Fan Fic 100 – Hercules/Xena – Raising Mischief pt7

Title: Raising Mischief – Brotherly Love
Fandom: Hercules The Legendary Journeys/Xena Warrior Princess
Characters: Strife
Prompt: #96 Family 2
Word Count: 656
Summary: A little more Punishment for Eris
Author’s Notes: Seventh in the Raising Mischief series.

As Erin went off to discover the wonders of chocolate, Ares had a grimmer task set before him. Appearing in the sealed cave he found his sister pacing and cursing, so wrapped up in herself she did not notice the entrance of her very enraged twin. Until a fist impacted with her face crushing her nose.

Temporally forgetting her new lesser status she attempted to punch her brother. The blow broke her hand. Screaming as blood poured from her nose and her hand began to swell. Blood pouring down her face she was not one to give in yet. She was one of the house of war and she had not earned her position lightly. Being Ares’ twin had meant nothing in her becoming his second.

And she was not going to let something like being stripped of her powers stop her from retaliating. Ares watched this slightly amused easily reading his sister. He knew how her mind worked and wondered how she simply ‘forgot’ even as a full god she was never a match for Ares.

He watched as she wiped her blood stained face with the back of her good hand gritted her teeth against the pain and went for her brother. Ares side stepped her and slammed her back at the same time cracking a few ribs but keeping her spine intact for the moment being. No reason to not have her feeling all the pain she could possibly could for as long as she possibly could before her now fragile immortal body succumbed to her injuries and passed out.

Eris did not cry out or make any other indication of being in pain short of a tightening of her jaw. Ares could see that her breathing was becoming more strained. While she took great pleasure on inflicting pain on others, she had a very low tolerance for pain inflicted on her person.

“What is this? Mother sent you to do the dirty work for her?” Eris snarled as she spit blood.

“You should know I am no one’s errand boy,” Ares said his voice dripping ice.

“Then what is this?”

“This is me seeing how many bones I can break while keeping you conscious.”

“There are 206 bones in the body, it may take a while,” Apollo said flashing into the cave.

“And what are you going to do sing me to death?” Eris sneered at Apollo.

“No, I’m going to heal you.” Eris burst out laughing.

“Why?” Ares asked.

“Well so you can break her all over, again and again and again at least until you get bored. Then I can heal her badly so every step and breath and twitch will be agony.”

Ares smiled a smile that would have had a lesser god run for their lives. Apollo returned the grin his own feral expression was out of place on the usually happy face.

Hours later Ares looked at his blood drenched hands as he turned to Apollo they had lost count on how many times they had gone through this but he was tired of this. It was bringing him little joy and nothing would make up for the first four years of Erin’s life.

“I’m done with this, I have more important things to deal with. Do your worst.”

Apollo nodded kneeling before the pulp that was Eris. As he healed her with every mistake possible he whispered to the former goddess. “Every illness, every sneeze, every minor injury will be agony.”

Leveling his curse on the goddess and he stood. Clearing his body of blood he looked at Ares who had already done the same. Not even glancing at the goddess, he followed Ares as the god flashed out.

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