Fairy’s Dreaming pt10

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 10/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: http://www.slash.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel, Erestor/Elrond
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies

Erestor entered the office and was surprised to see Melpomean already there. The elf had taken Glorfindel’s usual seat and had a small leather bound book in his lap as well as some charcoal.

“Erestor do you feel overworked?” Elrond asked.

“Why is that everyone’s first assumption? Glorfindel has a second. So do you I might add. Is it so strange for me to think it is a good idea if there is someone besides myself that can do these things?”

“No I suppose you are quite right. And you couldn’t have found better, and this makes something we have to discuss all the more easier,” Elrond said.

Glorfindel entered the office then, arched a brow at the elf occupying his seat and then went to perch on the side of Elrond’s desk instead.

“Well, I suppose we can begin on the most important thing. I need you both to go to the Golden Wood.”

“Why?” Erestor asked.

“The head of libraries housing and some other things is sailing, he is heart broken as his former love, and the head of the Galadhirm was mortally wounded. He wants to see her on the other side. The second in command needs to be trained, and Celeborn needs help training someone for the other position.”

“I see,” Erestor said softly. “When do we have to leave?”

“Celeborn would like you as soon as possible and your stay would be for about six months. I told him we would need some time to prepare. When you leave is up to you two really.”

“Well it seems you will be getting first hand experience much sooner than expected. Would it be possible for you to work with me fully for the next week?” Erestor asked Melpomean.

“Yes, I just have that Library meeting today.”

“Well I think I will join you for that see if we can’t get it to end sooner,” Erestor said and Elrond grinned.

“Erestor be kind, most have not seen you in council. Glorfindel how long do you think it will take to prepare to leave?”

“A fortnight at least if no other reason to rearrange the schedule and have escorts.”

“Celeborn actually provided that, the messengers who came with the request are actually part of Arwen’s usual escorts.”

“Then a week should do fine for me as well” Glorfindel said.

“Excellent and when do you think you would return?” Elrond asked.

“Three months.” Glorfindel said and after a moment of thought Erestor nodded in agreement.

“At least assuming whoever I have to train has even some of Melpomean’s experience,” Erestor said not noticing the elf’s blush.

“Excellent,” Elrond said, “Now let’s show Melpomean what he’s been missing.”


Looking around the table, Melpomean decided this was very strange and decided he would go see what had held up Erestor hoping it was not another proposal from some foolish elf.

Standing he walked purposely to Erestor’s office picking up the pace when he heard a crash in the office. Opening the slightly ajar door he was stunned to find Erestor in the arms of another elf.

At first glance it looked like a lover’s embrace, until he realized Erestor’s hands were pinned and he was not exposing his ear and neck as much as he was attempting not to be kissed. He vaguly recognized the elf as one of the kitchen staff, that most knew to hide their daughters from. He hadn’t realized he had an interest in male elves. Not thinking about it much he pulled the elf away from Erestor and punched him in the face.

The elf stumbled but did not fall instead raising his hand to strike a blow against Melpomean when another fist hit his face clearly cracking teeth by the sound as the elf collapsed to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Glorfindel asked. “What is that letcher doing here?”

“I’m fine,” Melpomean said looking at Erestor. “Erestor?”

The elf peered down on his attacker and with a sigh. “I’m late aren’t I?” Erestor asked quietly not looking at either elf.

“Erestor that doesn’t matter, what was he trying to do?”

“Kiss me, he was the first one that didn’t get insulted or embarrassed and leave.”

“Erestor, how often have you been propositioned by elves like this?” Glorfindel asked worried about the answer.

“Every few days. Usually they leave me alone when I refuse their advances or their claim that they have seen me in passion.”

“Claim?” Glorfindel asked wondering if Erestor had begun to bed the populous of Imladris. He still didn’t understand the elf or why he had ever done what he did, even if it was his mother’s fault the damage had been done.

Sexually Erestor seemed to have no mind, no sense on what should feel good or bad. He confused pleasure with pain, and Glorfindel had the suspicion that if he and Melopeman hadn’t entered the room Erestor would have enjoyed himself.

“I have never bedded anyone in Imladris, I don’t plan on starting with that thing,” Erestor said pointing down at the still unconscious elf.

“Of course not,” Melpomean said, thinking Glorfindel thought this to be some lover’s squabble. “Forget the meeting, let’s get you cleaned up. I’m sure Lord Glorfindel can take care of that one.”

Smiling softly he slipped an arm around the slightly dazed councilor and led him to the door as Glorfindel got to one knee to peer at the unmoving elf.

“Get up you idiot,” Glorfindel snarled standing back up.

The elf stood and looked at Glorfindel as if measuring him for another blow. The blond arched a brow almost daring the elf to attack him. He shook his head and wiped blood from his lip a finger going into his mouth looking for loose teeth and breathing a sigh of relief when he could not feel any. Glorfindel grabbed his arm when he attempted to leave.

“Why Erestor?”

The elf looked at Glorfindel and shrugged. “It seemed like a good idea at the time. Doesn’t make sense, he’s too skinny for me. And too male,” the elf added leaving the office not noticing Glorfindel’s surprise.

Making his way to Elrond’s office he knocked on the door. “Yes?”

“Did you know Erestor’s been propositioned by various elves in the last few weeks who claim they saw him lost in passion?” Glorfindel asked without preamble.

“I had no idea, what do you mean claim?” Elrond asked.

“I’ve told you what I think about Erestor’s mental state when it comes to sexuality.”

“As disturbing as it is I have to agree, I’m not sure Erestor understands what it is to say no to an advance really. Elladan told me he kissed Erestor and the elf just accepted it.”

“Why did he tell you?”

“He had a very vivid dream about Erestor after the kiss, and for a few nights thereafter, its why he has been avoiding Erestor as of late. He thinks he took advantage of Erestor.”

“Did he speak to Erestor?”

“Once, he said he was distracted, but held no ill will towards him, which just made him feel guiltier.”

“Why is it that everything revolves around sex around Erestor?” Glorfindel asked.

“I have no idea, but maybe I can explore these would be suitors while Erestor is away and see if they give themselves away.”

“You will have help in Melpomean. He seems to care for Erestor.”

“He does, he values his opinion greatly. And if not for Elladan would most likely be one of the suitors. But a much better choice.”


“Oh yes they have some on again off again relationship that drives Elrohir mad, though he does not know its Melpomean.”

“And you do?” Glorfindel asked with a smirk.

“I do. I am his father after all.”

Glorfindel smiled. “I will see what occurs on our trip. I wish there was a way to help Erestor understand. He was married, even if only for a short time, that relationship was something that had to be amazing. How could he have gone from that to his current life style?”

“Glorfindel it has been years since Erestor left Imladris for anything but that trip to his mothers. Unless he is doing so here, he has stopped the worst of his activities.”

“He said he is not. But it wouldn’t be the first time he lied,” Glorfindel added.

“I will see what I can find. Prepare for your trip.”

“Thank you.”


Elrond entered Erestor’s room sometime later to find the elf asleep in his bed curled in a fetal position, his hair a messy pile around his blue clad body. Sighing he pushed some of the hair out of Erestor’s face and decided to let him sleep. One missed dinner would do him no harm.

On sudden impulse he kissed the elf’s cheek much like he would have done if he found Elladan or Elrohir in this state, tucked a sheet around Erestor and made his way out, not seeing the smile that spread on Erestor’s sleeping face or the glow in his violet eyes as he slept on.

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