Miseducation of Lucky

The Miseducation Of Lucky

Lucky was sitting in a fancy Italian restaurant with Andrei. He had casually mentioned he was hungry and now he was being treated. They usually spent a couple of nights a week together, Andrei had told him to order what he wanted and he was staring at the letters on the menu. He knew they were letters and they made words but what letters and what words he had no idea.
“Uh, Andrei . . .”
“Don’t worry about the cost, enjoy yourself. You must remind me to put some food in the house.”
“Its not that . . .”
“May I take your order” The waiter says. Andrei smiles he had dressed Lucky in Armani, and the boy looked dashing. His pants were a little short on Lucky but the overall effect was amazing. He looked years older and he guessed people took them as brothers or lovers.
“Could you come back?” Lucky asks politely and the waiter nods walking away.
“You can just order everything if you don’t know what you want.” Lucky rolled his eyes and shoved the menu to Armand. “What is it?” 
“I can’t read, hello are you forgetting I’m a cat?” Lucky says but its clear to see that it bothers him.
“You can’t? I’m sorry,” Andrei picks up the menu and reads off the fish included dishes. Lucky picks one and some milky pasta and of course lots and lots of milk. They head back to his home and Lucky naps as Armand goes feed. When he returns he has a few bags in his hands. He gives them to Lucky who expects to find food and instead finds books. Most blank notebooks and a few novels. Pens and pencils were also in the bag. Armand arranges everything neatly on a desk in his room as Lucky changed back into his own clothes which he was much more comfortable in as Armand silently continued his arrangements.
“What are you doing?” Lucky finally asks tugging at one of Armand’s reddish brown curls.
“Its unacceptable,” Armand says turning to Lucky. “I will not have it.” Lucky drops the curl and peers at Armand utterly confused. “I’m going to teach you to read and write, Lucky can you do math?”
“No, that’s why I always throw down a lot of money. The people keep the extra its okay I can get more.”
“Empty your pockets.” Lucky does as he’s told spilling change and wads of bills on to the table. It was the only sloppy thing Lucky allowed. Armand quickly separates everything into piles. Lucky was squandering a small fortune in ignorance. Even if it didn’t mean anything to him he should have a better understanding of it.
“Count for me.”
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, . . . one hundred and five, can I stop now?”
“Fine, you can’t write at all correct?”
“Nope, you know you don’t have to teach me . . .”
“I want to, how is it your master never gave you such skills?” Armand still knew very little about Pyra and he had yet been able to get Lucky to formally admit she had made him. It just gave him more faith in the boy. He had trusted Lucky with his life on the first night they met or so Lucky thought. He had gone out the window and slept in the woods in the earth. Lucky hadn’t so much as opened the door or he would have known. “Okay, you have every bill here except,” Armand goes into his own pocket and pulls out a hundred. He sits Lucky down and stands over him. He started with the change and in an hour Lucky knew the value of each though the concept of combining two dimes and a nickel to make a quarter was for the moment beyond him.
“That’s enough for tonight, isn’t time you went home?”
“Everyone’s sleeping, they know I’m okay.”
“Before you go how much money do you have?” Lucky looked at the piles and counted the change first but soon got confused. He understood he had a dollar and eighty scents on dimes, one dollar in quarters, fifty five cents in nickels and four pennies but combining them was complicated since he didn’t know how to carry or borrow.
“Um I can’t put them together.” Armand sighs, “its alright you’re learning quickly anyway. Its somewhat amazing.”
“Okay,” Lucky says clearly waiting for something. Armand is in a playful mood so he decides to have a little fun.
“Alright, I want to see you tomorrow,” He says neatly gathering up Lucky’s money and handing it to the boy who drops it in his pockets, but otherwise doesn’t move.
“Well,” Lucky says annoyed.
“Well what?” Armand says innocently.
“If you don’t kiss me right now I’ll kick you!” Armand laughs and succumbs to Lucky as he lets himself out smiling at the three other occupants of the house.
Lucky walked out of Armand’s house feeling elated and something else he couldn’t place. The kisses always got to him in the same way. Today he decided not to go straight home and headed to the club he had taken Armand to on their first night together. Bettie wasn’t working that night but the bartender was quite used to Lucky’s strange order and got him a pitcher of milk. He handed him two twenties and went over to an empty table with his milk. He was trying to figure out what this feeling was when a pale girl with jet black hair and clear blue eyes sits at the little Starbucks like table with him. Her eyebrows, chin and tongue were pierced but oddly enough not her ears. She was wearing a tattered mesh shirt over a black bra. Lucky was fascinated by this shirt and reached over to touch it.
“What the hell are you doing?” Lucky pulled back.
“I just liked your shirt I wanted to know if it was soft,” Lucky says going back to his milk.
“What are you drinking?”
“Milk, want some?”
“Just milk? There’s nothing else in it?”
“Like what?” Lucky asks confused. “Milk tastes just fine.”
“So I’m Donna.”
“No shit, that’s your name?”
“Yeah why?”
“Just interesting, I was thinking of changing my name.”
“To what?”
“Raven, or maybe Callisto.”
“Raven is better since you have the dark hair and everything,” Lucky says.
“That’s what, Jen says.”
“See, two people told you so we must know something.”
“Do you know why I sat down here?”
“You wanted to?”
“You’re cute you know that? And that preppy little hairstyle.” Lucky touches his hair Armand had washed the gel out when he had dressed him.
“Oh yeah, Andrei tried to like drown me to take all the gel out.”
“Andrei your boyfriend?”
“I kiss him sometimes but no.”
“Oh so you’re into an open thing cool. You bi?”
“Bi? All the time,” Lucky says thinking she said buy and she smiles thinking he made a joke. A bad one, but still a joke. “You want something to drink?” he asks still on buy.
“Sure,” The other waitress that works there takes the girl’s order and Lucky’s now empty pitcher to the bar. She returns with a martini and more milk.
“You can really guzzle that stuff down.”
“I love it.”
Things continue along the same way with Donna never realizing that Lucky isn’t following most of her sexual innuendo. She invites him to her house and unkosher things ensue. The following morning Lucky wakes up before Donna and moseys over to the kitchen to feed himself. He¡¦s looking in the cabinet when a sultry red head walks over to him and tugs on his dark blue boxers. Lucky turns and jumps about two feet in the air.
“Jumpy aren’t you?”
“Who . . .”
“Donna’s roommate, I’m Jen.”
“Yes you are,” she says giving him the once over. “I approve. Donna! You don’t get in here now I’m keeping him!”
“You’d never survive,” Donna says strolling in grinning from ear to ear, “He’s an animal.”
