Fairy’s Dreaming pt03

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 3/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
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Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

It had been weeks and still Erestor refused to answer any questions as to why he did what he did. Or even answer Glorfindel on this mysterious husband. Glorfindel handed Erestor his report and noticed the bags under Erestor’s eyes.

He had recovered from his illness more or less but still seemed easily exhausted. On top of that Elrond seemed to be heaping the work on Erestor out of anger that the advisor refused to answer anything. The twins hounded Erestor any free moment they received, but luckily for the solitary advisor no one else in Imladris knew anything of the elf’s yearly trips.

“Is there something more you wanted?” Erestor asked noticing Glorfindel had yet to leave.

Glorfindel thought of asking yet again about Erestor’s past and decided to save his breath. “No nothing, you should get some rest, its late.”

Erestor eyed Glorfindel and shrugged. The concern was a surprise but not a large one. Glorfindel was soft hearted.

“Elrond wants these by the end of the night.”

“Valar! Erestor just tell us what is going on.” Glorfindel snapped wanting to get to the truth.

“And what is that?” Erestor asked shifting through paperwork.

“You are infuriating and to think I thought that I was doing you a favor.”

“Favor when?” Erestor asked placing his quill down and crossing his arms.

“When I brought you to Rivendell, for over a week you were unconscious and feverish. I just have one question. How did you fake it?”

“Fake what? What are you blathering about?”

“Erestor how did you get back to Imladris last year?”

“I…rode…I must have…”

“Can you remember anything from the ride? Can you tell me why you woke in the healing halls?” Glorfindel snapped.

“I…I…Why are we even discussing this? I have finished for today and must be up…” Erestor paused looking at his desk. Pulling a scroll to him he unwrapped it and sighed. There would be no sleep tonight.

Taking a fresh parchment and quill he stood. And glancing at Glorfindel left his office. The blond followed him and with a quick stare stopped him in the hall.

“I thought you said you were going to bed?” Glorfindel asked.

“There are a few more things that need to be taken care of, now the sooner you let me be the sooner I get started and will be done.”

“Erestor,” Glorfindel said grasping the elf’s hand and Erestor pulled away with a gasp.

“Please do not touch me,” Erestor said feeling slightly lightheaded.

“Fine. I will leave you and your precious work be,” Glorfindel growled marching off.

Erestor looked at his hand a moment shut his eyes and took a steadying slow breath.

“It seems to me he doesn’t like the touch of elves. Where does that leave us dear brother?”

“Half a touch?” Elrohir asked his fingers almost touching Erestor’s face as the advisor pulled back.

“Not even that dear brother. Oh what are we to do with ourselves?” Elladan asked in mock sadness.

“I do not know, Erestor what do you suppose we do with ourselves? You after all have a lot of experience entertaining mortals if we are not mistaken.” Elrohir stated with a cold smile.

Erestor did not understand what the twins wanted for him. He missed the days where they more or less ignored him. They did not have much that they needed from him at the moment nor him from them. He looked around the twins wondering if he could simply go around them back to the safety of his rooms instead of this empty corridor. Elladan seemingly reading his mind

“Elrohir, do you remember when we were kids? And we used to sit on Erestor?”

Elrohir smiled even as he helped his brother keep Erestor right where they wanted him. “Yes, he would pretend he couldn’t lift us.”

“Brother,” Elladan started never removing his eyes from Erestor. I do not think he was pretending. I do not think he could lift even a child. We could do whatever we wanted to couldn’t we?” He asked looking into the widening violet eyes.

“Why he looks scared, I think you are right brother.”

Erestor’s hands felt behind him not liking what the twins seemed to be doing. He nearly leapt for joy when he felt the ornate handle. He could not remember what room was in this corridor but all that mattered was there was a door with a lock. He wished he could understand the twins but instead pushed opened the door slightly and slipped in quickly shutting it.

“That was easy,” Elladan mumbled.

“I still want to lick him though,” Elrohir whined.

“Just lick?” His brother asked with a leer before turning back to door. “Now Erestor we promise to let you out if you tell us everything you know.”

“What?” Erestor whispered realizing now that he was in a closet. “No…no.. NO!”

“Well that’s not exactly cooperative,” Elladan snapped. “We’ll come back in an hour maybe you will be willing to answer us then.”

“No! Don’t!”

“Now Erestor you have to make up your mind.”


