Fairy’s Dreaming pt11

Title: Fairy’s Dreaming 11/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Archive: http://www.midnightscribbles.com
Pairings: Erestor/OMCs, Erestor/Glorfindel, Erestor/Elrond
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor has quite a few secrets. The least of which his history. And some of which are about to land him in a lot of trouble.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, rape, interspecies
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Web: http://midnightscribbles.com/fiction/lotr/fairy/1.html

Erestor watched as the men set up camp settling under a tree for a moment. After attempting to help the first night and getting in everyone’s way Glorfindel had taken him aside and asked if he would simply stay to the side while the others worked.

One of the elves, scheduled for this nights watch came over to Erestor.

“Are you alright?”

“Tired,” Erestor admitted. Ever since they had left Imladris Erestor had been feeling more and more lethargic. It had concerned him but it was nothing like the shakes and attacks he used to get when he delayed a trip to the tavern.

“This is quite the journey for you is it not?” the elf asked kindly and Erestor searched his mind for his name. He could not focus, another factor on the fact that he was feeling as if he hadn’t slept a wink despite being the first to bed and the last to rise. And it did not help with his hair and eyes the elf kept reminding him, of his late mate though it was in a way that did not break his heart, focusing on the present he answered the question.

“I suppose, I’ve never gone more than a week’s distance from the valley.”

“At least the worst is behind us. We have crossed the mountains and with the route we chose moving steadily south through the mountains we will reach Lorien in a few more days.”

“I hope so, I hope it is simply being on the road, I do not like feeling like this.”

“Few would. Looks like Sarin caught dinner. We will be having meat tonight,” the elf said with a grin.

“Is that doubt in my ability?” Sarin called to the elf who extended a hand to Erestor to pull the elf to his shaky feet.

“Your past ‘hunts’ speak for themselves dear friend!” he said laughing gasping as Erestor took his hand.

“You are quite cold, come closer to the fire. Even if you can not feel it, it does not bode well that you still feel the chill of the snow.” Erestor nodded allowing the elf to lead him.

“Thank you, Onónion,” Erestor said smiling as the name returned to him.

The elf grinned back, “Anything I can do to be of service Master Erestor.”

Erestor drifted in and out of sleep near the fire as the meal was prepared as Onónion approached Glorfindel apprehension written clearly across his face. Glorfindel looked at the elf and came to full attention.

“Is something the matter?”

“It is Master Erestor, he is easily exhausted and just a few moments ago I lead him to the fire and he was cold to the touch. I do not think he is well.”

Glorfindel frowned, leading the expedition and most times scouting ahead he had spent a few minutes with Erestor each night during the meal. He had noticed the elf was tired and liable to doze off but he had passed it off as the day of traveling.

“Is he like this during the day?” Glorfindel asked.

“Yes, my lord, he sometimes sways dangerously on his horse. I know most of us thought it to be him not being used to travel. But this seems more. Do you think he has the sickness?”

“I do not believe so, but Erestor has been far from happy for some time now.”

“I heard rumors that he had gone to visit his mortal love on those trips he used to go on. And the last time he returned with the mortals ashes. I did not know how much stock to put in these rumors.”

“Like most rumors they have some truth,” Glorfindel evaded, glad no darker rumors had followed Erestor. “He did lose his mortal husband, he has not dealt well with the grief but I did not fear this. We will be in Lorien in a few more days, as he is still aware I hope we have some time,” Glorfindel said with a frown.

“He is a kind elf; I hope to see him well.”

“So do I,” Glorfindel said setting out to sit beside Erestor, who’s hair had been pulled back by a guard when it seemed some strands would drift into the flames. He nodded at the elf and took a seat besides Erestor. He had never expected the reaction of his men. They almost treated him like a child.

“Erestor?” Glorfindel asked watching as it took a moment for the sound to register to the tired elf.


“Are you well Erestor?”

“Tired, I think Onónion is right a week of travel once a year can not compare to this and I have never crossed the mountains, I just need a good nights sleep,” Erestor reasoned.

Glorfindel frowned but again wasn’t aware of just how much Erestor was already sleeping.

“You could sleep now,” Glorfindel pointed out.

“And wake a few hours due to the demands of my stomach, I think not I will eat then retire.”