“I could take him,” Jen says looking again at Lucky who’s staring at a sun catcher.
“What are you looking at?”
“That thing on the window its pretty,” Lucky says.
“It’s a sun catcher, I got it online on e-bay for like five bucks.”
“What’s E-bay?”
“Ugh, your one of those,” Jen says.
“Those what?”
“Anti technology, ever heard of 20th century?”
“Isn’t that a store?”
“No, that’s century 21.”
“I’m going to get my pants,” Lucky says walking back to Donna’s room.
“What do you think?¡¨ Donna asks once he’s out of sight.
“There¡¦s something strange about him.”
“When I saw him he was drinking milk.”
“Well it did his body good,” Jen says grinning. “I wish I found him.”
“Oh my God, Donna I think he’s special.”
“Special what?” Jen asks.
“Ed. Aw crap.” Donna says as Jen starts laughing at her roommate. “Its not funny!”
Lucky returns dressed and Jen frowns some people shouldn’t be allowed in clothes. He stops walking when he sees the two girls staring at him. He looks behind him and to the side, twisting artfully in the process.
“He’s flexible too? Donna who cares if he’s S-L-O-W.”
“What?” Lucky says still looking around.
“Can you do a back flip?” Jen asks.
“Yeah but I’d need more room why?”
“Don, he can do back flips, you said it yourself an animal let it go.”
“Jen stop being in the gutter for five minutes. Lucky how old are you?”
“So you just got out of college?”
“You still in it?”
“You went right?”
“High school?”
“Nope,” Lucky says sitting down on her couch.
“Have you ever gone to school?” Donna asks horrified.
“Um . . .no.” Lucky says wondering if he said something wrong. He had never gone home with a girl before or done any of that stuff, well maybe he had with Bettie. Maybe he should have said yes. “Something wrong?”
Donna pulls Jen to the side, “Even slow kids go to school right?”
“Duh, he’s not special or anything else and he heard us.” Donna says as she goes from horified to angry. “Get out,” she growls turning back to Lucky.
“What?” Lucky asks completly confused.
“Get out! You weren’t that good!”
“But I . . .”
“Out!” Lucky stares.
“Okay you don’t have to yell!” Lucky stands and walks over to the door fiddling with the lock. “I can’t open your door,” he says looking at the floor. Donna pokes Jen and she opens the door for Lucky. “Thanks.” Lucky says running to the stairs.
“Donna . . .” Jen starts closing the door.
“Look I don’t want to hear it take your laughter elsewhere.”
“Donna its not that.”
“What then?”
“He was crying, you made him cry.”
“What? Why?”
“Wam Bam goodbye man? That was a little harsh.”
“Why the hell did he act so weird then? Say he never went to school?”
“He didn’t say it like it was that crazy!”Jen says turning on the TV and starting to the nights before watch Access Hollywood half way through an interview.”
” . . .not going to school but the tutors and stuff are okay. Some people go to prom I fly to Spain.” Jen exchanges a look with Donna.
“Sure he’s a movie star.”
“No, but he did look kinda preppy, maybe he’s rich and had tutors and stuff and snuck out to find a girl!”
“Stop trying to make me feel like an idiot he’s nothing like that.”


Lucky sits on Donna’s front steps trying to figure out why she got so mean all of a sudden. He wipes his eyes and stands looking around the neighbor hood and came to the eerie conclusion, he was lost. New York was a big place. Here he was lost and hungry, well there had to be someplace to eat he was in New York where was one of those hotdog people.
Lucky looked around he was in a nice neighborhood, and the old ladies were looking at him funny. Donna had driven him here and that had taken a while.
He follows his nose to a little high class deli type thing. He walks in and the owner feels inclined to be his shadow.
“May I help you?”
“Yeah sure, I wanted to get something for breakfast. Like a sandwich or something.”
“Ah come with me.” The owner says leading Lucky to the cold cuts. “Anything particular you want?”
“Something with fish?”
“We have a tuna salad and some plain tuna fish and . . .”
“Plain tuna fish, thanks, hey where are your drinks?”
“Along the back wall.” Lucky goes and returns with a pint sized milk as the guy finishes his sandwich on a roll.
“Thank you,” Lucky says walking over to the cashier desk with him.
“That will be $9.85.”
“Uh huh,” Lucky says pulling out the first bill in his pocket which happens to be a 10. “Here.”
“Have a nice day.”
“Thanks.” Lucky says smiling as he walks out. He notices a large amount of trees about a block away and figures it’s a park or something and starts walking towards central park. While eating his breakfast on a park bench he starts to think about Donna all over again and trying to figure out what he did/said wrong.
He wondered if he should find his way home and decided that a little nap wouldn’t hurt first. When he woke up he was in bed, for a second he found nothing odd about being in bed until he realized it wasn’t his and it wasn’t Pyra’s he sat up as Andrei walked back into the room with a tray. Lucky’s nose twitched as he smelled the fish.
“I thought you might be hungry,” he says sitting beside Lucky who happily takes the tray.
“Thanks, how’d I get here?”
“I found you in the park, asleep like one of the homeless.”
“You were looking for me?”
“Just chance,” Armand says shaking his head. “Were you there all day?” Lucky shrugs.
“I got lost,” Lucky says between bites.
“How did you get lost? What were you doing in that area anyway? It’s a long way from your home.”
Lucky looks at Andrei sadly and it takes him a few tries to get the story out and by the time he’s done he’s in tears again his face pressed against Andrei’s shirt feeling the unyielding unnatural flesh without fear. Armand on the other hand isn’t greatly surprised though he wonders why the girl was so harsh. There are so many ways to end a one night stand and unnecessary cruelty is not a way he would have chosen. He decided Lucky needed a different kind of lesson tonight.
Lucky was barely aware of being moved until Andrei started pulling away from him and he realized he was standing. Just outside What? to be exact.
”What are we . . .”
“Lucky, you are quite ripe and my clothes don’t fit you properly, this is the easiest solution.” Lucky shrugs as they walk onto the property.
”What do you mean ripe?”
“You smell,” Armand says turning his head towards the vampires house where Merrick was just stepping out with David at her side. They both looked up at the much older vampire and Merrick ddoesn’t hide her distain.
”Hi David!” Lucky says waving then turning around as Armand bows slightly.
”You know there was someone else there.”
”I don’t think saying hi bitch monster from hell is okay,” Lucky says as he keeps walking.
“You have a point there.”
“So do I have to look all nice and stuff?”
“I will never understand your aversion to clothes that fit.”
“They fit,” Lucky says pointing at his waist and the lack of room there though his boxers were peeking through the waist. Near the bottom of his pants was a different story with the 30” opening. Armand felt he could dress a small family with the excess material.
