A Cold Day

A Cold Day…

There are daggers in the smiles of men…
The one you trust the most will betray you….
Et tú Brute…
How could you…

Betrayal, it’s the way of the world. The closer a person gets the easier it is to drive the knife into your heart. All the more opportunity to stab you in the back. You always have to wonder how they don’t see it coming. How they don’t see the swipe of the blade. Why they don’t believe what is in front of their very faces. The knife that will stab them in the light.

…..I smile because I have no idea what’s going on……

Pyra watched Quinn as rattled his fingers against the table. The man was not pleased, the plan had been for the three of them to go hang out but Mystic was MIA. She was already an hour late and not answering her cell phone. Which wouldn’t have been such a problem if they were planning to meet in What? but the pair was already off the property and sitting in a night club.
“You know what?” Quinn starts annoyed, “Let’s just call it a night.”
”I’m sorry, but after sitting her waiting like a fool for someone who obviously doesn’t think enough of us to answer a call I’m just not in the mood.”
Pyra blinked. She was annoyed at Mystic but not really, she had been late enough times not to hold it against her. She’d be a hypocrite otherwise. Maybe something important had happened or she was too busy screwing Colin to notice the passage of time.
“Maybe she’s tied up.” Pyra says as Quinn pulls on his jacket and pays for both their drinks though his had remained untouched.
”Maybe,” Quinn says shaking his head. He extended a hand to Pyra. “Let’s not make this night a complete waste, a film?”
“Sure,” Pyra said a little surprised at his change in mood but she decided not to say anything about it. It wasn’t like he and Mystic had had a serious fight. She was just late; he’d be strange to dwell on it. She’d have to remember to talk to her about her disappearance the next day at work.

“…. And you couldn’t call?”
“No, I couldn’t. When we got inside she started unpacking gifts and pictures and stuff. But you wanna know something strange?”
“Oh, and she brought those yummy shortbread cookies. I love those cookies. I need to ask her for the recipe. Oh but yeah, the strange part, her and Colin were a bit too happy. All giggly and smiley and stuff. Something suspicious is going on here.”
“Yeah, because you know, mother and son can’t just be happy to see each other after mad long, right?”
” No, but yeah, for real now. I tell you, something weird’s going on.”
“Well, like what? What do you think could be going on?”
“I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you. Every time I ask them what’s going on and why they’re laughing, they just tell me that it’s like all in my imagination and not to worry. Which of course makes me worry even more. And it’s not my birthday so it can’t be any sort of surprise for me. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being –”
A knock interrupts her from continuing.
Pyra watched as the entire McMahon clan entered into the office and stood along with Mystic she suppressed the urge to salute or something. This was very weird. All of them at once weird and creepy.
“Pyra, could you excuse us for a moment?” Linda asks her.
“Uh, yeah sure.” Pyra leaves the room and closes the door behind her and decides to wander around the arena and find her boyfriend.
She doesn’t have to go far as she finds Adam and Jeff walking towards her. She slips in between the two guys and Adam slips an arm around her waist.
”Barbie, Ana, what’s up?”
“Nothing really Jeff is doing this new…” Pyra zones her boyfriend out for a second as they reach Mystic’s office and the doctor is exiting. ‘Doctor? Had he been there before? She had been kinda stunned by the entire McMahon clan so maybe she hadn’t noticed the doctor. Was something wrong with Mystic?’
I don’t think you should go in there,” the doctor warns them.
“Why not?” Pyra asks, wondering what could be going on in there.
“Family discussion.”
“Huh, what do you think they’re talking about in there?”
“I don’t know. Isn’t that the doctor the handles our blood tests and stuff?” Jeff asks.
“Yeah, I think you’re right.”
“You don’t think she’s on drugs, right?” Adam asks as Pyra smacks the back of his head.
“Don’t be stupid. She doesn’t do drugs.”
“I don’t know about that anymore. I would’ve said the same thing, but now that’s she with Colin…”
“Dude, don’t diss him. I know you don’t like him but he’s actually pretty okay. And Mystic isn’t dumb, she wouldn’t take drugs even if Colin did or wanted her to,” Pyra says, defending her friend.
“So then what could they be talking about in there?”
“You, they’re talking about you Ana.”
“Very funny Pyra. Let’s go to the cafeteria, I’m hungry.”
“You don’t need to ask me twice,” Pyra replies grinning as Jeff nods.
“I swear you two aren’t normal.”
“Barbie sometimes you worry me.”
”Oh besides all the freaking powers, You guys eat way too much. If I ate half as much as you two,..”
”You’d look like tubby, all round in the middle.”
“Hey Pyra there’s only one turkey sandwich left,” Jeff points out though there were a few people on line in front of them.
”What else they got?”
“Bleh,” Pyra says discreetly waving her hand.
”I could have sworn…” Steven starts then grabs a tuna sandwich. When Pyra reaches the sandwiches she grabs what looks like a stack of ice and places the last tuna sandwich on her tray.
”So evil,” Jeff says.
”I don’t know what you are talking about Ana.”
The trio has a nice calm lunch, teasing and talking nonsense as Pyra and Jeff packed away three times as much food as Adam. He just shook is head and they all made their way back to Mystic’s office hoping to finally hear about what was going. Their plans are foiled when they notice the entire clan is still there. Jeff takes a seat on the floor outside the office and no one notices when they are approached.
“Hey, what are you guys doing?”
“What? Oh, hey Colin. What are you doing here?” Pyra asks, startled.
