‘Glorfindel’ of Gondolin pt2

Title: ‘Glorfindel’ of Gondolin 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: http://www.slash.midnightscribbes.com
Pairings: Erestor/Glorfindel, Erestor/Fin, Elrond/Celebrian,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: ‘Glorfindel’ comes to Imladris and everyone assumes he is the reborn Balrog slayer. What will he do when Glorfindel comes to reclaim his name and Erestor’s heart?
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: Agnst
Authors Notes: Just a play on the fandom assumption and the canonical assumption. Who knows we *could* both be right.

The moment Glorfindel entered the dining hall he realized he should have explained to Elrond. The place was decorated lavishly. And a great sign hung welcoming Glorfindel of Gondolin to Imladris and Glorfindel moaned.

“This is all wrong…” he muttered as the servant led him to the head table. Elrond sat there with a beautiful silver haired female the twins were already eating their meal and both waved excitedly at the blond who waved back.

At a loss on what to do next Glorfindel stood there nervously as Elrond cleared his throat. “People of Imladris, we have been blessed with the presence of a great warrior reborn from the halls of Mandos…” Glorfindel lowered his head and flushed scarlet. How was he supposed to explain it now without making everyone hate him and embarrass Elrond. Who was kind enough to accept it in the first place, but he had to, he couldn’t let the people believe this.

“Elrond wait…” Glorfindel started.

“Glorfindel would now like to share a few words.”

“I’m sorry…I don’t know how this confusion started really but I am no one special. I did not…” The rest of Glorfindel’s statement was drowned out by cheers for the modest elf. Elrond raised his glass in a toast.

“To Glorfindel.”

“To Glorfindel!” The gathered elves roared.

After the toast all seemed to return to normal and Elrond and Glorfindel took their seats. “Glorfindel I would like to introduce you to my wife, the lady Celebrian.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you my lady,” Glorfindel said with a smile.

Soon after Glorfindel was staring at Elrond over his food and after opening his mouth to speak a few times he sighed.

“Something wrong Glorfindel?” Elrond asked with a grin and Glorfindel suddenly saw the face of his sons.

“Uh…um…no…just call me ‘Fin.”

“Fin?” Elrond asked with a raised brow.

“Yes I’ve always preferred it.”

“Fin Fin Fin!” Elrohir exclaimed.

“Finny!” Elladan added and Glorfindel smiled.

“Yes Finny will do just as well but only the two of you are allowed to use that name,” Glorfindel said with a wink.

“Okay,” the twins said nodding seriously.

“How do you like Imladris so far Glorfindel?” Celebrian asked.

“From what I have seen the valley is beautiful.”

“Would you like to see more?” Celebrian asked. “I usually walk through the gardens after I put these little ones to bed. Elrond would usually join me but without Erestor all he seems to do is work.”

“I would be honored,” Glorfindel said, “and I am quite intrigued by this Erestor.”

“E’stor’s nice, he wears robes like ada.”

“Nu uh, ada doesn’t have black robes,” Elladan added. “And ada’s have shiny things on them.”

“Its just you think E’stor’s scary.”

“I do not!” Elladan said annoyed.

“Elladan, no shouting.”

“I’m sorry nana, but I’m not afraid of E’stor!”

“Of course not,” Celebrian said with a smile. “Now I think its time for desert,” Celebrian said as a servant approached them with a tray.”

“Thank you!” The twins exclaimed to the servant who presented them with platters first then served the lord and lady.

Glorfindel watched the twins as they eagerly devoured their desert. Elladan so much so that he accidentally dropped his spoon. He seemed at a loss on what to do when Elrohir poked him and handed him his spoon. Elladan resumed eating but after a few bites realized his brother had the same problem he used to and returned the spoon to Elrohir. The exchange continued and Glorfindel turned to his own neglected dessert.


Glorfindel made his way back to his room feeling light hearted. He had walked with the Lady Celebrian for nearly two hours and had barely noticed. Discussing any and everything that came to mind, from flowers to his life at the Gray Havens. Glorfindel had thoroughly enjoyed himself so much that he had completely forgotten to tell the lady the truth.

In the morning he resolved not wanting to disturb the couple now. Turning the corner he was surprised to see an elf slowly making his way down the hall as if each step were an extreme effort.

“Are you alright?”

“Tired,” the elf murmured.

“Here let me help you,” Glorfindel said and slipped an arm about the other elf and started to aid them.

“Where is your room?”

“Third…door left…”

“Well um…let’s get you to bed.”


“Ah so you are the famed Estor, I thought you did not return until tomorrow.”

“I wanted my bed, so I pushed the horse. The rest will arrive in the morning,” Erestor said yawning as Glorfindel opened the door to Erestor’s room.

He unclasped the riding cloak and let the dirty material fall to the floor. Next he unclasped the tunic leaving him in a simple gray shirt, leggings and boots. Guiding Erestor to his bed he sat the elf down and proceeded to remove his boots, before laying him down and tucking the sheet over his already asleep form.

Glorfindel’s breath caught as he actually looked at Erestor. Pale creamy skin, full red bow lips just asking to be kissed. Midnight hair, and gray eyes, blank in sleep but he was sure they would be vibrant and alive.

Smiling he slipped out of the room and left Erestor to his rest and headed for his own to do the same. Sleep though did not come easy for him as he kept picturing Erestor’s face, the muscles he had felt even beneath the riding cloak and then again when assisting him to change.

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