Switched IV

Switched IV(Wedding Bells & The Horns of Hell)

You hear it first…
“Hello out there in TV land Giddon Yago here with the latest edition of you hear it first. What do the WWE and Mud have in common? And no its not a mud wrestling match with two girls in bikinis. Though that might be true as well. The answer is Puddle of Mudd a new band that is the brain child of Mystic McMahon. Check them out in the recording studio.”
Clip of Control
“Now to all you wrestling fans out there no your eyes do not deceive you. The lead singer of Puddle of Mudd is none other than the WWE’s own Edge aka Adam Copeland. And don’t worry unlike that Metal horror show courtesy of Fozzy Puddle of Mudd actually has talent. Look out for them soon. And remember you heard it here first.” 


Lucky opened his eyes and sniffed the air again. He pushed back Pyra’s sheets, and sighed at the empty spot on her bed. Around 3am he had given up trying to get Pyra to go to sleep and had gone himself. He sniffed the air one more time and he knew there was no denying that scent. He barreled out of the room and down the stairs tackling the owner of said scent.
“Joshua!” Lucky exclaims as tears of joy stream down his face hugging the man again. “Why didn’t you say you were coming home?! Pyra! Pyra!”
“Lucky calm down.”
“But you’re back now! Pyra! Get the hell out of those fucking books and say hi to Josh! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
“Lucky, stop it,” She really doesn’t care “Since when do you curse?”
“Oh I’ve been chilling with Orlando a lot, didn’t notice,” Lucky looks at JC and hugs him again smiling broadly. 
“Lucky let go.”
“Fine,” Lucky grumbles but lets go still smiling. He suddenly pulls open the door to the den. “What the hell is… what the? Where’d she go?”
JC shrugs and he can tell Lucky wants to hug him again. He opens his arms to the boy and can’t believe he was almost mad at him. Lucky didn’t know any better, despite appearances Lucky was little more than a child. Lucky sniffs happily and he finally lets JC go.
”So you’re a drummer?”
”Yeah! Its fun more girls bother me but they’re all loud and screamy.”
”Welcome to my world,” JC says smiling.
“But my girls have more tattoos,” Lucky says and JC laughs again realizing then just how much he missed Lucky.
The moment was interrupted when the door opened. Pyra walked in with some shopping bags that were clearly too heavy for her. Her glasses were sliding off her nose and she walked past JC and Lucky not noticing either guy.
“Pyra?” Lucky says.
”What do you want for breakfast?”
“I don’t know when…” Pyra looks at Lucky pushing her glasses up and blinks her mouth opening in an O of surprise but she doesn’t move. “Hi.” She whispers not sure what else to say.
”Hi,” JC says.
”Hi?! Hug each other you retards!” Lucky says shoving JC forward. He walks over to Pyra who relaxes and hugs him.
”I missed you,” she whispers not noticing how rigid JC is. JC lets go and looks Pyra over trying to figure out what was different about her. He had even seen her in that outfit a million times. He ignored it and wondered how long it would take for her to notice he had figured it out. That he was just some boob to be passed on between her and Mystic like an idiot.
“Uh Josh did you hear me?”
“No,” JC says making no apology as he looks at Pyra. Something had changed in the last month he thought again, what was it?
“Are you hungry? Want me to make you something?”
“Ok.” Pyra says putting the groceries in the fridge hoping she’s imaging the cold shoulder from JC.
“I’m going to my room.”
”Hey! I cleaned it for you, I washed all the sheets, I swept, I mopped and everything. I even did the windows.”
“Thanks Lucky,” JC says smiling at the boy.
“I even cleaned your bathroom, how much did you vomit man?”
“You cleaned that? Wow you’re brave.”
“Dude that wasn’t even the nastiest part…” Pyra can no longer hear the guys as she guesses they enter JC’s room. She was sure about it now, after she saw how happily and easily he talked to Lucky. JC was mad at her which made no sense to her. What could she possibly have done? She shook her head and looked at the food she had brought. She put everything away and took some crackers and a cup of orange juice and went into the den..
Pyra glanced at the card she had been using for a book mark for weeks now and wondered what she should do? If and this was a mighty huge if this wasn’t some joke their library would be something to reckon with. She might actually get past the massive dead end she kept reaching.
She picked up her phone at the very least she would make the day of a very ingenious fan.
“Evan Potter.” Pyra bit back the urge to ask if he was related to Harry.
“Hello Evan, that’s quite an interesting card you gave me.”
“I’m sorry but who is this,” Pyra thought the clean crisp British accent reminded her of David. The like three times he had spoken to her in all the years he had lived in What?.
“Oh sorry, Pyra Jacobs.”
”Pyra, I had given up hope of hearing from you.”
“So are you really a member of the Talamasca?”
“Yes, I am I can fax you my credentials…”
“What do you want?” Pyra asks.
“We would like you to tell us your story. Growing up someone with your abilities.”
”And what abilities would that be?”
“Your um… talents. Of the fiery sort, I don’t feel this is the best conversation to have over the phone. Would you rather meet in a more public place?”
“I guess,” Pyra says wondering why she was believing this guy.
”I know you still have your doubts about me… we can meet in one of those coffee houses you Americans are so fond of.”
”Not everyone is a Starbucks addict, I’ll meet you in Barnes & Nobles on 14th street. By your books.”
“My…ah yes I understand when?”
“Its eleven now around one one-thirty?”
”I will see you there, thank you Pyra.”
“Sure,” Pyra says hanging up and sighing. She goes up the stairs and knocks on JC’s door.
“I’m going out for a little while. I’ll be back in a few hours.”
“Ok,” JC says arranging his closet as Lucky glares at her.
“Because I have to Lucky.”
“Josh just got back… you’re … you’re … a bitch.” Pyra blinked she didn’t just hear that. She looked at JC and he just kept on fixing his clothes a tiny smile playing on his lips. He finally decided to look at her and she was gone. He was surprised, Pyra didn’t take being insulted lightly.
”Why’d you say that Lucky?”
”Because its true. You’ve been gone a month and the second you’re back she finally decides to leave the house? That’s just bitchy. Why is she being so rude?”
”I don’t know Lucky,” JC says surprised that Lucky was siding with him. This was the first mean thing he had ever thought he heard Lucky say to Pyra. “What did you do to my clothes?”
“I put all the ugly stuff in the back!”
“The only things up here are black or navy blue.”
”Dude orange is not to be worn! Or green!”
”Hello, I’m not you would it kill you to wear a shirt or pants that weren’t black.”
“Black’s a good color, and all my clothes match not like you. You like can’t dress,” Lucky says and JC pulls the boy into his arm messing up his hair with the other.
“Ahh stop! Uncle!” Lucky exclaims kicking at the air as JC lets him go. “You are evil!” JC laughs wondering how long it had been since he smiled. “Oooh! Come on!” Lucky says dragging JC down the stairs and out the door.
”Lucky! You’re in your pajamas!”
“We’re just going to see Nausi!” Lucky says already across the street. He bangs on the door in his hyper way and Orlando pulls it open shutting his robe.
”Hey Orlando, look,” Lucky says pulling JC to the door. He waves.
“Nausikaa! Shane!” Orlando yells before pulling JC inside for a hug. “Its fucking great to see you!”
“Thanks,” JC says returning the hug as Shane and Nausi come down the stairs.
“Chazie!” Nausi exclaims hugging him as Shane follows with a hug as well.
“Its nice to see you guys too. How’s the wedding coming along?”
”All set and ready to go,” Nausi says grinning.
“Cool, I’m glad I didn’t miss that,” JC says throwing an arm around Lucky who seemed intent on constantly hugging him.
“So how was it?” Nausi asks also never being able to get through to JC except for once.
“Where’s Pyra?” Shane says at the same time.
“Having an attack of hi I’m a bitch she just left!”
Nausi is about to respond to that when JC starts speaking. “It was amazing Amber helped me to see a lot of things so much more clearly.”
”Amber was your doctor?”
”No my councilor, we all had councilors and saw the shrink up to three times a week. She’s amazing and …”
“Woah, you have the Mystic face.”
“The what?” Everyone says turning to Lucky.
“That doofy happy look he gets when he talks about Mystic. Orlando has one too about trees and Nausi.”
“Whatever Lucky,” JC says and the boy burst into tears. “What’s wrong?”
“You’re mad, you’re gonna leave again.”
”Geez Lucky calm down I’m not going anywhere okay? I promise.”
“You do?” Lucky says calming.
“Yes now stop crying,” JC says wondering when Lucky got even more emotional.


Pyra exited the train station on the on the wrong side and had to walk through the square to get to Barnes and Nobles. “Should have met at Court,” Pyra mutters. She doesn’t notice when the skate borders stop to stare so used to the ‘seen but not seen’ glamour that she had been using for so long. She’s crossing the street when one taps her on the shoulder.
“Huh?” Pyra says turning.
“Dude! It really is you!”
“Yeah,” Pyra says her mind completely blanking on the concept of a fan.
“So why weren’t you in the X-Games this year?”
“Oh…um…August…car,” She says as they run out of the street not to get run over.
“Hey can you sign my board?”
“Sharpie?” After a few pocket searches he produces a thick permanent marker and Pyra signs the board. “Later.”
“Thanks, why are you in the city anyway?”
“Dude! I live here, I’m feeling booky.”
”You do? Woah.” Pyra shakes her head as she crosses the street wondering how strong the glamour is well was. She walks straight to the escalator and goes up to the fourth floor horror section highly aware of the fact she’s being stared at. She started think, she had been out since she lost her powers right? Work home work …. She hadn’t man so this is the whole famous thing she never really had to deal with.
