guys and sits on the sofa in between Lance and Justin. Finally the television returns to the show it was giving. A young dark haired guy is standing in front of a tv screen and starts with the lines Pyra wants to hear.
“And now for the number one video of the day, but first lets recap the top ten.” Pyra almost has to stifle a scream. “And the number one video today on Total Request is Nsync with Tearin’ up my heart.
“Told you,” Pyra says.
“What’s this show called?”
“Total Request Live. Its on at like three I had to tape it for you bums yesterday.” Pyra says.
“Is that the show they were talking about?” Joey asks.
“I think so, well at least now we can say we watched it.” Chris says.
“Wait if it was a tape why didn’t you fast forward?” Justin asks. Pyra scratches her head. 
“Well you see . . . I forgot.” Pyra says.
“Its okay, we still like you,” Lance says and puts an arm around her and she puts her head on his shoulder.
“Thanks Lance,” Pyra says slipping her arm around him.
“Hey look its the mail,” Justin says feeling uncomfortable.
“Lucky get the mail.” Pyra says talking to the tiny black kitten on the floor by Justin’s feet. Lucky raises his head and looks at Pyra and then walks around Justin’s legs, then lays back down in his original position. JC gets the mail from the floor in front of the door. He shuffles through it.
“You may already have won a million dollars” which gets a laugh out of him and Pyra. “. . . AOL 3.0 . . .bill . . . oh here,” JC says handing Pyra a letter that looks very official until you see the WWF logo by the return address. She separates from Lance and opens the envelope. She starts reading:
Dear Ms. Jacobs,
In regards to your application for becoming a World Wrestling Federation © employee, we have put it under consideration and while unorthodox to say the least we would like to arrange a meeting with you at our Stanford headquarters. Please call us as soon as possible to arrange a meeting. We expect to hear from you soon, and hope you can become a member of the family.


Vincent K. McMahon,

Vincent K. McMahon CEO

“Yeah!” Pyra says throwing her hands up in the air and cheering like she just made a touch down.
“Want to tell us what that was all about?” Chris asks.
“Oh they want me to call to set up an appointment with . . . well I don’t know but for whatever reason they want to meet with me.”
“Congratulations!” JC and Lance says together.
“What they said.” Chris says.
“Good luck,” Joey says.
“I hope you get it,” Justin says.
“Thanks guys.” Pyra picks up the phone and calls information. “Hello, I need the number for Amtrak. Okay thanks.”
“Amtrak?” JC asks.
“I wanna know how I’m gonna get there and how long it will take before I go making an appointment for 8am that I’ll be late for.”
“Makes sense.” Pyra makes the phone call and copies the schedule which is the same everyday except weekends. Pyra then picks up the letter and makes an appointment for Wednesday at 2pm.
“What am I going to wear?!” Pyra exclaims. All the guys look at her like she’s crazy. “What?”
“Is that all you’re worried about?” JC asks.
“Well yeah, its very important,” Pyra says.
“What are you going to say?” Lance asks. Pyra shrugs.
“How are you going to act?” Chris asks. Pyra shrugs again.
“Do you even know who you’re going to be talking to?” JC asks.
“Mystic’s grandfather, I think, maybe.” Pyra says.
“Are you nervous?”
“Not really,” Pyra says. “Just going to be anticipating all of Tuesday.”
“So what exactly do you want to be? A wrestler?” Joey asks.
“Nah, a referee I’ll leave the wrestling to Mystic and Nausi.” Pyra says sitting back down. “I can’t believe how long its been since I watched it. I probably don’t know anyone anymore.”
“You don’t watch you’re own friends?” Chris asks. Pyra shrugs.
“I had class Monday’s at eight I would get back to my room at 10:30 it seemed pointless. And I’ve never gotten around to picking it back up.” Pyra says.
“But what about SmackDown?” Joey asks.
“That just started,” Pyra says.
“Oh yeah,” Joey responds.
“Yeah, chicken, beef or fish?” Pyra asks.
“What?” Justin asks.
“You guys don’t seem to be going anywhere, so I’m going to entertain myself and cook.”
“Oh, whatever you want.” Lance says.
“I don’t care, as long as its good,” Chris says.
“And its always good.” Joey continues. Pyra looks over at JC who shrugs.
“I need someone who lives in this house who has opinions.” Pyra says walking into the kitchen.
