But We’re Not Those Kinds of Mutants…Right?

Title: But we’re not those kinds of mutants…right?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Clark/Lex, Chloe/Justin,
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A certain Salem institute comes to recruit in Smallville. They get something of a surprise.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Angst,
Authors Notes: Same universe as Rain, takes place about a month post that story, Dick’s still around. Xmen/Smallville crossover if you didn’t guess. Ultimate Xmen btw, for those who read it Tomorrow People pre infiltration by our favorite assassin. The sequence is a little jumbled and there will be bits from the X men movie placed in and some allusions to Xmen mythos. Basically if you are familiar with any one of these aspects you will be fine.

AN2: There is Jean bashing. Sorry if you are a fan. I never have been. Only person I dislike more is Frosty.


Jean looked over the folder as she read up on the latest mutant that Charles had found. A mutant c in Smallville, Kansas. It should be interesting to see how the heartland of America handled mutants.

It would also be a good test run on the new kids. Nothing too dangerous about a small farming community after all.

“Beam me up Scottie,” Jean said with a giggle jumping out of the seat and linking arms with her fellow student and team leader. “Let’s round up the noobs, this is an easy one, as far as the professor can tell, nice parents, nice safe power, just a pitch really.”

“Then why do we need everyone?”

“It’s the weekend, it’ll be fun Scott.”

“Sure, what’s the worst that could happen,” Scott said with a shrug and Jean smacked his arm. “What was that for?”

“Murphy’s Law,” she snapped as she walked away sending a message for everyone to meet her at the blackbird hanger.


Lex shut down his laptop able to hear the laughter and shrieks of the teens who had headed outside to allow him to work. He wasn’t sure when in the last month his home had become the unofficial headquarters of the little army but he was not about to complain.

He had Clark, he had learned the truth about him and quite a few more people in Smallville. Heading out to the area behind the mansion that they had taken as their training ground, Lex watched for a few moments as Dick put everyone through the paces.

The boy was still living at the mansion, and Lex knew that every week like clockwork Bruce would call and they would have a shouting match. The man still would not admit to being completely wrong about Clark, though he had sworn to not interfere in the happenings in Smallville in anyway. The one catch had been that Bruce did not want Clark anywhere near Gotham ever.

Lex had no problem abiding the request. Clark had simply laughed when he heard it, claiming he had not seen the city in the first place. Lex watched all the teens worked through katas at Dick’s direction.

For some like Justin and Seth their movements were matched by items they were using their powers on. After a few days of talking, Dick had finally convinced Sasha that bees had no need for choreographed moves. Though bees moving in mass through a Tai Chi kata had been interesting to watch.

They had yet to find any other sane mutants, though a few others had popped up and been dealt with quickly and efficiently at they began their tenure in Belle Reeve. Lex had to also admit, Lucas had been the last attempt on his life. And his brother would be in prison for the rest of his life.

By the time he reached the group though they were back to behaving themselves and following Dick’s lead and he had no idea what had caused the outburst. As Lex watched the children he had no inkling of the group doing the same over their head.

“You think that’s a school?” Storm asked looking down at the students all dressed in white as they followed the lead of a slender black-haired teen.

“Dude, its like a young professor who walks,” Bobby said pointing towards the castle and Jean shook her head.

“Just cause he’s bald doesn’t equate him with the professor.”

“Jean are you sure there’s only one mutant here?” Scott asked.

“Yes that’s what Professor found. Why?”

“Notice that?” Scott asked and pointed to where at opposite ends of the area two boys were doing Katas and both were juggling small objects at increasing speed without the use of their hands.

“Well he did say he was getting some strange readings, from the area and there might be more to it. But I doubt there is anything that can hide a mutant from Professor.”

“Alright, lets meet this kid, what’s his name?”

“Justin Gaines.”

“Alright, dropping the cloak,” Scott said as he did that and prepared to land jet. Below everyone stared and quickly cleared the field, though Lex noticed they formed an attack formation, Dick and Chloe somehow placed behind everyone else next to Lex.

“Is it him?” Lex hissed to Dick.