“I don’t know. It’s the strangest thing, I’m over at the house fixing everything up with me mum and then Mysti’s grandparents called and said I needed to get over here.”
“See, it is drugs. I told you.”
“Drugs? What the fuck you talking about man?”
“Don’t mind him. Well, what’d they say?”
“That’s it. Do you know it took me three fucking hours to get here? This better be fucking good. I guess I should go in now then.”
“Yeah, good luck. Everyone’s in there. Her parents and grandparents. And a little earlier the lady that does our blood tests was there too. It looks like someone’s in trouble.”
“Shit! I don’t need this right now. You know they hate me.”
“Yeah, well, I guess you better not keep them waiting,” Jeff says, looking up at Pyra and Colin who were standing up by the door as he sat on the floor.
“Okay this just keeps getting weirder and weirder,” Pyra says and both guys nod. Jeff opens his mouth to say something but stops as everyone except Colin and Mystic come out of the office.
“Hello Pyra, Adam, Jeff, Rock says.
”What are you guys doing out here?” Shane asks.
”Don’t be silly dear they care about Mystic just as much as we do,” Linda says.
”That explains why Pyra is here,” Shane starts glaring at Jeff.
“So what is going on?” Adam asks trying to quell the hate being tossed Jeff’s way.
”You’ll just have to wait for Mystic to tell you that,” Rock says smiling.
“So its good news?” Pyra asks confused.
”You’ll just have to ask Mystic.”
“But what about Colin?” Adam asks.
”Have to ask Mystic, got it,” Pyra mutters as Colin comes out of the office Mystic’s cell phone in hand. Shane gives him a look as the family enters and leaves Pyra, Adam and Jeff waiting outside.
“And you want to be part of that family?” Pyra comments. “They’re creepy dude.”
“Heh, yeah. And that’s if they like you.”
“So what do you think happened? Colin left pretty happy.
“Who knows? See, it’s not drugs. I told you doofus.”
“Yeah, yeah Py. Well there’s only one way to find out.”
“What are you gonna do Barbie?”
“Sh, be quiet.” Adam takes out his cell phone and dials a number.
“Hello Jason? Remember that favour you owe me? Well I’m calling it in. No, I don’t want anything, I can’t explain it now but I need to you play along with something. Don’t worry, you’ll know what it is when it gets there. Thanks, bye.”
“What are you doing?”
“Wait,” he dials another number. “Hello? Mr. McMahon, it’s Adam, I was just talking to Jason and he was saying something about not wanting to wrestle tonight’s show and he wanted me to call you to tell you that you’re gonna have to reschedule his match because he doesn’t feel up to it. He’s in the locker room. Okay sorry for bothering you. Good bye.”
“Dude, that wasn’t right. What if Jason gets fired? Or blows your cover?”
“He won’t, trust me,” Adam says taking a seat by Jeff and pulling Pyra down on top of him.
“Just five minutes,” Jeff mutters looking at the pair.
“Dude! We’re just sitting, stop being a dork.”
Okay then, bye,” Mystic says, walking them out of her office. “HEY guys! Are you busy?” she asks, noticing her friends sitting on the floor.
“No, what’s going on?”
“Come in, come in, I’ve got something important to tell y’all.”
“Okay, there are a couple more people I need here first. Wait a sec.” She picks up her phone. “Hello? Colin, are you still busy or can you come downstairs? Yeah, sure, are you in a private place? Okay, here goes.” Suddenly, Colin is orbed into the room and is standing behind Mystic. Pyra watches this wheels spinning in her head. This was clearly good news for Mystic, but why didn’t she feel good for her friend? It wasn’t a premonition really but she had the suspicion nothing good would come of this and she didn’t even know what this was yet.
“And one more person now.” She dials another number and puts it on speaker phone.
“Hey Naus, say hi to everyone, you’re on speaker phone.”
“Man, you know I hate speaker phone. What’s going on?”
“Yeah Myst, why was your family in here?” Adam curiously asks.
“Well, I have something really important to tell all of you.”
“You’re pregnant,” Nausikaa sarcastically says as everyone laughs.
“Well actually, yeah I am.”
“Yeah, Colin and I are gonna have a kid, plus, we’re getting married!” She holds her hand out letting her friends see. “What? Um, congratulations Myst,” Nausikaa says.
“Thanks Naus. Is that all y’all can say?”
“Can I talk to you alone for a second?” Pyra says.
“Um, yeah sure. Can you guys?”
“Yeah, you guys can go show me the cafeteria. I’ll go get us something to eat.”
“Thanks.” The guys leave the room as Mystic is left alone with Pyra and Nausikaa who is still on the phone.
“So, what’s going on? You people don’t sound happy.”
“Well, I mean, it’s just I never thought you and Colin were that serious,” Pyra says.
“Yeah, and a couple of months ago when you thought you might be pregnant you were freaked and said you and Colin weren’t ready to start a family. And now you are?”
“We’re just afraid that you might be rushing into this.”
“Dudes, yeah, I know that I said that. But things have changed. Now I really am pregnant and there’s nothing I can do about it.”
“And you really wanna marry him?”
“Well, I don’t know. He’s nice and all and I guess it’s only right that we get married, you know?”
“So that’s the only reason you’re getting married?”
“Well, yeah, I guess it’s the main reason.”
“Dude, Landi and I are going to have a baby and you don’t see us getting married.”
