Fairy’s Dream pt02

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: http://www.midnightscribbles.envy.nu http://www.slash.midnightscribbes.com
Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

Erestor rode into Imladris at midday though one would be hard pressed to tell as he was soaked through the skin and shivering deeply, his teeth chattering. Shakily dismounting from the horse he hoped to be free of the three day rain storm.

Entering the house he made his way back to his room not noticing the shadows that started trailing him he let out a sneeze followed by a cough. Erestor paused as if he didn’t understand what had just happened and was flanked by the twins.

“So you’ve returned?” Elladan hissed.

“How’s your mother?” Elrohir asked sarcastically.

“Since when do you care what it is that I do?” Erestor asked pushing the twins away from him or at least attempting to.

“I’ve met some children with stronger grips.”

“Brother maybe he isn’t trying to move us. Maybe he likes us this close?”

“Yes you do like the attention of twins don’t you?”

Erestor stiffened finally understanding what this is about. Wriggling his way away from the twins he opened the door to his room and slammed it in their faces. Locking the door, he stripped down and climbed into his bed stark naked wet hair and all and fell asleep.


“Ada,” Elladan started entering Elrond’s study where Glorfindel was giving him a report on the patrols.

“Yes boys?” Elrond asked with a smile that faded when he saw the looks on their faces. “What’s wrong?”

“Erestor’s back,” Elrohir snapped.

“Is he now,” Elrond asked as both he and Glorfindel stood wanting to confront the elf. They followed the twins to the door to Erestor’s rooms though the twins differed to the older elves stepping aside. Glorfindel banged harshly on the door and after waiting a moment and receiving no response Elrond pulled a master key from within his robes and unlocked the door.

Entering the room Elrond kicked aside a soaked pair of leggings annoyed and went into Erestor’s private chambers. Glorfindel and the twins close behind. Elrond looked at the bed and got much the same sensation that he had felt a year ago.

“Elrond, I think this will have to wait, Erestor looks ill,” Glorfindel said looking at the elf sprawled out on his stomach.

“Glorfindel, he looks fine.”

“Better than fine Ada,” Elladan said leering as Elrohir’s eyes seemed riveted to the pert exposed backside. The small dip than swell and the urge to trace the path with his tongue. With a choking gasp, Erestor woke and began to cough a cough that sounded deep in his chest telling the healer in Elrond how serious it was and snapping him out of his daze.

“Seems you are full of secrets Erestor.”

“Wha…” Erestor began but his words were lost in a fit of coughing.

“How long have you been in that rain?”

“Three…days…,” Erestor rasped between coughs.

“And it did not occur to you to find shelter?” Elrond sneered.

“I did not see any, I did not want to stray from…” Erestor slight reprieve vanished as he began to cough again this time sneezing and spraying his arm in mucus. Disgusted he wiped his hand on the bed sheet.

“Erestor I have a few questions for you, quite a few and you better have substantial answers for me. But right now let’s start with the most relevant question. In all the time you have been here working at my side did it not occur to you to tell me that you are half elven?”

For a moment it seemed liked Elrond’s words had no effect, or Erestor had not heard them when the violet eyes widened comically in shock. Just as quickly Erestor shook his head.

“Wouldn’t I know such at thing?” Erestor asked glad that for the moment the coughing had subsided.

“So both your parents are elves?” Elrond asked.

“As far as I know. There are things you do not ask my mother.”

“Like why her son is a whore for humans? Or would she not know the answer to that,” Elladan snapped.

“She would know better than I, she was the one who took me after…” Erestor shook his head refusing to face the memory and his coughing resumed.

“Boys please,” Elrond said approaching the bed. “Erestor put something on and come with me to the healing halls. I will tend to you there.” Elrond said and shoved his still gaping sons out in front of him. “Place your tongues back into your mouths,”

“Sorry Ada,” they mumbled in chastised unison as they turned to go in the opposite direction of their father.

Erestor shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Are you going to explain that comment?”

“No,” Erestor said a little nervous now that he was alone with the elf.

“Why not?”

“Because it is hard remembering him,” Erestor mumbled as tears came unbidden to his eyes.

“Him who?” Glorfindel asked thinking maybe it was Erestor’s father. The elf was never mentioned and short of his mother he did not think Erestor had any other family.

“My husband.”

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