She reached the little corner and there was this blond guy standing there. She had no idea what this Evan looked like and wondered if that was even him. Well he saw her, you couldn’t really miss the bright red hair. “Pyra…”
“Hello, Evan?”
“Yes, I’ve brought your file for proof of myself.”
“Well then let’s go sit.”
”Ya dude, children’s section by Harry Potter. The most you get are a few toddlers besides the radiator is there and I’m cold.” Even smiles realizing that he had expected something above human. He follows her and sits beside her on the carpet. He hands her the file silently. Pyra opens it without a word and looks at the clippings about her birth. She looks at the pictures of her parents and Evan can feel the turmoil and bombardment of emotion.
Pyra looks through the file skimming mostly as this was her own life. She notices how empty it really is on magic and What? And calms a little while he knew things like that stupid summer in Canada other things like Sana weren’t even a blip on the radar. It even mentioned suspicions about her friends but nothing concrete.
“Well I guess you weren’t lying. So if you know all I can do what makes you think I won’t kill you?”
”Simple I’ve studied your case and I know you are not cruel by nature. I also haven’t made you angry, something that seems to be tied to your power.”
“How can you be so sure?”
”I’m an empath among other things.”
“I see. So this would mean Lestat and his gang of buddies is real?”
”Uh…well you see…”
“Yeah yeah so ewwwww!”
“What?” Evan says confused.
“The Mayfairs are real? There is a family in existence that is that incesty! Mah God they should have like hoofs!”
“Oh yeah I rant sometimes. It makes up for the weeks of silence at a time.”
“Well the thing is I wanted to contact you to help fill in some blanks on yourself answer some questions, maybe a few test.” Evan falls silent at the blaze of anger that sparks up from Pyra.
”Do I look like a science project to you?”
“That is not what I meant…”
“Whatever…” Pyra says standing and tossing the file down. “Not interested,” she says memories of her retardation at Kaiba Corp coming back to her.
“Is this about the incident with that strange Kaiba Corporation when you were 16?”
“Aren’t you just so brilliant?”
”Pyra, we’re not sure what happened with them, just one more of the many questions we have. But trust us we do no wish you harm. We only want to collect information.” Evan feels Pyra wavering and chooses his next words very wisely. “You have read the Mayfair chronicles…you know we spent centuries watching and had very little contact with them. We see something vastly more different in you. You are someone we can approach, talk to…”
”How would this work?”
“It would be similar to the books an interview fashion. We would start out with questions…”
”Could I ask you stuff too?” Pyra says rubbing her fingers along the radiator. Evan does the same and nearly burns through his gloves clearly she wasn’t all normal.
“Well I wouldn’t want to disclose too much private information…”
“Now if a life story has been published how much is still private information?”
”I see your point. What is it that you would like to know about them?”
”Well you just answered my major question, of if they were real, we’ll work from there?”
“I see,” Evan says standing as they both make to leave. He indicates ladies first as they talk their way down the escalator.
“So would you like to begin now?”
“Sure, I’m really not into coffee or I would say stay here,” Pyra explains as he pulls his jacket shut at the sudden drop in temperature. It was overly cold for early November.
”I do not know this city where shall we go?”
”Uh…you hungry?”
“Yes,” Evan says rather quickly. “But I do not know the city that well.”
“No problem taking to a native here, want junk food or something substantial?”
“Any special diet like veggie or something?”
Pyra leads him up to a restaurant a few blocks away where they have a late lunch and he starts small asking her questions about things they already knew for clarification and slight elaboration. They part ways at about five and plan to meet up in a few days time. She arrives at What? and decides to get back to work not realizing the house is empty until she starts blasting JC’s first CD without hearing complaints. She turns it off and pops in a CD-R she had burned recently, her usual rock pop mesh that would make most cringe.
She’s ready to toss books out the window at people’s heads when she hears JC and Lucky’s return through the music. Lucky walks into the den long enough to plug in the wireless headphones and throw them at Pyra before walking out.
Pyra sighs wondering what she can do to get Lucky to talk to her. He had never been mad at her and Pyra thought it felt as bad or even worse than JC being mad at her. She sighed and tossed the headphones to the floor. She starts reading some Sanskrit and has no idea when she falls asleep. She wakes to blackness and decides to go swinging to help clear her head.
She had been there about ten minutes when a person joined her on the swing.
”Hey,” Pyra whispers not looking up believing she knows who it is.
”Pyra.” Her head snaps up looking into calm green eyes. “I wanted to talk to you.”
”I’m listening,” Pyra says turning to face Jeff.
”Hey are you okay?”
”Still alive.”
“Is it Adam?”
”No, I had almost forgotten about him. Its Lucky…and Joshua.”
”What about them?”
”They won’t talk to me. Lucky’s mad at me cause I went out today, and it was JC’s first day back and JC won’t even tell me what it is that I did.”
”What makes you think it was you?”
”Cause I always do something stupid,” Pyra mutters thinking about what had gotten her here in the first place.
“Don’t say that, you haven’t even seen him in like a month how could you have done something?”
”Maybe it was cause I only called once and I didn’t even get through.”
“That’s still no reason to not talk to you, did he even ask you why?”
“No but didn’t you come here to talk to me?”
“Yeah but…”
”Jeff, I’ll survive, what is it you wanted to tell me?”
“Well I’m going to be moving, back to North Carolina.”
”There’s more, I’m quitting.”
“Yeah, I’m surprised I stuck it out this long, I haven’t been into it for so long now. I’m just gonna keep doing the motocross and maybe get back into the whole music thing.”
”When are you leaving?”
“End of this month by the latest. Earlier if Mike finds a new roommate sooner,” Jeff says calmly. “I never sold my old place, so its just a matter of going back.
”So you have this all figured out.”
”So everybody knows already?”
”I told Mike, and I just came from Nausi’s. I was actually on my way to Mystic’s to let her know, though she already knows I want to leave the Fed.”
”Well don’t let me keep you.”
”You’re not,” Jeff says looking worriedly at Pyra. “Don’t let all this get to you, you’ve tackled worse.”
‘With my friend’s help’ “Yeah,” Pyra whispers as Jeff stands and looks down at her contemplating something. He reaches down and hugs her and Pyra is so startled she doesn’t do anything.
“See you later.”
”Bye…Ana.” Jeff just smiles and walks off.
Pyra starts swinging on the swing and in a few minutes is again joined by a resident of what.
“You’re sick,” the voice says matter of factly.
”Hey, Or-Legolas,” Pyra says looking up at the elf, who was almost glowing. “Someone’s happy.” He grins broadly. “You do realize you guys are married already.” Legolas grins a little more. “Geez, tone down the giddiness.” Legolas giggles instead.
”Sorry,” he says now with a British accent. And Pyra turns to Orlando. “I just seem to have so much energy. But I meant it you’re sick.”
“I’m just crazy.”
”No physically, Pyra you’re not well.”
”Is that why you came off your little giddy high? I’m fine.”
“Really I’m good, what were you doing besides giggling before?”
“Just walking, looking at the stars, watching the leaves turn,” Orlando grins again.
”Seesh, go, be giddy with nature, just don’t do anything crazy like dancing naked in the rain.”
”What rain?”
”You know what I mean, go run all that energy off,” Pyra says smiling as Legolas goes practically skipping back into the Shire.
Pyra sighs and realizes it can’t be half as late as she thought it was if everyone was milling about the property. She pulls out her cell phone and sees that its only 9:30. She also notices she has two messages. One for Virgin about her second single and album release party and one from Jacob about the same.
She decides to call her band mate but gets his machine and leaves her message for a vote on thoughtless, and whatever for the party. She hangs up and is again joined by a resident of what.
”Are you feeling all right?”
“Man that must be the question of the night. I’m fine.”
“You don’t seem to be fine, the temperatures dropped, and you’re trembling, you want to get sick Py Py?”
”Dude go deal with your giggling husband.”
”Landie doesn’t giggle.”
”Leggy does.”
”Don’t call him leggy.”
“Legolas giggles, happy now?”
“Mmm Hmm, so what’s going on?”
”What do you mean?”
”Lucky’s mad at you? Lucky?”
”Yep and Josh.” Nausi gets one of her trademark looks on her face.
“Woah woah woah, he’s been back less then 24 hours. What the fudge happened?” Nausi says pulling Pyra to her feet..
“Where we going?”
“My house, Pyra when are you gonna figure out you’re not a human radiator anymore? You actually have to take better care of yourself, wear a coat in the cold, little things like that.”
“Yeah, yeah, the doctor in you is showing again.”
“Did you have dinner yet?”
”Uh…I don’t think so.”
”What are you trying to do get so light you blow away?”
“Funny. So what did you make?”
“Tofurky, and Salmon for Shane.”
“Hmm maybe both,” Pyra says smiling.
“Okay but how the hell did you fight with JC in less than a day?”
“I didn’t, he was being all distant and weird the second he showed up. I thought I was imagining it until he started talking to Lucky all happy and animated. I don’t know why.”
”Did you talk to him about it?”
”Nope I was too busy being called a bitch by Lucky.”
“Holy Crap! That’s sick.”
“I’ve noticed.”
”But I still think you should talk to JC. Maybe you just think he was being rude. Maybe he was just acting odd cause he just got out of rehab.”
”But wouldn’t he be happy to be home and it be more logical that he was acting shy weird not rude weird. Josh isn’t mean unless he means it.”
“How can you be so sure?”
”Dude he’s treating me the way he treated Kevin, cold indifference. It’s not fun.”