“Can you make chicken?” Justin asks.
“Sure, see how easy that was you bums.” Pyra says and pulls a bowl out of the refrigerator. “Justin you okay with it being baked?” “Yeah that’s fine.” Justin says picking up Lucky and playing with the kitten.
Pyra makes some baked chicken and potatoes, much to the joy of the boy band. After devouring the food they are all immobile sloths as Pyra and JC bring the plates to the kitchen from the dining room.
“Marry me.” An over stuffed Chris says as Pyra takes his plate. She just shakes her head as she and JC walk to the kitchen.
“You know you’re going to make us all fat,” JC says. Pyra shrugs. “So Pyra, what’s going on with you and Lance?”
“Nothing, why?” Pyra asks.
“I’ve been here a while and still haven’t gotten a hug like the ones you give him.” Pyra walks over to JC and gives him a hug.
“What’s going on?!” A voice exclaims as they draw apart.
“You refuse to knock Mystic,” Pyra says as Mystic waits for an answer. JC has turned a shade of scarlet and is putting plates in the dishwasher to avoid looking at Mystic, since he knows he is blushing. “Mystic please. Joshua claims I’ve never hugged him, so I gave him a hug.” Mystic seems to accept this answer.
“Cricket?” She says since he still has his back to her.
“Hi,” he says finally turning around and just being a slight pink.
“So what are you doing besides feeling up Josh Pyra?” Mystic says.
“Feeling up Lance,” JC says finally relaxed.
“Really? So you and Lance going to get together?”
“What? No, and keep your voice down he’s right in there,” Pyra says pointing to the dining room.
“Maybe I should go in there . . .”
“Don’t you dare.”
“You do like him,” Mystic says and its Pyra’s turn to avoid eye contact. She looks around the living room and her eyes land on where she put her letter down.
“Guess what?” Pyra says.
“What?” Mystic asks.
“I have an interview with your grandpa on Wednesday,” Pyra says.
“Okay, good luck.” Mystic says as Lance comes out of the dining room with his glass.
“Thank you Pyra,” Lance says handing the cup to JC who rolls his eyes, puts it in the dishwasher, and turns it on.
“You’re welcome,” Pyra replies grinning.
“Hey there Lance.”
“Hi Mystic.”
They go into the dining room and are talking for a few hours. The guys decide to spend the night and share the bunk beds in the two upstairs guest rooms. The next morning there are two unlikely early risers and a whole bunch of nosy busy bodies. Pyra and Lance are the first two awake and they are sitting at the counter dividing the living room from the kitchen eating cereal and talking. Slowly on the stairs they are unknownly joined by eavesdroppers.
“So you think he’ll like it?” Pyra asks.
“Like it he’ll love you for it. Why hasn’t he done it himself?” Lance asks.
“I don’t know, maybe he thinks I wouldn’t want to.”
“Well we’re going to be leaving so you’ll have plenty of time.” Lance says.
“August 8th deadline. When’s your birthday?” Pyra asks as Chris stops at the top of the stairs to listen.
“May 4th, and you’re right after JC.”
“Yeah, hey you’re born the same day as Mystic.” Pyra says as Chris is joined by Joey who is quickly hushed into silence.
“Shh, Pyra and Lance are alone down there I want to know if he’s going to make a move or not,” Chris says and Joey nods silently.
“ . . . Garfield.”
“See now I missed something,” Chris says and is hushed by Joey.
“ . . . Taz.”
“You should meet my nanny’s kid, her name is Tasiana. And she is a devil.”
“Really? You and your Nanny are still close.”
“Yeah I talk to her almost as much as I talk to my dad. She gives great advice, but she keep saying . . .never mind.”
“Keeps saying what?” Lance asks.
“That I need a job and a mnflk,” Pyra mumbles putting cereal in her mouth.
“A what? With out the cereal please.”
“A man.” Pyra says suddenly intensely interested in her cereal.
“Oh,” Lance says as JC comes out of his room and catches the two eavesdroppers in the act.
“What are you doing?” He asks the guys who both shush him and pull hin down to their level.
“Pyra and Lance, she just said she needed a guy in her life.” JC joins the rest of the spies at the top of the stairs.
“Did you hear something?” Pyra asks Lance who shakes his head. “Guess I’m just crazy.”
“I doubt it maybe a little eccentric,” Lance says.