He knocks on the door and Edge opens it. “Oh you’re back.”
“Yeah move,” Lucky says trying to get in.
“And where were you?”
“The moon, excuse me,” Lucky says walking in with Armand behind him.
“Hello,” Edge says politely and he smiles at the taller man.
“Where’s Pyra?” Lucky ask.
“In the . . .” Edge stops as Pyra comes out of the den.
“Hey fluff ball what happened, you get lost?”
“What? Really? Oh hello Andrei.”
“Good evening Pyra.”
“I’ll tell you later someone claims I smell,” Pyra walks over to Lucky shrugs and he hugs her and whispers, “I need dressy clothes.”
“Cool,” Pyra says adding to Lucky’s extensive black wardrobe on the spot. He gives her a kiss on the cheek.
“You rock.”
“Return before next year please and you will explain this whole lost thing.”
“I know,” Lucky says heading upstairs with Andrei close behind. They enter Lucky’s room and he pulls open his closet. “Pick what you want.”
”I will,” Armand says going through the various outfits. When Lucky returns Armand dresses him in a perfectly tailored black suit and black silk shirt. He admires his handy work then combs Lucky’s hair not letting the boy do anything. He smiles at the pair they make in Lucky’s mirror. The two came downstairs and Pyra stopped in mid sentence when she sees Lucky and just smiles.
“You’re gonna take a picture aren’t you?” Lucky says and Pyra nods.
“Why don’t you take it with him I’ll take it for you,” Andrei says.
“Thanks,” Pyra says tossing a fun saver that ‘happened’ to be in the first draw she opened.
While Lucky and Pyra smile for the camera, Edge types a message to JC who was working in the studio to come and see this. He comes up with a pint of ice cream in his hand and a spoon hanging in his mouth. The spoon falls to the floor when he sees the cat/boy.
”Yeah Joshua, hey are you laughing?”
“No,” JC says smiling at the thought of Lucky being an adult. “Where you off to?”
“Um where we off to?” Lucky says turning to Armand.
“Ah, okay, have fun you two,” Pyra says.
“Okay, Later.” Lucky says walking out with Armand. They are in no rush as they walk towards the gate as they are joined by a flurry of red. “Hey Quinn.”
“Lucky, and friend,” He says smiling and giving Armand and Lucky a kiss on the cheek. “Where are such beautiful boys off to tonight?”
“A party, right Andrei.”
He is not yours, he is for far greater a power than you hold. Lucky draws back sharply falling into Quinn’s arms; who can feel the anger clearly though has no idea what caused it. He could have sworn they had truly made their peace already.
”That we have,” he whispers instantly composing himself and drawing Lucky into his arms and placing kisses all over his face to calm him. “Though there are some who haven’t stopped watching.”
“Who else?” Armand says aloud thoroughly confusing Lucky who contented himself with looking at shadows until he could understand what was going on.
He means no harm.
He mans to put me in the same pit of misery he abides in begrudging a child, for crimes he hides is the depths of his heart. Your David plays a more dangerous role than he knows. “Lucky.”
“Hmm?” He says looking away from Envy, who was making its usual rounds around the property.
”Would you say Pyra is a mean person?”
“Hell yeah! You piss her off and bam,” Lucky says slamming his fist into his hand.
“And if you don’t piss her off.” Lucky starts laughing and Armand is perplexed. “What is it?”
“You just said piss her off really weird, like you had an accent or something. But you saw, that’s how Pyra normally is, happy all over Edge,” Lucky says sticking out his tongue, “Besides why do you care, she likes you and stuff.”
”How can she possibly . . .”
“I tell her how we hang out and stuff and you’re um good for me? I didn’t really understand that part.” Lucky says as they all step through the gates and Lestat stars to ponder on what Armand was talking about. He had powers to probe minds that surpassed even his own, he wondered if he could get into Pyra’s mind.
“Far older than me saw the folly in trying.”
The trio splits up and Armand waits until he can no longer sense Lestat. He gathers Lucky up in his arms and he instinctively closes his eyes and turns his face towards Armand’s chest. They land on the Upper East Side where there is always a party for the disgustingly rich which both he and Lucky were. It was an easy task to get in to the party.
“Pick one.”
“One what?” Lucky says his nose drawn to the buffet table and the caviar.
“Stop thinking about food, a girl.”
“Why? So she can make me feel all nice and warm inside then throw me out.”
“Lucky, girls can be quite an enjoyment.”
“When was the last time you had one?”
“Fine, why?” Armand sighs and kisses the back of Lucky’s head.
”Just let them come to us and let me know.”
Hours later it didn’t take a mind reader to know Lucky was more interested in eating then any of the women there. He wondered Lucky had taken him to such a wild club before and the boy’s usually vibrant green eyes did look bored. He waved Lucky over noticing the heads that turned as he walked. A woman approached to block Lucky’s path and he actually growled at her. This had definitely been a bad idea When Lucky reached him he lead him out of the party and without a word took him down to the village despite their clothes. He took Lucky down to the same club he had shown him not long before and it took Lucky a few seconds to realize where he was and he looked even more aggravated then he had at the other party.
“I don’t want to be here.”
”Lucky . . .”
“No! First you drag me to the most boring party in the history of the world, now here?! Are you stupid or something?!”
“Calm down!” Armand says.
“I will not, what’s wrong with you, is your brain rotting after all these years? I want to go home.”
“Lucky?” The boy whirls and is face to face with Jen.
“Her?” Armand says not begrudging Lucky for taste.
“No, can we go now?”
“Lucky wait can I talk to you?”
“Why? You gonna yell at me too?”
“No I wanted to apologize for Donna she was a real bitch to you she didn’t even give you a chance to explain. I tried to talk to her but . . .”
“You can’t make her say what you want,” Lucky says.
”Why don’t we all sit and have a nice civilized talk without this Donna,” Armand says figuring he can kill two birds with one stone. Jen is more than willing and accepts as Armand orders drinks for the table.
“Lucky you look different,” Bettie says bring the drinks. “I finally don’t feel like I have to card you. Where’d you come from?”
“Party, rich people are so boring,” Lucky says then turns to Armand, “If you ever take me to a such a retarded party I’m gonna kick your ass.”
“You needed cheering up.”
“Donna really pulled a number on you didn’t she,” Jen says playing with her drinks umbrella as Lucky drinks his milk. “So I was just wondering, why didn’t you go to school?”
“Didn’t have to,” Lucky says.
“Then you learned at home?”
“Well yeah, I didn’t just wake up one morning able to talk and stuff I had to learn it.”
“See I knew there was a logical reason for you to say what you did but, no Donna had to freak.”