“Pyra you spent all of ten minutes with him, how do you know?”
“Forget it,” Pyra mutters, sitting down at the table and noticing a little shoe. “Dude there’s a shoe under here.”
“Oh its Madison’s her Shane and Mike were playing hide and seek, until she had to go to bed.”
“And here I was thinking it belonged to your secret lover.”
“Whatever, what do you want to drink?”
“Sprite of course.”

“Pepito what are you doing here?” Mystic asks Adam who was in the ‘normal’ version of the security room. There was no way she would actually show him the cool room.
“Nothing,” he whispers leaning back into the chair. Mystic leans over and turns the tv back on and sees the swings and Pyra talking to Legolas. She looks at the time and sees that it had happened a 20 minutes before which would mean that the doof was watching this over and over.
Mystic wonders if she should maybe get Pyra and the dork back together he would be a distraction then shakes her head. She wouldn’t do that that would be crazy.
”Who said you could be in here?”
”You finished writing? I don’t like slackers on my label.”
”Yeah, sure.”
“Come on.”
”Where are we going?”
“You think I’m gonna leave you in here?” Adam sighs and follows Mystic out. She takes him back to his room. “Stay here.”
Adam sighs and starts pacing his room he opens the window and looks outside. He becomes a bat and flaps over to the Nausi’s house and hangs outside a window.
”Oh and I was thinking, you have any problems walking with Colin, I would put you with Lucky but seeing how you’re fighting with your f-ing cat…”
”Walking where?”
”My wedding you arse!”
“Oh, well less problems then walking with Adam.”
“Nah you think? I swear to God Pyra if you and that butt mess up my wedding.”
“Uninvite him.” Nausi just glares at Pyra but doesn’t respond as she hears some noises.
“Not quite,” Legolas says walking in ignoring Pyra and kissing his soon to be wife. Pyra smiles and waits, and waits some more. So this is what it felt like. Pyra focuses all her attention on the food wondering how long this will take. She only had a few bites left and since her friends are still occupied decides to slip out.
Nausi pulls away from the grinning elf and turns to where Pyra was. She blushes as she realizes what just happened.
“Sorry,” he whispers sheepishly.


Pyra never saw the bat that followed her as she walked out of Nausi’s house or the vampires that had been away for a while walking in through the gate though she had a direct view.
”And what would David say if he knew what you had done my dear Fabian?”
”What could he say? She disturbs the peace, I know she is doing something to Pyra.”
“My how the heart changes.”
“You were ready to tear her apart for Mystic.”
”What she did…” Quinn just sort of growls.
”Is she there?” Fabian says looking at their house.
“No, must be out buying shrunken heads.”
“Fiend,” Fabian says grinning as Quinn stops his walking with a hand on his arm. Pyra was standing in the street in front of her house just looking at it. Quinn moves quickly to her side and whispers.
”What are we looking at?” Pyra jumps slightly startled and smiles at her neighbor.
”Nothing,” she mutters.
”Quite a strong stare for nothing.”
“Ignore him,” Fabian says, “ is there a reason you do not want to go home.”
”Why would you say that?”
“I think this is a conversation for a glass of tea,” Quinn says turning Pyra towards his house.
”She’s gone,” Fabian says joining Quinn in leading Pyra to their house.
They walk into the house and David who had been watching BBC America turns and stares at the two vampires and Pyra enter. He seems about ready to run screaming when Lestat addresses him.
“David can you make some tea?” He nods heading into the kitchen. “Sit sit. He says leading Pyra to the couch. He takes her hands in his. “Now tell Uncle Quinn all about it.” Pyra just starts laughing and Fabian shakes his head.
”What he is trying to say is, what’s wrong?”
”Josh and Lucky aren’t speaking to me.”
”Lucky?!” Quinn exclaims.
“So he has returned? How is he?”
”Minus the not speaking to me he’s fine.”
“Hmm, I’ll be back with the tea,” Quinn says standing. He walks into the kitchen and sees David pouring a glass of tea an eerie picture of calm.
”Milk or honey?”
“Milk or honey Cherie?” Quinn calls out.
”Honey,” Pyra replies.
“David? Is she such an almighty terror? Just stay in the living room, bring her the tea if nothing else.”
“Why do you-“ David stopped Lestat was gone. He had no choice in the matter. He pulled out a small tray, put the tea, a little bear shaped honey bottle and a tiny spoon and walk out. “Here you go.”
”Thank you David,” Pyra said smiling.
“You’re welcome,” he says. Pyra adds honey and stirs and tastes the tea and smiles.
”So what are you going to do about this new found dissent?”
”Do? What can I do? I can’t make people talk to me.”
”An apology?” David suggests.
”That might work with Lucky, but Josh, I don’t even know why he’s mad.”
”Well what was his treatment like?”
“I don’t know.”
”What did he do?”
”I don’t know.”
”Did you visit him?” Quinn asks thinking he’s hit on something.
”There were no visitors allowed.”
“So you called?”
”I didn’t get through to him.”
“And you don’t know why he’s mad?” Quinn says smiling.
“Oh…” Pyra says as the door opens.
”Lovely night isn’t it?” Merrick says then stops dead. “What are you doing here?”
”Go kill a chicken,” Pyra mutters.
“Kill a- you you!”
“Yes me, me quite articulate,” Pyra says and Quinn laughs.
“Endora please,” David says and she is so stunned by him sitting in the room calmly with Pyra that she falls silent.
“Goodbye Endora,” Fabian says and Quinn hasn’t so much as looked at her. She goes up the stairs deciding she needs to do something to make that blasted girl pay and Quinn whispers.
”Don’t you dare.” And she finds it more frightening then if he had communicated his threat telepathically.
“So where have you guys been?”
”What do you mean? We haven’t been anywhere. Its you who fell off the face of What?”
”Me? I was home.”
“Did you grow roots?” Quinn asks.
“No just books,” Pyra replies.
“That is where you and David share a love.”
”What have you been reading?” David asks expecting to hear some foolish novel.
“Uh, some Indian creation mythology.”
”What were they originally written in?”
“Are you enjoying it?”
“Yes, but…never mind.”
“What is it?”
”Because I’m weird I was trying to find an origin story for them.”
“What stories are you reading now?”
“Um, some stuff about Krishna.”
“Oh you need to go much farther back in the mythology for that. I have a book that you may find interesting. It goes indepth into the Hindu creation mythology and the theory of the great dream, though I’m paraphrasing.”
“Wow hey thanks,” Pyra says standing and following David into the library.
“Did I just see that?” Lestat asks Louis.
”If not then we are both mad.”
“I never believed it would happen.”
“Neither did I,” Louis admits, “I had given up hope that the two of them would ever get close.”
“Don’t get ahead of your self, he is just loaning her a book.”
“But it’s a start and what more could we ask for?”
“That he can finally let go of this hate. I truly believe she has no idea about what happened and it was never her intention to do such a thing to Edward.”
“Its true she doesn’t seem to have much of a temper or even an evil side though the jibes she aims at Endora can be quite cruel at times.”
“But those are justly deserved.”
“You know that and I know that but does he?
Pyra and David return from the Library then her with an arm full of book while David talks her attentive ear off. He walks her to the door then returns to the living room where the two vampires are waiting.
“Now do you believe she’s just a nice girl?”
“I still don’t know.”
“David its been six years. And we are all still in one piece.”
“Haven’t you heard of the calm before the storm Lestat?”
“Then this will be Armageddon,” Lestat replied annoyed.
“Lestat please,” David replied annoyed.
Pyra walks back into the house and puts the books on a shelf away from the rest of the clutter in her den.
She walked into the living room and didn’t hear anyone so she figured the house was empty. She picked up the phone and decided to order some food. She’d like some Chinese but she had no idea if the guys wanted or what they would want and getting food for herself just didn’t seem to make sense if she wanted to make up with them.
She sighed as she stood at the gate, the guard was looking at her funny.
“Is something wrong? Is there like bird poop in my hair?”
“Aren’t you cold?” He asks.
Pyra looks down at her self and the noticable drop in temperature. “Oh um…I’ll be going inside soon so its okay.”
Twenty minutes later Pyra was visibly shaking as she had lost feeling in her fingers and toes.
“Pyra?” It takes her a moment to identify the voice and she turned to look into concerned brown eyes. “Are you ok?”
“Fi…F…Fine.” She replies with her teeth chattering.
“Come on your freezing out here.” Pyra doesn’t question Mike as he pulls her along to the gate and into his house. “Colin! Bring some blankets down here.”
“What the fuck? I’m in the kitchen.”
“Oh could you put some tea on?”
“Did Mikey get a little cold?”
“Colin how about you come in here and just do it?”
“Fucking hell,” Colin exclaims walking into the living room where Mike has sat down a freezing Pyra draping his coat over her.
“I thought you didn’t get fucking cold?” Colin asks addressing Pyra, who is visibly shaking. Mike frowns as if he just remebered it.
Pyra shirks off the coat and stands. She starts walking to the door and has her hand on the knob before she passes out.
“Fuck!” Colin exclaims dashing to the kitchen to dial 911.
Mike grabs a pillow from the couch and slips it under Pyra’s head and puts his coat over her again. He puts a hand to her forhead and his frown deepens.
“Does she have a fever?”
“No she’s normal,” Mike says sounding extremly worried.
“Then why do you look so fucking pale?”
“Pyra’s temperature is naturally over a hundred, I think its 104 or something. For her temperature to go down. Its just weird, Pyra doesn’t get sick.”
