A Dolls Skin pt2

Title: A Dolls Skin 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Archive: http://www.slash.midnightscribbes.com,
Pairings: Erestor/Elrond
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor was captured, and disfigured by Sauron and his minions, more so than any other elf. Freed after the battle of the last alliance, he chose to live his life out in Imladris. Millennia later the ring returns for a council, and strange things occur in Imladris. Will anyone be able to discover Erestor’s tie to the One Ring before it destroys him? Or will they be distracted by the strange elven beauty that appeared at the same time as the ring.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: Angst,

It was well past dinner when Erestor brought himself out of his work having taken on Elrond’s duties as well as his own knowing the half elf would want to tend on the hobbit until all is well. So he was surprised to see Elrond standing at the door tray in hand.

“I had a feeling I would find you here,” Elrond said entering the office placing the tray down and pulling the chair closer to Erestor’s desk.

“Does this mean the hobbit is well?”

“Frodo, and we feel all is well. It will be sometime before he wakes but he will. Now you must eat.”

“But I…”

“I know that is my work, so you can’t possibly be about to tell me you have to finish it.”

Erestor eyed Elrond and sighed lifting the lid on the tray and saw a small scroll. Curious he plucked it up and opened it. ‘You promised.’ Sighing dramatically Erestor stood and allowed himself to be pulled along to his seduction. Swatting Elrond’s hand away from his buttock as they entered the hall the half elf rolled his eyes.

“Yes fine, I’ll behave,” Elrond said sarcastically as he dramatically looked up and down the empty hall. Erestor shook his head at the antics of the lord of his heart as they made their way to Elrond’s chambers.

Opening the door a romantic dinner for two was laid out for Erestor along with a small potted plant. Dozens littered his office and room, as he just could not sanctify slowly killing a flower for a few moments of beauty. He said it reminded him much too much of torture and that was all the information Elrond had needed to never again give his love a cut flower, no matter how much he desired to give him a rose.

Erestor true to form ignored the food and went straight for the potted plant. Looking at the tiny buds on the small bush, never looking up as he examined the plant he spoke.

“Its lovely, where did you ever get it,” Erestor asked and Elrond knew the elf was smiling.

“I had it sent over from lorien, its flowers bloom in different colors on the bush, it will bloom in a few more days.” Elrond said as he moved to lock the door and shut the balcony doors and draw some curtains.

“I think I will keep it on my desk then,” Erestor said not commenting on what Elrond had done. He instead sat down to eat, Elrond joining him a few moments later.

“Erestor I’ve been thinking some more about this and I truly think we should tell the twins. If they were going to be upset by it they would not be playing matchmaker so hard.”

“I am not Glorfindel.”

“No you are my love. And I want to scream it from the rooftops.”

“That is hardly behavior befitting a lord,” Erestor replied.

“Do not avoid it.”

“I am doing all I can,” Erestor whispered his head lowered. Elrond stood and kneeled beside the chair catching Erestor’s downcast stare.

“Why do you think they would not approve of you? They love you, they feel you are the wisest elf to walk arda…”

“A few books…”

“Erestor you know it is more than that,” Elrond said carefully releasing the ties to the mask and placing it on the table. Running his fingers along Erestor’s skin he ignored the unevenness and the scars with the black undertones as if someone had filled his wounds with ink and looked directly into the gray eyes. “I will not force you but please I would like to tell them, perhaps when they next return home.”

“I need to think on it,” Erestor murmured, his usual answer and Elrond sighed and kissed his forehead before returning to his seat. Erestor unable to look Elrond in the eye at the moment fingered his small plant studying the shape of the leaves. It was an old discussion one that they had been having more and more often.

He just could not explain to Elrond his reasons. The elf would not believe them and he would not have his lord made a fool of. Not after being wed to one of the most beautiful elves on arda to then settle for a scared monstrosity who had to hide all he was from everyone.

The knock on the door broke him out of his musing and he quickly reached for his mask. Elrond moved to the door and opened it to find Glorfindel.

“Should you not be resting?”

“I am rested,” Glorfindel said and heard a snort from inside the chamber. “Hello Erestor.”