“She threw me out because I said I didn’t go to school?! What the hell is so special about school?”
“Uh huh, dumb right.” She glances at Armand who is silently watching all this. “Oh I’m sorry, I’m Jen.”
“You guys friends?”
“Yeah, I guess,” Lucky says his mind elsewhere, “Wait so just because I said I didn’t go to school she kicked me out?”
“Basically she thought you were making fun of her.”
“Does that make any sense to you cause I sure as hell don’t get it,” Lucky asks Armand.
“Not really,” Armand says truthfully.
“Well let’s not dwell on the strange.” A few moments of silence follow which Jen breaks.
“Hey Lucky wanna dance?”
“Um, ok,” Lucky says being lead away from the table by Jen and Armand is content to watch the two mortals dance.
Much later Armand is still watching as Lucky settles down to sleep besides Jen. He allows Lucky some rest and wakes him shortly before dawn. Not caring that Jen is also awake at this point.
“Lucky I must go.”
“Huh? Its morning?” Armand nods. “Okay so I’m gonna see you tonight right?”
“Of course,” Armand says giving Lucky a kiss.
“Ooo,” Jen whispers. “Now there’s a sight to make a girl melt.” Lucky pulls away blushing a little. “Hey don’t I get to do any watching?” Lucky pulls Armand almost on top of him and Armand pulls away and Lucky pouts.
“You know I must leave.”
”Yeah yeah, is there even food here?” Armand shrugs.
“There’s milk,” He replies walking out.
“I need food!” Lucky yells to the air. “Dork.” He mutters laying back down as Jen sits on his chest.
“So now what?” She asks tracing her fingers along his chest.
“You keep doing that and we’ll have sex again after that I don’t know.” Jen laughs at Lucky’s directness.
“You’re adorable but I don’t have another condom. How about we see what he left for us to eat.”
“He never has food, boy doesn’t eat! Let’s go buy some stuff,” Lucky says then picks up his pants. “Damn wanna come to my house?”
“You don’t live here?”
“No, Andrei does.” Jen nods as she heads to the shower as Lucky dresses. They head over to what and Jen’s mouth hits the floor.
“You live here?”
“Uh huh,” Lucky says waving to the guard as he holds the gate open for her.
“How rich are you?”
”I don’t know,” Lucky says as they finally reach his house. He walks in and JC is in the kitchen having his breakfast. Jen does a double take instantly able to place the face.
“Hey Josh, what you eating?”
”French toast,” he says not looking up.
“Oh and this is Jen,” JC finally looks up and smiles at the star struck woman.
”You live with JC?”
“No he just steals our food,” Pyra says coming down the stairs Edge close behind. “Hey Lucky, new friend?”
“Yeah this is Jen.”
“Hello Jen I’m . . .”
“Pyra, I know I saw you in X-men. Did you really do all those stunts?” Pyra shrugs.
“And that dummy behind her is Edge.”
”Nice to meet you,” Jen says and Edge raises an eyebrow but says nothing and shakes her hand.
“Lucky come here,” Edge says and Lucky sticks out his tongue and hides in Pyra’s arms.
“Did you enjoy the party?”
”No, it was stupid. Have any more food?” Pyra turns to Edge who rolls his eyes and heads back into the kitchen.
After Lucky inhales some French toast he goes up to change leaving Jen with the rest of the house. JC is done eating and walks off to the den.
“So where did you meet Lucky?” Edge asks.
“At my apartment.”
“Huh?” Pyra asks confused.
“He came home with my roommate.”
“Ok . . .” Pyra says as Edge grins.
“So what happened to this roommate?”
“Nothing,” Jen says as Lucky comes back downstairs his black hair shining from water. He’s in a much more Lucky like outfit. Black parachute pants and a black long sleeved shirt with blue flames on the sleeves and Jen feels as if she should check for drool. Something about Lucky just made her weak in the knees and when she saw him cry she had just wanted to hug him forever.
“We should go somewhere,” Lucky says to Jen.
“Like where?”
“I don’t know somewhere fun,” Lucky replies.
“We’ll figure it out.”
“You coming home tonight?” Pyra asks calmly.
“I don’t know maybe.”
“I see, Grr to you then,” Pyra says giving the boy a hug as he and Jen leave.
Jen decides to go back to her house for a change of clothes and Lucky decides it would be safer to wait outside. Unfortunatly Donna was on her way in and she sees the boy and starts having visions of stalkers.
“What are you doing here?”
“Not here to be harassed by you,” Lucky says annoyed.
“Well I live here!”
“Yeah well other people live here too.”
“Look if you don’t leave now I’m gonna call the cops.”
“I’m shaking,” Lucky says bored.
“What kind of freak are you?”
“Nothing like your crazy behind.”
“Oh! Donna!” Jen exclaims coming out the front door.
”Yeah Jen I think I’m gonna have to call the cops, he’s back.”
”He is standing right here and I brought him,” Jen says a little annoyed.
“What? Why?”
“Couple reasons, mostly because I like him, met his boyfriend, the people he lives with and guess what you blew it on a level so high…”
”What do you mean he’s just…”
”Living with a movie star and JC in the swankiest digs in all of NYC. The boy is loaded and FYI he was home schooled,” Jen says smirking at the shock that crosses Donna’s face.
“You were way off, well bye now,” Jen says pulling Lucky away.
”You didn’t have to do that,” Lucky says.
”What?” Jen asks innocently.
”Oh brother, using me to make her jealous? You already look better than her don’t be mean,” Lucky says having spent much too much time watching soaps.
“Lucky you’re so strange sometimes,” Jen says.
“Whatever,” Lucky says shrugging wondering what to do now.
“So what do you want to do?”
“Uh…I don’t know. Oh let’s go see a movie.”
”Which one?”
“Uh…you choose.”
They go down to the 42nd street AMC Theater and then roam around Times Square for a few hours eating at the World where Jen finally learns who Adam was. They finally go their separate ways around dusk as Lucky knows Andrei will want to give him his lesson and stuff. He arrives at Andrei’s house just as Benji and Sybil exit.
“Andrei? You here yet?”
“Yes come to my room,” his voice says echoing into Lucky’s mind. The boy climbs the stairs and throws himself into Andrei’s arms. “Hi!”
”My aren’t we eager to begin,” Armand says pointing to the chair.
”Do we have to? Can’t we just make out and stuff?”
”Not a dog,” Lucky says annoyed.
”Okay,” Lucky says sitting. He finally looks in front of him and sees a composition notebook lying open in front of him and fine point pen lying in the center. He picks up the pen and looks at it tilting it right and left not noticing when Armand pulls up a chair and sits besides him.
