Fairy’s Dreaming pt01

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
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Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

Glorfindel rode hastily urging Asfaloth forward. He feared for Erestor’s life and his soul if he was too late. The elf was known to take his yearly trips to see his mother, but this year he was late returning and the twins casually asking if any elf had been seen had brought forth the rumors. A village slightly more then a week’s travel away with something no other village had.
An elf acting as the tavern whore.

They hadn’t believed it was possible until there was the description of the elf. And the one thing that made Erestor stand out in his otherwise plain appearance. His violet eyes.

He only hoped Erestor was drugged and not simply held against his will. Anything to let the elf survive. He may not have been Erestor’s biggest fan but he wouldn’t wish such a thing on anyone, even that arrogant upstart Haldir. He had finally entered the small village rumored to have an elf and he rode straight through.

He entered the tavern and noticed that it was a higher class establishment then he would have expected from a place holding an elf hostage. He approached the bar and the bartender looked up at him and his eyes traveled to Glorfindel’s ears as the bartended raised an eyebrow.

“We don’t get many of your kind. Is there something you wanted? Room? Food? Drink?”

“It is said that there is an elf here.” Glorfindel stated matter of factly.
“Elf? Why the only elf we have here is you…there be no elves here.”

“Really now? That is not what the other’s say.”
“I don’t know what you have been told but they are wrong,” the human stated as his eyes glanced upwards. The last ones were in there now, there would be screaming. He just had to get rid of this elf before that. “I think it best you leave. This is a good place of business, if you are looking for that type of company, try Delly’s down the road.”

“I never stated a claim for a wish for company. It is interesting you would say that. Now I ask again. Where is the elf?” Glorfindel growled feeling as he was wasting precious time. But he had been in a mad rush and refused to even wait for the twins to come to accompany him, he did not know what kind of defenses he had and did not want to fail in his attempt to aid Erestor. Or worse cause his death as he fought others.

The barkeep opened his mouth but whatever words he was planning on saying were drowned out by a howl from over his head. And even so distorted he recognized the voice that had put him to sleep in so many council meetings.

Taking the stairs two at a time he cursed when he realized no one even moved to stop him. Throwing the first door open he found nothing and quickly moved to the next and found a lavish bed and room. But what drew his eyes, was the form on the bed or more precisely the forms.

There were not two but three forms on the bed, a sweaty and panting Erestor sandwiched between them. And looking at them he had to stifle the urge to rend the human’s limb for limb. They were both penetrating Erestor who was shuddering much to the amusement of his two captors.

“I think we finally got him.”

“Good,” one grunted as he finally found his release which finally broke Glorfindel out of his stunned shock of finding two mortals taking Erestor.

“GET OFF OF HIM!” He growled startling both mortals who turned to look at the irate blond, paling in turns as Glorfindel had drawn his sword. “NOW!” The first pulled out of Erestor scrambling to the far side of the room hands protecting his most precious of parts. Even as one mortal moved the other carefully rolled Erestor off of him, drawing a moan out of the elf, drawing Glorfindel’s full attention so much so that he just barely realized the boys were twins.

He quickly approached the bed, turning Erestor onto his back. Shaking his head at the sickly pallor of his friend. He was milk white on a good day and now had a bluish purple pallor that just could not be healthy. Completely forgetting the humans he pressed a hand to Erestor’s forehead which burned with fever and closed eyes which only increased his worry. Looking around he spotted Erestor’s clothes and quickly gathered the folded pile.

Despites the elf’s fever he was now trembling and Glorfindel knew he would need the warmth for the road. He quickly dressed Erestor noticing the cloak he wrapped the elf in it rushing back out for his waiting horse and begged Asfaloth to make all haste back to Imladris.


It took a week at a brutal pace to complete the journey only resting when Asfaoth was simply too exhausted to continue. And feeing Glorfindel’s haste Asfaloth limited even that time.

Jumping off the horse as soon as the stable entered into view, he shouted to a stable hand to pamper the horse. Heading straight for the healing halls Elrond quickly at his side as he unwrapped Erestor who looked no better but thankfully no worse.

“Was it…”

“Elrond, when I…there were two…they…”

“Enough my friend, Erestor needs us now, and you need rest.”

“I have to know he will be alright,” Glorfindel said eyeing the fragile looking being on the bed.

“Then make my work easier and have me only have to care for a single elf. I have to check for injuries that I am not sure Erestor would want a crowd to view. Elrond said already beginning to remove the tunic.

Glorfindel sighed knowing that he was no healer but, wished he could help. He would listen to his lord though, just as soon as he did one thing. Leaving the healing halls he headed towards the most direct route to the stables.