“Well yeah, but that’s you two. And if I didn’t say yes, who knows what would’ve happened. Colin would’ve been pissed for one, and my dad would’ve like beaten me. He was wanting to force Colin into marrying me but fortunately he asked me on his own.”
“If you think you’re doing the right thing…”
“No way Naus, you know she’s making a BIG mistake. Don’t let them pressure you into marrying him.”
“Py, you know what? This is like totally my decision. And if you don’t like it, then that’s like too bad, but I’m gonna marry him. I know we’ll be happy. Everything happens for a reason dude. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got to go meet my fiancé downstairs in the cafeteria. I’ll see you guys later tonight. Bye Naus.”
“Bye Myst, hey, maybe we can go shopping for baby things.”
“Yeah, I’d like that. Okay, bye.”
Pyra stared after Mystic and shook her head, why was she the only who thought this sounded like a bad soap opera? That marrying someone because they knocked you up in this day and age was just stupid.
”Huh?” Pyra asks her boyfriend.
”Why did you do that? Mystic wanted you to be happy for her.”
”No really Barbie? You should know that I don’t pretend things.”
”Uh huh,” Adam says giving Pyra a strange look before walking out.
”What the hell?” Pyra says and turns to Jeff who just puts his hands up and also leaves the room. Pyra rolls her eyes and exits Mystics office.
She doesn’t go after either one of the guys, glad that there are a still a few hours left before the Arena opens up she heads up into the stands after a quick wave to the workers who were calmly having lunch inside the completed ring.

…..A bouncing bundle of joy……

Pyra was sitting silently in the car as they drove back to what. For two reasons the two extra passengers in the back seat and her mind was racing. Jeff had ridden with them and Tubby somehow had gotten a guest room at Pyra’s since there was no actual room at Jeff’s place. Pyra had the belief Mike would erase Matt if he came within 20 feet of him.
“Don’t tell Josh,” she said finally breaking the silence.
”What?” Adam asks.
“Do not under any circumstances tell Joshua, he’s leaving in a few days and I know how he gets.”
“Okay fine.”
“Pyra don’t you think you were a little harsh?” Adam asks.
”Why because I wouldn’t fucking marry someone cause they knocked me up.” Matt whistled and Pyra turned to the back seat. “Bite me lardo.”
“I’m nice to your friends.”
“You barely say two words around them. They barely know you.”
“Whatever, so you’re telling me you would dump your boyfriend if you got pregnant?”
”What the hell?! Where the fuck did you get that from? I just said I wouldn’t get married you weirdo.”
“I don’t know you never do things half way.”
“What does everyone think no marriage equals instant breakup?!”
“I just thought…”
”No Adam,” Pyra whispered turning to the window. Adam was about to say something when he caught Jeff’s eye through the rearview mirror and the slight shake of his head. Pyra pressed the special clicker for the What? parking lot and park in Pyra’s space.
When they are going in Jeff turns to Adam. “Wanna come over for a bit guys?”
”No that’s okay I think I’m gonna crash,” Matt says not fool enough to go near the house.
Pyra rolls her eyes as she leads Matt to her house and they are greeted by two forms on the couch clearly engrossed in each other.
”Who the..” Matt starts.
”Hey hey, I can’t do that in the living room and neither can you Lucky.”
“Oh hey Pyra,” Lucky says not the least bit embarrassed as Andrei flushes pink.
”Upstairs you two.”
“Sure, hey what’s that bastard doing here?”
“Lucky, he’s Adam’s friend.”
”Adam’s a blonde doof ball with a triangle head.”
“What? I didn’t lie. Hey you wanna go to my room or your place?” Andrei whispered his answer. “Alright I’ll see you in the morning Pyra.”
”Bye Lucky,” Pyra says giving him a kiss on the cheek and smiling at Andrei who just nodded and followed Lucky out.
”Wait that was a guy?”
”Who Lucky? No that’s my cat.”
”No the other one with the long hair.”
”Yes that was a guy your point?”
”Nothing, my room?”
”Come on,” Pyra says going upstairs.
Over at one of the other houses in What? Jeff tossed Adam a beer and indicated for him to sit on the couch. He sat beside him.
”Remember Kevin?”
”My girlfriend’s ex boyfriend? The freaking pop star? No I completely forgot him. Especially after going to his wedding.”
“Okay, I get it you don’t like the guy. I’m guessing you don’t know why they broke up?”
”No why? They did that’s all that really matters.”
“Adam, look he asked Pyra to marry him and she said no. Or at least that’s what I got, ever get her to explain something she doesn’t want to? It ain’t good. Well you saw what happened.”
”What does that have to do with me?” Adam asks.
“Look don’t push the marriage topic on Pyra. It freaks her out.”
”Uh-huh, I think I should go before she kills Matt.”
“She doesn’t really hate him.” Adam just gives Jeff a grin and walks to his own house.
Adam walked into the house and found sprawled out on the couch in a set of Garfield pajama’s he hadn’t seen before.
”Those are new?”
”Hmm? No Josh got them for my birthday. I just hadn’t gotten around to them. I didn’t know they came in this material.” Pyra shifted around so Adam could sit beside her.
“What are you watching?” Adam asked as a commercial for some new movie ended.
“Just the rock countdown,” Pyra says curling up against Adam and using his shoulder as a pillow.
He slips his arm around her waist and plants a light kiss on her forehead. Pyra smiles wrapping her arms around his waist.
“Tired?” He asked with a mischievous grin.
“I should be asking you that, I’m just a ref,” Pyra replies with a grin.
“Well, then,” he says starting to push her down onto the couch.