“Well she ain’t smelling the fucking daisys man. Should I call Mystic?”
“They’re not talking. Call Nausi and Lucky.”
“I know they aren’t talking but this isn’t a fucking joke. She passed out, for all we know she could be really sick.”
“Fine I guess. I’ll go wait outside for the healer.”
“Mike I didn’t call a fucking healer, I called 9-1-1.”
“Oh, okay I’ll go let them in,” Mike says hoping they didn’t make a mistake in not calling healers.
“Hello? Hey you fuck your wifey there? No its Pyra she fucking passed out. Yeah a regular one they haven’t gotten here yet. OK mate yeah I don’t know it that’s why I callled you first.” Colin says taking down the number. Colin dials the number.
“Lucky? Is that you?”
“Yeah how you doing Colin.”
“I’m fine, Lucky look its Pyra she passed out, we called an ambulance and yeah you should come.”
“Joshua!” Lucky yells and Colin can already hear the fear in his voice.
“Okay I’m gonna call Mysti, we’re at my house little guy.”
“Hello Mysti, yeah I know you and Pyra aren’t on the best of terms, but I thought you and that fuck head should know, she passed out here.”
While Colin continues to talk to Mystic glad he saved her call for last Lucky, JC and Mike with a gurney toting EMT arrive.


Pyra opened her eyes slowly feeling something soft in her hand. She turned her head slighly.
“Lucky?” She whispers with a parched voice.
His head snaps up red eyed and he smiles as he starts crying again. Pyra strokes his hair with her other hand and looks at the IV in her palm.
“What happened?”
“You fucking fainted!” Pyra head snaps into the other direction and looks at the blur.
“Colin?” Lucky slips his hand out of hers and takes her glasses out of his pocket and slips them on her.
“Woah I must being going nuts, hey leggy.”
“What have I told you about that?” Nausi asks.
“Hey, so come on someone explain this,” Pyra asks taking Lucky’s hand again.
“Before the dinner I gave you when was the last time you ate Py Py?”
“I don’t know why?”
“You’re dehydrated, malnurished, and about two seconds from hypothermia.”
“Oh…” Pyra says quietly.
“Lucky here, I got you some milk,” JC says entering the room. Pyra looks over at her roommate. Nausi starts pulling Orlando out of the room.
“We’ll be right back with everyone else,” Nausi says.
“You’re awake,” JC whispers.
“Yeah,” Pyra whispers back trying to sit up.
“You should rest.”
“Um, Josh. Why are you mad at me?” Pyra says staring at Lucky’s hand, unable to look at JC.
She started stroking his fingers wondering why he had decided to remain silent. Silent wasn’t normal for Lucky.
“Oh My God, Pyra!” Adam exclaimed bursting into the room. “When I heard…”
Both JC and Lucky were standing now and they had both stood in between Pyra and Adam.
“Get out,” Lucky growls.
Adam takes a step away from the cat boy memories of the beating he got even thought he was a vampire.
“You heard Lucky go,” Josh says.
“I just wanted…”
“Leave,” Lucky says shoving Adam to the door as A doctor enters.
“What is going on here?”
“Nothing just tell him to leave, he’s bothering Pyra.”
“I’m gonna have to ask you all to leave as I examine my Patient.”
“Can he stay?” Pyra whispers.
“He who?” The doctor asks.
“Lucky,” Pyra whispers not sure where she stands with JC.
“You will have to stay out of my way.”
“I will,” Lucky says nodding.”
“Alright well Ms. Jacobs you gave your friends out there quite a scare.”
“What happened?”
“You’re suffering from mild dehydration and Marasmus,” with Pyra’s blank stare he explains more fully. “Its a form of malnutrition were you do not get enough food over time, which seems to be the case from what I gathered from your friends here. Now you have lost about three percent of your body weight. Now with most people that wouldn’t mean much but seeing as you aren’t the stoutest of girls you have fallen under your recomended body weight for your height by about ten pounds.”
“We are going to keep you overnight for observation and for some medication. You have to take better care of your self you upset a lot of people.” The doctor filled a glass with water and handed it to Pyra.
“Is that water Pyra says making a face.”
“I don’t want you losing any more fluids. You need to drink the IV will help but you need this as well.”
“She doesn’t like water, almost never drinks it.” Lucky says from the other side of the room.
“You must take better care of yourself if you don’t want to end up here on a regular basis.”
“I sure as hell won’t be doing that.”
“Well then drink up.”
Pyra sighed but drank down the water making a face. “Good, I’ll send your friends back and that blonde?”
”Can burn in hell?”
”I’ll take that as a no,” the doctor says stepping into the hall.
”She will be fine, but I want my patient to get rest. You,” he says pointing at Adam, “will leave now.”
”Do not make me call security.”
Mystic watched this unseen by anyone, trying to hold back the laughter she had for Adam. After having peeked in on Pyra for a second to make sure her friend was okay she discretly made her way out no one ever knowing she was there.
“But I…”
”Oh fine,” he says as he receives a glare from Joshua before he enters Pyra’s room. Adam rolled his eyes, he was really starting to hate cats, cat people and what not, give him a big shaggy dog any day.
Josh walked into the room and watched as Pyra drank the last of Lucky’s milk under the watchful green eyes.
”Okay Lucky I give, I can’t drink anymore.”
”Mmm hmm. Oh,” he says, “I’ll be outside, talk to each other or I’ll bite you both.”
”What the?” Pyra says looking at the boy.
”He has those moments,” Josh replies taking Lucky’s seat beside Pyra.
“So, you pulled a Mariah?”
”Oh eew!”
“Pyra I’m sorry.”
”What are you sorry for?” Pyra asks confused.
“A lot of things I don’t really want to repeat. I was mad at you for nothing.”
“So you were mad.”
”Yeah,” Joshua whispers.
”Is this cause I’m in the hospital?”
“No, I just realized I was being unfair.”
”Will you ever explain what you are apologizing for really?”
“Give me a hug.”
Joshua smiles than does just that as Lucky finally allows the first of the visitors into the room.
“What the fuck’s the matter with you? You wanna be even smaller?”
”Dude,” Pyra says letting Josh go.
“Colin calm down.”
”Fuck that, she fucking blacked out in our living room.”
“Colin,” Mike says annoyed.
“So why aren’t you fucking eating? You think you’re fat or some stupid shit.”
“Colin if you haven’t noticed I’m a twig. Its just a habit, foods an afterthought a lot of the time.”
”Afterthought Pyra?” Mike asks shaking his head.
”Yeah, I know I’m weird.”
“Weird? Pyra you’re downright abnormal.”
“Thanks Mike.”
“When are you getting out of this fucking place?”
“Tomorrow most likely.”
“Colin why don’t you get Nausi and Orlando?”
Colin rolls his eyes knowing he’s being get rid of. “Fine act like I don’t fucking know about her powers.”
“Pyra, you don’t get sick. You don’t even get cold normally, so explain how you were a few minutes from hypothermia.” Pyra looks at Mike wanting to share but also knowing she had already reached her three people limit.
“Mike I…”
“So Py Py you gonna eat now?”
“Yes mother.”
“Yeah we didn’t call your parents.”
“Oh thank God, I really don’t need that right now.”
“Not that if fucking matters,” Orlando says, “the vultures are circling already.”
“Great I’m gonna be a news brief.”
“Pyra?” A voice whispers pushing open the door until they notice the crowed room. “Are you okay?”
“Hey Janie, yeah I’m just stupid at times. Oh for those of you who don’t know, this is Janie, Jacob’s wife.”
“Nice to meet you,” Mike says as Orlando and Colin wave. Nausi, Lucky, and Joshua already know who she is and just smile.
“So are you gonna get out of here soon?” Janie asks.
“Tomorrow if they let me.”
“That’s good, you know there are reporters outside right?”
“Yeah, at least they can’t get in here.”
“Aren’t you worried about it? Virgin already issued a statement and is giving Jacob the third degree as we speak.”
“Poor guy those people can be really stupid and really annoying. And no I’ll be old news by morning.”
“I hope so, I surprised they didn’t call Lucky in,” Janie says looking at the boy.
“They did, I told them to bite me,” Lucky replies calmly.
“Oh. Well feel better Pyra, I’ll tell Jacob how you are.”
“Sure, talk to you later?” Pyra says as the woman reaches down to hug her.
“Sure bye.”
Pyra looks up at everyone who’s looking at her. “What?”
“How are you friends with your ex boyfriend’s wife?”
“Why not? She’s nice enough,its not like she stole him away from me or something.”
“Mmm hmm,” Nausi says eyebrow rasied.”Well Py we’re gonna get out of here.”
“Okay, hopefully I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”
“Yeah bye,” Nausi says giving Pyra a hug.
After a few more goodbye’s she is left with only Joshua and Lucky in the room. She looks at the two of them and smiles.
“You guys can go home too, I mean it not gonna be fun sleeping in a chair all night.”
“Hello, I’m a cat.”
“And I’ve slept in cramped tour buses way too often this will be a chinch.”
“Fine its your spine,” Pyra mutters thinking about flaming in a book.
As if reading her mind Lucky glares at her. “If I see one book I’ll throw it out the window and take your glasses.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“Yeah I would the doctor man said you needed to sleep and you are gonna sleep.”
“Fine whatever Lucky.”
Back at What Mystic was watching Adam freak out. He had no idea that she had witnessed his little ‘scene’ in the hospital the only person who had seen her being Colin.
“Mystic, you weren’t there, she looked so small in that bed, I just don’t think that I can do this anymore. Pyra isn’t supposed to get sick, something must be really bothering her for her to do that. And I just can’t add on to that stress. Its just not right. I’ll leave if you want me to but I just can’t keep doing things to her.”