“You’re too kind really.” A sneeze is heard from the stairs. “Now I know I heard that.”
“Me too.” Pyra puts a finger to her lips as they both quietly stand. On the stairs JC has escaped as Chris whacks Joey on the head. They notice JC is gone and stand about to leave when Lance and Pyra reach the stairs and catch the two of them. “We seem to have two crappy spies in our mists.”
“What are you two doing?” Lance asks.
“Sitting,” Chris says innocently.
“Besides that,” Pyra says annoyed.
“We weren’t listening if that is what you mean, the whole idea that you could think we could do something like that is a great insult to me and Joseph here,” Chris says with an pompous tone.
“Go away,” Lance says to the guys who stand leaving a slipper on the floor. Pyra looks at the departing guys who are both wearing two slippers. Pyra picks up the slipper and knocks on the door to JC’s room
“Josh you awake?” Pyra asks and hears no answer. “I know you’re awake, I have your slipper Cinderella.” JC opens the door, in dark blue pajama bottoms and a black wife beater Pyra wonders what the hell is Mystic waiting for. He takes the brown flip flop but Pyra isn’t letting him get away that easily. “What did you hear?”
“Nothing really, something about you being crazy, I swear.” Pyra looks at him and nods.
“I won’t strap on the polygraph just yet,” Pyra says and JC closes the door as Justin comes out of the room he was sharing with Lance.
“Good Morning,” Justin says.
“Morning,” Lance says and Pyra waves still looking at JC door with suspicion.
“What’s going on?” Justin asks.
“A bunch of nosy people,” Pyra says.

123 2 123
It’s Wednesday and Pyra is surrounded by clothes. A little black dot is in the mist of all the black and red business like outfits and watches with unwavering green eyes. She holds out an outfit to the cat as if he could answer her. As in response to his disinterest Lucky starts licking his paw.
“Good, Bad?” Pyra says modeling for the inattentive cat. “Yeah its too bad you can’t talk.” Pyra starts looking at the cat and thinking and looking at him again. “Well. . .”
Now maybe if Sabrina the teenage witch wasn’t one of Pyra’s favorite shows this wouldn’t happen but then again she is Psycho.
“Little black kitty on the bed I see
Meowing is just not good enough for me
Speak your mind
I don’t mind if its rough
Is this outfit the right stuff”
There is some shimmering in the area around Lucky’s neck but little else happens. She waits and wonders and starts getting a little more serious about this. She starts thinking about all the things really involved in speaking. Years of learning the language the development in the brain, synapses and all the things she learned in school found interesting but never thought she’s have any use for.
“The box is not enough
We need the brains to go along with this magic stuff
A mind of his own
Like a child’s it will grow
So he can make language his very own
Looks like a normal cat
Brain hides only magic can do that
Speak your first words
But always remember you are a cat”
There is more shimmering around Lucky’s head and he stares up at Pyra comprehension in his green eyes. He opens his mouth and meows.
“We’ll work on it. But just in case.”
“See it once and you can do it again
See it twice
And its perfection for my furry friend.
Pyra finally settles on a red silk long sleeved blouse that makes breathing a luxury and tight black flares made of velvet. She puts on a pair of velvet calf high boots and tones down the jewelry. wearing a black beaded choker, black hoops, red studs and only two rings on each hand. She throws on a silver bracelet and a watch. She looks at her hair, and decides they’re just going to have to deal with the stripes, she leaves it loose and gives it a little curl. Happy about how she looks she lifts Lucky and walks out of the room talking to the cat in semi-baby talk. She was sure she had read somewhere it actually helped kids learn to talk.
Downstairs she gets, whistled at by Chris, and Joey does an imitation of a Hispanic guy on the street calling her mami then switches over to an Italian when she ignores him and keeps yo-ing her. Lance and JC are more civilized and actually speak.
“Wow, Pyra you look great,” Lance exclaims.
“So, that’s how clothes that fit look on you. Nice to know.”
“Oh, shut up,” Pyra says annoyed. Justin the youngin’ had gone home to spend some time with his momma. The rest of the guys Pyra wasn’t sure if they were ever leaving but she didn’t really care, they had enough room for them eaisly and they were all respectful of her and Josh’s newly aquired stuff. As long as they stayed that way she was good.
“Want some company on the way?” Lance asks. Pyra didn’t want to admit but it was the best thing she had heard. She nodded so she didn’t scream yes. “Okay, I’ll ride with you on the train.”