“We’re going to forego the math for a little while and teach you to read and write. Starting with your name,” Armand pulls out another pen. An hour later Armand is astounded at the rate which Lucky learned to write his name in print and cursive. They had then moved on to the alphabet and Lucky showed the same skill. All he had to do was see him do it once and he perfectly mimicked it. The only thing was Lucky’s handwriting was almost an exact duplicate of his.
“Write your name for me again.”
L-u-c-k-y C-a-t Lucky writes smiling.
“How did you know how to spell cat?”
”Lucky you are a wonder,” Armand says smiling. “You deserve something for your skill; anything you want.” Lucky grins from ear to ear his green eyes locked with Armand’s.
“I want…” Lucky is cut off by a kiss. “I was gonna say ice cream…”
“Oh alright,” Armand says standing swiftly.
”Hey I want the kisses too!” Lucky says pulling Armand back down so he’s half in Lucky’s lap and half in the chair he had been sitting in.
“Eh hem,” A very familiar voice says and Armand is the first to turn. Lucky ignores it completely and starts kissing Armand’s cheek and neck.
“Lucky,” Armand whispers.
“Its just Quinn, smelled him a while ago,” Lucky whispers. Armand sighs and disentangles himself from Lucky.
”Don’t you knock?” Armand asks.
“What fun would that be? If I knocked I wouldn’t have seen how adorable you two are.”
“What’s up Quinn?” Lucky asks.
”Just decided to drop in, I wanted to talk to Ar-Andrei.” Lucky nods though Lestat says nothing.
”Why don’t you get your ice cream now, there’s a Baskin Robbins two blocks from here.”
“Oh so I’ll eat it there? Come get me when you’re done.”
“What do you want to discuss?” Armand says sitting in Lucky’s chair and shutting the note book.
“What was going on here?” Lestat asks smiling.
“Lestat please,” Armand says bored. The vampire smiles in response and drapes himself in Armand’s bed kicking off his boots.
“I have to tell you if David had told me that tale the day we moved into What? I would have left and never looked back. But now I know Pyra, somehow I doubt she did it on purpose. How did you learn of it?”
“I told him of my life do you think in all that time I gained nothing from him?”
“I see, well what do you think?”
”I told him to let you be but I have no idea if he will listen to me. I have never taken his advice.”
“But you are mad, how you have survived this long is a wonder to me.”
“Lucky is good for you.”
“You’re much more playful, happier.”
“Its very hard to be in a foul mood around Lucky.”
“Should we go join him for ice cream?”
“Yes,” Armand says standing.
”Though he did seem more interested in having you for dessert.” Armand ignores the comment and walks out waiting for Lestat to join him after putting his shoes back on. They enter the ice cream shop and Lucky is shamelessly flirting with the girl behind the counter. He gives her a kiss on the cheek as the bell tinkles indicating their being joined by other customers. Armand wraps an arm somewhat possessively around Lucky’s waist and Lestat laughs.
”You get your ice cream yet?” Armand asks.
”Nope, Tina’s real nice.”
”What happened to Jen?”
”She said I was a nice lay but got boring fast. I think it was cause I wouldn’t buy her stuff. She was a little too happy that I was living in What?”
“Hmm,” Armand says.
”So what flavor do you want Lucky?”
“I don’t know, what do you like?”
”I like it pretty plain vanilla maybe sprinkles,” Tina says.
”Okay I’ll have that too, hey why are you hugging me.”
“I need a reason now?”
“Its…never mind you’re not Edge.”
“What do you mean?” Lestat asks.
”You’ve seen him and Pyra.”
“Yeah this is like the first thing he does then kiss then sex its crazy. Me and Josh just leave and play video games really loud.”
“Here you go Lucky,” Tina says placing the cup on the counter and ringing it up. “3.52.”
Lucky pulls out a twenty and Armand glares at him. “You have nothing smaller?”
”Oh fine,” Lucky says pulling out some bills he pulls out three singles and then going into the other pocket for change he hands her two quarters, “no pennies,” Armand grabs a nickel and they pay Tina.
”Thank you, have a nice day.”
“You too, bye,” Lucky says being guided out by Armand who had never released the arm from Lucky’s waist. Lestat follows the pair trying his best to suppress his laughter.
“What’s so funny Quinn?” Lucky asks as he takes another spoonful of ice cream as the vampire comes to stand on his other side and sandwiching him between two vampires as Lestat’s hand tries to find his way around Lucky’s waist and he gets batted away by Armand. Lucky more engrossed in his ice cream doesn’t notice the exchange.
”What are your plans for tonight?”
”I dunno, hang out,” Lucky says.
“I see,” Lestat says smiling.
“So what you doing tonight?”
”Who me?” Lestat asks.
”You seen anyone else here?” Lucky asks.
”Yes standing right over there,” Lestat says pointing to someone across the street.
“Dork,” Lucky says finishing his ice cream, he licks his lips, slips an arm around his waist and tilts his head to rest on the top of Armand’s.
”Aww you make such a pretty picture,” Lestat says grinning, “I wish I had a camera.”
“Hey! Let’s go dancing,” Lucky says.
Armand looks up at Lucky. “Why?”
”Just because, come on please?” Lucky asked.
“I don’t think Andrei is the dancing type,” Quinn says.
“Why don’t we ever do what I want?” Lucky says pouting.
”We do what you want,” Andrei says.
”No we do what you want and maybe you’ll kiss me afterwards.”
“Lucky that’s not true.”
“When was the last time we went to a club?”
”Fine we’ll go to a club,” Armand mutters.
They arrive a a vampire club and all eyes are on the ‘human’ and Armand places a posessive arm around Lucky’s waist. Lestat had already slunk into the shadows wanting to give the couple some space. Armand heads to an empty table for two and sinks into the chair.
Lucky stared at him in disbelief. He pulls on the vampire’s arm and of course has no sucess in moving him.
“What now Lucky? You asked me to take you to a club we are at a club.”
“To dance! DANCE.”
“Don’t yell I have sensitive ears.”
“Where are you going?”
“Why do you care? Its all do this Lucky, let’s go here Lucky. I’m gonna do something I wanna do,” Lucky says and stomps out of the club.
The other chair in the club is instantly filled.
“Not now Lestat.”
“You’re not sitting here.” Armand looks at Lestat perplexed. “Go after him you fool.”
“If he wants to run off like some child let him.”
“This coming from you?”
“And what is that supposed to mean?”
Lucky stepped outside the club tears in his eyes. Which were washed away by the down pour. He looked around and shook his head. He had no idea what part of New York he was in yet again. He chose a direction and started walking not caring that his clothes were getting more soaked by the second.