Now alone Elrond went about the grim work before him. Peeling off Erestor’s leggings he found a small but unmistakable stain in the leggings and heaved a deep sigh. “What did they do to you?” Elrond murmured as he began his examination perplexed when he did not see any bruises or scars. Now that he truly looked short of the shut eyes Erestor had never looked so beautiful to him. He couldn’t suppress the slight stirring of arousal looking at Erestor brought to him and touched the smooth and cool cheek and tracing the lips, wondering how they would feel beneath his own.

Not noticing the sudden flare to life of his ring Elrond blinked wondering what on Arda had gotten to him and covering Erestor with a sheet he decided he needed a walk. A strong drink and a walk. Leaving the room he was not there to witness the opening of the violet eyes as Erestor sat up lost.

Where was he? Looking around he quickly came upon an answer. ‘Imladris.’ He was in the healing halls; but why? Had he waited too long? Had he collapsed? Sitting up he held out his hand and saw no tremors.

Standing he felt well enough if not somewhat thirsty and hungry. Oh so hungry. Lifting his cloak he wrapped it about himself and made the journey to his room to put on more proper clothing before ransacking the kitchen. He was devouring his third plate, and would not have even been able to tell someone what had been on the first and second when Elrond entered deciding on tea to calm his nerves after what he had thought.

“Erestor?” The elf grunted as he stuffed a large piece of soup soaked bread into his mouth. Finishing off the plate in a blink, he grabbed a nearby apple and devoured three before the all consuming feeling passed.

“Yes Elrond?”

“How do you feel?” Something about Elrond’s tone had Erestor look up at him and saw concern and worry and it was not about the gorging that was occurring. Erestor needed a moment to choose his words and a drink.

Instead of responding Erestor drained a pitcher of water and one of milk before responding. “Fine, somewhat confused but fine.”

“Confused about what?”

“This may sound strange, but did I leave Imladris? I remember preparing for my trip to see my mother, I believe I left but here I am.”

Elrond eyes widened at the admission not sure what to say. Did he tell Erestor the worst of it or let his friend continue in happy oblivion?

“I need some apples and carrots, after Erestor, Asfaloth deserves a treat.”

“What am I now terrorizing your horse Senscal?” Erestor snapped at the blond.

“Erestor you’re awake.”

“Do you want a prize for stating the obvious?”

“Are you alright?”

“Fine, your concern is touching, maybe it will be enough to keep you awake during a council meeting,” Erestor said as he snatched a bowl of rolls and a pitcher of orange juice and made his way out of the room.

Glorfindel was stunned and turned to Elrond for help unable to form words at the fact that Erestor had lay unconscious in his arms for a week after being violated and now was just the same as before he left, infuriating.

“I am at a loss. He does not seem to remember anything at all. And his body is whole. I think it would be much better if we did not mention it and pray nothing returns his memory.”


“I do not understand why you are so against this, I have made this journey alone every year, why now do you want to waste a dozen escorts? I have no interest in them and they none in me,” Erestor snapped.

“Then do not go,” Elrond stated seriously.

Erestor stared at his lord and ran through scenarios in his mind. “Fine.” He said leaving in a swirl of black.

A month later Erestor’s hand trembled so badly he could barely hold his quill. Tossing it aside in frustration, he marched into Elrond’s office.

“Give me a reason or I leave tonight alone,” Erestor said staring hard at his lord. “I have told you before, my mother dislikes large groups. There is a reason she doesn’t live in Imladris. I will not go against her wishes,

Elrond opened his mouth and shut it several times. Erestor knew how safe the roads were at the moment. He couldn’t tell the elf, lest his memories return and he began to fade.

“Good, see you in two months Elrond.”

“Follow him,” Elrond murmured to the twins that Erestor had not even noticed. They nodded without a word having already been informed if what had transpired in case the worst should happen.


The road Erestor took was safe and uneventful. After a week and four days travel he arrived at a cottage where he spent two days before emerging and turning still away from Imladris. The twins continued their pursuit, surprised when Erestor entered the town Glorfindel had liberated him from.

Hiding outside the tavern as Erestor took a seat at the stool.

“I did not think you were coming back.”

“I always come back,” Erestor said and the twins exchanged glances at the strange comment. The sound of a large amount of coins hitting wood reached their ears before Erestor began to speak again.

“This should cover my room for the time being, and any trouble my visitor may have caused you and trust me when I say the same will not be happening again.”

Sighing the barkeep placed the coins back into the pouch. “When do you want to start?” He said noticing some of his regulars already eyeing Erestor.

“Give me ten minutes to remove my clothing and send the first one up,” Erestor said leaving the bar and heading to the stairs.

Elladan and Elrohir wore matched expressions of fury not believing what they had witnessed. Erestor was a whore. A whore for some drunk mortals. They had all spent the last year watching the elf, fearing for him and his spirit to learn this. They turned ready to spread the truth when they got back to Imladris.

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