“Just do not fall into the fire,” Glorfindel said patting Erestor’s hand, and thinking the blush that spread on the elf’s cheeks was one of embarrassment. Glorfindel stood wanting to have some words with the night guard and moved away from Erestor.

They were in a dangerous part of their journey, finally out of the mountains but too far away from Lorien to escape the taint of the dark. There would be orcs here, who used the mountains as their shelter. And there were chances of darker things.

While he would never tell Erestor this night he would be the only one getting any sleep.

Erestor just barely made it through dinner, Onónion making his way through the elves for them to keep an eye on the advisor; they had gently coaxed Erestor to bed the moment he seemed sleep over road his desire to eat.

Smiling at a job well done the elves moved into position for their watch trusting their captain to know best, and most who had traveled to Lorien before knowing how true it was the moment they left the mountains the real danger began.

Erestor sat up suddenly and looked around. The fire was still bright and warm and he saw a single form just outside the firelight. The elf stepped forward and Erestor looked at Onónion with a smile.

The elf’s light brown hair was free and he took a seat beside Erestor sitting so close Erestor could easily see his honey colored eyes despite the darkness. The elf took Erestor’s hand and shook his head.

“You are still cold.”

“Warm me?” Erestor questioned softly as Onónion took his face in his hands smiling at Erestor who returned the smile. Leaning down he kissed the elf and pushed him down into the bed roll. His hands already working to remove Erestor’s clothes.

Suddenly his left shoulder jerked violently as if struck from behind, gasping his eyes widened as a barbed arrow protruded form his shoulder. Erestor had a moment to wonder how he had gotten shot in the shoulder from the front before he was fully awake and sitting up Onónion no where to be seen.

The elf staggered to his feet not sure why he believed it but believed completely that the elf was in danger. He rushed through the trees and following his instinct without question. Bursting into a slight clearing he saw Onónion pinned to a tree an arrow in his left shoulder.

He had a sword in his other hand and had no chance to pull the arrow free as three Orcs approached putting him at a distinct disadvantage. Onónion saw Erestor enter the clearing and looked on in horror trying to convey to Erestor to run before the orcs caught sight of him.

“Hey!” Erestor exclaimed hoping to give Onónion the time to free himself. The orcs turned to him and leered. Later Erestor would be unable to explain what he did or why he believed it would work.

“Don’t you want me?” Erestor asked his voice dropping a few octaves. Two of the orcs turned to Erestor though the third was still focused on Onónion. Pouting Erestor looked at the orcs. “Aren’t I better than him?”

The third orc finally turned just as two more entered the clearing. Erestor didn’t spare a glance for Onónion who was using a dagger to get himself free of the tree as he focused on the five orcs, his eyes now glowing in the night.

“You want me.” Erestor said and he suddenly had the attention of all five orcs. For a moment he was lost on what to do then inspiration struck. “Fight for me.”

The orcs exchanged looks but only one drew his blade. The brightness in Erestor’s eyes intensified even as his nose started to bleed. “Fight for me!” he demanded and one orc turned on the others as Erestor sunk to his knees the world spinning around him.

He watched at the five orcs fought each other one lobbing the head off another only to be stabbed from behind by a third. Spots were dancing in front of Erestor’s vision as he watched another orc die. The last two cleaved in two by Onónion who had freed himself.

“Erestor?” He asked kneeling before the elf noticing the bleeding and the glow that was fading from his eyes. The elf looked at him unseeingly as the last of the glow faded from his eyes and fainted. Despite the pain it caused him Onónion lifted Erestor into his arms and returned to the clearing to find elves doing the same one by one, most with bloody swords.

“What happened?” Glorfindel exclaimed taking in the state of Erestor and Onónion taking Erestor quickly from the injured elf as another approached to tend Onónion’s shoulder Glorfindel wiped Erestor’s face clean. Touching the elf’s cheek he felt the cold and frowned.

Not noticing that Erestor warmed slightly under his hand Glorfindel took charge. “There may be more out there and we have wounded. I want us moving in minutes.”

Glorfindel had never been gladder they had taken horses that could make it through the mountain pass as he did now, holding Erestor’s icy body to his chest as he and his men flew through the trees towards the golden wood.