He saw and alley and turned into in planning to become a cat and find his way home like that when he sensed someone was behind him. They didn’t have a scent really so he thought it might be Andrei and Quinn. He turned and saw two dark haired men he had never seen before.
“Hello pretty one,” the taller one standing to the left said.
“The pretty one travels with royalty, he would never know the likes of us,” the other says grinning evily showing his fangs.
Lucky looked around wondering how high he had to jump to start getting away. He saw the end of an fire escape and with catlike grace jumped to the ladder and was halfway to the top before the vampires even registered the move. Unfortunatly the vampires were of the flying sort.
Lucky was bounding across the roof when both vampires landed in front of him.
“That was quite the little jump pretty.”
Lucky stared unsure of what to do as the two vampires closed in. He started mentally screaming for Pyra.
Pyra who was at Circuit City with Adam on 14th street suddendly staggered and dropped the armful of DVD’s. Adam startled put his stack down and turned Pyra to face him.
“Are you Ok?” He asked and Pyra looked at him with fire filled eyes.
“Outside,” She growled.
Once out side Pyra threw two fire balls that vanished in the blink of an eyes as she started walking. Adam had to work hard to keep up when she finally turned down as if she was heading to 5th ave. Adam turned the corner and she was gone. He looked around confused when he felt something touch his hand. Suddendly he could see Pyra standing there in all her winged glory.
“We’re invisible,” Pyra replied before pulling him up into the air.
The fireballs arrived at Lucky long before Pyra did. They consumed the two vampires who were about to split Lucky between them. Despite the rain the fire didn’t die out until the job was done. The fire also didn’t touch Lucky despite his closeness to the two vampires.
He sat down shaking ignoring the two smoldering piles as shivers wracked his body. He didn’t know when or how Armand and Lestat got on the roof. Both their noses easily identified the two piles beside Lucky. What they couldn’t figure out was how it happened.
“Lucky?” Armand called out softly. The boys ears twitched but he didn’t move yet. “Lucky I’m sorry.” He looked up at the two vampires and ran into Armand’s arms sobbing.
Lestat was looking around feeling a change in the air but not able to make it out. He looked at the rain and found a spot where it was falling oddly. He walked to get a closer look but it seemed normal when he reached it. Except for what looked like an orange feather lying on the ground.
Pyra landed with Adam a few blocks away glad she could save Lucky though she wondered how the vampires had gotten near him. It had been clear that he and Andrei had had some sort of fight and Lucky ran away. It was a good thing that Andrei had taken a while to get to Lucky or he may have been dinner too. When Quinn started approaching her she knew it was time to make her exit. Before things got really weird.
Adam stood beside her teeth chattering as he was soaked through in the rain. She smiled and with a wave of her hand produced a large umbrellla, dried them off, receded her wings and made themselves visible.
“Still wanna get DVD’s?”
“What about Lucky?”
“Quinn and Andrei are with him now, he should be okay, but I want to stay off the property for just a bit longer you know?”
“Yeah, sure, no problem,” Adam says as they walk back to Circuit City. “You couldn’t have landed us closer?”
“Hush up you, you have an umbrella now.”
“Okay I guess.”


“Take off your clothes,” Armand ordered a shivering Lucky as Lestat went into the bathroom to retrieve some towels.
Armand hissed angrily when he saw the red finger marks where Lucky had been grabbed by the neck and the shoulder, marring his perfectly pale skin. Lestat returned with the towels and the same look of anger crossed his face then a small smile at Lucky who was blushing.
“Go make him some tea you!” Armand said annoyed waving Lestat out of the room as he toweled Lucky dry.
Lucky took the other towel and started drying his hair. Armand looked at the pile of soggy clothes. That would never do. Armand went into a drawer and pulled out a wine colored pair of boxers and started rummaging around for more clothes.
“Andrei,” Lestat says returning with warm milk. “You don’t have tea though he may perfer this.” He gives Andrei the cup and he walks over to Lucky who has sat down on the bed.
“Are you alright?”
”Yeah,” Lucky whispers sipping the milk.
“I should have never taken you there.”
“I was the one who asked you to take me to a club,” Lucky replies and Armand heart breaks.
“Not to be attacked by two worthless brutes.”
“Its not your fault,” Lucky says calmly as he finished the last of his milk. Armand just stared. One moment Lucky was a petulant child the next he seemed wise beyond his years. Here he was just attacked by to vampires and he was trying to give comfort? Armand wrapped his arms around Lucky and buried his face in the soft warm neck, dealing with the scratches at the same time. Smiling at the moan he elicits from the boy. Lestat ever the trouble maker takes a seat directly across from the pair wondering how long it would take for them to remember him.
Suddenly a he felt a presence but could not lock on it. Which meant it could only be one of two people. When he actually heard footsteps he smiled. There was only one vampire on the world with such a human tread. He walked to the door of the room and pulled Louis in silently. He pointed to the scene that was developing on the bed. Armand was kneeling on the bed and was possessively kissing Lucky who responded by pulling the vampire tighter against him by the waist.
“We should give them some privacy.” Lestat turned to Louis and smiled at the faint blush that covered his features. ‘He must have recently fed.’ “Why we know Andrei has a penchant for watching, don’t you think its time we returned the favor?”
A gasp from Lucky had them both turn but all they could see was Andrei looming over a now laying Lucky. Armand tilted his head to the side as if considering something then got off Lucky’s prone form and turned to the two occupants of his room. Knowing how well Lucky could hear he motioned them to follow him out.
Armand’s brow knitted in sudden concentration and with out a word returned to his room. After a few minutes Lestat’s curiosity got the better of him and he decided to peek in on Armand and saw Lucky now carefully tucked under the sheets and Armand returning from the bathroom. The pile of soggy black clothes were gone and understanding hit Lestat.
Armand pointed an accusatory finger at the vampire, before casting a glance at Lucky to make sure he still was resting comfortably. Lestat mimed being hurt before the unlikely pair joined Louis downstairs.
“You and Lucky make a delicious pair,” Lestat says grinning.
“Why do I put up with you?”
”Because you love me darling.” Armand looked pleadingly at Louis who shrugged.
”Nothing will change him,” Louis replied sadly.
”You could have left.”
”Like I said before, but then I wouldn’t have been privy to that lovely sight.”
“You are a cur.”
”I’m hurt, your words sting,” Lestat says with a silly grin.
“Why do I even bother, Louis how are you?”
”I’m well my friend. But then I had a night away from the force that is Lestat.”
“That you did, so you had a quiet night?”
“Except for the few women that called me Brad and started crying yes.”
“Louis you do bear him a slight resemblance, and its not just in the film.”