“No he swore he wouldn’t come, and he wouldn’t have a plane that big, they are big enough for three maximum. And usually with a tight fit for the extra person.”

“Who are these people?” Alicia mumbled as a girl in a leather top and leather pants with holes cut out of the thighs and bright yellow boots, appeared with red hair. Followed by a taller muscular man with the strangest visor she had ever seen. Next pulling a large arm was a tall African American with shockingly white hair pulling what was a large and slightly slumped teen with his blue hair in a pony tail. Pulling up the rear was the most normal looking of the bunch short of the fact that he looked like a body builder.

“Uh hi, I’m Jean Grey,” The redhead started, “we’re the X-men, we wanted to talk to Justin.”

“Why?” Justin and Chloe asked in unison.

“Because he’s a mutant.”

“So?” Jodie snapped.

“So? We were wondering if he’d like to come with us to the Xavier institute, it’s a school for mutants.”

“Okay…” Justin said looking at them strangely.

“You do know you’re a mutant right?” A shorter younger teen perked up from beside the body builder and they realized they hadn’t noticed him behind the hulking figure.

“Yeah, I think I figured that part. I just don’t get why you just want to talk to me?”

“Well because you are a mutant.”

“Yeah we got that part. But everyone but three people here are mutants, why don’t you want to talk to them?”

“What?!” Jean exclaimed looking around at the teens with new eyes. She had been being polite but decided to start peeking into their minds.

She tried the one that was standing next to Justin first, tall with black hair he was almost as big as Peter. She got nothing and tried again and still only received a blank.

“That’s not possible,” Scott stated trying to distract them from the fact that Jean was reading their minds. Or that had been the plan until she reached Jordan.

“What are you doing?” He shrieked. “Stop it, stop it! I don’t what to see, fire, stars, ashes, bird, what are you?” he screamed staggering into Tyler who’s arms instantly went to his back careful not to touch with his bare skin.

“Oh god!” Tyler screamed trying to stagger away but knowing Ian was standing behind him. Clark quickly grabbed Jordan as Justin lifted Tyler out of the group and deposited him on the grass a few feet away. He fell to his knees a few feet away his hands clutching the grass that fell to ash in seconds stunning the Xmen, as he began to vomit shaking with sobs.

“You idiot,” Chloe snarled stepping up to the taller girl. “Do you know how long it took to get him into regular clothes? He was fainting every class with that outfit on. God do you even know what you did you skank? And you visor boy, you thought you could be the big distraction?” Chloe yelled rounding on Scott who held up his hands in his defense.

Cyrus was kneeling on the floor with Jordan, not touching but speaking softly, Sasha had done the same for Tyler, who was in a circle of dead grass.

Hank smirked at the tiny blond giving Jean the third degree as Bobby stared at her as if he were in love.

Lex finally making his way out of the protective circle stood at Clark’s side and watched the screaming match between Chloe and Jean in amusement.

“You think its okay to go poking around it people’s heads without asking? You think that there’s no problem with that? Are you retarded? Well who am I kidding you went out in that outfit you have to have a few screws loose.”

“Look I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on here,” Jean started.

“And you didn’t think hey let me ask? No let’s poke people’s brains and see what happens.”

Dick finally realized where he had heard of them before. “You guys are that group that did all that damage in New York a few months back. Right before they dismantled the sentinel program.”

“Oh! Those kind of mutants,” Ian said with a shake of his head. “Guys meet Homo-Superior.” Chloe snorted, “I didn’t name them.”

“Those kind of mutants? What’s that suppose to mean?” Ororo snapped.

“Exactly what it sounds like,” Ian countered as Hank approached glaring at the teen. “We’re mutants, we’re just not Homo-Superior.”

“That’s not possible,” Jean stuttered.

“Welcome to Smallville, home to freaks, geeks, and your one of a kind meteor mutants,” Alicia snarked. “So you guys have names or you like to follow, skanky the slutty brain poker. Oh! Are you her mind slaves?”

“What?! No!” Hank exclaimed.

“What, Tyler almost killed his best friend because of this douche bag, what’s mind control to a little murder?” Sasha snapped having returned to the group a few bees buzzing around her head. Tyler standing off to the side pulling on his gloves and hoodie over his workout clothes.

