Fairy’s Dreaming pt09

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 9/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: http://www.midnightscribbles.envy.nu http://www.slash.midnightscribbes.com
Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel, Erestor/Elrond
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

Elladan approached the door to Erestor’s office for the third time that day his hand poised at the door when he sighed and lowered his hand. Erestor pulled open the door and blinked in surprise at the half-elf.

“Have you been sulking outside the office all day?” Erestor asked.

“No, well a couple times,” Elladan replied sheepishly. “How did you know?”

Erestor motioned for Elladan to step aside and then stepped right beside in front of the door and the half elf heard the tiny creak he hadn’t noticed.

“I’ve heard that creak a dozen times,” Erestor said before sweeping back into his office leaving the decision to enter or not to Elladan who slowly followed the elf into the room. “I’ve found elves I’ve never spoken to out there in the past weeks.”

“What do they want?”

“To tell me that they have suddenly realized just how beautiful and amazing I am,” Erestor said in a cold tone.

“You don’t want to find love?”

“I would not be adverse to it,” Erestor replied, “but all they want to do is bed me.”

Elladan blanched as he looked about the office. “How do you know?”

“Shortly after their declaration they attempt to kiss or otherwise paw me.”

“But you…”

“I know what I did, there are few here who know of what my trips consisted of, fewer still who know they have ceased and none that know why.”

“Erestor, why…why did you go?”

“I had to,” was the simple response.

Elladan looked at Erestor and wondered about the dream he had the night before. Looking at Erestor he wondered if he truly had such soft skin and lips, and apparently he wasn’t the only one.

In the silence Elladan heard the creak moments before the subsequent knock.

“Enter,” Erestor called tiredly and Elladan could tell by his tone he was already weary.

“You requested to see me Master Erestor.”

“Yes Melpomean please, sit. Elladan can you excuse us a moment.”

“Sure Erestor, I will see you later,” Elladan said as he passed Melpomean his hand sliding across Melpomean’s backside as he passed the elf.

Melpomean smacked the hand as he slid into the chair trying to hide a yawn. “Are you alright?”

“I had a long night,” Melpomean mumbled glancing at the departing form of Elladan, glad he couldn’t see the smirk he was sure was on the elf’s face.

“Melpomean you usually take over for me when I go on my trips to see my mother?”

“Yes but…”

“I know I haven’t gone in a while but your work was always exemplary. I have a proposition for you. How would you like to train in the full scope of my duties, become an apprentice as such?”

“Are you leaving?”

“No, no, but there is no reason we can not share the duties, work together and if I ever decided to take an extended vacation, or some such visit to another realm, we all know you would be ready to take over.”

“Don’t I do that now?” Melpomean asked confused.

“You do, but isn’t there a lot you have to place aside until my return or confer with Elrond with. I would make it so that you could do this on your own.”

Melpomean smiled realizing what Erestor was offering him. His own authority instead of a seat warmer as Elladan and he was sure other scribes teased. “I would be honored.”

“I suppose we should meet three days a week so you would also have time to train your replacement at the same time.”

“When should we begin?”

“When is good for you?” Erestor asked as there was a knock at the door before it burst open.

“Erestor! I can’t hold back any longer I love you!”

Erestor’s gaze narrowed as he watched the elf approach the desk. “And how did you come to this conclusion?” He asked coldly.

Melpomean watched this surprised Erestor could be so cold to someone professing their love.

“Some nights ago, you are beauty beyond compare, and lost in passion…”

“Something you never have nor ever will see.”

“I had a vision of our love. It is nothing like what I feel for my mate.”

“You have a mate?” Melpomean whispered.

“She is nothing next to Erestor.”

“Next you will tell me she is with child,” Erestor snapped. “Go back to your mate who clearly deserves better than you and snap out of whatever ridiculous notions you have been having. I never have nor will I be interested.”

“Surly you want what we had.”

“We had NOTHING, I have never seen you before today. I do not even know your name, If I was not Chief Advisor you would not know mine. Now go!”