Erestor pressed against his chest he could feel the chill of the elf and this worried him. So much so at first he didn’t understand the screech. The sun was just beginning to peek up over the horizon when they heard the sound of wings.

Not sure what it was and not having a chance to change the horse’s course Glorfindel and his bundle burst forth from the trees onto the open plain that would stretch before them for miles before they reached the furthest outreach of the Golden wood.

Having no choice Glorfindel scanned the skies as the sound of leathery wings grew louder. They had just reached a distance of half a mile from the trees when the first burst free from the woods behind them.

They were the size of a man or elf, with great leathery wings and skin that made them look like bats or Vampire creatures of Morgoth. If not for the rising sun Glorfindel was almost willing to believe that was what they were.

He was also not blind to the fact that seemed intent on reaching him, or Erestor. Holding the elf tighter he pressed forward despite knowing he would never reach the other woods in time.

Archers were shooting up at the bests though they were smart enough to stay out of range. Their cries like harpies, Glorfindel resisted the urge to cover his ears though the noise did what the creatures must have intended. Even elven horses could not put up with the noise for long and were becoming harder and harder to control.

Sensing Glorfindel’s difficulty one swooped down attempting to take advantage of his difficulty and snatch Erestor. It did not expect Onónion riding to Glorfindel’s left to have regained control of his own horse and pull close enough to plunge a dagger into the leathery thigh. The creature screamed taking to the air again a streak of black blood running down its leg.

“What in all of Arda are these things?” One elf yelled.

Glorfindel had an idea but he didn’t want to believe it. He was about to order them back to the trees when they crested a hill and saw dozens of Galadhrim running towards them. Their long bows in hand, Glorfindel knew the creatures would not be able to out fly them like those of Imladris make.

Apparently the creatures did as well, as with one last wailing cry the three flew off. Leaving the elves behind to slow the pace of their horses.

“It has been a long time since the Mael Faer have dared come even this close to the Golden wood. What did you do to drive them from their mountain kingdom?” The silver blond elf asked.

“We can discuss that later, we have injured and I would not have night fall on us outside the Golden Wood. They may return with more.

“They will not return while you are with us, they fear our bows, and they fear our lady’s power.”

“We still have injured,” Glorfindel snapped irritated at the arrogance of this elf. “And there are still the orcs to contend with.”

“We fear no orcs…”

Glorfindel done with politeness grabbed the elf by the collar. “We will return to the golden wood with all haste or I will string you up by your intestines.” He snapped dropping the elf as he checked Erestor’s skin with the back of his hand. The elf was still much too cold even bundled in blankets like a child.

Onónion pulled up bedside Glorfindel as the elf gathered himself up and started to speak orders.

“Any change?”

“No,” Glorfindel said worriedly.

“Isn’t it strange that they wanted Erestor?”

“Not if they were hunting for a pet. Erestor would be the only one who hadn’t seen their true faces. I’m surprised they tried for an elf. Usually I hear they make off with mortals.”

“Glorfindel there is something we need to discuss.”

“When we arrive and settle Erestor? Does it have to do with your injury?”

“Partially,” Onónion said noticing the silver haired elf’s attention fell silent. For some reason he felt like he shouldn’t share this information freely. Nor the nagging suspicion that he thought the creatures wanted Erestor for a different reason.


Glorfindel was glad when they arrived at the Golden wood and healers ushered off Onónion to check his shoulder and Galadriel her self had silently taken Erestor into her care. Before he could question this turn of events Celeborn took him aside.

“I hear you and Haldir had words.”

“Words? He is a cocky arrogant idiot that wastes time spouting off about his greatness instead of getting work done.”

Celeborn smirked slightly and Glorfindel frowned looking at the silver haired elf. “You are joking, him?!” The elf shrugged and Glorfindel groaned.

“He is a great warrior, but his humility and diplomacy could use some work.”

“Leave him with Erestor for two days,” Glorfindel said with a dark grin. “He does not suffer arrogance.”

“I’ve heard rumor he is a kind, gentle, solitary elf.”

“He is unless you unleash him in council, I’m sure Elrond is pleased he is on his side. But we must learn what ails him.”

“Let us collect your elf before a maid makes off with him and we shall visit my lady.”