“No you can stay,” Mystic says pondering the same thing. But those elder folk had said it would be a horrible for everyone if Pyra didn’t go through this. And she was going to be fine. No she couldn’t let up now.
She didn’t bother to say anything more to Adam as he walked out of the room most likely heading to his own room to sulk.
“So how is she?” Shane asks coming down the stairs carrying Madison along with Lijah who was holding Jamie who instantly reached for his mother.
“She’ll be okay,” Adam says, “but she lost some weight.”
“That’s good,” Shane says as Madison waves to Jamie.
”You must come over again, it is always nice to have some intelligent company instead of that twit Paige,” Jamie says and Madison giggles.
“Bye bye, Jamie,” Madison replies as Shane heads to the door.
“Hey I think those two get along famously,” Lijah says making silly faces for Jamie.
”Dear lord man what is wrong with your face?” Jamie laughs, “actually it is quite entertaining continue I say!”
“Oh yeah, you’re gonna marry Madison aren’t you sweetie.”
“Mother are you mad?” Jamie starts wriggling as Dom (where has he been? ;) ) walks into the kitchen.
“So is Pyra okay?” He asks grabbing a glass from the cabinet.
”Yeah the doctors said she was gonna be fine.”
”What exactly happened?” Elijah asks.
”The dork didn’t eat.”
”What you mean like she was anorexic?”
”I don’t know, you know how crazy Pyra can be.”
“Isn’t she like a shrink? Shouldn’t she know better?” Dom asks.
”She should but like I said she’s a little wacko.”
“Are you guys speaking again?”
“What? No. Why would you think that?” Mystic asks.
”You went to visit her in the hospital so I thought….”
”No no Dom, she didn’t see me. I just wanted to you know make sure she wasn’t going to die or anything.”
”Uh huh,” Elijah says looking at Mystic strangely. “Hey look Jamie’s yawning, I can put him to bed if the two of you want to talk or whatever.”
”Aww thanks lij,” Mystic says handing Jamie over, “I’ll be up in a bit. Is Paige already in bed?”
”Yeah I put her down a while ago,” Dom says, “She’s still sleeping, I just checked.”
“Okay, you guys are so sweet.”
Adam sat in his room pacing, he felt terrible for what he had done to Pyra. She was actually making herself sick because of all that had happened between them. He had to make it up to her. He would apologize the first chance he got. He would have to do it on Monday as Lucky and JC would never allow him near their precious Pyra, and though he was loathe to admit it he knew both guys were much stronger than him and another beating was not in his plans for anytime soon. Well if it was Monday that gave him plenty of time to come up with a good apology. Maybe he could write her a song, that would be sweet and romantic, and who could say no to that?
But that would mean he needed to bring a guitar to work and he wasn’t sure Mystic would allow him to travel with the one she had let him use for recording. Which meant he had to get his own back. Well Pyra wouldn’t be back home tonight and he could be quick about it. He knew exactly where his guitar was.
Adam stepped into the hall and used his vampirc hearing to locate everyone in the house. He decided now was a good of a time as any and headed for Pyra’s house. Getting his guitar went off with out a hitch and he smiled as he remembered Pyra bestowing the gift on him a few Christmases ago.
He was about to enter the woods when a voice called out to him. He turned and saw Merrick standing there wearing a dress that was much to light for this weather and twirling that string of pearls she always seemed to be wearing. “Hello Endora,” he says polietly.
“Adam,” She replies with a grin.
“How are you?”
“Fine, though I should be asking you that.”
“You heard?” Adam asks surprised.
“Heard what?” Endora asks not liking not being in the loop.
“About Pyra, she’s in the hospital.” Endora gasped and put a hand to her mouth to keep from showing her manic grin.
“I’m so, sorry,” she said after she had calmed for a moment. “Will she be okay?”
“I think so the doctors are keeping her for observation tonight.”
“Why aren’t you with her?”
“She didn’t want me there.”
“Come, I’ll makle you some more tea, we can talk about it.” Endora says pulling on Adam’s free arm.
“Okay,” he says following Endora who was almost giddy. This was too easy! And she didn’t even need Santiago this time. Oh wouldn’t that be a lovely surprise for Pyra. When she got back from the hospital her lover, would not only be a vampire but he would be a vampire devoted to her. She could almost see the look of defeat that would be plastered on Pyra’s face.
It seemed even the fates were on her side. As she was about to enter Lestat walked out looked at the pair, shook his head and moved on, not in the mood to ask questions and not believing Merrick mad enought to touch something that belonged to Pyra. Even if she did? Well he wouldn’t miss her.
“Seems we have the house to ourselves,” Endora says and Adam shrugs placing his guitar on the floor by the door. Why was he even here having tea with Endora? Pyra hated her.
‘Oh well its not like I can piss her off any more.’
“Sit I’ll return shortly with some tea and then we can have a nice little chat like we did before.” Adam nodded though he had no idea what the chat would be about and the fact that he didn’t even remember their first chat starting to unnerve him. Maybe he should leave. But no that would be rude and he couldn’t do that she was trying to be nice. And it wasn’t like Pyra was always right about not liking people. She disliked Jason as well and there was no good reason for that. He had known Jason all his life and they were the best of friends.
So maybe Pyra wasn’t the best judge of character. Hell her closest confadant was a cat and she had chosen a drunk for a roommate. Adam instantly felt bad about that last thought. It wasn’t JC’s fault that his life had taken a turn for the worse. That was someone else he really wanted to talk to. When Pyra had thrown him out he hadn’t even bothered to look at JC twice and when he had heard about him entering rehab he had felt bad for the guy who had accepted him as Pyra’s boyriend and their vocal and annoying displays of affection without a problem. Despite the fact that that entire time he had been alone, and pining after someone he would never get.
Adam knew that feeling, he had felt it for much too long himself. He also knew how depressing it could get waiting for them to see you the way you saw them. And what’s worse for JC was that Mystic knew his feelings. They had been together and they had lost that. It wasn’t an easy thing to deal with. At least he didn’t think so.
Endora returned then with two steaming mugs. Adam took a sniff and was glad he was a vampire. The tea smelled worse than bile.
“Um Thank you,” Adam says setting the tea down as Endora sits down way to close to him. ‘What the hell?’ Why was she sitting this close to him? He had come here to talk. There was no way anything else would be happening. Eww. Endora was weird always wearing those ugly pearls and that dress. Ha! Pyra had gotten to him he didn’t like girls in dresses anymore, no it wasn’t that the dresses she wore were strange. And something about her just seemed wrong.
While Adam pondered why Endora insited on sitting so close to him even if he tried to move away.
‘Ok not good.’
Endora smiled even if Adam didn’t drink her tea this time she knew it was a simple thing of eye contact.
“So what did you want to talk about?” Adam asks staring straight ahead.
“Adam look at me,” Endora says and after a moment the man turns locking eyes with the woman who sends him into a mild trance. “Too easy.” She pushes aside his loose hair and takes a bite. Internally Adam is stunned. His movements while sluggish by vampire standards take Merrick complety completely by surprise as he pulls her off him by the hair.
She shreiks shocked and Adam looks at her with bright red eyes. His mouth opens and she catches sight of his fangs right before he sinks them into her.
Merrick screamed as she couldn’t believe Adam was a vampire. How was it possible she didn’t know.
Adam kept drinking though Merrick was screaming and struggling. Normally he would have never done such a thing to a person but this bitch had actually bit him and he didn’t take such a thing lightly. Was she planning on trying to kill him? Well not if he bit her first.
It was then a hand like an iron vice went around his neck and pulled him back. He was stunned to see usually calm Fabian tossing him into a wall.
”She’s the one who bit me!” Adam exclaimed getting to his feet.
Fabian looked between Adam and Endora and shook his head.
”Get out,” he says to Adam who’s all to happy to pick up his guitar and go.
”What was that? You turned him?!”
”No, I started to…but he was already…I don’t understand.”
”Merrick are you mad? What if I hadn’t come? What would have happened to you then?”
“Louis I can take care of myself.”
“Like you just were? Merrick I don’t understand you. After all that David has told you, you try this. Whatever this was. And if you had succeeded what then?”
”Succeeded in what?” Lestat says walking into the living room.
”I came here and found that Adam person feeding off Merrick.”
“What?! You are the dumbest woman I have ever met. You turned him? Of all the idiotic things in the world…”
”Apparently he was already a vampire,” Louis says and watched as Lestat’s shoulders shook then the full fledged laughter came out.
“How…ha…stupid…ha are you,” he asks with blood tears in his eyes.
“Leave me alone,” Merrick says storming off.
“Louis I came home to see you,” Lestat says.
”What is it?”
“I’ll tell you once we are out. We have to go somewhere.”
“Alright,” Louis says following Lestat out having never taken his coat off. Once through the gate he asks. “Where are we going?”
”Toy store.”
”Lestat!” Louis exclaims.
”The hospital, seems Pyra has fallen ill since we last saw her.”
”Is it serious?”
”I am not sure there is only one way to find out.”
The two vampires arrive at the hospital Louis utterly bewildered at the gift Lestat picked up. They are directed to Pyra’s room only after Lestat uses a considerable amount of persuasion.
“Hello?” Lestat says knocking on the door.
“Quin?” Pyra says sitting up surprised.
“Hello cherie,” he says swooping down and kissing Pyra on the cheek followed by Fabian.
“What are you guys doing here?”
”Well when we heard, where else would you think we would be?”