“Dude dude, I just yelled at Lucky for making out here.
“Where is the ball of fur?”
“Went to Andrei’s for activities I’d rather not ponder.”
“So we’re alone.”
”Dude Josh could be around, and then there’s tubby.”
“Oh yeah,” Adam says standing. He tosses Pyra over his shoulder and starts going up the stairs.
“Adam! Are you out of your mind?! Put me down!”
”Sure,” He says opening the door to the bed room and putting her down on the center of the bed before climbing on top her.
”Dude I couldn’t walk?”
“What fun would that be?”
*Insert smut here* I don’t know I don’t want to do it now. Remind me next Thursday about it!
The next morning Pyra went downstairs to find Josh dressed and in an apron whipping up breakfast. She wrapped her arms around him from behind and set her head on his shoulder to see what he was cooking.
”What ya making me?”
”Bacon and French toast. Eggs for me Adam and Lucky. Is Lucky here?”
”Yes,” The boy says strolling through the front door.
”Why don’t you ever eat at Andrei’s?” Pyra asks releasing Joshua as she turns to Lucky.
“Cause he can’t cook. And he always forgets to buy milk,” Lucky says taking a seat at the counter. Matt and Adam came down the stairs then and JC looks at the two and frowns.
”Oh I didn’t know anyone else was here. I don’t know if there’s enough for everyone.”
“You can cook?”
“No he’s at the stove for his health tubby.”
Matt looked as if he wanted to say something but thought better of it at the last moment.
”When are you guys leaving?” Lucky asks as he heads to the fridge for some milk.
”Around noon. Get me the orange juice fluff bally.”
“Mmm hmm, you want juice too triangle head?”
“I should…” Adam started.
”What get your ass kicked by Pyra?” Lucky asked not worried about the threat.
“I’d sell the tickets,” JC said gathering five plates. Adam takes them from him as Pyra gets forks, knives and such and Lucky gets cups all used to the daily routine of eating meals together.
JC cracks a few more eggs into a bowl and starts scrambling as Adam divides the cooked eggs for him, Matt, and Lucky as Pyra takes her French toast then grabs the bacon And divides it up as Josh finishes up making his own breakfast. Matt just sits watching the four people move about the kitchen.
“Wouldn’t it be easier to just wave your hands?” Matt asks as they all sit down to eat.
“Dude do you zap your tv or plug it in?”
“How is that…”
”Just eat your breakfast Matt,” Adam says shaking his head.
“Whatever,” Matt says though he does start eating.
Lucky is the first done and tosses his stuff into the dishwasher. He starts climbing the stairs two at a time heading for his room. “Goodnight Pyra, Josh, Losers.”
“Cat! It’s the morning.” Adam yells and Pyra shakes her head.
”And who says I got any sleep with Andrei? He’s a night person,” Lucky yells before slamming his door.
“Dork,” Pyra says finishing off the last of her breakfast.
“Am not,” Adam whines.
”I’ll go with Lucky on this one Loser.”
”Hey wait did he call me a loser?” Matt asks.
”No shit Sherlock,” Pyra says shaking her head. “I’m gonna go online.”
”Why?” Matt asks.
“To post the naked pictures of Adam on my porn site,” Pyra says walking into the den.
“Doesn’t she ever answer a question?” Adam smiles and walks over to the couch flipping on ESPN2. Matt joins him and Josh mutters curses at the two slobs who left their plates on the table. Shoves the things angrily into the dishwasher and grabs the phone to talk with the guys about final details of going on tour.

….. Excuse me, I have to recharge my flamethrower…… 

Pyra was surprised when Mystic called her over wanting to scry for evil. But she was up for helping her friend. Leaving Josh and Adam in the house she made here way over to the most secluded portion of what.
Okay, so what exactly are we looking for?” Nausikaa asks, pulling a map out from a shelf.
“Well, I don’t know. Not exactly. All I know is someone’s plotting against me.”
“And how do you know this?” Pyra asks.
“I don’t know, I just feel it.”
“Yeah, that’s what all the other paranoid freaks say. Are you sure you’re not just anxious about your wedding and being pregnant?”
“No, I’m sure Naus. Now come on, let’s see if we can focus and find out who’s plotting against me.” Mystic takes her quartz pendent off her neck and hands it over to Nausikaa. She unfurls the map and Pyra sets a crystal on each of the four corners of the map. Nausikaa starts waving the pendant around the map and it instantly drops down.
“Wow, well that was fast. Seems like they must really hate you,” Pyra remarks.
“Well, where’d it land?” Mystic asks. They look down onto the map, and suddenly one of the windows in Mystic’s living room breaks and a powerful wind thrusts the fragments of glass towards the girls.
“Ow, what the hell is going on?” Mystic shrieks out as the glass begins to cut her face and arms.
“What the fuck is going on?” Colin asks, wondering what the commotion was about. When he saw that Mystic was bleeding, he ran down the stairs and to her side. At that, the shreds of glass fell to the floor and the wind stopped.
“Are you okay?” he asks her. “I-I guess so. Well, I will be once I heal myself. So where’d the quartz land?” she asks Pyra who had already healed herself and Nausikaa.
“Well this is strange. It landed here. Right on your house. Maybe the wind moved it when all that craziness was happening.” “Yeah, maybe. Hey, what’s going on? Why can’t I heal myself?” Mystic asked with a panicked look on her face.