“I don’t get it why would he have died?” Bobby asked.

Tyler glared at the boy, “Everything I touch dies,” he said gesturing sharply to where he had been in the grass where his hands had left two perfect circles of death. Bobby stumbled back and away from the boy as Jean put her hand to her mouth in horror.

“I didn’t…”

“What think? Duh. Know? Well did you ask? No, you are a moron,” Chloe added still incensed at the near miss.

“Chloe, sweetie, love of my life, let’s give the skinny bimbo a chance to talk, I’d like to know why they think I’m their kind of mutant and would go to a school where I would have to dress like a leather daddy?”

“Bim…” Scott put a hand on Jean’s arm to calm her.

“Yeah, I have underwear that covers more than that ‘outfit’ hell my bikini covers more,” Chloe said with a shake of her head. “What the hell is the point of those holes?!”

“Just because you could never pull off this outfit.”

“Well no, Chloe has what some would call class. Not to mention the fact she would never be rude enough to attack someone’s mind in their first greeting,” Lex said with a shake of his head.

“Why don’t we go inside? We can talk about this,” Scott said trying to salvage the situation.

“Slutty’s not welcome,” Chloe snapped.

“Chloe right? Jean’s a telepath and a telekinetic, and she’s the best to explain it. All these other guys are new not really the ones to talk about the school when they have been there only a couple of weeks.”

“Come on Chloe,” Clark said draping an arm around the blond. “Be nice, she promises not to read anyone’s mind again. If she does we can feed her to Jodie.”

“That sack of bones?” Jodie snorted indignantly. “What’s there to eat?”

“Hmm good point,” Clark said with a shrug.

“Read anyone’s mind again and I rip every bit of metal out of your face,” Seth said with a smile.

“Oh that would hurt, good,” Tyler said with a glare.

“Please don’t touch her, she’s something weird,” Jordan whispered to Tyler. “I think it would hurt you.”

“Ok,” Tyler said with a small smile. Alicia and Chloe shared a wink.

“Alright visor boy, but trust me when I saw that chick blinks funny and she will have a lot of problems.”

“Jean will behave; you have my word on that.”

Chloe arched her brow. “Wow you really believe that, she must have placed one hell of a wammy on you.”

Lex led the way into his dinning room the first place he could think of with enough room for over a dozen teens of varying mutant origin. He wasn’t the least bit surprised when he sat down and Clark was on one side of him Chloe and Justin on the other. Alicia settled beside Justin, Cyrus, Sasha, Taylor, and Jordan sitting next to Clark. Kyla and Dick stood glaring at the mutants as Jodie, Ian, And Seth slipped in beside Alicia.

Across the table Jean stubbornly took the seat across from Chloe as Scott sat at her side. No one else sat at her side the rest all settling on Scott’s other side much in the same order they had exited the plane.

“You wanted to make an offer, make it,” Lex said sounding completely like the cold business man he was.

“The offer is for Justin. Why can’t we talk about this alone?” Jean asked.

“So you can put the wammy on him when no ones looking? No thanks,” Chloe snapped.

“You don’t trust me,” Jean stated.

“Thank you captain obvious, aren’t you supposed to have a PhD?” Ian asked slightly disgusted. “What’d you do read the teachers minds so you could pass?”

“Come on this isn’t about attacking Jean, we just want to make an offer to Justin here.”

“Speak for yourself I want to know what they meant by being mutants but not being homo superior,” Hank said.

“Hank stop being such a geek,” Ororo chastised with a smile, slipping her hand into his, smiling at his blush.

“So the brains are over there,” Ian said looking at Hank.

“As I was saying,” Jean started with a huff ignoring the giggles mostly coming from her side of the table, “For reasons still not known to us, we are seeing what some are calling the beginnings of another stage of evolution -”

“Ok save that for the speeches in DC,” Ian interrupted. “Let me spell it outyou’re your single brained self. Why are you here? Why do you want Justin? Why should he care? Why do you think he’s Homo-superior and best of all why can you tell he’s a mutant and you can’t tell we are?”