“When do we leave.”
“Now’s good.” Pyra says taking his hand. Josh walks over and gives her a hug.
“Good luck.”
“Thanks,” Chris and Joey do the same and Pyra feels pretty good leaving the compound to go take the train with Lance. Turns out he buys a ticket and goes all the way to Connecticut with her. He waits out side the Stanford office in this pretty place with water fountains and shrubs and things, that Pyra only expects to see in Manhattan.
When she had called before hand to make her appointment she had been told that she was to go to the 17th floor for the interview. On the elevator she sees a familiar face.
“Pyra? What are you doing here?”
“Hello Mr. McMahon, I have an interview to see if I can work here.”
“You want to wrestle too?”
“Nah, be a referee.”
“I remeber when you were this tall,” He levels his hand somewhere around his waist, “and you guys used to play around in the ring. I thought you were the ref cause they made you. You were so quiet.”
“No I liked it, I must be weird huh?”
“Not at all. Well this is my stop,” He says getting off at 15, “Good Luck with JR.”
“Thanks,” Pyra is tempted to ask who JR is but he’s gone before he can make up her mind on if that is a good idea or not. She gets off at the 17th floor and walks over to the desk about to speak.
“Pyra Jacobs?” The receptionist asks and she nods. “Okay have a seat and Mr. Ross will be with you shortly.”
“Thank you,” she says taking a seat on an empty couch. A few minutes later a tall built blond guy walks in and sits right next to her.
“Hey, I’m Andrew, Andrew Martin.”
“Pyra,nice to meet you.”
“I know.” Pyra looks at him and rolls her eyes. Dumb brute seems about right.
“Want a piece of advice?”
“You need to show more skin if you want to get anywhere in this business. Take my valet Trish for example. She’s gonna go far, you should see the . . .” He grins. Pyra stands and sits on an empty chair and picks up a magazine and swears she won’t deck him. Should she even mention his model of flesh is her mother? Nah, she didn’t want to admit any relation to the Barbie wanna be.
“Whatever dude, I’m not in the mood for friendly advice go away,” Pyra says returning to her magazine.
“Prissy little . . .”
“How about we show a little more courtesy, Andrew?” A heavy set man in a cowboy hat and WWF polo shirt says. “You must be Pyra.”
“Yeah, Mr. . . . ”
“Ross, I’m Jim Ross head of talent at the World Wrestling Federation but everyone calls me JR.” He says tipping his cowboy hat to her.
Pyra follows him into an office where another man is seated at a long conference table and rifeling through papers. He looks up and smiles at Pyra. “Hello I’m Kevin Dunn, an associate talent cordinator. Well I must tell you your application had us very intrigued.”
“Really?” Pyra says wondering what could be so interestion about someone wanting to be a refferee.
“Not many women, want to be in this buisness let alone a referee.”
“Oh, I see.”
“Any way we wanted to see if you’d be the kind of girl that could handle herself and from what I Saw with Andrew you are,” JR says smiling and Pyra returns the smile. Maybe this guy wasn’t so bad.
“We would have to train you, and it would be a while before you’re actually on TV.”
Blah Blah Blah
Pyra walked out of the Stanford offices grinning ear to ear. She didn’t care about the ‘training’ the time they would need to develop a believable storyline and some other crap she was on cloud 12 (nine was just too low for this feeling), Lance was waiting at the fountain area and despite the look on her face he asked.
“How did it go?”
“Beyond awesome! I kicked some major ass, there was this dork Andrew, but then everything went perfect.” Lance lifted her into his arms and twirled her around and put her down. “Come on let’s go back to the city I’m on for a full on celebration!”
Back in Here (or What) . . .
“So when do you start?” JC says popping the cork on some more Cider, Pyra’s preferred drink of celebration.
“Hey when we sell gabillions of records do you think we could have some good stuff?” Chris says turning his nose at the cider.
“That crap champagne? Not in my house,” Pyra says grinning. “Its my party I’ll have cider if I want to. Dude if you don’t like it why you guzzling the stuff?”
“I am not,” Chris says hiding his fourth glass behind his back.
“Sure, as for you Joshie I start Monday, I go to a training center in Stanford for like two weeks. I’ll also be meeting with the writers and stuff. Then if all goes well I get a contract, go on the road and make some kind of debut. But being that I’m just a ref (Hey I should have a shirt with that line) I won’t be doing anything special.” Pyra says not knowing how wrong she is. <

123 3 123
The last day of ‘extensive’ referee training . . .