“Are you sure you can’t? Maybe your powers are a bit out of wack cuz of the pregnancy. Stranger things have happened, trust me,” Nausikaa says, who was herself 4-months pregnant.
“I guess… Okay, so Pyra heal me.” Pyra lays her hands over the cuts on her face and the golden glow begins but quickly dissipates leaving the cuts still bleeding.
“What’s going on? Why am I still bleeding?” she asks, feeling the blood drip down her face.
“I don’t know…” Pyra begins to say but trails off.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“The cuts, your face,” Colin manages to say. Mystic runs to a mirror as Nausikaa smacks Colin.
“What the fuck is this?” Mystic says to herself as she tries to make out what word the cuts form. She orbs a cloth and the hydrogen peroxide bottle. She starts wiping gashes with the damp cloth and lets out a gasp when she can make out the word. “Liar? Who the hell did I lie to?” She turns to Colin and her friends. “See, I told you people I wasn’t being paranoid. Someone IS out to get me and we still don’t know who it is.”
“Here, why don’t you sit down and let me bandage those cuts on your face and arms,” Nausikaa offers and Mystic obeys. Mystic also orbs down bandages and such stuff Nausikaa would need.
“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you yesterday. If someone really is after you, maybe we should leave? If the attack was coming from inside What? then we aren’t safe even here.”
“Colin!” Nausikaa scolds.
“Okay, well you people seem busy and I’ve got somewhere to go. Later Myst, feel better,” Pyra says, leaving Mystic’s house.
She ran back to her own sad that she didn’t explain what was happening but Josh’s mental screaming was driving her up the wall. Seriously she had to move in with the guy with a freaky side power that all it did was randomly turn him into a magnet. She walked into the house and headed into the kitchen.
“Man Josh, you seriously need to stop doing this,” Pyra reprimands him. Josh was magnetically stuck onto the refrigerator. “Why couldn’t anyone else help you?” Pyra asks, trying to pry him off.
“Lucky’s not here and I tried to get your idiot boyfriend to help but he just laughed at me and left before I could Jedi him. Hurry up, the guys are gonna be here to pick me up any minute now.”
“Oh yeah, you start your tour this weekend. Okay, okay come on. Ready? One, two three!” Pyra pulls on Josh’s arms as he kicks off. After a few tries he’s finally unstuck.
“Thanks Py. I’ve been stuck like that for almost an hour.” Just then, Adam comes strolling into the kitchen.
“Look at that, you got down. Hey wait, what’s that smell. Pyra you’ve got blood on you,” Adam says with his eyes turning red. Pyra looks down and sees that her shirt was stained with the blood from her cuts.
“You’re vamped out again?” Pyra says flaming a warm cup of blood onto the table. Adam grabs it and chugs it down greedily. “I’ll take that as a yes. Man, this day’s just gone from bad to worse.”
“What do you mean? What happened at Mystic’s? Was it a cat fight?” Josh asks.
“No, we were scrying to see if there was anything evil out there that wanted to do something to Myst and then the window broke and we all got attacked by glass until Colin came down.”
“Is she alright?”
“Gee, I’m fine Josh thanks for asking. But I don’t know if she’s okay, when you started yelling for me to help you off the fridge I had to leave. I tried to heal her before I left but I couldn’t. But something even stranger happened.”
“Like what?” Adam asks.
“Well, after I tried to heal her the cut formed the word Liar on her forehead. And the crystal we were scrying with had landed directly on her house. It’s all weird.”
“Well what happened? Why didn’t she heal herself?” Josh asks, still worried about her though he had no idea about her pregnancy or engagement.
“We don’t know why she couldn’t heal herself. And that’s all I know cuz then I came over here. And now I see that you’re a vampire again.”
“So she wasn’t being paranoid. Someone is after her and her–” Pyra jabs Adam in the stomach before he can say and her baby. They were still trying to keep it from him. Pyra didn’t think that he would be able to handle the news. Better to tell him when she’s already married and he gets back from his tour.
“And her what?” Josh asks intrigued.
“Her house and her house,” Pyra says.
“And her house?” he asks, disbelieving. Before Pyra or Adam could answer there’s a buzz signifying that Joey and Chris were waiting to pick him up.
“Look at that, they guys are here. You don’t want to keep them waiting,” Pyra says, as she gets Adam to pick up his bags and they walk to the front door.
“But what were they out to get? Mystic and her what?”
“Have a good time on tour. Be sure to e-mail.”
“Don’t worry about Myst, we’ll take care of her. Besides, she’s got Colin there.” Josh gives her a look but knew it was true. Him and Mystic were only friends and she did have a boyfriend there to take care of her. Well, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it now, Joey and Chris were already here and he had a plane to catch. Pyra watched him leave then turned to glare at Adam.
“Adam!” She exclaimed smacking his arm. “What was the one thing I told you?”
”Oh, I sorta forgot.”
”Forgot?! And what’s the deal with leaving Josh on the fridge for an hour?” You know how loud he was when he started to mentally call me? LOUD,” Pyra says going in the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of Advil realizing just then how tired she felt and how much her head hurt. “Woah,” she said swaying a little.
“Pyra? You okay? How much healing did you do?”
”Like none, it like died after I did me and Nausi, just fizzled over and that’s when the word appeared. I think I’m gonna lie down for a bit.”
”Okay want some tea?”
”Sure if I’m still awake,” Pyra said wondering what strangeness was really behind what had happened at Mystic’s house to make her so tired.