“You guys aren’t mutants,” Jean started and Ian smiled.

“Kyla,” he said with a smile and the girl lunged forward with a snarl, a wolf bearing down on Jean standing on top of the table. “Now please keep your stupid comments to yourself, okay good.”

Kyla returned to her human form and her position behind Chloe at Dick’s side. “You don’t really deserve show and tell. So we already know you are a bitchy mind reader what about you guys?”

“I’m Cyclops.”

Alicia snorted, “Got one big eye?”

“No, two.”

“So biclops really,” Justin said with a giggle as Hank grinned.

“Noticed that too huh?” He asked.

“Something comes out of your eyes? Is that the reason for the visor?” Ian asked.

“If I didn’t wear the visor I would destroy everything I see,” Cyclops touched his visor and let a small optic beam hit a rose in the vase between them accidentally setting it on fire. “Oh oops! I was trying to cut it.”

“No big Scott,” Ororo said making as small rain cloud put out the fire.

“Could you not burn the castle down?” Sasha asked.

“You know there’s a bee by your head?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah, he doesn’t like his hive too much, he’s been staying with me all the time.”

“You can talk to bees?” Bobby squeaked.

“Yeah, Queen bee who happens to be a human.”

“That’s Storm,” Scott said pointing out the girl who had just put out the fire.

“Stupid codename,” she muttered before waving.

“Next to her is…”

“Hank, we will not be using that name thank you,” he said irritated.

“Right, next to him is Colossus.”


“And Lastly Bobby Drake, Iceman.”

“Colossus?” Alicia asked interested.

The mutant smiled and shifted into his nearly indestructible skin. She squealed flashing to his side to touch his skin.

“You teleport?”

Alicia smiled. “It’s my thing.”

“Are you metal?” Seth asked with a smile.

“In a way,” Peter stated and frowned as his arm was lifted gently into the air. Seth shrugged with an easy smile. “Did you do that?” He asked looking at the boy.

“Yeah, I didn’t think it would work since, you know you are alive and all though, if someone has too much iron in their blood I can feel it. Not much I can do with that though that isn’t gross.”

“How do you know? Been experimenting on people?” Jean snapped.

“Well unlike some redheaded whores who shall remain nameless, I don’t randomly go doing dangerous things to people because I can. We used some crows,” Seth snapped right back.

“I didn’t see you asking Peter.”

“To raise his hand? Something that I didn’t know would work? You knew exactly what you were doing when you poked into our heads.”

“Well I couldn’t read his mind!” Jean snapped gesturing at Clark.

“I hope for your sake that’s true,” Lex said coldly.

“Oh she’s not lying, Ryan couldn’t either, he loved the quiet around me,” Clark smiled suddenly. “So that’s what he didn’t want to tell me.”


“He read your mind Lex. He got really red, then just said you didn’t really want to be my friend.”

“He was a good kid.”

“He was,” Clark agreed.

“Was? Did someone find out about him?” Scott asked worried.

“Yeah, but it was the tumor that got him,” Clark said softly and Chloe hugged him as Lex placed a kiss to the top of his head. “Um can I ask you a question?” Clark said looking at Scott once he was free from both Lex and Chloe who had nearly climbed into Lex’s lap to get to Clark.

“Sure, I guess,” he replied glad the attention was off Jean who was sulking beside him.

“Why do you need the visor thing to control your power?”

“You think I should be able to control it? Why?”

“Well I can,” Clark said repeating what Scott had done though Justin put out the fire by moving all the oxygen away from the flower arrangement.

“Oh, well the thing is, I was in a plane crash, some minor brain damage but it turns out it was the part that would have helped to control my power, at least we think so.”

“That sucks, but at least you have a chance if they ever figure out a way to fix it,” Tyler said with a bitter frown.

“Wait, if everything you touch dies how do you eat?” Scott asked.

“Preservatives,” Tyler said with a smirk. “And even Sushi isn’t alive, though, that one time we went to this really bad dive there was so much bacteria on it, it had an ash coating before I took a bite,” he explained. “I miss apples,” Tyler mumbled to no one in particular. “Clark did your mom send pie?”