“Aww thanks.”
”You are all alone here,” Lestat says looking around.
”No everyone was here a few hours ago and I sent Lucky and Josh to get me some real clothes. They should be back in a few minutes.”
“Well until then I brought you a little something.”
Pyra takes the red gift bag and lifts out the black tissue paper to spot some orange fur. Pyra shrieks in delight at the Christmas Garfield giving the plush doll a good squeeze. She then opens her arms to Quinn for a hug.
“Thank you, how did you even…”
”He’s graced your pajamas many a night.”
”Hey Pyra we brought you…Oh! Hi Quinn Fabian!”
”Hello Lucky, Joshua,” Fabian says calmly.
“Hey look look!” Pyra says waving around the cat like a giddy child.
”That’s cute,” JC says putting Pyra’s traveling bag down on the floor.
“Its freaking awesome. So you got me clothes?”
”Yeah Josh is a dork, he wouldn’t touch your underware.”
”Dude all you had to do was pick up my work bag.”
”Oh,” Lucky says. “We packed you a new one.”
”Whatever,” Pyra says.
“Lucky can I speak to you for a moment?” Louis asks and Lucky looks at him surprised but nods.
”Oh okay,” Lucky says looking at Louis funny but following the vampire out.
“I wanted to ask you…”
”Oh I didn’t tell Pyra,” Lucky says calmly.
”It has nothing to do with that, its about Adam.”
“What about him?”
”How long has he been a vampire?”
”What? How do you even…”
”I found him feeding upon Endora, after she had tried to do the same.”
”See I told you!”
“Lucky, about Adam?”
”Oh he’s stupid, he’s only a vampire when bad stuff is happening. Whatever, so did that stupid…really try to bite Adam? Man don’t tell Pyra she’d like kill her.”
“I thought they weren’t on the best of terms.”
“So doesn’t mean Endora can go biting him, she already hates that chick.”
“I see,” Louis says.
“So I have a question for you, when are you gonna tell Pyra?”
”I have to discuss that with Quinn and David, but clearly now isn’t the time. How did she fall ill?”
”She’s not sick,” Lucky says shaking his head. ”She hasn’t eaten in mad long.”
“She starved herself?”
“Not exactly, Pyra’s weird,” Lucky says standing.
“We should get back to them.”
“And the conspirators return,” Lestat says grinning raising an eye brow at Louis. He shakes his head and looks at Pyra who was sitting up.
“When will you be returning to keep this mad man at bay?” Pyra starts laughing.
”Now if you can’t do it, I have no chance. You’ve known him longer. I think he’s just…” Pyra shakes her head.
“I’m just what?” Lestat asks smiling.
“Why Quinn of course,” Pyra says innocently.
“Do you leave here soon?”
“Now that is the real question.” And the fact is I have no idea. I keep being told vague things about a panel. I think they are trying to figure out if I’m anorexic or not.”
”Really?” Lestat asks.
”That’s the vibe I’m picking up, I have a master plan.”
”Master plan?”
“Yes its about time I put my skill as psychologist to good use.”
“Psychologist?” Lestat questioned.
”Yep one more year and you would have had to call me Dr. Pyra. Ha ha. It seems so strange when I think about it now.”
”Being a rock star and all that?”
”Heh heh yeah, life has a way of being funny.”
“I suppose, well Cherie it does my heart well to know you are fine. But we must be off, if you are not home tomorrow we will come calling again. We will even try to bring David I swear you won his heart last night.”
”All I did was borrow a few books.”
“David lives for his books.”
“I see, well nice to know. I should have borrowed something years ago.”
The next day Pyra smiled at Lucky and Josh as the nurse lead her out of the room. She had started worrying about her timing but then there was the nurse, leading her to the panel.
She entered the room and noticed there were three doctors. They were on office floor of the large hospital and one could almost believe she was in an office. She had also changed out of her hospital scrubs into bondage pants and a long sleeved Blink-182 shirt. They had also asked for Lucky and or Josh to be present and Josh decided to tag along though he hadn’t been there in the last month.
“Hello Ms. Jacobs, and…”
“Joshua Chasez.”
Yes well would all of you sit down. What is that?”
“Milkshake,” Pyra says finishing up the drink.
”You like those?” The doctor in the center asks.
“Yeah they’re great, that and the fries.”
“Don’t you find those fattening?” The only female doctor of the three asks.
“Fattening? Apparently not enough,” Pyra says sitting back.
“You are referring to your recent hospitalization?”
“No I’m referring to my recent trip to the moon,” Pyra says annoyed.
“There is no need to get defensive, Ms. Jacobs,” the female doctor says.
“But that is a stupid question,” Lucky who had been silent up until then adds.
“Do you think Ms. Jacobs eats enough?”
”When she remembers to yeah. She eats more then me and Josh put together half the time,” Lucky says calmly.
“Ms. Jacobs, Do you believe yourself to be fat when other people say you are too thin?” Pyra opens her mouth to respond but is drowned out by both Josh and Lucky’s laughter.
“Ha! Pyra’s the first person to tell you she’s a twig.”
“Then do you feel food is an important part of your life?”
”If I did I wouldn’t be here.”
”What do you mean?”
“I being the idiot I am, lost track of eating. I pushed it off until later and later never came.”
“What have you been doing the last few months?”
“What haven’t I been doing?”
”Please elaborate.”
”I put together a band and an album, still doing the day well night job and some side research.”
“What is your profession?”
”Referee for World Wrestling Entertainment.”
”Don’t forget acting, and the Olympics and the X-games,” Lucky adds.
“But I didn’t do that stuff recently, I haven’t done a movie in a while,” Pyra says turning to Lucky as the Doctors confer. Though they had only asked two of the questions of SCOFF Questionnaire but it was clear that anorexia wasn’t the problem here.
“Ms. Jacobs have you experienced anything stressful lately?”
“Stressful, that’s stuff that bother’s you right?” Lucky asks and Pyra nods. “Then yeah starting with that bastard Adam, then Josh getting sick, fighting with Mystic, all that crap.”
“You were ill?” The center doctor says looking at Joshua.
”Yeah,” he whispers looking down at the ground.
“So, we all agree that you are suffering from excessive stress and little more. We will recommend for your release.”
“But you must monitor your eating.”
”Don’t worry we’ll watch her,” Josh says.
“And Pyra, about Lucky,” The female doctor starts.
“Most people think Cerebellar ataxia and I see no reason to enlighten them,” Pyra says calmly as the guys stand.
“But what…” The doctor stops looking at Pyra’s departing form.
“That wasn’t so bad,” Pyra says once they are in the hall. “Let’s get out of this place.”
”Sure, it smells funny,” Lucky says as they ride the elevator back down to Pyra’s rooms.
Pyra wasn’t in her room for more than an hour when her discharge papers came in and she was released from the hospital. The second she got home she saw the answering machine flashing. She played the messages and besides a truckload of messages from her agent screening interview requests, for her and some for Lucky. Also were the calls from Virgin on ways to spin this. The last was a call from Joey to see if she was okay. Pyra sighed and flopped down on the couch.
”So much for taking it easy, Joey eh?”
“Oh yeah the other guys called, I must have missed his call. Justin told me to give you big kiss.”
”You wouldn’t dare.”
”I don’t know it might be fun,” Josh said laughing as Pyra glared.
“Pyra,” Lucky said sitting on her legs. “You are not moving.”
”Lucky get off my legs.”
”Nuh uh, Josh will get your laptop and two books that’s it! Then you are gonna go to sleep,” Lucky says determined.
”But Lucky…”
“I’ll bite you.”
“Pyra, he is right, you need rest.”
”Fine, side with the cat.”
There was a knock at the door before he could reply and Lucky lead in Nausi who was carrying Tupperware and Orlando carrying some pans of Lembas.
“Hey people,” Pyra said sitting up. “You guys do realize thanksgiving is like 3 weeks away right?”
“Look Py, you need to eat. And if you are too effed up to do it without supervision…”
”See the two cat people? They are official shadows. Besides don’t you two have packing to do, invites to send out and all that stuff?”
“Are you still gonna come?” Nausi asks eyeing her friend.
“Of course,” Pyra says with a grin, “even if I have to duct tape the dress on.”
”That’s not funny Pyra, you need to eat,” Orlando says placing all the food on the counter with the Tupperware.
“Uh huh okay, get out and go do your wedding stuff.”
“I hope you know that retard was your plus one and I’ll kick his ass if he eff’s stuff up.”
“Dude, I’m not brining him. Unless you gave him an invite he’s not going. It will be me and my right arm.”
“You can go with JC,” Orlando points out.
”I have a date,” Josh says and Pyra blinks.
”What? When? How do…”
“She great you’ll love her, I’ll bring her over soon.”
Pyra just stares wondering how Josh met a girl in two days, most of which he spent in the hospital but turns to Nausi and Orlando. “I’ll like see you people later.”
The couple walks out and Lucky sits beside Pyra as Josh goes to gather her rationed supplies. “Um…when you go to New Zealand can I come?”
”Lucky you’re staying here with Josh, its just the wedding party.”
“Oh, okay. So I come with Josh?”
“Yep, ass crack is no longer my plus one so yeah.
“Crap we gotta get you a suit.”
”No problem, Andrei and I’ll go.”
“Oh that’s good,” Pyra says and Josh returns then with the laptop and no books. “Uh, I didn’t know which ones you were using.”
”I’ll get them,” Lucky says going into the other room. He returns and hands them to Pyra. “I’m gonna go take a nap now. Make sure she eats.”