“Pyra I swear this is in your blood. Your attitude is beyond impressive.”
”Thanks,” Pyra says wondering why he’s drinking water like he had a work out. The first week had been written stuff and the second hands on training. Nothing she had even broken a sweat on. She even learned some basic medical things to know pretty much what not to do if someone was actually hurt. In other words the common sense stuff you learn on TV. The writers talked to her about twice and informed her that a female referee would most definitely be something special.
She had a week off so the writers and costume designers to prepare for her character. She wondered what she had gotten herself into and decided to visit Mystic. Being the freak that she was she wasn’t in the mood to wait til her friend got back home and she wanted to surprise Nausi. She had told her she had gotten a job but had been quite vague on the details. She walked into the arena where that night Nitro would be broadcast live to an ever growing audience. First she saw a tall blond in what she guessed passed for work attire. She thought she would look loads better in something that didn’t make her look like a flamingo or something.
A blond guy about her height was walking muttering to himself about that bastard Bichy with the worst looking silver monstrosity as a shirt and the ugliest ponytail she had ever seen on his head. To top off the hideousness was a craptacualar beard on his face. Pyra was too busy staring at him to move out of his way so they collided. Being ever the graceful girl she landed flat on her ass and it was clear to see the guy was hiding a smile.
“Sorry, you okay?”
“I’ve had better days,” Pyra says inclined to stare at him because of a feeling of familiarity.
“Oh I get it,” he says as his face contorts into a whole other kind of smile. “You’re a fan of the Ayatollah.”
“Dude why would I be a fan of a Middle Eastern king? Is it Iran, no wait Iran has a Shah, damnit . . .”
“Apparently not,” he mutters. “So why are you hear?”
“To rob and pillage from unsuspecting village idiots.”
“Uh-huh . . . hey wait did you just call me an idiot?” Pyra looks him up and down and shrugs. “Sassy aren’t you?”
“Did you actually use the word sassy? First Ayatollah now sassy you need help.”
“How did you get back here?” Pyra points to the pass on her neck. “Why are you here really this time?”
“Okay fine,” Pyra says figuring if this guy was taking her abuse so well she might as well tell him. “I’m looking for a friend of mine, Mystic?” The grin on his face is genuine.
“Any friend of Mystic’s is ok in my book.”
”You don’t know how much that information is a relief to me,” Pyra says faking a sigh.
“Come on I think she’s in the women’s locker room.”
“Okay but I have to ask, they do that to you against your will right?” Pyra says talking a closer look at his hair.
“If you mean do I go outside like this no, do I go on national television like this yes.”
“Whatever rocks your boat,” Pyra says as Jerky points to the door. “Just go in?” he nods. Pyra is about to push open the door when she spots hair a color no where near normal.
“Short one?”
”Average! Average, you’re just freakishly tall.”
“Sure whatever, bye now,” Pyra says giving Jerky a not so discreet hint.
“Don’t you even want to know my name?”
“If I say no will you be upset?” Pyra asks.
“Don’t listen to her she’s always like this. Jericho, Pyra, Pyra, Jericho.”
“Jericho? Isn’t that like a city in like Israel?”
“Its my last name, I’m Chris,” Jerky says.
“Okay,” Pyra says clearly not interested.
“Well I see you later Mystic and Pyra.”
“That was mean,” Mystic says.
“Did you like look at that thing on his face?”
“I know,” Mystic says. “Loser what are you doing here?”
”Came to harass you of course, cause other wise I’ll tell Nausi and ruin all my fun.”
“I see,” Mystic says. “So do you know if you’re gonna be with anybody yet?”
“No not yet just that I was asked to get contacts. Man why does a referee need to know how to act?”
“Ooo you’re gonna be talking, not to my Jeff!”
“Mystic I have no control over what happens . . . who knows what Jeff could be to me on camera,” Pyra says just to annoy her.
“We’ll see,” Mystic says deviously (you gotta wonder if its the McMahon in her).
“Don’t we’ll see me. I know how your evil mind works!”
“You staying for the show?”
“Sure why not? I don’t have anything else to do.”
“Okay, but afterwards we’re all going out to eat.”
