Tangled Web pt02

Title: Tangled Web 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
E-mail: bluegold@surfy.net
Pairings: Erestor/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, *Flinn/OMC, Flinn/Amrod, Amras/Amrod, Lindir/Melpomaen, Erestor/Thranduil, Glorfindel/?
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A web is a strange thing with tangled lines all leading to the same point. Your path can be straight, you can go in circles for what seems an eternity or you can end up trapped, stuck forever in the grand design. This web goes beyond life, death, mortal, immortal, elven and half-elven to find one connection in the middle of it all and that connection is Erestor.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: AU Angst, Mpreg, incest, child loss,
Authors Notes: *Despite the name Flinn is not an original char but for the sake of the story *Flinn* must remain *Flinn* for a while. Halda O’line is my own creation and another necessary plot piece that will be explained. AU I talking I took canon and pretended I didn’t know it! Deal!

Erestor looked at the dinner plate and bile rose up in him. He pushed the plate away, shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Erestor?” Glorfindel asked.

“I don’t feel well,” Erestor said to his lover.

“Don’t you dare…” Elrond growled.

“Don’t feel ill?” Erestor asked, confused.

“You are a walking exaggeration. If you cut your finger on a parchment you are sure it’s going to fall off.”


“You are an Elf! Elves are IMMORTAL! You are FINE,” Elrond snarled as Thranduil stared, along with most of the Elves in the hall. The silence was broken by a light chuckle beside Erestor.

“He does have a point, you do worry a bit much,” Erestor stared at Glorfindel and pushed his chair back. “Erestor, finish your dinner,” Glorfindel said taking his hand.

“I seem to have lost my appetite,” Erestor said pulling away.

“Just eat and stop this foolishness. In Thranduil’s presence none the less,” Elrond snapped and Thranduil whirled to face Elrond but Erestor beat him to it.

“I’m sorry to burden you all with my company,” Erestor snapped and stomped out of the room. Making his way to Glorfindel’s room he shut the door and locked it. He curled up on the bed still angry. He didn’t understand why Elrond acted as if he were lying. He felt odd but if his Lord did not want to hear it then he wouldn’t burden him with his feelings again.

Glorfindel began banging on the door then and Erestor tried to ignore him. “Erestor please! Thranduil said you didn’t have lunch either.”

“I’m not hungry. Go away!” Erestor snapped from the bed.

“This is my room,” Glorfindel pointed out. A fuming Erestor pulled the door open to face his lover.

“FINE! Enjoy your blasted room!” He said before going towards his own neglected room. He locked the door behind him and when Glorfindel banged on the door he pulled a pillow over his head to drown out the sound. He had no idea when he fell asleep but awoke to stomach cramps. Curling up in a ball he spent the last hour before dawn wondering why the sensations did not pass after a while. But at the same time getting up to get something to eat seemed like much too daunting an adventure. He finally drifted back to sleep shortly before dawn.


Erestor woke with a start completely disoriented. He sat up and realized he was in his own quarters, a place he rarely spent time as of late and his head was throbbing. Looking around, he tried to discern what had woken him when another set of bangs on his door reminded him.

Padding to the door barefoot he opened it, hiding behind it at the last moment remembering his current state of dress. He shut his eyes for a moment, his vision blurry, before actually making eye contact with a frantic Glorfindel.

“Must you bang on the door?”

“I was about to break it down!”

“What for? Am I not allowed to sleep either?”

“Since when do you sleep until midday?” Erestor paled. “Are you alright?”

“According to you all I am fine.”


“I’m fine,” Erestor snapped annoyed.

“Fine! You are fine!” Glorfindel responded in aggravation before stomping down the hall. Erestor rolled his eyes and shut the door, rubbing his temples to make the headache pass. He bathed and dressed quickly and made his way to Elrond’s study. Groaning suddenly when he realized the departing form of the Balrog slayer had been dressed for patrol.

Opening the door to Elrond’s office the half-elf glanced at him and raised a brow. “Are you alright?”