“And Armand has waist long black hair and looks like a 30 year old Hispanic man.”
“Alright maybe a younger brother of his,” Lestat says grinning.
“Can we please stop discussing my similarities to some human actor.”
“But Louis, its not some human actor, its Brad Pitt worshiped by millions. Do you know how much one would pay to look like you? Are you sure he is not family?”
“Lestat I had no family left. Unless there is some secret I do not know.”
“Now that would be interesting would it not?”
“What would I do with some human relation?”
“Louis how many times must I explain this? He is not some human, he is like a god to them.”
“These are the discussions you two have?” Armand asks shaking his head. While upstairs Lucky stirred. He tossed off the sheet and looked around for his clothes. Realizing even the boxers were gone he pulled the sheet back on and started to make his way downstairs.
“Hey Andrei, where are my clothes?” Lucky asks, “Even the underwear I was wearing is gone.”
Lestat started giggling and a glare from Armand sent him into an uproar. Armand sighed and walked over to Lucky trying to understand how Lucky was so silent.
”I didn’t even hear you come down.”
“No one ever does,” Lucky says simply, “Unless I’m wearing boots or something loud.”
Armand nodded. “Well I put your clothes to dry in the bathroom. It is still raining are you planning to leave now?”
“No, but even the underwear I was wearing is gone. Why’d you take those?”
Lestat’s snickering stopped Armand from answer in the vicinity of the vampire. He led Lucky upstairs. “While they dry you can wear anything of mine.” Armand said puling open the eclectic closet. Lucky took out some cargo pants and glanced at Armand.
“You wore these?” He asks disbelieving.
”No Sybil bought them for me, she likes the ‘Gap’,” Armand says with air quotes.
”And you don’t? Yeah I guess you’re more H&M or like Guess or something.”
“What?” Armand asked.
”Never mind, I should take you shopping one day it would be fun.” Lucky pulls on the beige cargo pants and takes out a plain white shirt that ends up being extremely tight on him. “Yeah I need to bring some of my clothes here.”
”I suppose it would be useful.”
”Yeah, you’re mad little and short. Your shirts are too tight and your pants are too short.”
“We will go shopping one night.”
”Yeah we can go to the mall, or like in winter when it gets dark really early we can do that.”
“It is a date,” Armand said staring at Lucky, “you know this is the first time I have seen you dressed in something other than black?”
”Yeah? I have some blue stuff, I just like black it reminds me of my fur.”
“I see, I always had the impression if you were wearing say red clothes you, you would be a red cat when transformed.”
”That would be weird. Funny too. What if I had like words appear on my chest that would be crazy, a cat with G-A-P on his fur.”
“That would be quite the interesting sight.”
“Sure, you’re weird,” Lucky says walking with Armand out of the room and down the stairs.
“Isn’t he cute?” Lestat asks pinching Lucky’s rosy cheek.
“You’re weird,” Lucky replies taking a seat besides Quinn.
“Weird? How so?” Lucky ignores the question.
“Only normal one here is Fabian. You know you look like Brad Pitt though, ‘cept not as tan, or blond.”
“Yes I’ve heard it before,” Fabian says calmly.
“Now don’t be shy, tell him about your fans.”
“Women approach me, screaming and crying.”
“But you have black hair, and I don’t think his eyes are green. And doesn’t he live in like LA?”
“I wouldn’t know, but I suppose it is because we are in New York it was quieter in New Orleans.”
“Anywhere’s quieter than here,” Lucky says and suddenly twitches. He bats Quinn’s hand off his ear. “Stop that feels funny.” Quinn smiles innocently and Lucky rolls his eyes. “But you can probably get into clubs real easy? Like Joshua.”
“That would mean dear dreary Fabian actually visited clubs. You would more likely find him in an old shack collecting dust.”
”I do not collect dust.”
“Currently, I will see you in a few years. You will disappear off to a shack in the middle of nowhere and be reading books by one flickering candle light,” Lestat said grinning.
Lucky stood up and walked over to Armand and draped himself in his lap, knowing despite his size he would be able to handle the weight.”
“You know who they remind me of?” He whispered to the vampire who shrugged looking up at Lucky. “Ever watch I love Lucy? Yeah Lucy and Ricky.”
“I can not picture Fabian in a club singing Ba-ba-lou.”
“What about Quinn?”
“I think Lucy is too tame for him. He is a mad man.”
“Yet you love me,” Quinn said walking over to Andrei and kissed him on the lips. Andrei pulled away and glared at Lestat who laughed and turned to kiss Lucky.
“Dude!” Lucky exclaimed turning his head. “He’s crazy!” Lucky exclaimed.
“Yes he is,” Fabian said pulling on Lestat’s arm. “I think its about we left, Quinn needs to take his medication.”
“Oh my! Fabian makes jokes? Will wonders never cease?” Quinn exclaimed giddily.
Lucky waited until they were gone then turned to Andrei. “Does he really take medication?”
“Oh no, sadly he’s naturally deranged.”
“Oh,” Lucky said and got more comfortable.
”Hmm?” The boy whispered practically purring.
“We should get back to work.”
”Yes now, do you want to learn or not?”
”I do but its so boring.”
“Lucky please.”
The boy sighed and followed Armand back up to his room and the desk.


Lucky opened his eyes and moaned. He felt tired and funny, he had decided to come home when Andrei came home knowing he wouldn’t have any food. He had no idea how long he had been asleep, but with the way he was feeling it wasn’t long enough and went back to sleep.
An hour later his cough woke him, he turned to his clock and 12:17 pm flashed at him. He had a vague idea what that meant , and stood slowly ignoring the wave of dizziness, as he coughed. He walked into the hall and saw Adam clad in grey sweats and a yellow tank.
”Adam?” He calls out hoarsely.
“Lucky?” Adam started turning to the boy who was a sickly yellow color.
”Adam, I feel funny. Is Pyra awake yet?”
“She’s not…” Adam stopped as Lucky swayed and caught the boy who was burning with fever and lifted him into his arms. “Lucky, come on open your eyes.”
Adam was greeted with a fit of coughing, Adam carried the boy to Joshua’s door and knocked. He waited annoyed, was he the only one who got up before noon in this house on a day off? He pounded on the door.
”Alright I’m coming Jesus!” Josh pulled open the door rubbing sleep from his eyes. His annoyance vanished the second he saw Lucky.
“What happened?”
“He’s sick.”
“Call Py,” Josh stated flatly.
“Remember the last time we didn’t call her? Call her!”
Adam looked at Josh, then at Lucky’s equally slight form. Josh rolled his eyes and took the unconscious boy into his arms. With one hand he balanced Lucky his head resting on his shoulder and with the other pointed annoyed to the phone.
