Last Secret

The ‘Last’ Secret (The story of the second)

Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction
‘Just in case…’ Just in case what? Back up plans are a way of life in a world where all variables are anticipated. If you’re lucky everything works the first time around.
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”Jynx, for an ancient spirit that can take care of herself you are quite demanding!” A young man of about 20 says to the cat that had just jumped into his lap as he removes his headphones. Its then he hears the ringing. “Oh.”
“Yes you bloody fool your phone!”
“Hello? Oh hi mum.”
“Brody are you sure you want to pursue this? We know nothing about him or her.”
”Yes mother, we thought they were dead for so long, their parents, then that strange article in the Profit that pretty much lead to nothing back when I was in Chestnut.” ”I know, but that isn’t what worries me. For someone with no training to not only face Sana but destroy her and her realm so swiftly. It’s uncanny and…”
“Yes mother I know I know, only a hope could do such a thing. In theory only I could do such a thing and live.”
“But apparently not only did they do such a thing and live they survived Sana’s wrath as a babe.”
“When are you leaving for America?” Another voice asks.
“Hello dad, um tomorrow.”
“So what are you going to do?”
”Well first I’m going to use those free passes I won to be on the set of X2 then see where Jynx leads me.”
“Right back home to your mother America is a big place,” A girl of about 20 says running her fingers through her straight black hair her green eyes sparkling.
”I don’t care what you say you’re traveling in the pet hold.”
”In my day people respected their elders,” Jynx says annoyed.
”In my day my elders didn’t look like that. How much eye liner are you wearing?”
”Enough, now go pack,” Jynx says waving her hand her mind already wandering to American boys.

Pyra sighs as she continues to get sprayed blue. Three hours of this crap, it wasn’t like Queen where she had been able to ‘do’ her own makeup. At least this time around she had company, she turns to her fellow victim as they apply his tattoos. Alan smiles and bares his false fangs.
”So when is this boyfriend of yours arriving?”
”Tomorrow,” Pyra says as they near the end, she was actually getting used to the fumes. Thank god for the dress she had talked the director into or she might be here forever. Though in this movie the dress had been updated, which meant it was more naked.
“You guys are done, just wait until the last of you dries.”
“Woopie, its too freaking early for this crap,” Pyra says stifling a yawn.
”I know,” Alan says as he looks over his tail.
They were a few weeks into filming the movie and they both had gotten to know each other well in the hours it took to apply and remove their paint. They barely had any scenes together but because of this lovely painting they had gotten to know each other better than anyone else on the set. Except for maybe two people, who Pyra knew were still happily asleep.
“So mother dear,” Alan starts, “Until tonight,” he says bowing as he steps out of the trailer.

Adam and Shane sat side by side on the plane as giddy as six year olds going to Disney World for the first time. They would occasionally exchange a glance and a huge grin.
”I can’t believe we’re really going to hang out on the set of X2.”
”Yeah I can’t wait to see the new X-jet, so cool.”
“Cool? Dude it so totally reeks of Awesomeness,” Shane says and Adam shakes his head.
”What are you going to do first?”
”Hallie Berry! Ok ok, I wanna see the mansion.”
”Same here.”
“I think a certain blue shape shifter may have something to say about you and Hallie.”
“Funny I meant the mansion.”
“You want to do the mansion?”
”You want to do me?”
”No, dude!”
“You said it man.”
”I want to see the X mansion, the only person I want to do is spray painted blue.”
”Nightcrawler?! Geez how’s Pyra gonna feel about you liking guys, first me now Nightcrawler?”
“Pyra you sick freak!”
“How do you get around the blue paint?”
”Magic of course.”
“Yeah sure and I can fly,” Shane says grinning.
”So can I we’re doing it right now.”
“Doing what?”
”Flying you perv.”
“Yeah we’re getting separate rooms,” Shane says pretending to inch away from Adam as he rolls his eyes. “Hey you never told me, who’s your favorite X-Man?”
“Mystique?” Adam says grinning.
”Not being played by your girlfriend you doof.”
Adam and Shane spend the flight talking about the X-men jumping from the movie, to the comic book, to the cartoon and back to the movie. They arrive in Canada and settle themselves in the hotel in record time so they can make it to the set the same day.
On the other side of the airport Brody was losing patience waiting for Jynx to be released from the pet hold. The reason he had done it was because he was getting tired of watching her flirt with everything with a Y chromosome and on a plane there was no way to get away from it. Finally they brought out her little kitty carrier and they made their way to the hotel. Jynx meowed loudly at a blond and a guy with green hair as they rushed to rent cars as he made his way to his limo.
”Behave yourself,” he says walking the cat into the ladies room and folding the collapsible carrier in his bag. Ten minutes later Jynx emerges clearly annoyed but follows him to the limo.
“Brody?” The driver asks and he nods.
He and Jynx enter the limo and are joined by a representive from the Coca-Cola company.
“Hello I am Maureen, and I’ll just be letting you know about the rules. As you known you have won a trip on set. You have to sign this disclaimer, and confidentiality statement along with your guest. ”
“Okay,” Brody says as he signs then hands the form to Jynx to sign.
“These are your passes hold on to them as you will need them to enter the set for the next few days.” She hands a pass to Brody and one to Jynx and started talking yet agan. “You have also won dinner with a member of the cast. As of now your guest hasn’t been decided on but that will be on your last night. Do you have any quesions?
“Are we going to the set now?”
“Yes the limo will take your belongings to the hotel and will return for you at 8pm.”
“Are you going to be staying with us?” Jynx asks.
“No I’ll be going on to the hotel then back to the offices. There will be some photographers waiting for you on set for press photos with the cast. ”
“Okay,” Brody says nodding.
They drive i silence for the rest of the ride and when they arrive at the set sure enough there is a photogapher waiting for them. The cast is called together for some promotional shots and Brody’s atention is immedieatly called to a pair walking in, Pyro and Mystique. “Pyro” was flicking his trademark lighter and Mystique was whispering something to him.
“Here stand over here next to James, and Hugh. Yes right in between them.”
After a few minutes of blinding flashes the photo shoot is over and he is left with an intern of sorts.
“Alright look, the guy who was suposed to show you around called in sick today so…”
“Dawson! Where’s my latte?!” The intern sighs as he looks around to the stack of coffee right before it is knocked over by another intern rushing with a stack of paper.
“Damn it!” He curses looking at the rapidly spreading pile of coffee and Brody & Jynx who had reappeared at his side once the pictures were done.
“Here I’ll help you out. Where can’t we go?”
“That sound stage over there is being worked on and anywhere else will have signs on the door if they’re filiming. The actors are moslty all nice, so you can even go by their trailers. Thanks dude. I have to get back to the only Starbucks in Canada.
“Okay bye.” Jynx says waving. “Passes on boss.”
“Ha ha. Did you feel it?”
“Yes about time you notice something,” Jynx says looking around before she becomes a cat and they start walking.
Brody starts heading towards the trailers and nearly steps on a black cat. One look tells him it isn’t Jynx but a male. It hisses at him and keeps walking. The actor playing Pyro sees it and picks it up and starts scratching behind its ears as he walks away.
“Hmmm,” Brody mutters.

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