Erestor’s entire body radiated anger and the elf turned bright red before backing out of the room.

Erestor practically deflated. “That’s the third one this week. I don’t understand why someone would do such a thing. Is it some kind of cruel joke?” He whispered sinking into his chair.

Melpomean turned away from the door hearing a hitch in Erestor’s voice, surprised to see tears in the elf’s eyes. Tears he angrily wiped away taking a deep breath he looked up at Melpomean.

“When are you available to begin?” Erestor asked as if the interruption hadn’t happened.

“Oh…uh…the day after tomorrow. I need to discuss training and there is a Library meeting tomorrow and it usually drags.”

“Okay, do you think you could come in the morning after breakfast? Glorfindel, Elrond and I will be having our monthly meeting. It will be a good basis for how we coordinate our efforts.”

“I would think you meet more.”

“We do informally, sometimes just two of the three but these meetings usually give the broad scope of things occurring in the valley, things that need to be done and how things are going. It is like a smaller council meeting.”

“I will be there, thank you for the opportunity.”

“It is fine,” Erestor said softly.

“I will see you tomorrow. In Lord Elrond’s office?”

“Yes, until then, good day Melpomean,” Erestor said as the elf left the room smiling.

Nodding to himself Melpomean went back into the library and pulled a quill and parchment out and listed the elves who worked with him and tried to sort the list into one of apprentices. Unlike Erestor he did not have one elf who took over his duties when he took over Erestor’s. He had a few depending on availability and the projects they were working on.

“What did our dear Erestor want?” Elladan asked slipping beside him on the bench in the library.

“He wants to fully train me to be Chief Advisor, in his absence as well as for a division of the work.”

“I did not know he was working so hard.”

“I do not think he is, I think he just wants to do it. But the strangest thing happened when I was there,” Melpomean began explaining the strange scene in Erestor’s office.

“No wonder he keeps the door locked,” Elladan mumbled. “I thought he was exaggerating. Why would these elves do that?”

“I don’t know but it upset him greatly. He was in tears, though he tried to hide it.”

“He hasn’t discussed it with anyone short of my ada and Glorfindel. He is in mourning for his husband. He was a mortal,” Elladan whispered.

“Is that who he was visiting? Why didn’t they come to live here? Why was it secret?” Melpomean asked in rapid succession.

“Mel, I do not know all the details, but Erestor has been very upset. You must have noticed how often he hasn’t been to meals,” Elladan stated and Melpomean nodded realizing the truth in this. “I don’t know how much he would want you to know. He hasn’t told me much, all I know I learned from Glorfindel.”

“I will be discreet,” Melpomean whispered.

“Discreet? With the way you scream?” Elladan whispered one hand dropping to the elf’s thigh.

“You are incorrigible,” Melpomean whispered and hissed as the hand moved to cup him gently.

Elladan smiled devilishly and stood; clasping Melpomean with a friendly hand on the shoulder he left the library.


Melpomean took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It had taken some time to track the elf down and now he wanted answers.

“Who is it?” The same elf who had declared his love to Erestor asked as he pulled open the door.

“I want to know who put you up to doing such a horrible thing to Master Erestor,” Melpomean ordered.

The elf looked back into his home pulled the door shut and shoved Melpomean a few feet away and looked the elf straight in the eye. “No one.”

“You are not the only elf to do that to Erestor I just want to know what possessed you to so harass him.”

“I’m not?”

“No one put you up to this?” Melpomean asked again.

“No one, I just…I do not know, I love my mate, if they…I cannot live without them. The things I said. I wish I knew why, when I left I prayed none of that madness returned to her ears.”

Melpomean frowned but nodded. “Considering what it took to track you down and that I doubt Erestor will want to speak to you it should be fine.”

He left the elf more confused then when he had arrived. He knew the elf was telling the truth. He had been genuinely surprised when he learned that other elves had done the same. Now Melpomean’s question became why were some elves declaring their love to Erestor if not only they did not mean it; they were not playing some sort of elaborate joke on the elf.

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