“He didn’t sleep a wink while you were out.”
“Strange one he is.”
“How did you even do that?”
“Sometimes I wonder if I really did,” Pyra says looking up to where Lucky went.
“What do you mean?”
“Never mind,” Pyra says as a voice starts up on her computer.
One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled, it was a time of myth, it was an age of darkness it was the age of GARGOYLES.
“You have the weirdest intros, want some Lembas?”
“Sure and some Orange Juice, thanks Joshie.”
“No problem,” he says gathering the food and returning to the couch. ”Here you go.”
“Thanks,” Pyra says as she connects to the web.
Adam sat in his room strumming his guitar as he continued to try and write his apology. In the last few days he had gotten nowhere. He was starting to rethink his master plan of serenading Pyra. She would most likely just glare at him and roll her eyes anyway.
Yes when dealing with Pyra the direct approach usually seemed to work wonders. Maybe that was it, just be honest with her tell her how he felt and how everything had happened. Even if it didn’t make much sense she would have to accept it as the truth. He sighed and flopped onto the bed wondering how long it was until dinner. He needed to have Pyra alone to even so much as attempt it and that would only happen tomorrow on Raw.


Pyra was sitting alone in the locker room she and Adam shared. Funny no one even realized that her and Adam were no longer on speaking terms. Did no one listen to the raido? She Hates me and Thoughtless were on constant rotation. They had been banished to their own private locker room a couple of weeks before all this happened, what on earth had they done? Oh yeah Adam had his hands down her pants, they had gotten a lot carried away. They must think it was working, no more hall way make out sessions. Taking over part of the seats for more making out.
Knock Knock 
“Pyra you alone?” Jason says walking past the open door. She nods and he walks in pushing the door shut behind him.
Oh what did he want now? Wasn’t he Adam’s friend? Why had he been paying so much attention to her. And Adam kissing him ew. She watched as Jason sat down besides her.
“I know what you want,” Jason says straddling the bench.
“Really?” He was still sitting there. He wasn’t going away. So he didn’t know what she wanted. “What is it that you think I want?”
“You?” With that Jason grabs her arms and pushes her down on the bench. “Get off me!” her legs were to the side and useless. He had her arms in an iron grip, stupid wrestlers. He did NOT just lick her. Pyra did the only thing she could, she screamed. Loud! She shrieked inhumanly.
“Shut up!” Jason said banging her head against the bench. Her vision blurred, she saw stars. But then a blond streak danced in front of her Jason went flying into the lockers and slumped to the floor. He was pulling her up lightly, oh don’t pass out, she still couldn’t see straight.
“Are you okay?” He asks and she nods. Wait a minute what on earth was that stench, oh ew it was him. That funky cologne, the voice, aw crap she knew who she was hugging. Jerky? Why Jerky, too many blonds, way too many freaking blonds.
“What the hell is this? What kind of slut are you?” There he was, the blond that was supposed to be doing this calling her a slut. She couldn’t take this much longer. She stood stumbled but walked out. She didn’t look at him why twist the knife. She ran she need a hole.
“You are some kind of idiot you know? You don’t deserve her.”
“But you do?” Adam asks noticing Jason who is staggering to his feet.
“At least I would never call her a slut after she almost got raped by your so called best friend.”
Stunned wasn’t the right word for Adam. He was lost, a punch in the face couldn’t have knocked him more off balance. Raped?! He had to find her, say something, anything. He walked out, people were blurs, where would she go? The seats maybe? It was still early, he walked right past her.
Sitting under a table hugging her knees wondering why the worst part of the last five minutes was Adam. How long had it been since they had spoken an unscripted word? Months now? Why couldn’t she get him out of her head? What he did to Lucky was horrible; she didn’t like the idea of a life with a person like that. She had enough with her imagination having Adam doing that to their kids. Kids that was funny, but love was annoying like that logic said he probably should be locked up and her heart want them to kiss and make up.
A bottle cap rolled under the table. A pale hand touched around under the table for it. Black nail polish, she saw the cap she moved it closer to the hand but didn’t pull away fast enough.
“Hey Lucky.”
“What you doing down there?” Lucky asks as Pyra climbs out. “I’m hungry and I can’t find Trish.”
She followed her cat and got a lunch she poked at lifelessly. Lucky glared at her and she forced more of the food down to appease him. He wrinkled his nose but seemed to accept this slight eating.
Adam walked in but Pyra sat with her back to him. Adam spotted them, he walked over to Pyra tapped her on the shoulder. Pyra looks and turns away.
“Are you okay?” Pyra turns to face him and sees something else, Jason walking into the room to get his own food. Pyra stands and walks past Adam to him. The slap echoes in the cafeteria, turning every head in the place. The kick causes about every guy in the room to flinch, Jason mouth opens in an O of surprise as he falls to the floor. She kicks him in the head twice before strong arms wrap around her and pull her away.
“Pyra stop! He deserves it but stop!” Adam yells as a few people go to check up on Jason.
“Okay is it just me or is it every time those three get together something odd happens?” Jeff asks.
Adam carries Pyra out into the hall where he puts her down blocking her path back to the cafeteria. He has to hold her back three times before she gives up and turns to walk away from him. “Pyra wait.”
Pyra turns to Adam hoping she doesn’t regret it. One more insult and she might just cry. He runs his fingers through his hair a couple times pushing it out of his face. He opens he mouth then sighs then tries again.
“I’m sorry about what I said before, I didn’t know . . .I . . .” Pyra nods and turns to go and he takes her arm. “I’m sorry, not just about today, I’m sorry about everything I said and did. I hate fighting with you . . . I love you so much.” He gave her an uncertain hug. “Can we just go back to how it was?”
Pyra couldn’t believe it. This was exactly what she had been dying to hear. She had dreamed of this moment, just to get completely lost in him again. Not wanting anyone else, or anything. It felt like forever since they were this close and curses weren’t flying. No wonder she felt like a fist was twisting her insides. No matter how much she wanted it they couldn’t go back.
“I’m sorry . . .”
“You don’t have to be sorry for anything,” Adam says taking her into his arms. He tried to kiss her and she turned her cheek to him. he let her go, “that’s not what you meant is it?”
“No, we can’t go back no matter how much I want to . . .” Pyra felt her voice cracking. She had to get this out before she lost her nerve. “Adam, you scare me. The idea that you could do that scares me. No matter how much I love you, I can’t trust you anymore.” She could hear the tears in her voice. She had been wrong there was something worse then her fighting with him and here it was. He looked crushed but said nothing. Finally he nodded and walked away. Thank God if he protested she might have given in, just threw logic out the window.
She thought about it and had no thoughts of heading back to the lunchroom than she remembered Lucky. He was waving her over from a table with the all the excitement of a child. He was the only one left at the table. She sat down and stared off to the side. If she thought it had a point she would cry. But she didn’t need the case of hiccups that always followed. She put her head down and Lucky looks at her confused.
“Did he do something?”
“No it was just me this time.”
Lucky frowned and he got up and walked around to stand next to her. He started to stroke her hair, and he couldn’t believe the weirdness of it. He was petting her.
“Pyra!” The sharp stern call brought her out of her stupor, and she ruffled Lucky’s hair as she walked over to where the Vince was standing.
“Why on earth did you attack Jason? I was told Adam had to physically restrain you.”
“I . . . he . . .” Pyra froze, she started remembering and this time anger didn’t take over she was going to throw up. She ran past him and retched in the first restroom she found. Her skin was crawling.
Outside Lucky and Vince waited, Chris had just left the duo. Vince looked over at Pyra who was reapplying Chap Stick. The most makeup you got on her without strapping her to a chair. “I’m sorry, be assured Jason will be dealt with, that is once he gets out of the hospital, apparently he popped a major part of his anatomy.”
“Too bad castration is illegal,” Pyra muttered and Vince didn’t answer.
“Pyra, what’s castration?” Pyra whispers the answer to Lucky and his eyes widen in disbelief and Vince laughs.
“But Pyra, before all this I had something very important to discuss with you.”
“Certain hobbies of yours and Adam’s; is your relationship in trouble?”
“There is no relationship.”
”Well your music has never been of the happiest sort. But this coincides with some interesting music on Adam’s part.”
“Yeah well, I guess its what I get for teaching him the guitar,” Pyra said with a shrug as Lucky wrapped his arms around her waist.
“Young man could we leave the shows of affection until later?”
“Why don’t you go call Andrei?” Pyra says and Lucky’s face lights up.
“Yeah, I haven’t talked to him in days, I hope he’s not all pouty, I don’t think he likes the rock star thing, or maybe it’s the girls.”
Pyra nods, “Invite him to a show or something.”
“Raw? Why?”
“I think she means a concert.”
“Oh,” Lucky says walking off.
“I assumed you two were.”
“No, foster child.”
“So he prefers…eh…”
“Boys, men? He likes both.”
“Yes well, as I was saying expect some major changes in your story line.”
“Yes sir.”
“And I believe you should move back into the womens locker room.”
“Of course,” Pyra said quietly and made her way to get her things and move back in with the other girls. She paused besides Lucky and smiled.
“Come on…I’ll pull you on stage, and it’ll be fun. Um…Pyra when’s our show?”
“Thursday, Roseland.”
“Okay, yeah its in Manhatten, just come to the house I’ll bring you. Yeah me too. Okay bye.” Lucky says hanging up the phone.
“So he’s coming?”
“Yeah, so can I do Girls all the bad guys want at the end?”
“Yeah go ahead.”
“Thanks Pyra!”
“No prob Lucky, but shouldn’t it be boy?”
