Fading Luster pt2

Title: Fading Luster 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
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Pairings: Erestor/Elrohir, Glorfindel/Lindir, Elrond/Celebrian, Elladan/Glorfindel, Erestor/Pelin(omc) (implied), Haldir/?, Legolas/Erestor
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor is friendless and disliked in Imladris all accept this cold elf and do not try to see beneath the surface until the dead return and start spinning tales of a wild lively elf bring forth the question. Who was Erestor of Gondolin and what made him become Erestor of Imladris?
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson. Warnings: Rape, angst, memory loss, character death (the OMC is dead before the fic starts ;) )
Authors Notes: I’ve taken some major liberty with Erestor and Lindir in this one making them both survivors of Gondolin (granted it’s never stated that they aren’t), Also to get a gauge on the age of Legolas and the twins divide it in half.
Feedback: Sure I’d love some.

Erestor took a deep breath as he entered the room. He had paced his rooms in the early hours of morning and had made up his mind. Pushing the door open he was glad Thranduil and his Advisor were already there.

“It is clear to me this will not work,” Erestor started not allowing them to speak. “For whatever reason you take offence to me. That I am used to, but I will not allow it to effect your relationship with Imladris. I am leaving tomorrow and when I return to Imladris I will resign my office as Chief Advisor, it clearly does not suit me. I hope you will be willing to deal with the next elf sent.”

“Erestor wait,” Thranduil said and the elf froze at the door. “We discussed it and the original agreement is acceptable. All that is missing is your own signature.”

“Oh,” Erestor said softly as he blushed feeling like a fool. He sat down and shook away the dizziness he suddenly felt. He took the quill and had to shut his eyes as the paper multiplied.

“Are you alright?”
“It is nothing a slight dizziness.”

“When was the last time you ate?” The advisor asked.

“I had some cookies…yesterday…no the day before,” Erestor said as he focused enough to sign.

“Why did you not have breakfast today?” Erestor shrugged realizing in Imladris breakfast was brought to him. He hadn’t noticed the lack of the meal. Thranduil and the advisor exchanged a look. Realizing the same thing, Erestor didn’t like to draw attention to himself even if it meant missing meals and celebrations.

“Come with us.”

They lead Erestor to the kitchens where he was fed a filling meal. He never noticed when the elves left him and made his way back to his room after his meal and wondered if he shouldn’t still give up his position. He had no idea what had made Thranduil change his mind and he never wanted such a repeat.

What if this had been a war treaty? What then? Elves could have died in the time they had bantered over foolishness. He clearly was not made for diplomacy; he would resign when he returned it was only right.


Thranduil waited for the rest of the party to arrive so the Imladris elves could depart. As usual Erestor was the first one there. Erestor, the elf was still an enigma to him. After they had signed the treaty, the only times Erestor left his rooms were when servants called him out to meals. He couldn’t understand how an elf could be so isolated. It was almost depressing to watch.

“E’stor! E’stor!” Thranduil watched shocked as his son came running past him towards the elf who had already mounted a brown mare. Thranduil watched as Erestor slipped off the horse with ease as Legolas threw himself into his arms.

“Well hello little one, I did not think I would see you again.”

“Where you go?”

“Home, my work is done.”

“Oh,” Legolas said kicking some dirt. “Here,” he said removing another small bag of cookies from his tunic pocket along with a small green stone. The cookies were little more than mashed crumbs, and the stone too small to be of any importance but he took them both with a broad smile that made Legolas beam with pride.

“Thank you, but I have a question. What is your name?”

Legolas giggled and smiled. “Legolas, everyone knows that silly. I want you to meet ada, he’s the nicest elf, and big and brave and the best ada,” Legolas said pulling Erestor towards where the Mirkwood elves were assembled.

Erestor was stunned when Legolas stopped before the king and pulled in his tunic. “Ada do you know E’stor?” Thranduil smiled at his son though his surprise remained.

“Yes I do.”

“Can he stay? We didn’t get to play. And I want to hear about Legolas, he could see in the dark and he shot an apple…”

“But aren’t you Legolas?” Thranduil asked with a teasing smile.

“Not me ada,” Legolas said exasperated. “A big Legolas from Goddylin.”

“I’m sorry son Erestor has work to do at home.”

“You come back?”

“We will see I suppose, maybe one day you can come visit. Lord Elrond has sons as well twins. They are a little bit older than you.”

“I still too little,” Legolas said repeating the response he seemed to get for all his questions.

“I will write to you then when you are big enough you can come.”

“I can write my name!” Legolas beamed proudly.

“Good for you,” Erestor replied as Legolas pulled on his robe wanting to be lifted up. He indulged the child then handed him to his father as his escorts arrived.

“We are ready to leave when you are Master Erestor.” Erestor nodded and turned to go to his horse.

“Bye!” Legolas exclaimed waving and the escorts smiled at the little prince thinking him to be extremely polite.

The escorts and Erestor rode with relative ease through Mirkwood. Though tainted by shadow they road they were on was clear and in full range of the Mirkwood border guards. By the time they left Mirkwood, the guards were laughing and joking and ignoring their charge.

