Fairy’s Dreaming pt07

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 7/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: http://www.midnightscribbles.envy.nu http://www.slash.midnightscribbes.com
Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

Glorfindel rode besides Erestor in a silence that was much more oppressive then the one that they had left Rivendell in. Erestor clutched the makeshift urn tightly to him and the sword was held in his other hand. He was riding blindly and Glorfindel constantly pushed branches aside lest they slice the elf’s cheek.

Days had past and they were nearing the border when Glorfindel heard the approaching horses. He drew his horse to a halt and did the same for Erestor, waiting for the twins to appear.

They emerged from the left a few moments later and Glorfindel inclined his head to the twins while Erestor remained unresponsive locked in his own world of pain.

“What’s with the little whore?” Elladan asked as Elrohir glanced over at Erestor.

“Boys not now,” Glorfindel warned.

“Why, should we be concerned about the tramps feelings?”

“You can either let Erestor be or you can ride ahead.”

“Since when do you care? Elladan snapped. “Look we made the little slut cry.”

“Elladan! If you can not hold your tongue we will not share the ride home.”

“But what is going…” Elrohir began.

“When we reach the valley no sooner. Now do as I say and leave Erestor to his grief.”

“For who does he grieve,” Elrohir asked.

“His, husband.”

“Who would marry him?!”

“Elladan, enough!”

Elladan was about to snap at Glorfindel in turn not liking the blond’s sudden change in attitude towards the advisor when his brother called him to look at Erestor. Turning to the elf his words died in his throat. Erestor was still griping the urn to his chest, tears falling from his blind eyes, and holding the sword by the blade blood running from his palm to the end of the sword.

“Glorfindel,” Elladan whispered.

“What wasn’t your little closet prank enough? His mother would lock him up in their closet. By the looks of her most likely in lieu of food and being able to relieve himself for days or so at a time. Didn’t you swear to let Erestor to be.”

“Glorfindel look at him.”

Glorfindel turned and cursed when he realized in his distraction Erestor was harming himself in his despair. “Erestor,” he began softly as he pulled his horse to Erestor’s side, “Erestor, let me help you. I will carry the sword.”



“I am fine,” Erestor replied blandly.

“We are an hour away, how are your injuries?”

“Inj…oh I forgot they were there. I’m fine.”

Glorfindel frowned and turned to the twins. “Ride ahead, besides the obvious he has injured ribs and lash marks. I have kept him from getting infected but he has not exactly been helpful these last few days. He needs care.”

“How injured is he?”

“I have no idea. He barely lets me touch him,” Glorfindel whispered staring at Erestor. Glancing back at the twins he was glad to see that they took off at a break neck speed that was sure to make them arrive in minutes compared to the hour once they resumed the slow trot that would keep from jarring Erestor.

When they arrived, he was surprised to see Elrond and Faelas, the one elf who was considered colder than Erestor could be as he tended the halls of mourning. Elrond stepped forward but the silver haired elf stopped him.

“His injuries…”

“You will only make things worse; I will bring him to you when he is ready no sooner.”

He did not wait for the lord of the valley to respond already walking to Erestor. He paused at the horse first and with a few words had it down on one knee. He had him off the horse in moments and gently guided him to the hall.

It was hours before he entered the healing hall carrying an exhausted Erestor. “He may try to enter the hall again. I do not recommend it. He feels it is his fault, and he clearly is not your chief advisor without reason. I can give him no argument to the contrary.”

Elrond nodded and began to tend the elf’s welts, and his hands wondering about this dead husband and how important he was to Erestor. Glorfindel had had little information to provide, short of the fact that he was mortal and had died in their marriage bed. Erestor woke as Elrond was tending superficial scratches to his face and neck.

“Who was he?”

“A warrior,” Erestor sniffed, “well a guard he was so proud of his station.”

“How old was he?”

“He had reached his twentieth summer.”

“And you?” Elrond asked tending all the while.

“Forty five.”

“You had not reached majority.”


“Your parents approved?”

“I did not tell my mother until after I…after he…”

“What did she say?”

“She locked me in the closest for three weeks. She told me it was all my fault.”

Elrond floundered not believing that a parent could be so cruel and took Erestor into his arms.

“She was wrong.”

“But we were alone, he was strong, the only thing that changed was me. His own family disowned him for his love of me.”

“Mortals do not always understand love. That he did showed he was a good choice for your heart.”

“But he would have been better off for not knowing me,” Erestor whispered as he pulled away from Elrond.

“What did he tell you when his family shunned him?” Elrond asked.

“That he did not care as long as he had my love.”

“Now would you have taken that away from him?”

“No!” Elrond smiled indulgently at the outburst.

“Would he have wished it?”

“I don’t think…”

“Erestor he was mortal and a warrior. Did he ever tell you what he wanted you to do once he passed?”

“He used to joke that once people believed us to be father and son, I was to run away in the night what a nice young thing.”

“Do you think he meant it?”

“In his own way I suppose, he hid a lot of seriousness in his jokes.”

“Would he want you to torture yourself like this?” Elrond asked.

“I was to dance naked on his grave and get outrageously drunk, not in that order I don’ think,” Erestor said with a giggle. “Spend a day fore every year remembering us doing foolish things; like sneaking into the lord’s house and ending up trapped under the bed as the lord and a servant girl enjoyed each other.”

