A Dolls Skin pt3

Chapter 3

Erestor was traveling to the library when he was embraced from both sides. A kiss placed on each porcelain cheek as the twins fell into step with him.

“Good Afternoon Erestor.”

“Elladan, Elrohir.”

“So Erestor, we need your help,” Elladan began.

“Yes see we saw something this morning,” Elrohir added and Erestor stiffened.
“Ada has a lover.”

“See this is why we need your help. We don’t know, all we saw was a mass of black hair. Nothing else. All we know is that it is not, Glorfindel and a few others with brown hair. But do you know who Ada would be with? And why he would hide it from us.”

“Your father is not blind; he does realize that you want him to bed Glorfindel.”

“Not just bed him. But that is not the point,” Elrohir jumped in. “We want Ada to be happy. If he has found someone why does he not tell us? Would he think we do not approve?”

“Would it not be wiser to speak with your father about this?”

“Well we have to assume he hasn’t told us for a reason. So why would that change now?” Elrohir stated.

“Besides, if you do not know who will?”
”Elrond for one.”

“But Erestor…”

“Do not but Erestor me. You are no longer children, speak to your father. Maybe he will answer your questions.”

“But can you not even give us a hint? No elves are acting differently around us. He may have even been asleep. All we saw was his hair and back.”

“Then how can you be sure they were male?”

The twins exchanged a look, the thought clearly never having crossed their minds. Erestor felt a pang of guilt when the twins seemed frozen in the hall. “Maybe you are not as open as you think,” Erestor whispered slipping into the library while the elves were too stunned to put up any kind of argument. The twins walked with each other and headed back to their rooms.

Once there they both sat blindly their minds trying to come to terms with the information that Erestor had introduced them to.

“Could it be a woman?” Elrohir asked his brother.

“It is not as if Ada never loved a woman,” Elladan mumbled.

“But that’s alright right? We want him to be happy…” Elrohir mumbled and both twins fell silent as they thought about it.

Finally reaching a resolve they smiled at each other as they stood. “We should talk to Ada, he need not worry. We know he would never try to replace Nana but he should not be lonely all his years.”

Together the twins walked to their father’s study. They found him seated at his desk staring into space despite the large amount of work sitting on his desk his features marred in a frown.

“Ada?” Elladan began entering the room first. Elrond blinked and looked at his sons and waved them into the room. Both took seats and the three shared a moment of silence before Elrohir took it upon himself to break the silence.

“Ada we wanted to discuss the morning with you. About the elf you were sharing your bed with.”
“Yes we spoke to Erestor…”

“You did?” Elrond stated surprised. “What did he say?”

“He said we should speak to you,” Elladan said.

“But what caught our attention was a question that he gave us. He asked what if the elf was female. I’m sorry Ada but the very idea gave us pause. It was one thing for Glorfindel to make you happy but for some ellith to come and try to replace Nana.”


“Let us finish Ada,” Elladan interrupted. “But you see that was the problem. Most of all we wanted you to be happy.”

“So what we are trying to say is that we approve of any elf that can make you happy. We would like to meet this elf, you do not have to keep them a secret from us any longer Ada.”

“If it was that simple boys. I never wanted to keep it hidden who I loved. That is all my stubborn love’s idea. They value their privacy and I have been trying for ages to try and get them to finally go public. This morning most likely convinced them that they never should.”

“What if they just tell us?”

“I have asked the very same question his answer is always the same.”

“His?” Elladan asked with a smile.

Elrond sighed not having wanted to give any thing away. “Yes, we have had this same discussion many a time. When it became clear they would not tell everyone I requested to just tell you. He still refused. After this morning he may never come forward.”

“Oh, Ada we are sorry.”

“It is not your fault he is just a stubborn old warg.”

Elladan grinned standing and pulling his brother to his feet. “It’s alright Ada, let them know we approve, and wish you two well. Maybe then he will be willing to reveal himself to us.”

“I have told him as much, but I can try again,” Elrond mumbled finally looking at the correspondence waiting for him.

“We will see you later Ada.”

Elladan dragged his brother to his room and slammed the door. “I know who it is.”

“Who? How?”

“There are only two elves Ada ever calls stubborn old wargs, Grandfather and…”

“Erestor?!” Elrohir exclaimed.

“Yes he must really not want us to know filling our heads with ideas of some ellith. Why would he do that? He must know we love him like another father already.”

“Elladan, what if the other rumors are true?”

“That he is a beauty beyond compare? That his face could even stop Sauron in his evil tracks?”

“Yes, why hide?”

“Maybe so we do not think he is a liar? He may not want to upset us for years he pretended to be horribly disfigured. He may not want us upset at him.”
“There has to be a way to get him to go public and show how beautiful he really is. Such a wonderful elf could never be ugly.”

“We need a plan,” The twins stated heading into bed chamber completely sure the elf their father loved was Erestor and he was a beauty unmatched.

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