Fairy’s Dreaming pt05

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 5/?
Author: Blue Gold
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Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

Erestor cracked open one eye slowly, his entire body hurt. He felt as if he had been dragged by a horse a few miles. Opening his other eye he realized that he was in his bedroom. Pushing himself up he was stunned and nearly cried. They had come for him? How long had he been asleep to have already been moved out of the healing halls.

He stood shakily and supposed it was due to the fact that it could have been weeks since he had walked. Wanting to let them know he was awake and well and thank Glorfindel most likely for rescuing him he pulled on a black robe not bothering with leggings when he realized it was still quite painful to bend over.

Slipping into some soft shoes, he wondered where he should go first, Elrond’s office or Glorfindel’s when he looked out his open balcony window and noticed it was time for dinner. Slowly making his way to the dining hall, he had to pause on the stairs several times and wondered if he should have been released from the healing halls so soon.

“Erestor? When did you return?”

“Some time ago I suppose.”

“Oh, coming to dinner?.”

“Yes, Lindir.”

“Are you sure you are fine?”

“Yes Lindir,” Erestor said forcing himself to pick up the pace and walk purposely to the head table and take his usual seat. If he had not been so focused on keeping up appearances he may have noticed the shocked looks from Elrond and Glorfindel, and the pure outrage on the expressions of the twins.

“What are you doing here?” Elrond hissed.

“Should I be in bed?” Erestor asked feeling a little dizzy even now that he was seated.

“You…you…” Elrond seethed at a loss for words. “Get out of my sight! Now!” He snapped though only those closest to him heard him.

Erestor looked at the cold expressions on the elves, faces and realized he had made some mistake. Though he could not place it as he replayed the conversation in his mind. Unless now that he was healed his welcome had been revoked.

Thinking this to be the reason, he stood, his dizziness increasing with every step as he attempted to leave the dining hall and go to pack his things.

“Where did Erestor go?” Lindir asked as he noticed his empty seat on his way to change the music that was playing as they ate.

“He left.”

“Good, he did not look well at all. It seemed as if a breeze could knock him over. And look someone spilled wine on his seat too,” Lindir said already moving off new sheet music in hand. Glorfindel who sat opposite Erestor looked at the chair.

“Elrond, its blood.”

Elrond let out a deep sigh and stood wondering what nonsense Erestor had gotten himself into now. Making his way around the table he went in the direction Erestor had come from and nearly tripped over the elf.

Assuming Erestor would bounce back as he had done the last time he lifted him preparing to carry him to Erestor’s room when he recalled Glorfindel’s comment. Touching the elf’s robe he did indeed feel a wet spot and moved towards the healing halls, his pace speeding when he felt more of the liquid touch his hands.

Placing Erestor down he quickly removed the elf’s robes and grimaced at the abuse the body showed. Scratches, bruises and blood. The type of wounds that he had expected to see some years before. Using some clean cloth to staunch the blood flow as he gathered his tools. By the looks of it Erestor would need stitches.

He returned and began at the worst of it. Wiping away the blood, he too a deep breath and spread the elf’s legs. Carefully coating his fingers in a numbing and soothing salve he began to rub it against Erestor’s backside and received the first of many shocks.

“Please…just…no…nnhn…” Erestor whispered and completely collapsed. Elrond tried not to think of what that meant for Erestor and not let memories from the past assail him as he tended to much too familiar wounds.

He had finished the last of Erestor’s superficial wounds some he could not even understand what had caused them including some welts on the elf’s shoulders when Glorfindel entered the room. “What happened to him?”

“He was violated. He woke long enough to beg me to stop,” Elrond said with a heavy sigh.

“Will he be alright?”

“Physically, yes until he wakes we will have to wait to see his mental state.”

“Do you think he will forget?”

“If only it would be that simple. I think he finally got mixed up with the wrong mortals. I should have made him stay.”

“Elrond you can’t blame yourself. Whatever happened Erestor walked into it. I do not want to be cruel but if its anyone’s fault it is his own.”

Elrond looked momentarily shocked, but he had to admit it was true in a way. He just could not understand what drove the elf to do this every year.

“Why my friend why?”

It had been two months and Erestor still had not awoken. Elrond was carefully feeding him fluids and discussing his options with another healer.

“We may have to send him west. There is no more I can do for him. His body is healed but he is still weak.” The healer approached shaking his head.

“We should move him to his rooms. Make him comfortable if these are his last few weeks with us. My lord you did all you could. It is in the hands of the valar now.”

Elrond nodded and lay Erestor back down and placed the tray aside. The healer looked at Erestor and carefully lifted the waif of an elf, wondering how one could remain so beautiful even after losing so much weight. Stroking the skin that was so silky he almost lost step with Elrond as they went into the living quarters.