“Yeah, she sent three apple, two pecan, and once cherry. She even let Lex pay for them this time.”

“At some exaggerated discount.”

“It’s the best friend discount. She charges you more than she did Pete. She charged him a whole quarter a pie when he found out she sold them and wanted to pay too.”

“How old was Mr. Ross?”

“Seven I think,” Clark said easily.

Ian shaking his head at the couple knew this would take a while and walked over to Hank. He wanted to talk to the mutant and he should probably drag Alicia away from Peter who had returned to his human form blushing slightly. He finally whispered something to Alicia who gasped, smiled then zipped her lips with a hand over her heart before fingering her pearls and casting a significant glance at Clark and Lex, before a more discreet one was cast at Jordan and Tyler.

“So Hank right? Want to help me get the pies? I should warn you, if Clark’s mother has a mutant ability its making the best pie I’ve ever tasted. You can bring your girlfriend.

“We’re not…”

“Sure and Peter’s straight,” Ian muttered winking at Alicia as the three departed the table.

As they walked out Ororo piped up. “Aren’t you worried about being outnumbered and alone with us?”

“Like you could do anything, beside not outnumbered,” Ian said standing behind the kitchen island removing his workout clothes and splitting into two. Both Ian’s looked at each other and sighed. “You go, Take the pants, I’ll stay here for a while.” Ian said draping his shirt in his lap and sitting on a stool.

“So Homo-Superior? How’s that working out for you?”

“Still getting used to it, but seeing as these guys got me out of a tough spot and they are really nice. Yes even Jean, I think she’s just not used to not knowing everything and you guys are full of surprises,” Ororo explained.

“Also from what I’ve gathered, she reads minds the way some people have nervous habits, she is used to doing it and sometimes speaks telepathically without realizing.”

“Well she better curb that instinct. No one was kidding about her not leaving alive if she did it again.”

“You guys kill people?” Ororo asked shocked.

“Not yet, but we have no problem with it. Part of it is what makes us different from you guys. The way we became mutants,” Ian said as his other self returned with his backpack that always had a spare set of clothes. Dressing quickly they both began to gather pie and utensils.

“Part of the change, well if you aren’t strong willed enough to deal with it, let’s just say there are a lot of our kind, dead, in prison, or in institutions.”

“You’re not going to tell me what this way is?” Hank asked.

“Maybe later,” Ian said simply as he went into the fridge pulling out various drinks. Looking at the pile amassed on the table he almost wished Lex didn’t kick his servants out for the weekend so no one could report to his father. That and the fact that Seth shorted out any monitoring system. The past weekend has been amusing. Lionel had tried a surprise visit and with Alicia and Sasha’s early warning system all he had found were Lex and Dick no sign of the other teens.

Hank though sensing the delemia took all the pies and some drinks with a grace that one would not expected looking at his size. What remained was easily enough split between himself and Ororo when they found an empty packing crate in a hidden corner. Together the three of them made it back to the room where there seemed to be something of a stony silence.

“We have pie,” Hank said easily and watched as some pies floated out of his hands.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Justin said as the pies arranged themselves around various members of their group, plates and drinks following shortly leaving Hank with one apple and one pecan for the mutants.

“I’m not eating that,” Jean muttered.

“Then starve, its clear you’re used to it,” Alicia who had taken a seat beside Peter snapped.

“Ororo is nearly the same size as me and in the same outfit!”

“Can’t be,” Chloe said looking at the girl handing her friends drinks, “she’s pretty, well fed, and not a bitch. Her outfit is kind of cute and the hair is awesome.”

“Thanks,” Ororo said with a grin.

“It’s the truth,” Chloe said with a wink ignoring Jean’s indignation.

“Can we get back to the point of this meeting? It doesn’t even involve the rest of you!” Jean said looking for help from Scott shocked when she saw him taking a bite of apple pie. “Scott!”

“What I don’t want to be rude, and its really good.”

“Fine, you want to give me a spiel go ahead. Give me one good reason to go with you.”

“You would be with people like you.”

“Wow, is she always that dense?” Jodie asked.

“You all are not mutants,” Jean snapped.

“Guys,” Justin said with a sigh and when it didn’t work.