“As long as we all doesn’t include the Israeli its all good.”
Pyra watches the show from backstage (I believe WCW was still flying high here and would not have looked as sad as it did in 2000 and would have been sold out) and met a few interesting people and saw a few old friends. By the end of then night she was quite hungry and not even the Israeli could stop her from going out. It turns out to be, her, Mystic, Shane, Shannon, Jerky and a few other of Mystic’s c-wobkers. The first surprise of the night is Jerky. He is in street clothes, his long blond hair combed and hanging loosely,he had even shaved his face and for a moment Pyra didn’t even recognise him.
“Hello again Pyra,” he says after greeting everyone else.
“Hola,” Pyra says mentally replaying all the blonds she had met. Jerky doesn’t even cross her mind. She looks over at Mystic lost and her friend laughs.
“Pyra, you didn’t forget Jericho already did you?”
“What? But . . .” Pyra takes another look at him and decided he looks okay, well maybe better than ok, but she does realize it is clearly the same dork she met hours before. “Oh, yeah I did.” Jerky looks shocked and a little miffed but says nothing as the gang stuffs themselves into four cars and plan to meet at a bar/resturant.
Sickly enough once the inital shock passes Jerky and Pyra hit it off. He seems to love her punch in gut humor and doesn’t realize that most of the time she is making fun of him. She thinks he’s cute and is surprised he can take her insults so well. When he gives her his number Pyra takes it and puts it in her pocket not sure what she will do with it at the moment. The kiss he gives her on the cheek chinces it. She would call him one day. She walks back over to Mystic’s car where her, Shane, and Shannon are waiting.
“And what was that young lady?” Shane asks hands on his hips.
“What was what? Pyra asks innocently.
“Oh, mah God,” Mystic shreiks. “You like him!”
“Maybe, he did give me his number and all.”
“You sure about this?” Shane says not the biggest Jerky fan. He knew the guy had an ego and could be quite annoying. Pyra shrugs and Shane says nothing else hoping maybe he could be a good boyfriend.He really didn’t have any proof to the contrary and if he wasn’t a good boyfriend Pyra wouldn’t put up with it long if at all.
“So why the sudden interest in seeing us work?” Shannon asks.
“Well . . .” Pyra goes on to tell them about her new place of employment and they all congratulate her and wish her the best of luck in the days to come.

123 4 123
The first day . . .
Pyra arrives at the Pepsi Arena walking past the fans completely ignored. She had a pass around her neck that identified her as an official so she could get in. Wearing black jeans and a ‘I’m only wearing black till they make something darker’ black t-shirt and a messenger bag full of the necessities (ie CD player, CD’s, book, pen, etc), her hair pulled into the perfect pony tail so the stripes didn’t look all weird.
“Ah, Pyra I’m Beth,” Pyra turned and saw a girl about Mystic’s height with a short black bob, cat eye glasses, wearing a ‘Bitch monster from hell’ t-shirt and blue jeans and Pyra figures this should be interesting at the very least. “We’ll be working together from now on. I’m one of the coordinators and I do things like go over the script with you, take your input, to see what is working and what is a total failure. In short you answer to me.”
“Um okay,” Pyra says having no idea how else to respond.
“Don’t look so worried I’m one of the nice ones as long as you don’t cross me.”
“Ah I see,” Pyra replies following her into a room full of mirrors makeup tables and chairs.
“Sit,” Pyra does as they bring in clothes. Pyra sees two refereeing outfits and thinks school marm and street punk.
“Which . . .”
“Both, the writers felt you should be introduced as sweet and innocent, I haven’t had much time to go over your script. We’ll be meeting at four with a few other referees to discuss a few things and go in depth about your debut. Now you have to get all dolled up.”
“Yea.” Pyra says with all the joy of a person walking into an math exam.
A woman comes over and pulls out Pyra’s ponytail, she’s at the moment too surprised to protest. Another comes over with a wig and thick framed black glasses. Pyra is a lot confused as the woman starts putting on a hair net on Pyra to hold all her real hair.
“What are those for? I’m wearing contacts,” Pyra says.
“Don’t worry they’re fake. This may take a while,” One make up girl says to the other.