She awoke in the early evening to find a cup of cold tea at her bedside and she smiled. She took it in her hand making it hot again and smiled. Adam had remembered how much she liked lemon in her tea. She made her way downstairs and saw a nice quite dinner for one complete with cake.
”Aww thanks Adam,” She said giving him a kiss which the vampire in him eagerly returned.
“Well before it gets cold,” Adam says slowly pulling away. Pyra is cutting a slice of the mother of all chocolate cakes when the there is a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it,” Adam says giving Pyra a peck on the cheek as he heads to the door.
“Pyra!” Adam calls after opening the door.
“Yeah?” Pyra asks, cutting herself another slice of cake, which she wraps in foil.
“Someone’s here to see,” Adam answers as she goes into the living room to see who it was.
“Quinn, hey! What brings you over?” she asks as they sit down, Quinn on a chair and Pyra next to her boyfriend on the sofa.
“I just saw the light on and thought I would stop by. Is he alright?” he asks, referring to Adam who was as pale as Lestat before feeding.
“Uh, yeah. He’s just a bit sick. Maybe you should take your medicine,” Pyra tells Adam who looks like he doesn’t fully understand.
“What medicine?”
“I left it on the kitchen counter.” Adam gets the hint and walks into the kitchen where a warm mug of blood had just been flamed onto the counter.
“So, what were you doing if I may ask?”
“Oh, we’d just finished eating. I was just about to go over to Mystic’s and see how she was doing and give her a slice of cake. I have more, you want some?”
“Wha- no, no thank you. I’m quite full. I ate at home,” Quinn responds, though he is distracted by the nearby smell of pigs blood. “Wait, what do you mean to see how Mystic was doing? Is she sick?”
“Oh, that’s right you don’t know. You actually work during the day. Something really crazy happened at her house.”
“Crazy? Like what?” he asks, suspicious that Merrick had something to do with it.
“We were over at her house and then the wind must’ve been really strong because it shattered her window and Mystic got cut up pretty bad.”
“Is she alright?” Quinn asks, worried but at the same time confused.
Merrick wouldn’t have been able to do that if it happened during the day. Unless she was… 
“I don’t know. I had to leave before I got a chance to see if she was okay.”
“To take your boyfriend to the doctor right?”
“Yeah…” she answers as Adam walks in looking more like his tan barbie self.
“You seem to be doing much better.”
“Yeah, it’s, uh, the medicine.” “If you want, you can come over with me to see how she’s doing.”
“Yes, I’d like that.” Pyra gets up, as does Quinn, and picks up the cake wrapped in tin foil.
“Barbie are you coming?”
“No, I think I’d better stay here. I mean I am sick,” he says flipping channels and finding a hockey game on. Pyra throws him a dirty look but it was too late. He was already absorbed in the hockey game.
They leave Pyra’s home and begin walking towards Mystic’s house in the woods.
“Where is that other boy that lives in your house?”
“No, not him. The other one, Josh I think it was. Wouldn’t he want to check to see how she was doing?”
“No, he’s away on tour. But that’s sad, you’ve only been living here a little while and even you can see that he’s got feelings for her and she’s been around him her entire life and never noticed once.”
“Well maybe we’ll have to throw a party one day to get those two together,” he jokes, referring to the faux party Pyra’s friends had thrown to get her and Adam together.
“If only you’d come up with that earlier.” Quinn looks at her confused. “She didn’t tell you?”
“I haven’t seen her in a while. I’ve been away in New Orleans on business.”
“Well, it’s probably not my place to tell you but her and Colin are getting married,” she informs him as they walk up the stairs to her door.
“Married? I never knew they were that serious.”
“Well, it’s pretty serious now, cuz she’s also pregnant.”
“I-I didn’t know. When did this happen?”
“We found out about it last week I think.” They finally reach the top of the stairs and knock on the door.
Of course she’d get married. What’d you think Lestat, that she’d want someone like you? A vampire who cannot even offer a warm touch without taking the life of another. And once she found out that I was a vampire it would be Gretchen all over again. No, put it out of your mind. Lestat is lost in his thoughts as Colin opens the door.
“Pyra, Quinn come on in,” Colin says. Pyra walks inside as Quinn continues oblivious outside.
“Uh, Quinn?”
“Sorry,” he says awakening from his trance. He enters as well as Colin shuts the door.
“We were just about to eat dinner. Why don’t you join us?” They walk into the dining room and see Mystic sitting down with bandages on her forehead and arms.
“Hey guys! What are y’all doing here?”
“We came to see how you were. And I’ve brought cake.”
“Mm, cake.” They sit down as Colin goes to get the food.
“So how are you?”
“Other than freaked out? I guess I’m fine though my face and arms are still a bit sore. How am I gonna explain this to people?” she says, pointing to her face. They could see the scratches on her cheeks that couldn’t be wrapped.
Does it still say…
Yes! It does. What the hell could that mean? That’s the hardest thing to explain to people 
Mystic responds to Pyra’s mental message. Lestat was able to intercept pieces of the message.
No, this is not normal at all. Merrick shall hear me when I get back. 
“Okay, here’s the food,” Colin says bringing out a rather large tray full of food. Quinn gets up to help him and they place the food onto the table.
“So, where have you been Quinn? I haven’t seen you a while. Been feeling quite ignored.”
“Ah, I’ll make sure not to be gone that long next time then. I was away on business cherie.”
“Really now? What d’you do?” Colin asks serving his fiancée.
“My job?”
“Yeah, you’ve never told us what it is you do,” Pyra chimes in.
“Oh well it’s quite boring really. I-I deal with antiques.”