“Glorfindel,” Erestor replied.

“So I will let you get back to that one in there before my paperwork triples.”

“Was there something…”

“Nothing that can’t wait; go I can feel him glaring at me.”

“I am doing no such thing!” Erestor exclaimed and a laughing Glorfindel shoved Elrond lightly into his room and pulled the door shut. Turning to Erestor he found the elf wearing an irritated frown and moved to kiss away the furrows on his brow.

“You know he was only jesting,” Elrond said resting his cheek against Erestor’s.

“I know but there are times when I wish to throttle him.”

“And that is what makes you great friends,” Elrond said with a smile as he moved to his seat. If he did not eat now he never would.

He was halfway through his meal when he made the mistake of looking at Erestor as he pulled the fork from between his lips and his tongue followed. Shifting in his seat Elrond quickly focused on his food again. If it was just him, he would say it was some foolish love sick silliness, but other elves saw it too. He had seen them salivating over Erestor in the dining hall, the whispers of what was really under the mask.

Quickly finishing his own food he watched Erestor eat until the elf noticed and arched a brow. “I am still eating,” Erestor replied to the look in his lover’s eyes, “and I intend to finish eating, maybe drink some wine, dessert…” Elrond’s growl had him pause, and he glanced at a the elf with a look that had his extensive wardrobe on the floor in minutes.

Sometime later Elrond did not take his eyes off Erestor as they continued their slow coupling. After going at it like some wild wolves as Erestor claimed he had taken control of the situation and was currently slowly rocking in Elrond’s lap. Shuddering as each rock had Elrond rubbing against his prostate.

Elrond thrust up shallowly into his lover and felt the sudden spray of warm cream on his stomach as Erestor stilled his movements. Slumping on top of Elrond, the half elf shifted and carefully slipped out of his lover and wrapped his arms around him. Erestor returned the embrace and drifted off into a sated sleep. Elrond watched his lover sleep a small half smile graced his features.

Stroking the slightly damp strands of hair he pushed them off Erestor’s face then pulled a sheet over them both.

Waking with a start Elrond frowned when he realized his lover was gone. The sun had yet to rise and he sighed rolling onto his back.

“Erestor…Erestor…” he mumbled.

“You are supposed to be sleeping,” Erestor whispered as he crawled back into the bed returning from the bath. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Elrond moved towards Erestor and kissed his shoulder as his lover turned towards him. “Usually that is what happened I would wake to a cold spot, if I was lucky it would still be a little warm.”

“I’m sorry,” Erestor whispered as he hugged Elrond.

“Its fine we have a few more hours we should enjoy them.”


Elladan and Elrohir rode into Imladris as the sun began its ascent into the sky. Slightly dirty but happy to be home, they made their way to their private bath, cleaned up and dressed quickly as they made their way to their father’s room hoping to catch him before he went to the dining hall for breakfast. Opening the door they were surprised to find their father still in bed. Sprawled out on his stomach, his black hair cascading everywhere, a sheet covering most of what was clearly a nude elf.

“Since when does Ada sleep in the nude?” Elrohir whispered to his brother.

“I don’t know,” Elladan replied with a yawn.

“Its time to get up…” Elrond stated coming out of the bath in a towel, he glanced at his lover then caught sight of his sons. “Elladan? Elrohir?” Elrond started as he noticed how Erestor froze on the bed afraid to even breathe.

“Boys could you…”

“Sorry ada,” Elrohir said blushing though Elladan was grinning. “We will see you in the afternoon,” he said dragging his brother out of the room when he seemed to want to go to the bed and see who the elf was.

Elrond quickly moved to the bed. “Erestor I’m so sorry, I forgot to lock the door again when I saw Glorfindel. But they saw nothing. Your hair and the blankets covered you. Erestor?”

Erestor shakily climbed out of the bed gathering his clothes and pulling them on. His hands shaking so badly he could not put his mask on, Elrond attempted to help but the elf simply held the mask to his face and fled to his chambers.

Elrond sighed and sunk onto his bed, sure the small amount of progress he had made in convincing Erestor to go public had been shattered in a few moments by his sons.

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