“Let Justin hear her out before he turns her down,” Chloe said.

“We can teach you control of your powers,” Jean stated.

“Uh I can control my powers down to the cellular level, any better control and you can just call me nuke boy. Try again.”

“You can help make a difference in the world fighting for mutant rights.”

“Uh, no, I’d like my parents to be able to go out during the day, not be mobbed by reporters and it really be good if no one started to poke around my home town. Fame not on my list of priorities.”

“I didn’t say fame.”

“Yeah okay, you’ve spoken before congress, if what we’ve heard is even half true I’ll give you a few months before you are on Larry King or something. Sorry you came here from wherever it is this leather school is at but I’m not interested. I have everything I want or need here.”

“Are you saying no? Xavier’s school for the gifted is the best there is.”

“If it was the best well one they would be better informed and two they wouldn’t need me to help point out to them that there is more than one mutant here and its just rude to imply that we aren’t learning something here.”

“Can you throw up shields?” Jean asked.

“Against physical or mental attacks?” Justin countered.

“You can’t shield against mental attacks without a physical means.”

“See told you there was a reason that terrorist guy wore a helmet,” one Ian stated to Seth who shrugged.

“You see, there is nothing you guys can teach me. So yeah the answer is no. I like Smallville and its weirdness.”

“So guys I guess its time to go,” Jean said and she and Scott were the only ones who stood though Scott was still enjoying his pie. He fished a card out of his pocket and tossed it to Justin.

“If you ever change your mind.”

“Guys,” Jean started again and Hank deep in discussion with the Ians about the mutant gene ignored her.

“He’s gone all geeky, he’s not leaving,” Ororo said and despite she could only follow one of every three words she would not be leaving either was the unspoken statement. Peter was laughing with Alicia something he had yet to do since joining them and Bobby has just slipped an ice cube down her shirt.

Alicia gasped twisting to get the ice out. “Do that again and I will drop you in the middle of Main street naked.”

“That’s just mean,” Bobby said with a pout finally noticing Jean. “Oh do we have to leave now?”

“The five of you are welcome to stay,” Lex said with a smile, his first since their arrival.

“There are six of us,’ Jean snapped.

“Why would I include you in the welcome?” Lex asked glancing at Clark expecting his protest.

“Do whatever you want Lex, I know you guys won’t kill her.”

“You sure puppy eyes aren’t a power?” Chloe said with a sigh. “Fine even super bitch is welcome for the weekend.”

“I don’t want to stay!”

“Well I do,” Hank said coming out of his conversation.

“Me too,” Ororo added.

“You don’t even get what they are talking about.”

“I may not get every single word but I do understand genetics and mutations.”

“It’s the weekend, we don’t have classes or the world to save, why shouldn’t we stay? Its not like the professor doesn’t know where we are,” Bobby pointed out. “And its not like the school is a prison. We don’t ever have to go back, I’m not saying that we won’t but we don’t have to.”

“Fine,” Jean huffed already opening a mental communication with the professor.

‘Let them stay Jean, they will be fine, how will they trust us if we restrict their freedom.’

‘But professor they were talking about killing me.’

‘They are protecting a very large secret and protecting it well. I can not even find what it is with out being detected like you were.’

‘You read their minds?’

‘More skimmed the pages. Why not come back to the mansion? We can work on your mental discretion without any distractions. Scott can keep an eye on everyone.’

“Jean are you okay?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine I’m going to go back to the mansion. I’ll be back for everyone Sunday around eight. Make sure they stay out of trouble Scott.”

“I think I can handle it,” he said as he walked with her back to the plane. “You sure you don’t want me to come?”

“And leave the new kids all alone?” Jean asked. “I don’t trust these guys. I know you will keep them safe. And without me here you might be able to find out how they are doing those things.”

“Okay, you sure you don’t want to stay?” Scott asked once again glancing back at the house.

“Its fine Scott, I’ll work on some stuff.”

“If you’re sure.”

“Bye Scott.” Jean said with a wave as the hatch to the black bird shut.

A/N3: Here’s a shot of the outfit that both Jean and Storm (Ororo) wear.

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