“Antiques? You’re right mate, that does seem fucking tedious.”
“So you sell them?” Pyra asks, wanting to know more. Quinn begins to wonder how it was that he didn’t have enough sense to think of a fake profession to tell his neighbors. Luckily for him however, Mystic bolted out of her chair and ran to the bathroom.
“What’s wrong?” Pyra asks as Colin follows Mystic. Moments later they hear retching sounds and Pyra understood what had happened.
“Poor Myst.”
“What’s wrong with her?”
“Morning sickness.”
“But it’s not morning.”
“Dude, don’t you know? It doesn’t have to be morning for a pregnant lady to get sick. Doesn’t that suck?”
“Yes it does.” Colin returns without Mystic.
“Is she alright?” Quinn asks.
“Yeah but she’s really fucking embarrassed about having to throw up with you guys here. She doesn’t fucking want to come back out.”
“Yeah, I told her to come back out but she doesn’t want to. She’s locked herself in the fucking bathroom.”
“Oh, then I guess we should be going now then,” Quinn says.
“Yeah, I guess that would be best mate. It was nice of you to come by though.”
“Yeah, okay. Later I guess.” Pyra and Quinn leave.
“Why don’t you come back over to my house?” Pyra offers.
“No, I think I’ll go back home. Plus your boyfriends sick, isn’t he? You should take care of him.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Okay then, Good night then I suppose.”
“Yeah, good night,” Lestat answers as they part.
“Pyra sighed She knew that Adam would be dead to the world the next few hour so she turned towards Nausi’s house wondering how her other friend was doing.
“I have no idea, but it’s headed towards Myst’s house. Py, do you know what that is?” she asked Pyra who had just exited her house and reached Nausikaa’s. Everyone was outside, everyone that is except the strange people that lived in that house at the end of Pyra’s block.
“Beats me. But I was there earlier and Mystic wasn’t feeling well. Maybe something happened.”
“Come on, let’s go check it out.” They creep over to their friend’s house and see a little lady talking with Colin.
“Colin, what’s wrong?” Nausikaa asks once the woman had disappeared into another room.
“Well, after you left Pyra, Mystic’s cuts started bleeding again and the formed two more fucking words and wouldn’t fucking stop bleeding. We had to call for a healer.”
“So that was her? What’d she say?”
“She’s giving me a rub to apply to the cuts everyday to stop them from forming any more words or from bleeding and an elixir to give her in case they start bleeding uncontrollably again. But she said the strangest thing.”
“What?” Pyra asks.
“She asked me to keep an eye on at all times in case she ‘tries it again’. What the fuck do you suppose she meant by that? You don’t think she thinks she did this to herself?”
“I don’t know, it is peculiar though that I couldn’t heal her cuts and stranger still that she couldn’t. The only time that ever happens is if she hurts herself.”
“But you guys were with her when that glass broke. She didn’t do anything, did she?”
“Now dear, you’re going to have to stop this cutting. I’ve given your boyfriend-”
“Wait, I didn’t do this myself. Why would I do that? I’m not crazy,” Mystic says, trying to sit up but the old healer forces her to lay back down.
“Well if you didn’t do this yourself, you must be very careful. Only someone incredible powerful could have done this to you. You yourself are a healer and yet you cannot heal yourself this time. My advice is to take heed, especially if your little one is to have a chance in this world.”
“How’d you know?” The old woman laughs.
“I’m a healer and I wouldn’t be a very good one if I couldn’t tell. Now, you need to rest. But before I go, here take this.” She takes Mystic’s hand and places a silver necklace with a cluster of tiny bells.
“What’s this? Oh, I couldn’t take this,” Mystic says trying to hand it back.
“Nonsense. Wear it always. Silver encourages stability while negating, neutralizing and removing negative energy. It draws the protection from the Goddess of your faerie and Druid ancestors and you know what the bells are for. They purify the air of evil or unwanted spirits and protects from the evil eye.” She places the necklace on Mystic.
“How did you know I was half fairy and druid?”
“I see it in you. It’s in your blood. Now, rest.” She whispers a few unknown words and Mystic falls fast asleep.
The old woman walks out and the conversations stop.
“She should be all right though her cuts distress me.”
“You don’t think she did them to herself.”
“She says she didn’t and I believe her but, your protective barrier is strong. Not even I could get through it on my way here and if whatever attacked her was able to break past it, then I fear it might be too strong for her to fight against, especially in the current state she’s in. I’ve given her a charm but it would be best to not leave her alone.”
“What do you think could be after her?” Colin asks, worried about what could be strong enough to breach the technology, charms, spells and enchantments of not only Mystic but Nausikaa, Pyra and Chester.
“I don’t know. That’s not my line of work. But just be on your guard. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must be getting back.” Colin accompanies her outside where he pays her. She steps back into the bright light and it takes off up into the sky. He walks back in and sees Nausikaa and Pyra engrossed in conversation.
“What do you mean maybe I should keep away from her for a while? You don’t think I had anything to do with all this?” Pyra asks, infuriated that Nausikaa would even suggest something of that sort.
“Dude, I’m not trying to sound mean or anything but look at the facts. Earlier when we were scrying for the evil-”
“Wait, that’s what you three were doing earlier?” Colin asks, sitting down. He had walked in on them earlier when Mystic had first been injured but didn’t know what they were doing.