“Some tire of all the silver hair, why do you think my grandson’s enjoy visiting so often?” Celeborn asked with a wink.

Celeborn and Glorfindel made their way to the healing talan where Onónion had received a new dressing, and given stern instructions to restrict the use of the arm as well as a sling instead of holding the arm across his chest every moment.

Glorfindel saw the healer that had been dressing the wound smiling brightly at Onónion who was quite the charmer in Imladris and clearly the same here as he smiled genially at the healer and spoke his thanks.

“Are we interrupting?” Glorfindel asked and Onónion grinned. “Of course not, I have merely received a dinner invitation from the lovely Nimwen here.”

“We were going to look in on Erestor,” Glorfindel said and his entire demeanor changed.

“Let’s go,” he said much more seriously.

Together the three elves made their way to another talan where Galadriel was standing to the side looking at Erestor who had been tucked into a bed. She was standing at the far side of the room eying the elf warily.

“What is it?” Celeborn asked.

“He fed on the power of the ring. I learned much of him through my mirror but this is much more. But there is another tale to tell before mine.” Galadriel glanced at Onónion and he turned to Glorfindel who nodded.

He relayed his dream to Galadriel, Celeborn, and Glorfindel as well as how he was awakened from it and Erestor’s appearance and how he dealt with the orcs.

“Are you attracted to Erestor?” Galadriel asked seriously.

Onónion shook his head. “He is kind, if not a bit shy, far from hideous, but no.”

“That gives me some hope. In your dream did Erestor seem himself?”

Onónion looked away then, “we did not speak much, and we were otherwise occupied.”

“I see. Sit. What do you know of the Mael Faer?” Galadriel asked.

“They are beautiful beyond compare as they take the form you most desire but their true forms are those beasts that chased us. They feed on your desire eventually killing you through passion. Wait…you think Erestor is…that is not possible it was just a dream.”

“Do you commonly dream while on patrol?”

Onónion blushed ashamed at how he had slipped up in his duties. “No, but I do not feel a desire for him above all else. Is that not how their magic works you desire them above all reason.”

“For a full Mael Faer this would be true. Erestor is half elven,” Galadriel stated. “And despite his age it does not look like he has come into his full powers as one of those dark creatures. But this would lead me to believe that he can feed from dreams and that is a dangerous thing indeed.

“He also does not seem to have a second form and this weakness looks to be fading. Does Erestor have many bed partners?”

Glorfindel’s mind was whirling at what Galadriel had said and nearly missed her question. “He used to.” Glorfindel sighed, as far as Elrond and I have been able to learn his mother, who while a harpy was still an elf, sold him as a tavern’s entertainment for a few weeks every year.” Onónion gasped.

“She did much worse to him than that,” Glorfindel muttered. “But one year, Erestor returned beaten bloody and clearly violated. It took him some time to heal, but since then he has only returned to see his mother once, to tell her he could not continue to live like that. This was some years ago,” Glorfindel admitted omitting much of the tale.

“Has he been taking lovers of Imladris elves?” Galadriel asked aghast.

“No, Erestor has not had a single lover in nearly a decade if my calculations are correct.”

“That is not possible. He is Mael Faer, they must feed or die.”

“Then maybe he is not this thing?” Onónion said. “Would he not be more inclined to touch and be touched?”

“What are you saying?” Celeborn asked.

“On the journey, we all noticed Erestor did not like to be touched, he would tolerate it if necessary but casual touches, he shied away from.”

Glorfindel nodded. “He does not like to be touched any more so when we are in Imladris.”

“The mirror can not be wrong. He is Mael Faer his very nature is that of passion, and lust, how an elf created a child with one of those creatures.”

“Oh you haven’t met the wench,” Glorfindel snarled and Celeborn arched a brow at the normally calm blond. “As a child she was kind enough to lock Erestor in a closet for weeks at a time when he did something against her wishes. Beating him also came naturally to her. I also have the dark suspicion that she killed Erestor’s husband.”

“A kinslayer!”

“He was mortal, not that it is any improvement on what she did,” Glorfindel said.

“Erestor was married?” Galadriel asked having only learned of Erestor’s dual nature through her mirror.

“For a day. He woke from his marriage bed to find his mate’s body cooling beside him.”