“Ugh, come brother, let is hear Lindir play, maybe he will be able to decide what he wants to tell us by then,” Elladan said turning away from the locked closet, bolt pulled in place from the outside. The twins headed off to the hall forgetting Erestor within the hour.

T next afternoon the twins entered breakfast to find a cold atmosphere. Elrond’s expression was set into a grimace and Glorfindel looked immensely irritated.

“Ada, Glorfindel? What is wrong?”

“Erestor seems to have fled in the night…” Something about the expressions on the twins’ faces brought out the father in Elrond. He knew that expression all to well. “What did you boys do?”

“We uh…” Elladan started.

“We may have forgotten him in a closet.”

“You left him in a closet all night and most of today? What possessed you to do such a thing?”

“We thought…”

“No I do not even want to know. Show me where.”

The twins reluctantly led their father and Glorfindel to where Erestor was and unbolted the door before pulling the door open.

“Erestor? Are you awake?” Elrond asked the huddled form.

“I’m awake, please don’t…I’m awake…always awake…” The elf babbled rocking slightly.

“Erestor? Are you alright?” Glorfindel asked.

Erestor did not respond shakily getting to his feet and that was when they all saw the bloody red masses that were supposed to be his hands. Stepping back Elrohir bumped into the slick door and saw the scratch marks and blood.

Elrond put his arm around Erestor and led the passive elf to the healing halls. When the twins fell into step behind him he shot them a harsh glare, and they both guiltily backed away. Glancing at Glorfindel the twins saw his expression and their words died in their throats.

“How about you both leave Erestor be from now on? Just stay away from him,” Glorfindel said before heading to the healing halls. He was nearly there when he heard the panicked screaming. And ran the rest of the way to see Elrond trying to get Erestor to enter the healing hall through one of the smaller side doors. Erestor was digging his heels into the floor and Elrond was trying not to harm the elf.

“Glorfindel! Bring me a sedative!” Glorfindel rushed into the room glad he knew what he was looking for and dabbed a small amount onto a cloth and held it over Erestor’s mouth until the already weak struggles slowed to a stop.

“I am worried about how much blood he lost. At first it did not seem so much but his struggles were so weak. Even before you sedated him, but I did not want him to hurt himself trying to break my hold. He was so terrified of being put back into a closet.”

“Why would he be so scared of a closet?”

“I do not know Glorfindel, but that kind of fear is learned. Let us tend to his poor hands.”

Hours later Erestor woke slowly. Blinking tiredly he moved to push his hair out of his eyes and noticed his bandaged hand. Raising his other hand and finding the same mummified limb startled Erestor and he sat up with a jolt as Elrond turned finally noticing he was awake.

“Erestor breathe,” Elrond said softly stroking his back. “You are in the healing halls you are safe here.”

“What…what happened to my hands?”

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“The twins were talking…and I went into a room…but it wasn’t a room it was a…” Erestor let out a shudder. “She wouldn’t let me out.”

“I know the twins are very sorry for what they did. Erestor you tried to claw your way out of the closet.”

“I’m Sorry! I didn’t mean…I’m Sorry!”

“Erestor, calm down, I didn’t mean that you were to blame for this in any way,” Elrond said noticing that his words had little effect on lessening Erestor’s panicked state. Speaking soothing words to the elf he sat with him until he fell into a light sleep, his bandaged hands on Elrond’s chest.

“What kind of life did you have before you came to us? Who is this she? And what horrors did she lay upon you?”

The next time Erestor woke he was much more relaxed and aware and seemed slightly nervous to be so close to his lord. Elrond was somewhat surprised and irritated by this more so when he moved to push some of Erestor’s hair back after two failed attempts by the elf only to have him jerk away.

“What on arda is wrong with you?” Elrond snapped. “I have been alone with you for hours, most of which where you were asleep, if I was going to harm you would I have not done it then?”

Erestor looked at Elrond and nodded quietly. Holding back a flinch when Elrond reached for him again.

“What is this?! You lay with mortals for coin and you shy from my touch? Why Erestor?” Elrond snarled and Erestor’s reaction rooted him in place. Erestor’s hands went up to protect his head even as he started to curl up onto himself.

‘Some one who has received one too many beatings.’ “Rest Erestor. Later we will see if you are up to moving to your rooms.”

Erestor looked bewildered for a moment at Elrond’s change of tone before falling asleep yet again. And Elrond worried about Erestor’s weakness. He had not lost much blood though his fingers had been mangled by splinters and his own nails tearing off.

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