Fairy’s Dreaming pt06

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 6/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: http://www.midnightscribbles.envy.nu http://www.slash.midnightscribbes.com
Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

Erestor ignored the icy blue glare that bore into his back. He had to do this, it had been four years, and he had no idea why short of a few dreams now and then why he no longer had any sexual desires but did not question it. It was for the best, for he couldn’t even stand the idea of a touch.

Now he had finally decided to see his mother, he had to speak to her to explain and hope that she understood. He had barely made his request to Elrond when Glorfindel stated he would be escorting Erestor no questions asked.

And since that moment the blond had been his own angry glaring shadow. As if Erestor would run off into the night at the moment Erestor stood at the entrance to the stables a small pack slung over his shoulder as he simply stared into the stable. Twitching he shuffled his feet kicking around loose dirt. Tugging sharply at his hair causing a few strands to come loose in his fingers, he entered the stable and Glorfindel rolled his eyes at the dramatic show.

“What to finally admit this farce of a mother? Or must we go on this foolish trip?”

Erestor’s expression blanked and he mounted his horse and rode it out of the stable and at a slow trot made his way down the path and out of the valley. To say their journey was cold would be to say the Mirkwood spiders were a minor nuisance.

Erestor didn’t attempt to speak to Glorfindel and ignored the blond’s harsh pointed questions. Until one pushed too far.

“And this supposed husband, an attempt at pity? For one would have to be a fool to marry you when they could have you for a few coins.”

Erestor rounded on Glorfindel his rage boiling. “How dare you! Do not ever try to insult my husband again!” Glorfindel stared at who looked about ready to toss him from the horse. “Do I insult your paltry slaying of a balrog?”

“Paltry!? How dare you…You have nerve you paper pushing whore…”

“Did not the lord of the fountain slay three? Dragging the fiercest to its death in his name sake? What did you do trip off the side of a cliff?”

Glorfindel pulled his horse forward feeling an urge to beat Erestor bloody; one that he would not indulge in. Glaring behind him once to make sure the elf was still there. The last stretch of the journey made in complete angry silence. Glorfindel was the first to see the not so modest cottage.

Erestor quickly pulled ahead of him and sped his horse the last distance to the house. Glorfindel stared at the woman who exited the cabin. Erestor quickly blocking her from his view, a slap to his face sent him reeling to the flowerbed and a kick into his side sent him rolling back onto the small path that led to the house.

“Idiot! I just planted those.”

Glorfindel stared, he could see the resemblance, just barely, she had a light tan, a slender frame though he had to admit he usually expected breast that large on mortal women, and the way her dress was cut and tighten in a mix of mortal and elven styles drew your attention there but what truly had your attention was her hair. Jet black short of two shocks of the purest white.

“Four years and not a peep from you. Why did you bother to show your face now? I had finally decided the valar had been kind enough to rid me of you once and for all. Why I had to have you of all things and call it a son I will never know.”

Glorfindel dismounted his horse but did not approach the house continuing the watch the two elves. Erestor picked himself off the floor and began speaking quietly. So quietly that Glorfindel could not hear him but clearly what he said irritated his mother and she rewarded him with another strong slap though this time Erestor remained upright.

She pushed past him and walked over to Glorfindel with a bright smile. “Hello my Lady I am.”

“I know who you are you need no introduction we shared something once.”

“We did?” Glorfindel asked thinking that he would recall such a striking elf.

“A city, I was not one of your house though you visited often you were close to our lord.”

“Ah, a member of the house of the fountain?”

“Yes my lord. Come we shall share tales, remember when things were golden so to speak.”

“That would be lovely. Too often do people care only to hear the balrog tale.”

“Not I, come,” she said casually leading Glorfindel by the arm. “Be useful, tend the horses and bring the packs inside you waste.”

“Yes mother,” Erestor whispered quietly as he made his way past them.

When Erestor returned he watched as his mother set out two tea cups and two plates of snacks for her and Glorfindel.

“Glorfindel will have your bed, you can use whatever you have been sleeping in on the road.” Erestor nodded knowing the comment was for Glorfindel’s benefit. He wondered slightly what was in the tea, but did not bother to warn the elf. He knew his mother was no fan of the house of the Golden Flower or its undeserving returned lord. The sudden thud surprised him and he made his way back to the other room to find Glorfindel on the floor having fallen out of his chair.