Erestor rode with the five escorts slowly drifting behind them. He didn’t even bother to keep up the pretence of being one of the group. He simply followed them, pretending not to hear the insults, as their conversations at least once a day turned to him.

The time passed by in a daze for Erestor though he realized that they would be in Imladris in another day at this pace. Looking up he saw Caegaran had decided to stop and set up camp. He dismounted from his horse and led it to where the other horses were grazing. He then walked into a smaller side clearing away from the one’s the escorts were getting comfortable


“I swear that elf is stone hearted.” Erestor shut his eyes trying to drown out the voices. They were elves; they had to know he could hear them.

“But such pretty stone and soft too.”

“No thank you, that elf shows every one of his millennia.”

“Quite old, to think he’s a survivor of Gondolin.”

“I could care less, I know I will never escort that stiff old prude, some elf,” Caegaran said shaking his head towards Erestor’s direction.

Erestor sat at the base of a large oak, and wrapped his arms around himself. He took out the small stone Legolas had given him and sighed. The twins were already weary of him not that he was their tutor, Elladan more so than Elrohir. He took out the nearly empty bag of cookie crumbs and finished it.

He never commented on the fact that they didn’t bring him food, or call him over even when he sat in a corner of the camp in full view of the fire and whatever game they had caught. Caegaran had taken a deep dislike of him and passed it on to his men. There was nothing on his horse, so they couldn’t possible believe he had his own provisions.

Erestor woke shortly before dawn and went to rejoin the camp, knowing they would depart at first light. He stretched his body unused to the odd sleeping position. He entered the other camp and was surprised to see nothing but his own horse munching on some flowers. It snorted in his direction but continued his meal.

He looked around and saw the remains of a fire, the hoof prints of a group of horses so he knew he had not stumbled on a similar looking campsite. He was still looking around trying to understand what had happened to his escorts.

A Howling was his only warning as a lone warg entered the clearing. At first he was only partially concerned he was at his horse’s side. He should be able to mount and flee. But no sooner had the though crossed his mind then did more of the beasts enter the clearing howling and snapping. Clearly hungry.

Erestor wondered if his escorts had taken up the chase of these beasts. Erestor shifted slightly and froze as the beast growled and advanced. He didn’t have so much as a stick to defend himself. Hoping he wasn’t making a mistake he quickly mounted his horse and with a little goading it quickly to gallop and flee from the creatures.

Erestor began to believe they were making headway until he looked behind him and he saw the pack already gaining on the small distance that they had made. He turned urging the horse to go faster, holding on for dear life. It was then a warg broke away from the pack and jumped on the horse causing it to stagger and jump tossing Erestor violently against a tree.

The elf heard his ribs crack as he hit the tree, his vision already blackening as his horse was being surrounded by the beasts. Erestor tried to stand, as the death cries of his horse sounded and coughed, he had just a moment to identify the blood on his hands before falling face first into the dirt.

The cries of his horse were not unheard and as the wargs feasted on the mare, Erestor’s escorts rode frantically to cover the distance, having been placed on alert the moment they heard the howl of the wargs.

One of the smaller wargs, unable to get a desirable bit of horse glanced towards Erestor and advanced on the unconscious elf. He had just sunk his teeth into the shoulder of Erestor when his head was separated from his shoulders.

It took the escorts another few minutes to arrive at the scene to find a lone elf surrounded by the corpses of the wargs. He kneeled at the side of Erestor ignoring the elves. He turned the elf over and gasped.

“Erestor…no…” he whispered as he pulled the elf to him but was relieved when he felt a faint pulse.

“Who are you?” Caegaran asked.

“I could ask you the same,” the elf growled as he removed is cloak and wrapped it about Erestor after carefully removing the warg’s head to staunch the blood flow.

“We should have never left,” Elbon exclaimed seeing the damage done to Erestor, “I told you this was stupid, now look what happened. He could die!”

“What do you mean?” The elf asked having carefully wrapped Erestor in the cloak.

“It was supposed to be a jest…” Elbon started.

“Who are you? Are you of Mirkwood?”

“I am a noldor same as you,” he said simply.

“But you are blond…”

“Must be why my mother named me golden hair.”

“Golden hair…but that would make you… you can’t be! You’re dead.”

“And you are a fool,” Glorfindel said as he mounted Asfaloth Erestor carefully cradled in his arms. Turning to Caegaran he started. “Now explain this jest that may cost a good elf and dear friend his life.”


Hours later the agony that flared through every limb showed him that he was quite far from death. He was wrapped in a cloak and strong arms were wrapped around him. He could just make out Caegaran’s voice and wondered which of the guards was holding him.

“As far as I’m concerned you are all as guilty as those rotting corpses.”

Erestor froze it couldn’t be, his pain laced brain was causing him to hear things. But if that was the case why would he hear that particular voice? Why not…because he didn’t deserve to ever hear the other voice. He might as well dispel this illusion as well.

“Gl…glor…” he rasped still not believing his immortal ears.

“Shhh, Erestor rest now; I will explain later.”

Erestor tried to respond but simply fell into darkness again.

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