“Boy? Boy what?”
“All the bad guys want?”
“Huh? But that’s not the song Pyra.”
“Never mind,” Pyra says entering her and Adam’s locker room. She lets out a relieved sigh when she sees he isn’t there not really up to facing him yet and gathers her things in about a minute and makes her way back to the women’s locker room. Setting her stuff down she grabbed her laptop and made her way to the sands.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
Pyra turned ready to bite Jerky’s head off and then remembered what he had done. She opted for a blank stare instead.
“Adam is there.” Pyra noddedd though now she wasn’t sure what to do with herself or say to Jerky.
“Um, about before…”
“Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad I was there.”
Pyra starts tugging on her pendant not sure what else to say to him, but not sure if she should leave either. She looked at him and noticed for the first time he was clean shaven. She had always thought he looked so much better that way.
“Look I’m not gonna pretend to erase the last 6 years now, it was the right thing to do, don’t blow it out of proportion.”
“Forget it,” Pyra mumbled still not sure what she was going to say to him in the first place.
“Hey Pyra, Andrei is gonna come to the show, you think he’ll need a pass and stuff for when he goes into the crowd?”
“No but he may need his own body guards when the girls discover your taken.”
“Dude your fans are rabid, just wait until IMX.”
“Whatever Pyra.”


“Yeah just let them in when they get here,” Lucky said flopping down into the backroom of the ballroom. Other bands were milling about, though Lucky’s mind was far from that. It had just hit five and being that it was November it would be getting dark in a few more minutes.
There were some radio winners about 10 feet from them and he decided to address the shell shocked girls. He wondered if it was all the celebrities or the fact that Jacob had just sauntered passed in no shirt.
“Hi,” Lucky said turning to them and one let out an ear piercing shriek that hand Lucky cover his ears. “Geez all I said was hi. What if I had said you were cute?” The shrieker blinked, “what its not like your ugly. Who’s your friend?”
“We’re not friends we just won the contest. My friends are on their way.”
“Oh, you like the band?”
“Yeah!” Shrieker exclaimed.
”You don’t suck but N.E.R.U. was like so much better, I don’t why Pyra even bothered with this little side project.”
“Because we all like expanding our horizons,” a voice said then sat down beside Lucky.
“Mike?! Mike SHINODA?!” The shrieker shrieked and Lucky covered his ears again.
“I didn’t think I would need the ear plugs this early,” Lucky muttered and Mike grinned.
“Nice to meet you,” he said extending a hand to the shrieker, “How are you?”
“Me?” She whispered shocked that he cared. “F…f…fine,” she stammered. “Can I I mean,” she said lifting her other hand which had a camera dangling and sharpie attached to the camera cord.
“Yeah just tell me what button to push, or hey do you want us both? Then she can do it.”
“Yeah that be great!”
The girl takes a picture of the trio then turns to Mike. “Can I get a picture with you too?”
“Sure,” Mike says then glances at Lucky who moves away.
“Oh she doesn’t like me,” Lucky said with a grin. “She likes NERU.”
“Um Lucky can I get a hug?” The shrieker asks having been building up her courage since she asked for the picture.
“Sure,” Lucky said and gave her a tight hug and a peck on the cheek on impulse. Suddenly the shrieks came from the other side and Lucky waved. “Your friend?”
“Yeah,” she said dreamily a hand on her cheek as she drifted towards her friend who was trying to get the attention of Brandon Boyd, yet another friend of the bands that was playing but not actually playing himself.
“You just made that girls year,” Mike said.
“Yeah well it was better than that other bitch, its like if you don’t like me why the fuck are you standing over here?” Lucky said and Mike wondered if he realized that the girl could most likely hear him seeing as she had only moved a few feet away.
”Lucky you have to…” Mike stopped as he realized Lucky was ignoring him, his eyes were scanning the area and he seemed to be sniffing. “What is it?”
“I think its…”Lucky moved closer and smelled Mike. “I think Adam is around, but would he?”
“Who?” Pyra asked approaching the pair.
“No one,” Mike said.
“Hey Mike here to root on the first public showing?”
“Of course,” he said with a grin, “though its starting to feel a lot like High School,” Pyra followed Mike’s eyes and grinned and waved when Brandon noticed them.
“Is there anyone you two don’t know?”
“George W. Bush,” Pyra said quickly.
“And we don’t want to,” Mike added.
“You guys are weird.”
“Well yeah, its why you love us,” Pyra said.
”When are you guys on?” Mike asked.
“Next to last, sadly we couldn’t top Trapt but hey I think they rock.”
“And tomorrow you’re doing IMX.”
“Yep gonna drop in there too?”
”Nah, its your moment,” Mike said with a smile. “You know I haven’t heard some of your stuff.”
“Sniff. I’m hurt. But yeah I think its on the same vein as thoughtless. Oh except for Lucky’s song.”
“You sing?”
“Yeah,” Lucky said with a shrug, “Its gonna be a bonus track.”
“Now I’m definitely staying I have to hear this.”
“Be warned its happy punk.”
“I can deal,” Mike said with a shrug.
“Andrei!” Lucky exclaimed suddenly noting the vampire who was calmly waiting as he went through a metal detector. Waiting until security was done before he pounced on his lover with a breath taking kiss. Silence seemed to follow in there area which was quite different from where the stage hands were or even at the buffet lining the other wall.
“Py,” Mike whispered, “I think your cat just came out of the closet.”
“Why the fuck is it so quiet?” Jacob asked approaching with a bottle of water and Pyra pointed to Lucky and Armand who were still making out. “And? He’s bi who gives a fuck?”
Pyra shrugged glancing back at Lucky who was whispering to his boyfriend who responded with something that made Lucky laugh and kiss him again. It was the shrieker who broke the shocked silence.
“And I thought Queer as Folk was hot.”
“What?” Lucky said turning, “Queer as…ohhh. But those guys are gay…” Armand shook his head a tiny smile on his face, “oh stop that you,” instead Armand turned wide innocent brown eyes to him.
”Geez is that little guy even legal?” The bitch snapped.
“I would tell you to go suck a lemon but it seems you already did that. Why don’t you go darken another’s path eh?” Pyra asked.
“Now Pyra be nice to contest winners or you’ll get a rep as a bitch.”
“Cause I don’t have one already? Maybe you two would like some time in the trailer?” Lucky shook his head when Armand seemed more than happy to leave.
“After the show,” he whispered, “hey come on you haven’t met Jacob, you met Mike right?”
“Yes some night or another, it is nice to meet you Jacob,” Andrei said extending a hand.
“You too, you guys been together long?” Jacob asked.
”Uh, two years I think,” Lucky said and Armand nodded.
“Long time.”
”Doesn’t feel like it,” Lucky said with a grin.
“Wait what about the…” Jacob stopped not sure what to say with Andrei standing right there.
“Girls?” Andrei drawled his fingers running up and down Lucky’s back as he let out a slight purr. “We have an understanding.”
“Yeah no guys,” Lucky said finally holding both Andrei’s hands to keep from purring in front of Jacob. Andrei simply started to lick and nibble on Lucky’s neck.

”Quite friendly today Andrei,” Pyra said with a smile.
”Oh, I’m mostly doing it to irritate them,” Armand said glaring towards the bitch and her friends who were all shooting the couple dirty looks.
“A boy after my own heart,” Pyra said with a smile.
“So you wanna watch from back stage or front row? It’s a pit by the way.”
“Mosh Pit, lots of smelly people banging into you, singing loudly along, but it’s a better view of the stage I think,” Lucky said.
“Then pit it is,” Andrei said finally stopping his displays of affection with one last lick.
“So what do you do?” Jacob asked and Andrei stared a moment.
”Job Andrei that thing you don’t have. He’s rich, very very rich, he like owns islands and stuff like Mystic,” Lucky said with a smile.
“Your parents own?” Jacob asks sure he’s quite young.
”No, I own them, and some resorts and casinos, I am not nearly as young as I look despite what the harpie said to the contrary.”
“How old are you then? Cause you look 15,” Jacob said honestly.
“I’m older than Lucky,” Andrei said vaguely.
“Oh,” Jacob started doing the math and with the schooling needed and money Andrei was most likely near 30. Shrugging he turned to Pyra remembering why he had come over to them in the first place. Holding out a finger sandwich Pyra rolled her eyes but took the turkey sandwich and a large bite with a glare, Jacob simply smiled.
The show got underway a little while later with the opening bands playing as Pyra read a book on Hindu gods. Jacob peered over her shoulder and shook his head.
“What language is that?”
“Sanskrit,” Pyra said guessing.
“You can read sanskrit?”
“No I just like looking at the pretty shapes.”
“So how do you feel about this? Its been a while since you’ve done a show and never as a lead.”
“Ask me later? Right now I’m just like whatever happenens happens. I freak out after the fact. Are you nervous?”
“Not really, its just feels really good to be back out there and shut up the naysayers.”
“You know you were really out of place in that band, and personally that was why I paid any attention to you guys,” Jacob arched a brow, “musically that is. I just really like your voice and admit to still listening to O-Town.”
Jacob laughed shaking his head. “What about…”
“Josh hates it when I play him and he hates it even more when I play the enemy so of course I play them to annoy him. There’s no ulterior motive with you guys.”
“Ten minutes,” A stage hand said head popping into the room.
“Cool,” I suppose we should collect fluffy.”
“Oh I just saw him,” Jacob said walking with Pyra to the back of a balcony alcove where its not easy to decipeher where one pale boy ends and the other begins.
“I have come here to collect a drummer; we have a show in ten minutes.”

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