“Hmm, I suppose I made it a little strong, help me carry him to bed. You fool; he told me why he was here. Can you do nothing right?”

Erestor did not comment knowing he was not actually meant to and lifted the now sleeping elf’s legs and carried him to his bed. Pulling off his boots he arranged Glorfindel’s limbs and tucked the sheet around him.

“He will not wake until morning if then. That is plenty of time for you to go.”

“But he knows where the tavern is.”

“Do you think me a simpleton like you? His horse will mysteriously run off. I will keep it tethered in the cave. Now go! You have four years to make up for.”

Erestor glanced at Glorfindel for another moment and lifted his pack and went back out to where he had placed the horses.


Glorfindel woke hours later and realized he had been drugged. Sitting up with a start fearing Erestor has escaped he lay back down with a groan at the pain in his head. Moments later the door opened and Erestor slowly shuffled into the room, he glanced at Glorfindel and the blond assumed Erestor thought he was asleep.

His clothes were tattered and torn and he could easily see welts and bruises. “Valar Erestor!” Glorfindel exclaimed and the elf jumped shocked. Erestor whispered something so low Glorfindel stood cradling his head and made his way to the elf on the other side of the room.

“What did you say?”

“You will wake her.”

“Your mother did this?” Glorfindel asked assessing the damage. When he had seen Erestor’s greeting he hadn’t thought much of it. A couple of slaps was not so horrid and a lot less than he had wished to do to the elf on occasion.

“Yes and no.”

“She either did or she didn’t,” Glorfindel stated.

“She whipped me,” Erestor said wavering on his feet. “Bandits…”

“There were bandits? Were you followed?”

“No, they took the horse and my pack, when they realized I was an elf they wanted…they argued about who would…I ran,” Erestor’s whispers broke off then as the elf looked at his hands and moved away from the blond and began unrolling a bedroll.

“Erestor you are injured you can’t possibly sleep on that.”

“Its more than I normally have when I am here. I am not allowed to sleep on the bed. The bedroll will be fine,” Erestor said softly. “Go back to bed, I have disturbed your sleep enough.”

“Some sleep I was drugged.”

“I know she doesn’t like you.”

“You knew she was drugging me and you did nothing?!” Glorfindel snarled shoving Erestor against a wall. Pulling away just as quickly shaking his head at giving in to his anger. Taking a few steps back he looked at Erestor clutching his sides tightly his eyes shut tight. He eyed Erestor worried not thinking the shove could have caused that much damage.

Glorfindel moved towards Erestor again and the elf raised a hand to keep him at bay. “I’m fine,” Erestor panted harshly.

“Let me see,” Glorfindel said pushing Erestor’s arms aside as the elf gasped he pushed the tatters of the tunic aside. He touched the skin seeing the welts and bruises, though nothing to cause such a strong reaction. Erestor shook in his hold and it wasn’t until the scent hit his nose that he understood what was wrong.

“You’re disgusting; do you enjoy pain so much? To actually reach completion…you deserve everything you have ever received,” Glorfindel said turning his back on Erestor and heading back to the bed. He didn’t notice as Erestor slipped out of the room and with the drug in his system his was asleep quickly.


Waking to shouting Glorfindel moved to the door to listen. “…worthless beast.”

“Mother please, I can’t do it anymore, I don’t want to.”

“You don’t want to? And what am I suppose to do? Starve to death?”

“You can come live in Imladris.”

“I will not live with elves after what you did to me! My hair is white! I have WRINKLES. Ever since my valar forsaken pregnancy, you will go to that tavern, you will sell yourself to mortals and you will give me the profits. It’s the least you could do, you caused this forced exile!”

“But I’m…”

“Scared?! You were made to be a whore, you wanted a mortal I gave you more mortals. And you were good enough not to kill any of these. Oh are you going to cry now? You weren’t even of age what did you know of love? I saw you spending all night by that heap; I will use it for compost this year.”

“You can’t!”

“You are lucky I didn’t do it sooner. What do you weep for bones and worms? He would have been in the same place now if he had lived a long full life. The only difference would have been he may have taken you with him and rid me of your useless hide.”

