Those Left Behind pt2

Wolfram and Hart Sunnydale offices

Lilah Morgan entered the Sunnydale branch of the Wolfram and Hart offices and shook her head. The firm had never had a presence on the hellmouth due to some bargain that the former Mayor had enacted. Two years ago they had decided to go scouting, the team had never returned.

But now with Angel, moving back to Sunnydale it was her duty to keep the Partners interest in Angel close. She would need to see if there were any major players in the town now that the Slayer and her entire team had been taken out by a hell god. Sadly not before killing said hell god.

A hell god would have made taking the town a lot simpler. Lilah’s thoughts were interrupted by screams.

“Wrong! Wrong! It’s all Wrong! Time turned on its ear, Evil Dark! All Hail the god King, off with her head!” The man screamed, catching sight of Lilah before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed to the floor convulsing.

“Do I have to do everything? Find me a Seer who can take the taint of the hellmouth. We can’t rely on the L.A. offices,” Lilah said with a sigh as the man was sedated and began to babble again before the drugs took effect.

“Love, changed them, the queen sent them! Witches! Hunters! Where has the old one gone?”

Lilah frowned; the energies of the hellmouth could cause irreparable damage to some more sensitive departments. And because of how the town was built there was no way to block the hellmouth energies from seeping into every corner.

“Thank you Richard Wilkins,” Lilah said with a sigh. They would need all the advantages they could get. The Senior Partners would not send a representative, to be tainted by the hellmouth. That left human and human enhanced employees. The seer should have been tested to see of he was powerful enough to deal with the energies before being let loose.

There was a smaller hellmouth in Cleveland that just barely remained active. She walked out of the office building and approached the truck that had pulled up.

“How is our passenger?”

“Angry.” Lilah nodded stepping back up the stairs and just inside the threshold of the Wolfram and Hart building as they opened the back. And a very pregnant and very enraged Darla emerged. A guard was not quick enough giving her a wide berth and she grabbed his head.

Lilah could hear his neck snapping before she had begun to drink. Smiling she watched as the body dropped to the pavement. Darla took a deep breath and frowned.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Lilah smiled. “A baby should always be with its father.” Darla growled at her but the guards, and the fact that she could feel the sun was rising soon deterred her. She might be able to kill the guards, and possibly enter Wolfram and Hart as it was a public building but she would not take any chances.

Lilah watched as the vampire, disappeared into the night. She found it strange that the senior partners had no interest in a pregnant vampire. But they seemed to know more about the subject then they were letting on.

Turning back to the building she wondered how much of a name for herself she could make if she turned this office into a proper branch of Wolfram and Hart. Find some real clients, interested in the long term. Maybe turn a few players on Angel’s team to their side.

Angel Investigations: Sunnydale Headquarters

“God Angel who was your decorator?” Cordelia asked kicking the chains she saw with a foot before turning to the vampire, who was leading a wide eyed Fred around, their new home pointing softly to the various exits, entrances.

“I know it needs a little work-“Angel started.

“The Hyperion needed a little work, this place should be condemned, I can’t believe you lived here. Does it even have electricity?”

Wesley who was standing near the door flocked the light switch a few times and frowned. “I think not.”

“I should be able to deal with that, it looks like it might be just turning the power back on and getting hardware,” Gunn said looking at the empty light fixture.

“Where are- AHHHH,” Cordelia screamed falling to her knees clutching her head as Wesley approached her. “Geez the visions without the screaming pain would be great,” she muttered.

“What did you see?”

“Young, girl at Restfield Cemetery, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Slayer, but she was outnumbered. It doesn’t happen until tonight.”

“The new Slayer is on the hellmouth.”

“Looks like, can we go back to L.A. now?’ Cordelia asked.

“She will need guidance. But we may be able to return sooner rather than later,” Wesley said not all that pleased to have returned to Sunnydale of all places. “But this is where we should be.”

“Good, the only thing that would make this worse would be running into Harmony or something,” Cordelia said. “Now, Angel where’s my room?”

“Room?” Angel asked.

“Yes you know, with furniture, bed, a bathroom.”

“Oh um, follow me,” he said quickly leading her to his former room. She looked around and sighed dropping her duffel bag.

“This will do for now, but your budget better be ready for some major work,” Cordelia growled, before making her way out of the room to gather more of her clothing. “I can’t believe I left Dennis for this,” she muttered brushing past Angel.

There was one more furnished bedroom, and he led Fred who had silently followed him to that one, “this will be your room, you guys can go shopping later.”

“Thank you, Angel,” Fred said disappearing inside. Angel went back downstairs to find Wesley and Gunn carrying books and weapons to opposite sides of the room.

“You guys just bring everything inhere. I’ll organize it while you guys go get furniture and supplies, check out the Magic Box, see if it has an owner or not. I think Giles owned it, and I’m sure his books are still there and in his apartment.”

“I do not know how I feel about looting the dead,” Wesley said with a frown.

“We are not looting, we are continuing the fight. We will need resources, and a headquarters. Cordelia could run the Magic Box. There’s a library in here, but it only has a few paperbacks. Also, we’ll need to do something about all the windows,” Angel said with a sign, knowing that there had only been a small path he could travel in daylight. It had kept other vampires, and demons from setting up shop here but now he needed to do something that would allow for motion.

“Does this place have a kitchen?” Gunn asked as he entered with the box that held the coffee maker and dishes.

“Yeah,” Angel said directing him to the kitchen.

“Add a fridge to that list, English,” Gunn called walking out.

“Indeed,” Wesley said with a sigh, “We should also locate Jonathan and see what we can learn about what has been happening in Sunnydale. If there is anything that we should be watching for.”

“What about this Slayer?” Gunn asked.

“When the sun goes down I’ll show you the cemetery. I’ll head over to Giles’ place and get the books.”

“You’re not going to come with us man?”

“Some, slayers can sense vampires, it would be easier if we could make our cause before she stakes Angel,” Wesley explained.

“And two guys hanging out in a cemetery is not going to give off the wrong impression?” Gunn pointed out.

“Bring Cordelia,” Angel said simply.

“Bring Cordelia?” Wesley sighed. “I suppose that is for the best.”

“I’ll start sorting the boxes,” Angel said with small smile.

“Why do I get the feeling that we were just had?”

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