“That could make all the difference,” Celeborn said suddenly. “Come now what is one of the best ways to break the thrall of the Mael Faer or never be under it?”

“True love,” Galadriel whispered, now wondering if she should reveal what else she had learned from her mirror.

“But if Erestor is an elf and a Mael Faer what does that mean if he experienced true love?” Onónion asked and Glorfindel nodded as the lord and lady of the golden wood exchanged glances.

“How old was he?” Celeborn asked.

“46,” was Glorfindel’s quick reply his eyes drawn to the pale form on the bed.

“Are you sure about his lack of partners,” Galadriel asked and Glorfindel nodded sharply remembering in vivid detail the incident before they left Imladris. She looked at Celeborn and Glorfindel ignored the fact that they were having an obvious mental communication to approach the bed.

He was looking down at Erestor’s still form wondering if what Galadriel had said was true. And if the Mael Faer had been there to collect one of their own, instead of steal away a wounded elf.

“He has no idea.”

“But I think I do,” Galadriel said with a frown. “His mother met Erestor’s father in his full bespelling glory and thought he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen as she was expected to. She knew she could never hold this elf, and decided to get with child.”

Onónion and Glorfindel shook their heads as Galadriel continued. “He left before learning of the child which is most likely, those creatures honor their children above all else. And I am sure that they would be more interested in trying to take elves for the breeding possibility. She was left pregnant with no elf to call her own. A half breed of such a kind is unnatural. Her pregnancy could not have been easy, her body may even show strain from it to this day.”

Glorfindel nodded remembering the slight wrinkles and white hair, streaked in the otherwise jet black. “She looks aged, like a mortal that has reached the prime of their life before the true decline. She had white hair mixed with the black and she blamed her valar forsaken pregnancy for it.”

“No elf can be impregnated without wishing it so. She called this upon herself, there was no reason to blame a child. This is where my speculation is much more murky. When he was born she must have assumed he was fully elven or I am sure she would have discarded him. She blamed him for her current lot in life instead of her attempted deception and treated the poor child accordingly. I am assuming she does not live in Imladris?”

“The halfway mark between the valley and a human village in the woods, the cottage was of mortal make.”

“All the easier to raise Erestor in such a vile manner, as he grew she must have seen more and more of the father in him, and decided to make him earn his keep at one point. I suppose. Why she chose that way to make him work I can not begin to understand,” Galadriel stopped and Glorfindel had a feeling he knew who was at the forefront of her mind hearing such a thing.

“I had planned on telling you Erestor couldn’t be saved. Because I had thought it true even with what I saw. To heal a dying Mael Faer they need to drain life completely to restore their own. That he has lived so long and has never so much rendered someone unconscious to sate his hunger…”

“He can be saved?” How?” Glorfindel asked.

“You Glorfindel. Some how you and Erestor have formed a bond, you can sate his Faer with just a touch. I must warn you, the more severe the condition the more intimate the touch must be.”

Glorfindel’s eyes widened. “No wonder he never wanted me to touch him. I touch him once to check for injuries when his mother had beat him and even with the agony he was in…” Glorfindel trailed off.

“We will leave you to this, give the touches time to work, do not overwhelm his system, I do not fully understand the connection as it is. We will return with a meal for you both. Do you want to explain this to Erestor?”

“Yes when he wakes I think it would be best,” Glorfindel said looking at the bed in slight trepidation. “How will I know when enough is enough?” Glorfindel asked looking at the elf.

“When he finds release his baser half is satisfied.”

“Alright,” the blond said taking a seat at the side of the bed. Galadriel waved the two elves out of the room.

Glorfindel spent a long moment staring at Erestor whose eyes were shut oblivious to the goings on around him or even aware of his true nature. He realized that Erestor reacted to his touch but had no idea why, the elf had simply tried to avoid what had to be a highly embarrassing reaction.

He leaned over to push some of Erestor’s hair out of his face. “You have no idea about this,” he said his fingers running gently along the elf’s cheek. “I have never found you attractive personally, though I can admit to seeing what others see in you, I prefer fairer elves. What will you think of this bond?” Glorfindel asked gasping when Erestor’s eyes opened and standing back.