Glorfindel listened to this sadly, he would not pretend to understand Erestor’s perversion but the fact that it was likely caused by his harpy of a mother. It made him rethink what he believed about Erestor, and the elf’s motivation.

“Living with this half elf bastard and blond fool has made you forget your place.” Hearing a crash Glorfindel finally surged into the other room in time to see Erestor shoved into a closet a bolt drawn on the outside.

Glorfindel ignored Erestor’s mother and pulled open the door and saw that Erestor was just as traumatized as he had been in Imladris. He carefully pulled Erestor out of the closet. “Erestor look at me; I want you to go to your room and prepare to leave. Can you do that?” Glorfindel asked not releasing his hold. Erestor nodded shakily and shuffled away before Glorfindel turned to Erestor’s mother.

“You are many things, but you are no lady, no elf and most of all no mother. You are some foul beast of Morgoth, Mordor bent on destroying elves. Erestor’s father was lucky to free himself of you before it was too late.”

“You do not know me.”

“Lucky me for that, I wouldn’t trust you to raise a rat,” Glorfindel said and turned on her entering the room to find Erestor curled up in a corner shivering and shaking. He got to his knees besides Erestor and stroked the elf’s hair.

It took just a few seconds for Erestor to pull away sharply and nearly flee from Glorfindel’s touch. The blond watched as Erestor stood and shook himself refusing to look at the blond.

“We are leaving Erestor, I see no reason to suffer under that thing for a moment longer.”

“I can’t leave him here.”

“Him who?”

“My husband.”

“Where is he?” Glorfindel asked confused. Erestor pointed to the window and Glorfindel could make out a sword and helm surrounded by a makeshift circle of stones. “When did he die? He was mortal correct?”

“Our wedding night, or the morning I am not sure.”

“How could you not be sure?” Glorfindel asked before thinking.

“He would wake me every hour or so, at least it felt like it and I would give myself to him as he wanted. The last time I took him and we finally truly slept through what was left of the night. When I woke in his arms the only parts that were warm were the parts where I had rested my head and tossed my arm,” Erestor paused then tears streaming down his face, “I tried for hours to wake him, we were supposed to flee to Imladris, and we supposed we would both be welcome. It was his idea, I had never even heard of the valley. It was all my fault, it would have been best if we had never met.”

“How could it have possible been your fault.”

“Mother said…”

“No, whatever that harpy said its wrong we will not leave him here.”

“I will get him,” Erestor whispered. Moving to the door slowly.

“Do you need help?”

“I will be fine,” Erestor said disappearing. Glorfindel watched as Erestor went to the garden ad removed the sword and helm carefully placing it aside and using some gardening tools to remove the earth. It wasn’t until he revealed a large stone slab that Glorfindel realized something had to be done.

“Erestor,” he began joining the elf outside, “he was a warrior he should have a pyre.

“Pyre?” Erestor sniffed, “you want me to burn him?”

“Its what I would wish, even after…”

Erestor stared at Glorfindel and sniffed looking at the stone slab, not sure he wanted to open the grave and see what had become of his husband’s body, once had been more than enough when he had created this stone coffin just the small bits he had seen through the cloth that he had wrapped him in, the bedding they had brought for their wedding night, to make it special. “You are right, I will get something to place the remains in.”

Glorfindel nodded and once Erestor was gone pushed open the slab. Covering his face he quickly covered the body with dry leaves and readied a flame. Once Erestor returned with an urn he handed the elf the make shift torch and watched as he still sobbing laid it over the body.

Glorfindel didn’t say a word until the flames burned down glad that the bones were old enough that the weak fire was enough to reduce then to ash and a stronger fire was not needed. Watching Erestor he wondered at the story behind his marriage and his clear devastation at the moment.

The fire had nearly burned itself out when Erestor spoke. “Your horse, follow that path until you reach a cave it should be tethered inside.

Glorfindel considered questioning Erestor then simply decided he did not care. By the time he returned with the horse Erestor had filled the urn and was holding it tight to his chest continuing to sob though he had cried himself dry and his body was simply shaking as the pained sounds continued to escape him.

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