”Werecat you idiot. I don’t have to look like steroid Barbie to be strong, I bet even Lucky can kick your squibb ass.”
“Whatever,” Adam said annoyed as Josh walked back to Lucky’s room to place the boy in bed and went to the bathroom to get a cool wet cloth to wipe his head.
”Aww look at that she hasn’t been gone an hour and already he’s calling,” Mike said grinning.
“Heh heh, let me answer, hello dork face.”
“Mystic? Uh is Pyra there?”
”Dude she just left your house, what can’t find your pants?”
”Mystic this is serious, Pyra will kill me if something happens to him,” Adam whispers as Pyra returns from the bathroom.
”What?” She asks as all heads turns to her.
“Adam,” Mystic says handing her the phone and Pyra blinks for a moment trying to recall if her friend had ever called him by his given name.
”What’s wrong?” She asks before he can say a word.
“Its Lucky he passed out.”
“Passed out? What do you mean passed out?”
“I think he has a fever.”
“Shouldn’t you be able to tell? I’ll be right there Pyra says hanging up.
“What’s going on?” Chester asks.
”Lucky passed out, Adam thinks he has a fever.”
“Thinks or Knows?” Chester asks.
“Dude its Adam,” Nausi replies causing a snigger from the ever silent Joe.
“Nausi can you come with me?”
“Dude call a healer,” Mystic says.
“What if its just you know a regular cold? Besides I don’t like those peoples.”
“Is it boy Lucky? I’m not a vet you know.”
“Well I don’t think Adam would notice if the cat fainted.”
Nausi sighed and follows Pyra, “we’ll be back.”
They make their way to Pyra’s house and head upstairs where the door to Joshua’s door stayed open.
“In here, he hasn’t woken up since Adam saw him.”
“Hmm,” Nausi says walking over to Lucky. She places her hand on the boy’s forehead, “Do you have a thermometer.”
“Yeah I’ll get it,” Adam says and both Pyra and Nausi look up surprised not having noticed him before. He returned with the digital thermometer and handed it to Nausi.
“People move,” Nausi says as she’s surrounded. Pyra sighs and pulls both guys out. Nausi comes out a few minutes later.
“Okay, he’s awake now, but its not a fever it’s the flu, its why he’s so weak.”
“Okay we have some Thera-Flu,” Josh says. “Good I told him not to become a cat, I don’t know much about animals but a cat with the flu seemed bad.”
“Thanks Nausi.”
“Uh huh, I’ll tell the guys you’ll be a while,” Nausi says heading down towards the stairs.
“Alrighty,” Pyra says going downstairs as well to make some Thera-Flu as Josh and Adam went in with Lucky.


“Lucky you have to sit up for me,” Pyra said as the guys left the room.
“But I’m tired,” Lucky whispered.
“I’ll help you,” Pyra sat on Lucky’s bed and put the cup on the side table. Sliding off her sneakers, she helped him to sit up resting against her. She places one hand around his waist and takes the cup. “You can hold it too and drink.”
Lucky takes as sip and coughs. “It tastes like crap.”
”Yeah but it will help you feel better.” Lucky sighed, “when you’re better we’ll get you a sundae.”
”I’ll drink it but it better be huge.”
Pyra smiles and waits until Lucky finishes the drink. She puts the cup down and kisses his cheek as he yawns. “Do you want anything else?”
“Can you stay until I’m sleeping?”
“Sure want to lay down?”
“No I like it like this, Andrei does it too but no boobs.”
Pyra laughs and kisses Lucky again. “You’re cute.”
“Mmhmhlm,” Lucky mumbles his head lolling to the side.
Pyra smiles as he falls asleep carefully slipping out from under him and tucking him in. She heads downstairs with the cup and is instantly accosted by Joshua.
“How is he?”
“The Thera-Flu knocked him out. I’ll be back call me if anything changes.”
“Okay,” Josh says as Pyra walks over to Adam.
“Bye,” she said giving him a peck on the cheek much like she had done Lucky and she can tell he’s worried by the fact that he doesn’t grab her for a PDA. “He’ll be okay.”
“I used to be a dog person,” Adam muttered.
“Not in this house,” Josh said with a smirk.
“See you later,” Pyra said as she gave Adam a kiss on the nose.
Hours later, Pyra was sitting with a bored and slightly weak Lucky as they watched the TV Pyra had flamed in. A knock on the door startled them both and Pyra called out. “Come in.”
“Andrei!” Lucky said excited though he made no attempt to get out of bed.
“Hello Lucky, when you did not come today I grew worried. How are you?”
“The flu sucks, like really,” Lucky said with a sigh from his nest.
“Well I’ll just leave you two alone,” Pyra said with a smile slipping out of the bed.
“Bye,” Andrei said as Pyra nodded as she shut the door casting one quick glance into the other room and seeing Andrei slipping into her recently vacated spot on Lucky’s bed.
”Hey,” Josh said from the couch as she took a seat beside him.
“I’ve been replaced,” Pyra said with a sigh.
“Like you mind,” Josh replied as he noticed Pyra glancing around.
“We ordered pizza, he’s at the gate now, we didn’t want soup.”
“What kind?”
“Papa John’s.”
“Coolness. Beside that what have you two been up to?”


“How are you feeling?”
“Like crap,” Lucky said resting his head against Armand’s cold chest. “But I like this, Py is just so hot. You feel better.”
“Because I’m cold.”
”Not really Pyra is just hot even when I’m not sick I notice, I don’t think people do but whatever.”
“I see,” Armand said quietly.
“You can turn the tv off.”
“You can continue to watch your movie, I do not…”
”I kept falling asleep plus I’ve seen Superman tons of times. I want you to tell me a story.”
“A story? Like a bedtime story?”
“No like the one you told me about you when we met.”
“Oh…Hmm” Armand said trying to think of a tale that wouldn’t give the others away until they wanted to be given away. And it came to him, the tale of his Master’s early years. Easily wrapping Lucky up in imagery that was better than any movie, he told of Marius’ time in Rome, his turning, and all that followed those first thousand years. It was at that point he realized though Lucky was enraptured by the story he was starting to doze off and that they were no longer alone. Armand looked up and Pyra smiled at him.
“I brought his medicine, but I have to warn you he will most likely fall asleep on you.”
“Its alright I should be going soon in any case,” Armand said as he took the cup and Lucky groaned as he started to drink the medication.
“Lucky you know…”
“Yeah yeah its good for me. Is there a rule that everything good for you tastes like crap and everything bad is so good?”
“You know sometimes I think there is,” Pyra said as Lucky held out the empty cup.

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