“Erestor?” Glorfindel called and there was no response in the empty violet eyes. It was as if Erestor was asleep. “I suppose that would have been too easy. But maybe we will be lucky enough to have a less embarrassing situation,” Glorfindel mused aloud both hands moving across Erestor’s face as if he were mapping the elf’s features.

Pulling the sheet back Glorfindel noticed for the first time that they had stripped Erestor of his dirty traveling clothes and put him in some lose fitting Lorien sleep robes. The olive green color was a surprise to Glorfindel and he wondered where Erestor’s pack had gotten off to, before realizing that Erestor did not wear sleep clothes.

Glorfindel sighed when he tentatively reached for the shirt before chastising himself. “You’ve seen him naked before.”

Shaking his head he pulled the sheet off Erestor hoping it would help his nerve, but instead pulled back when he saw the effects of his earlier touches straining Erestor’s sleep pants.

Resigning himself to his fate and the fact that it would most likely save Erestor’s live he finally ran his hands along Erestor’s stomach ignoring what was happening below the waist, remembering how quickly Erestor had reached completion then.

After a few minutes Glorfindel frowned, Erestor was no longer cold and his eyes had remained open but he was no closer to waking. This taking much longer than he had believed it would and he did not want to fail in this. Sighing he slipped his hands under the loose shirt and twirled a nipple in his hand.

Feeling a sense of satisfaction when Erestor’s body arched into his touch, he continued the manipulation with both hands. The elf gasps unseeing eyes blinking as his skin became flushed.

Erestor let loose a cry as he arched off the bed grabbing for Glorfindel. Glorfindel slipped his arms around the elf over his clothes and waited for the tremors to pass.

It was a very shaky Erestor who spoke. “Glorfindel? What happened?”

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“Onónion…an arrow…is he alright?”

“He’s fine. His arm is in a sling. Do you remember anything else?”

Erestor seemed to finally notice how close he was to Glorfindel and released the hold he had on the elf. Shifting slightly he felt the wetness in his leggings and blanched. “Did we…did I…what did I do?” Sensing Erestor’s nervousness Glorfindel stood

“You did nothing short of save an elf’s life.”

Erestor tilted his head up in confusion. “How?”

“What do you know of your father?”

“Nothing, no I assume I have his eyes, violet is not so common a color. But I do not know his name, or anything else,” Erestor admitted.

“Did you never wonder as a child?”

“The first time I saw other children they were in the company of their mother. I don’t remember the first time I understood the concept of father, but I was old enough to know to not dare question my mother. She on occasion cursed him for leaving her with me.” Erestor frowned and slipped under the sheets and slipped the sleep pants off balling them up and placing them aside.

“Well, this is a difficult tale to tell and I am sure you can fill in some blanks for us, but this is what I understand…”

Erestor listened to Glorfindel his expression giving little to nothing away though the blond saw how Erestor’s hands shook at certain parts of the story.

“Let me make sure I understand, my father was a Mael Faer, of a lust inducing nature, I have some of their abilities, and if I fed on one person too long I could kill them, except for you who can bring me to completion with a touch?”

“Yes we are bonded in a way,” Glorfindel admitted.

“So I did kill him,” Erestor whispered the first tear rolling down his pale face.

“What no!” Glorfindel said understanding what the elf meant. “True love is the best defense against them. You would have protected him yourself, as well his own love for you.”

“Really?” Erestor whispered.

“Come now advisor have you not read all there is to read on the Mael Faer? Galadriel her self said you had never taken a life or even rendered someone unconscious. It is a weak part of yourself,” Glorfindel said moving to give Erestor a soothing hug. Pulling away when Erestor’s bare cheek touched his neck.

“Oh!” Erestor gasped panting and pulling away.

“Did you just…” Erestor nodded mortified. “I think the bond is more sensitive at the moment, the others wanted to join us for dinner in a little while. I will wait outside for them while you freshen up.”

Erestor still red in the face nodded without looking at Glorfindel. “Call out when you are done,” he said slipping out of the talan.

Erestor spent a moment frozen on the bed finally letting the emotions wash over him. He was somewhat frantic on the inside and he allowed a moment for his mask to crumble as he shakily got out of the bed.

He and Glorfindel were bonded. What did this mean? What would Glorfindel expect of him.

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