After over an hour, Pyra’s “hair” and make up have her looking like she’s spent years behind books and then they get her into the outfit after putting her into a contraption that made her look even smaller all around. They give her a shopping bag to keep her clothes and is allowed to keep her boots on since no one remembered about shoes. They lead her to a floor length mirror and Pyra almost doesn’t recognize herself. She was in a long sleeved referee shirt, it looked like she had no chest and she had on shapeless wide leg black slacks, she looked horrible. Beyond retarded. The wig was in two pigtails and she didn’t have the right face shape for it so it looked impossibly nerdy.
“I want to do this,” she half stated, half asked into the mirror. Shaking her head she looked at her watch 3pm. She had an hour until her meeting with Beth. She grabbed her two bags and the makeup lady pointed her to the women’s locker room. She was blasting Green Day as she walked in and put her stuff in an empty locker.
“So its true they are hiring a new female. Hello I’m Joaine.” Pyra neither hears nor acknowledges the woman. Noticing the headphones at the last second she taps Pyra on the shoulder.
“Huh? What?” Pyra says taking the headphones off.
“I’m Joanie.”
“Tori mommy?” Pyra says like its one word as the built blond comes out from around the corner and gives Pyra a hug.
“I almost didn’t believe Glenn . . . what did they do to you?” Tori asks letting go of Pyra.
“Ask me again, these writers are some sick pervs I swear,” Pyra mutters.
“Are you a wrestler or a referee?” Joanie asks giving Pyra’s outfit a once over.
“Referee,” Pyra mutters.
“You don’t sound happy about it,” Tori says.
“Have you seen this outfit? This dollar store wig? These pieces of crap on my face? For pete’s sake they cut my nails the bastards!”
“Oh,” Tori says smiling just a little, “that’s why you’re mad. You’re nails.”
“Well maybe a little I can’t even scratch at this itchy piece of crap on my head.”
“Poor girl,” Tori says clearly amused.
“Am I here to amuse you?” Pyra asks in mock anger.
“No, you’re here to amuse millions,” Tori replies.
“Tori are you still going to spot me in the weight room?” Joanie asks.
“Sure, why don’t you join us Pyra?” Pyra follows the two larger women out to the weight room. Some guys were also spread out doing various things and a blond boy (was he even still blond?) stretching catches Pyra’s eye.
“Jeff?” He looks up and in traditional Jeff fashion ignores everything wrong with the out fit Pyra’s wearing.
“Hey Pyra, almost didn’t know it was you.”
“I wonder what that could have done that,” Pyra say sitting down cross legged across from him as Nausi returns with water for the two of them.
“Thanks so much,” Jeff says as Nausi looks over at Pyra.
“Hi,” Nausi blinks then starts laughing.
“Ha Ha Ha.” Pyra says annoyed.
“Pyra getting dressed in the dark is not a good idea,” Nausi says when her laughter dies down.
“Bite me.”
“No thanks, what are you doing here?”
“Didn’t I mention that I work here now?”
“Why you stalking me for?”
“I’m not stalking you, I just love you so much I wanted to spend more time with your loving personality.”
“Sure, you gonna follow me everywhere I go? First high school, then college, then What?, now the WWF what’s wrong with you?”
“Ugh, I must love abuse,” Pyra mutters.
“So your gonna be a referee?” Jeff asks.
“How’d you ever guess?”
“Okay Pyra, I’ll bite why the nun look?”
“Not sure, its supposedly temporary.”
“Sure ‘temporary’,” Nausi says looking her friend over yet again.
Pyra spends a few more minutes talking with Jeff and Nausi then has Nausi point out where Beth’s office is as she goes in for her prematch rundown.

123 5 123
Pyra walked backstage and wanted to break the table in half. She had known it would be bad but that was just sick on so many levels. It was one thing being laughed at on camera but the shmucks she was to be laughed at did it for real. Right before they had gone out. The same blond bastard and his hairy freak partner had a good laugh at her expense. Like a guy who was hitting on your stepmother in front of you had it all up there.
Even Bubba, (what a name) had been like you better watch out for Glenn. It was funny how Trish acted like she was a ghost the entire time. Man what she wouldn’t give to tell these guys her real age but they probably just ignore her. Pyra got tapped on the shoulder and turned with a scowl.
“What?” She said looking into a chest decked out in black and red. She threw her arms arond her father and he stroked her hair.
“Bad day?”
“I want to kill something.”
“Thing or one?”
“I didn’t know they hired bears.”
“Bears? Oh Albert, yeah a little on the furry side.”