Entering Erestor’s room Elrond tossed back the blanket and the healer lowered Erestor into the bed. Elrond pulled the sheet over the still elf.

“My lord I will prepare a small fire for him., it may be time to write to Cirdan.”

“I know, I just do not feel comfortable making this decision for him,” Elrond whispered as he left the healer to tend to Erestor in his quarters.

Looking about the room he marveled at the Spartan décor. He suddenly thought that maybe the healing hall would have been more comfortable. Some of the things in the room looked as if they had never been touched.

“You do not look as if you lived here,” he mused as he got a low burning fire going to warm the room.

“He pulled a chair to Erestor’s bedside and looked at the elf. His long hair fanning his pillow, eyes closed entire body in repose and sighed running his hand along the perfect skin. None of the dryness that usually occurred when an elf was out of commission for so long. The black hair continued to shine and he would swear Erestor was simply asleep.

“Advisor Erestor, I just do not understand it, you look better each day but at the same time I know you are deteriorating. If I lift this sheet I know I will see your ribs, I know if you do not wake soon you may not be able to walk, and most likely you would amble around like a child if you woke now, and yet most disturbing of all I have no greater wish than to ravish you. I am an honorable elf so I will satisfy this baser desire by simply looking upon your face, then we never need to discuss it again.”

A hand already in his leggings, he imagined it was Erestor that was doing this to him. Imagined that it was Erestor whose hand teased him now. Those astounding violet eyes opening glowing in the near darkness of the room as the healer oblivious continued to stroke himself.

Panting as the scent of sex filled the room, his eyes had fallen shut as he imagined Erestor kneeling between his spread legs and taking his swollen member between his perfect lips. This last thought was enough to send him over the edge, and after tucking himself into his leggings he guiltily left the room.

The violet eyes remained opened as night fell on Imladris and many an elf spilt his seed in his sleep like they were once again a child nearing majority. Elrond for his part was oblivious to all this much more concerned with if he would have to send Erestor to Valinor.

It was an hour before dawn when a sleepless Elrond left his office to make his way to Erestor’s room. Freezing as he saw an ethereal form in the hall. In long white sleep clothes, black hair being blown by the wind as Elrond stared as the image was broken as he was startled awake by a knock on his door.

Glorfindel entered his expression locked in a grimace. “He’s awake.”

“Should you not be more pleased?”

“Come see for yourself.”

Elrond followed Glorfindel and found Erestor packing slowly. Dressed in traveling garb that was now too big on him, he sat down as he filled his pack.”

“Erestor, where are you going?”

“I…I don’t know,” Erestor whispered.

“Don’t know or don’t want to say? More filthy men to spread your legs for?” Glorfindel snarled.

Erestor shuddered at the thought. Not noticing that his hands were shaking now he continued to pack. “No, you made yourselves clear at dinner.”

“Dinner?” Elrond asked confused.

“Yes, I understand, I will not return again,” Erestor said softly. Looking up at the blond leaning against his wall he wrung his hands before speaking. “Glorfindel…I wanted to…to…”

“To what?” He snarled.

“Thank you,” Erestor mumbled

“For what?”

“I am assuming you are the one who rescued me. I do not know how you found me, I do not even know where I was…they…thank you,” Erestor said

Glorfindel opened his mouth but Elrond held up a hand. “You were not in the tavern?”

“I had left…I saw…someone was lying in the road, I thought them to be injured. It was some sort of trap, he had a cloth…” Erestor words faltered as he remembered the mindlessness, then the pain and the hunger.

Glorfindel and Elrond exchanged looks wondering very different things. Elrond wondering how Erestor had gotten back to Imladris if not under his own power, Glorfindel wondering if they were being played for fools.

“Erestor I ask you again where will you go?” Elrond asked. Erestor looked at his hands.

“I will leave the borders of Imladris, maybe I will live like my mother. I will not trouble you anymore. I am not fit for elven company.”

“Finally something we agree on.” Erestor glanced at Glorfindel and stood lifting his pack and being pulled back down to the bed by the weight. He attempted to lift it again and sighed.

“I suppose they are not really mine anyway,” Erestor said and left the pack where it was. He walked to the desk and opened the drawer, taking out his key he handed it to Elrond and walked out of the room.

“What just happened here?”

“I don’t even know what to believe when that one speaks.”

“What was all that talk of you rescuing him?”

“I have no idea, though I would like to know how none of the border patrol saw his return. He is not an elf known for his stealth.”

Elrond replayed the conversation in his head and finally understood one thing and groaned. Leaving the room he caught Erestor leaning against the wall for support barely making out of the short corridor.

“You are going to bed. You haven’t had a real meal in two months, and as you asked me before, yes you should be in bed.”

A bewildered Erestor allowed himself to be led to bed, avoiding Glorfindel’s glare as he settled on his bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

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