“Fine,” he whispered.

“Did you get enough sleep?” It was then Erestor noticed the underlying tone of sarcasm.

“Plenty,” Erestor said icily.

“So you are feeling better?”

“I’m fine!” Erestor exploded. “I just chased away the first lover I’ve had in centuries, spent the night alone and awake, after being ridiculed by my Lord in front of half of Imladris and one of my oldest friends but I’m just DANDY,” Erestor raged stomping out of the office.

Elrond sighed and sunk glumly into his chair. He hadn’t meant to push Erestor. He was just trying to make a point.


The Twins and Legolas were running through the gardens playing tag watched over by their fathers.

“I haven’t seen him since,” Elrond admitted.

“Well Erestor has always been sickly, which is why I didn’t understand why you did not take him seriously.”

“Sickly? How so?”

“Even you must notice how pale and thin he is, even though he used to be smaller.”

“Smaller? Erestor is the tiniest Elf I’ve ever seen. The only ones who don’t tower over him are dwarfs, hobbits and children.”

“I know and if you saw his father, the Elf is a head taller than I am. Erestor took all his features except his height. Though he is also very slender.”

“Erestor speaks little of his family.”

“There is little family to speak of. Erestor is his father’s image. Though I do wonder where he got the gray eyes, his father’s are a startling brown.”

“I see. Does…” Elrond’s words faltered as two matching tear stained faces ran towards him, trailed behind by an equally distressed Legolas.

“Ada, make him wake up!” Elladan cried tugging on his father’s robes as Elrohir simply sobbed into his robes.

“E’stor,” Legolas filled in from where he was hugging his father.

“Were?” Elrond asked standing up, carrying a twin in each arm. They lead him quickly to where Erestor was sprawled out on the ground. Elrond could hear short, laboured breathing and the shut eyes worried him immensely.

Placing the Twins down on their feet he lifted Erestor into his arms and made his way out of the garden, nodding quickly at Thranduil.

“Boys, come,” Thranduil said still carrying Legolas who watched Erestor go with wide eyes, his thumb finding his way into his mouth.

“We want to stay with E’stor,” Elladan said wrapping his arm around Elrohir.

“Your Father needs to work. You could make him something for when he gets better.”

The Twins seemed to think on it for a few minutes but finally they nodded and Thranduil lead them to the play room as the sun began its descent.

“What does E’stor like?” Elrohir asked Elladan.

“Books,” the twin answered simply.

“But we can’t make a book,” Elrohir said with a frown.

“Yes you can,” Thranduil said as Celebrian entered the room.

“Boys its time for dinner.”

“No!” The Twins exclaimed in unison. “We have to make a book for E’stor,” Elrohir pleaded again, near tears.

“What why?” Celebrian asked lifting her distraught son into her arms stroking his hair.

“Because he is sick. Ada took him to make him better,” Elladan said wrapping his arms around her legs.

Celebrian turned to Thranduil. “They,” he said indicating the children, “found him collapsed in the garden.”

“Vala, okay here’s what we will do. We will go have dinner while they bring in paper, paints, and everything you will need to make a book for Erestor. Then you can work for an hour before you got to bed. Then finish in the morning.”

“When is Fin coming back?” Elladan asked suddenly.

“Lunch time tomorrow,” he nodded and kissing Elrohir who was calm again she put him down and extended a hand to each of her sons. “My Lord,” she said leading the Elves to the dining hall.

“What is the matter with E’stor?” Legolas asked as they walked the halls, thumb still in his mouth.

“I don’t know son,” Thranduil said gently prying the thumb out of Legolas’ mouth, “but Lord Elrond will work hard to make him better.

“Okay,” Legolas said making himself comfortable against his father’s chest.

“Yes let’s go see what’s for dinner.”


Elrond barely noticed as the time for dinner came and went as he observed Erestor. The Elf had stiff muscles and that was what was causing his laboured breathing as his body continued to stiffen. He showed no outward signs of the type of poisoning that would cause such. There was no skin discoloration, on Erestor’s stark white skin anything would show.