“Dad I’ve seen Cousin its with less hair then him.”
“Well I’m almost up for some hell, fire, and brimstone.”
“This means you have to let go.” Pyra slowly releases her father from the hug. He gives her a peck on the top of the head and goes out to the ramp waiting for his music to hit the right note before coming out.
Pyra sighs as she tugs off the stupid wig she had been wearing and lets her crazy hair fly free. She runs her fingers through it as some wrestlers walk by. She’s not paying attention really as one goes off . . .
” . . . and like so totally b-r-ootle.” She has to hide her laugh as the pair keeps on walking as she wondered who talked like that.
Further down the hall . . .
“I think the totally is a little much,” Edge says.
“And B-R-ootle isn’t?” Jason counters.
“Hey if we can get hosebeast, and awesomeness no,” Edge says as he turns to look to the side as Jason goes through the swinging door and he sees the new female referee. Her hair was crazy, he didn’t remember that from watching the match dude to Jason’s obession with Trish. Its then he notices her twirling a wig in her hand a small smile on her face. For whatever reason he’s entranced. So much so he doesn’t notice Jason getting annoyed and releasing the swinging door until it slams sqare in hs face knocking him out cold.
Jason laugs but knows better then to leave hin sprawled out like that, he kneels down an knudges his friend as Pyra goes to get out of her proper refereeing attire.
“Adam man?”
“Huh? What?” He says wondering why his head is throbbing as he is joined by his other friend Matt.
“Weren’t you paying attention?” Matt asks.
“Um no . . .”
“That blond is really getting to you isn’t it?”
“Shut up,” Adam says standing ignoring the spinning.
“Sit your ass down before you hurt something,” Jason says annoyed. As a tag team if one of them was out of comission it was a good guess they would both be out. They lead Adam to the men’s locker room.
“So what were you looking at . . .”
“Um . . . the new referee.”
“That dork? Why?” Jason asks.
“She is not a dork,” Edge counters.
“You don’t even know her,” Matt says.
“And you do?”
“Well she is my girlfriend’s best friend you know.”
“What really?”
“Man you want in her pants or what?” Jason asks.
“I haven’t even got a name.”
“Its Pyra, don’t ask.”
“Ask what?” Adam says as Jason asks.
What the hell kind of name is that?”
“Hers or as she likes to say ‘mine end of story’.”
“I think its unique,” Adam says.
“Whatever,” Jason mutters.
“Well you could go talk to her you know, she is single, though she was talking a lot to this guy from WCW at Mystic’s goodbye party. Chris something.”
“She’s too young for you,” a voice says and the three guys turn to face an older wrestler, Glenn was standing there his mask in his hand.
“No offense or anything but, I don’t see how its any of your buisness,” Edge says as Matt shakes his head but Edge doesn’t notice. Jason does and pokes Matt and he mouths the word father and Jason’s eyes widen.
“It is my buisness who . . .”
“Unless you’re after her and if you think I’m too old . . .” A knock sounds on the door.
“Who the hell knocks?” Jason mutters. “Just open the door!” Pyra does just that and waves at Matt.
“Uh dad can you come here for a second?”
“Sure sweetie,” Glenn says glaringing at Edge who just watches in disbelief.
“Her father?! But he’s and she’s . . .”
“Adopted,” Matt says. Glenn returns then and Edge walks over to him wanting to say sorry.
“Uh . . .”
“I don’t want to here it, just leave my daughter alone.”
“But I . . .”
“Will not go near my daughter understood?” Glenn says glaring as Edge feels like he’s face to face with Kane, a demon from the pits of hell. He nods what would waiting a little while hurt? “Good.” Glenn says patting Edge on the head like a dog then taking his bag and walking out without changing.
“Okay, that was a bad idea,” Matt tells Edge, “Pyra is . . . Glenn will skin you alive if you go near her now.”
“There are other girls out there, I heard Sean’s sister thought you were cute.” Edge shrugs, he wasn’t sure if it was because Pyra was forbidden or that feeling she had given him when he first saw her but no other girl seemed worth his time right now.
“Sure, Py Py.”
Ring Ring
“Hello?” Pyra says picking up her cell phone.
“Hi, we just saw your debut.”
“Hey Shane, so you and Shannon were laughing your asses off at me?”
“Man Pyra you have to admit that was a stretch for you.”
“Who you kidding, you know how itchy that wig was?”

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