“Yeah, Mystic wanted us over because she said she felt like there was someone out there that was after her,” Nausikaa explains. She turns back to Pyra. “And then just when we were about to see where the crystal had landed the glass broke and attacked us. Then when we look to see where the evil was coming from the crystal pointed here to your house. Then you were able to heal my cuts and your own cuts but when you tried to heal Mystic’s cuts they formed the word liar? That could’ve been a coincidence but now you come back over and her cuts start bleeding again and form more words?” Colin and Pyra look shocked.
“How do we know it wasn’t you?” Pyra asks. “I mean, we do all know that you’ve always said that if you were gonna attack or kill someone you would imperio them into doing it themselves.”
“First of all, don’t you think she’s powerful enough to withstand imperious curse? Also, we don’t know I didn’t do anything. I guess maybe I should stay away too.”
“What the fuck are you people talking about? What the fuck is imperio? And Pyra, maybe you should stay away. Maybe both of you should.”
“What?” Pyra protests. She stands up to face both of her accusers. “I’m not going anywhere until she tells me to go! You can’t tell me what to do Colin, this isn’t your house. I’m her friend and I didn’t do anything wrong. And everything that you were saying Naus was just a coincidence. Why would I want to do anything to her?”
“Maybe you’re jealous!” Colin shouts, raising his voice to equal Pyra’s. It seems both had forgotten that Mystic was asleep upstairs.
“JEALOUS! Why would I be jealous? That she has an idiot boyfriend like you?”
“Jealous because she’s getting married. Because she’s having a baby! Nausikaa, maybe you better watch out too before long she’ll be coming after you.”
“What the hell’s wrong with you Colin? Pyra isn’t like that. Besides you were here both times too, how do we know it wasn’t you?!” Nausikaa yells, joining the fray.
“Why the fuck would I fucking want to hurt her? She’s carrying my fucking child for God’s sake.” Pyra looked about ready to start attacking Colin as was Nausikaa. Before things can go on further, they notice someone walking downstairs.
“What are you people yelling about?” a weakened Mystic asks, being helped downstairs by Elijah who had just recently returned from filming a new movie.
“I told her to stay in bed and that I’d check out what was going on down here but you know how she is,” Elijah explains as Mystic sits down.
“What are you people yelling about?” she mumbles, still being half-asleep.
“Nothing, you really shouldn’t be down here. Come on, let me help you back upstairs,” Colin says, moving towards her.
“No, I want to know what’s going down here. What are you people arguing about?” Mystic exclaims, putting her hand to her head as though she had a headache.
“It was nothing. We’re just worried about who could’ve been doing this to you,” Nausikaa quickly says.
“Yeah, and your idiot boyfriend here thinks it’s us,” Pyra adds, still visibly angry. “He told us not to come back.” Mystic sighs.
“Colin, I don’t think they’d do anything like that. I have no idea why you’d think Naus would and Pyra wouldn’t be stupid enough to scry for evil in my house if she were the one causing it.”
“Yeah, but-”
“I have an idea,” Mystic says, yawning. “Why don’t we all go to sleep. Things’ll be better in the morning. Elijah’ll help me back upstairs okay? Don’t worry, I’m okay. Now go home, go to sleep.” She gets back up and Elijah throws the rest of the group a dirty look as he helps her back up the stairs.

“He is SUCH an ASS!” Pyra yells, storming into her bedroom.
“What happened?” Adam asks, sitting up. Pyra had startled him as he was staring out into the night.
“They think I had something to do Mystic getting those cuts and that idiot actually had the nerve to say that I should stay away from her. He said I was jealous! ME? Jealous!”
“Come on, why don’t you calm down. Now what exactly happened?” he asked. Pyra explained to him about Mystic and the cuts and then about the argument she had with Colin.
“Well see, that’s probably it. He probably didn’t mean it. He was just lashing out at people because of nerves. I mean, it must’ve been really something serious if they had to call a doctor in.”
“Yeah, but still. It still gives him no right to take it out on me. I’ve known her longer than he has.”
“Yeah, but she’s gonna marry him and have his baby.”
“So?” Adam saw he wasn’t going to get anywhere trying to get her to see that Colin didn’t mean what he had said.
“At least you know Mystic doesn’t believe him.”
“Yeah, you’re right about that I guess. So how was your hockey game?”
“Jersey lost by 3.”
“That’s nice,” Pyra says, yawning. The anger had dissipated surprisingly quick and she was ready to go to sleep. Before Adam even had time to suggest doing something else, she was already fast asleep.

….. The more things change, the more they suck. …… 

Pyra stood in a police line up and looked at everyone one else confused. She was lined up with Colin, Elijah, Orlando, and Merrick.
“Number three step forward,” Pyra looked down at her number and saw she was 4.
“Thank you number three.”
”Number four step forward.”
Pyra did so and red lights started flashing as what looked like an entire SWAT team had their weapons trained on her. The scene instantly changed to what looked like a battle arena from Ancient Rome. Pyra was in the center of the arena and could hear barking from a shut gate. She looked up at the Emperor or should she say Empress as it was Mystic as she gave Pyra the thumbs down and motioned to release the hounds. Merrick was at the lever and she grinned.
”We don’t want you. We don’t need you. She won’t trust you. She will blame you.”
Pyra screamed as Cerberus came charging out of the now open gate.
The violent shaking woke Pyra extremely startled with her arms failing. She smacked Adam twice before he got her under control and she calmed.
“You can let go now,” Pyra whispered.
”You won’t smack me again?”
“I didn’t say all that I just said you could let go.” Adam smiles and lets Pyra go.

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