“Really now?” Elrond asked brow raised.

“That was the first time he kissed me,” Erestor whispered with a blush.

“How long did you know each other?”

“Three years, in months he had me soiling my leggings at every turn.”

“That is love, when I first met Celebrian, I could not speak to her without stuttering lucky for me she found it cute.”

Erestor smiled, “He could look at me a way and my leggings would be tight.”

“Why do you think I took to wearing robes all of a sudden? A catch of her scent, a smile and I was lost.”

“I know,” Erestor said to a startled Elrond.


“You would always start to fidget like you wished to flee your seat and there was the smell. He used to smell of wood, freshly cut. I suppose it was because he was stationed near the wood cutter,” Erestor said wistfully.

Elrond laughed, “I never realized I was so obvious.”

“I think I was just more sensitive to such things.”

“Erestor! Are you well?” Glorfindel asked entering the room in fresh clothes for the first time in nearly a week.

“I will survive, I suppose.”

“You had me worried,” Glorfindel stated as he pulled a chair besides Elrond.

“I’m sorry.”

“There is no need to apologize, just get well and I will be a happy elf,” Glorfindel said with a cheery smile, as Elrond eyed him surprised at this change of tone towards Erestor.

Erestor nodded slowly, “How serious are my injuries?”

“Nothing too horrible even with your slightly slowed healing rate. You should be well in a fortnight. For now I recommend bed rest.”

“I don’t have time, I know how much needs to be done. Melpomean is not the least bit prepared to handle it all. I rarely give him responsibility.”

“We will survive without you. Be sure he stays in bed Glorfindel.”

“I will keep him in bed and rested even if I must burn his scrolls to do it.”

“Burn my…” Erestor started and burst into tears. Glorfindel stared confused as Elrond pulled the elf into his arms and rubbed his back.

“The tears help, accept that they will come at the strangest moments. And do not fight it,” Elrond whispered to the elf as it finally dawned on Glorfindel what was so disturbing about what he said, Shaking his head he vowed to be more careful with his words around the traumatized elf.

He watched as Elrond continued to whisper and held the elf close as his tears lessened and finally fell asleep on the elf lord’s chest.

“Tell me about his mother,” Elrond whispered not loosening his hold on Erestor.

Glorfindel recounted his stay for Elrond, starting with Erestor’s greeting and his drugging and ending with their departure. Elrond growled softly hearing the part about the closest holding Erestor all the tighter and was stunned when the elf mumbled.

“Love you.”

“He must be dreaming,” he stated to a just a surprised Glorfindel. “And in this state it is no question who he is dreaming of.”

Glorfindel nodded continuing his tale, Elrond biting back his rage as he heard the truth of how Erestor came about his injuries.

“That harpy should be imprisoned.”

“Don’t you will just make her angry.”

“Why not after what she did…” Glorfindel started though from his angle Elrond noticed that Erestor’s eyes were at half mast.

“She’ll put you in the closet,” Erestor said starting to tremble.

“Shh, we won’t go back to sleep,” Elrond said and Erestor mumbled nonsense before falling deeper into sleep. Elrond laid the smaller elf down finally tucking a sheet around him.

“He fell asleep?”

“He always was, Erestor would not say it like that awake.”

“That is true, I don’t want him ever going there again. I can’t believe that she started him on that life.”

“It is a shame, if I had known when he began to visit the valley for lessons I would have persuaded him to stay sooner. I should have known. Valar.” Elrond suddenly groaned.

“What is it?”

“The day Erestor with his few possessions arrived to stay I clasped his shoulder and he fainted. He was covered in bruises; the ride to Imladris must have taken the last of his strength. He claimed to have fallen from his horse and begged me not to inform his mother as she would wish him home. I did not but because I supposed whoever had harmed him would not follow him to the valley. I never believed in my faintest dreaming believed it to be his own mother.”

Glorfindel shook his head, “no one would.”

“I wonder who his father is.”

“She did not say, and it is clear Erestor has no idea. I wondered if he knew he had a son. Do you still think he his half elven?”

“It takes much to long for him to heal, and his illness, but he does not seem overly affected by the cold.”

“So there is a chance Erestor’s father would not have been able to raise him even if he had been present?” Glorfindel said looking at the self sadly.

“There is a high chance that is the case,” Elrond whispered.

“Am I the only one who thinks he has greatly wronged Erestor these last few years?”

“Oh there is quite enough guilt to go around.”

“Ada? Glorfindel? Can we enter?”

“Please do.”

“Erestor…will he…is he…” Elladan tried turning to his brother for help as his hair fell into his eyes.

“We tried to speak to him in the hall, but, will he fade?” Elrohir asked as they neared the bed, neither twin realizing they were clinging to each other afraid of the answer.

“He will not fade but he will not be his bright happy self,” Elrond stated.

“Bright happy?” Elladan asked not believing that now was a time for a joke.

“Boys his grief is deep and he was never allowed to deal with it. His own mother had him believing that it was his fault. The Erestor you knew was as cheerful as a hobbit compared to the one you will meet. Offer him solace if he wishes it.”

“We will try,” the twins replied in unison.

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