Those Left Behind pt1

Title: Those Left Behind 1/?
Author: Blue Gold
Rating: R
Parings: Fred/Wesley, more possible
Fandoms: a dash of Herc/Xena, BTVS, Angel
Disclaimer: Don’t own it.
Summary: The Powers that Be sent the scoobies to the far corners of the multi verse. But there is still a hell mouth and it still needs guarding.
Author’s notes: Companion piece to Those Darn Kids. Though you don’t need to read that to under stand this.

“He’s been gone three months guys,” Cordelia said as she, Wesley, and Gunn entered the hotel. The latter carrying grime covered weapons. “And this place isn’t called, Cordelia Investigations.”

“He will return when he’s ready,” Wesley said.

“Yeah, he lost the love of his life and all that,” Gunn said.

“They were your acquaintances as well, Cordelia,” Wesley adding noting that she had not seemed to have had any reaction to their deaths, or at least no reaction he had seen.

”It’s sad they died, but they stayed in Sunnyhell. It was bound to happen. I left for a reason,” Cordelia said. “And yet demons are still ruining my outfits. And who knows if they had asked for help maybe we could have beat this ‘hell god’ person.”

“We do not know the full story Cordelia; we only know what that Jonathan character told us.”

“God, Jonathan, I can’t believe he was part of their group after I left.”

“Well if he were not involved we would not know this at all,” Wesley pointed out.

“And then Angel wouldn’t be in Tibet.” Cordelia said as Gunn collected their weapons to put away.

“Tea?” Wesley asked giving up the argument. He still could not decide how he felt about Faith’s death and instead focused on the loss of Giles even if he had not fully appreciated the man at the time.

“Shower, ugh,” Cordelia groaned as the doors to the hotel open. “Angel you’re back!” She exclaimed giving him a hug.

“Why do you smell like a Mu-rite?” Angel asked letting his duffel bag fall to the floor.

“Whole demon worshipers thing.”

“Hey man,” Gunn said making his way back into the main hall. “How was Tibet?”

“All peaceful like?” Cordelia asked.

“Sure, until the monks turned out to be life-sucking Shur-hod demons.”

“Oh…” Wesley said entering the room.

“Well how’s Fred?” Angel asked looking around for the missing woman.

“She’s…she’s great! Really.” Cordelia said poking Wesley to get his agreement.

“She hasn’t left her room has she?” Angel asked with a wry smile.

“Well She’s been out every once in a while.”

“I’ll go up to see her. Start packing,” Angel said with an easy smile as he headed to the stairs.

“A trip! Where are we going? You know Cabo is nice this time of year,” Cordelia states with a grin.


“What?!” Cordelia exclaimed as Wesley frowned.

“Sunnydale? Where Bu-” Cordelia jabbed him sharply.

“Do not use the B word. Vampire hearing,” she hissed.

“So nice little vamp infested town,” Gunn sighed.

“Over the mouth of hell,” Wesley said calmly.

“Is that some kind of joke English? I know the town is bad…”

“No, Spanish settlers named it Boca Del Inferno. The mouth of hell, they were correct in their assumptions. Invariably a demon group, mad vampire, or other such fiend takes it into their mind to bring on the end of the human world by opening the Hellmouth and unleashing hell on earth.”

”And we are going there why?”

“Fight the good fight? Save the hopeless? You can’t take a step in Sunnydale without tripping over a vampire or a hopeless something.”

New York City Upper West Side

Standing outside the door Quentin smirked. He would take care of this himself. The girl was obviously pampered, and would easily fall into the fold. Unlike the abominations of the last two Slayers, the likes of which should be stripped from all record. One a murdering psychopath and the other the greatest shame to the slayer line ever known.

The demands she had made to the council. The gall of the slayer to believe, that she was important. That Buffy Summers was of any interested to the watchers council. The Slayer was their only concern, and she only mattered as long as the line continued.

This one would be molded; he would give her a goal, a duty beyond her pampered lifestyle, and make her into the weapon of the council once more. If only there was a way to find all potentials, and indoctrinate them into the Council and their duty. But there were far too many potentials than would ever be found and far too few watchers, the loss of the slayer kit had been another short coming.

With her state of the art stereo blasting, Kennedy did not hear the door bell and the banging on the door was what alerted her. Turning the music down, she approached the door.


“Kennedy Limon?” Quentin addressed the girl, who now had the powers of the slayer running through her veins.

“Who are you?”

“I am with the Watcher’s Council. I am her to inform you that you are a Slayer. Into each generation a girl is born, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill needed to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness, stopping the swell of their numbers and the spread of their evil. She is the slayer.”

“So is that why I’ve been breaking door handles? The maids will be pleased.”

“Will you invite me in?” Quentin asked and Kennedy frowned.


“Good,” Quentin said stepping into the apartment, vampires can not enter a home without an invitation. Though many other demons do not face this limitation.”

Kennedy shut the door readying herself to hear this. She had a date in about three hours, should be plenty of time. She wanted answers, and an explanation for the dreams she had been having of late. Living in a small house, with dozens of girls, teaching them to fight, a hot red head, and strangely enough a way too skinny blond.

“It had taken Kennedy only an half an hour to figure it out. Quentin Travers was an ass. He spoke of the slayer as if she were a tool, and as if Kennedy wasn’t who they were talking about. He discussed her need for secrecy and discretion and to basically become a nobody.

“You know as interesting as this sounds I’m going to have to go with no.”

“No?! You are the slayer, it is your duty to obey your watcher.”

“Obey? Keep dreaming.”

“You must go to the Hell mouth, keep it from opening. If you do not it will be the end of the world-“

“Why don’t you?”


“You? You know all this stuff right? You have a whole corporation behind you. Why not do it yourself? Get a few Mercs, and you are set. What’s this one girl business? That just doesn’t make sense, six billion people and one girl? Who’s saving people from demons in china?”

“The slayer is chosen where the need is greatest.”

“So I should stay in New York then, we are the city that never sleeps.”

“No! The Hellmouth is your duty. You can leave your possessions in care of the council. But you must-“

“I must nothing.”

“This is not a choice; it is your sacred duty.”

“Okay buddy no. Look at it this way. Let’s hope I die huh? Real soon, because I’m not buying what you’re selling.”

“You cannot-“

“How about you leave before I use this new slayer strength to throw you out?”

Quentin was stunned. She was well educated, well bred for an American and she was casting aside her duty. Maybe he should have come with an extraction team. But that was not his concern now. Both Buffy and Faith had died. There was a chance, that the aberration had continued and there was a second slayer.

If so they did not need Kennedy, without training a demon or even vampire would find her lacking quickly enough. It was distasteful, but after the failure with Faith they would have to be properly prepared for Project Calling even with an untrained slayer.

“That is your decision but know this, once the door closes on the Watcher’s Council it will not-” Kennedy slammed the door shut on Travers, already reaching for her cell phone. She had a date to cancel and a trip to California to plan. Heading into her parent’s bedroom, she went into her mother’s jewelry case, bypassing diamonds, pearls, and the like for a simple gold cross, back from her mother’s religious days. She placed it on with a smile if she was not mistaken it was a family heirloom that lost its flavor when the family was made of money.

No reason to take chances. She was a slayer, and from what she gathered from Travers, the monsters would be hunting her soon. She could get her answers somewhere else, somewhere that didn’t include a stuffy British guy in a suit and she would start in Sunnydale.

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