The one noticeable difference was his normally rosy lips were slightly blue due to lack of air. It did not happen often but Elrond was stumped. So were the other healers who had gone to ravage the library. He took Erestor’s hand, glad that it was still warm at least and wondered what had happened to his friend.

“My Lord?” Elrond’s head snapped up and he saw Melpomaen, Erestor’s assistant and head scribe. A small mousy Elf that hardly ever spoke up and even now he shifted nervously from foot to foot. Shaking his head he supposed it was fitting that he and the most vocal Elf in the land were lovers.

“Yes Melpomaen?” Elrond asked, stopping his musing.

“I looked up the symptoms in the new catalogue Erestor and I were working on and the only thing I found that seems exactly similar is the bite of a Mirkwood spider. The venom is a slow acting poison stiffening the limbs because the spiders enjoy live…”

“The giant Mirkwood spiders? You don’t think we would have noticed a giant spider in the garden?” Elrond sighed when he saw how Melpomaen shrunk back into himself holding the book close. “I’m sorry, I’m just concerned. Did you find anything else?”

“Not yet, this is the first thing that resembles his symptoms most. Will he be alright?”

“I do not know,” Elrond said worried. “I will try some general treatments for poison and hope.” Elrond stood and moved to a shelf picking up a vial that would induce vomiting. Getting a bowl he placed it on the bed and sat Erestor up and froze. Erestor hadn’t eaten since breakfast the previous day. A breakfast they had had together before Thranduil’s arrival. If it had been the food he would have been afflicted first being a half-elf. Instead he gave Erestor some water.

Feeling useless Elrond began to search Erestor’s body for marks of any kind or anything else that could give him a clue to what was going on in his body. All he found was a tiny, yellowish fading bruise on his arm. The skin was not even broken and Elrond prodded it anyway and noticed it was slightly stiffer than the rest of the arm. Frowning he wondered if Erestor’s assistant could be right.

Standing he asked one of the remaining healers to keep an eye on Erestor as he made his way to Thranduil’s guest rooms.

”Thranduil?” Elrond asked knocking lightly.

“Yes,” Thranduil whispered opening the door and Elrond caught sight of Legolas sitting on the bed, in what was clearly Thranduil’s shirt.

“Your spiders, do they come in another variety besides giant?”

“They grow to that size if that is what you mean. Why?”

“Erestor was poisoned. I have most of my healers and scribes searching and the only thing they found that resembled his symptoms was the bite of a Mirkwood spider.

“But that would happen in hours and how would a spider make it this far?”

“I would assume, like most creatures, the poison gains strength over time. I do not know how it got here but you have a cure do you not?”

“My warriors always carry it. But from what you are telling me it is much too potent. Its main ingredient is the venom itself.”

“We need to get that spider then.”

“How will we find one spider?”

“We have to or Erestor will die,” Elrond hissed.

“Ada,” Legolas whispered.

“Legolas, go back to sleep.”

“Ada, I’m sorry,” Legolas said starting to cry.

“Legolas what’s wrong?”

“It was so little and I thought…I don’t want E’stor to die…I’m sorry…” Legolas said holding out a box to Elrond who took it. “Make E’stor better.”

“Thranduil I will need your help to prepare it.”

“Give me a moment,” Thranduil said lifting Legolas into his arms and rubbing his back. “Son, I have to help Elrond but you can stay with the twins. We will talk in the morning but I want you to understand this is not your fault,” he said moving quickly down the halls, followed by Elrond. Entering the Twins room Elrond’s heart contracted painfully seeing the twins laying face to face, arms around each other.

Elladan looked up and quickly shut his eyes. Elrond arched his brow and it was then he noticed the lantern hidden between the two boys. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“We wanted to finish the book for E’stor.” Legolas broke out in fresh sobs then as Thranduil placed him down and both twins went to him wrapping him in a hug. “I want you all to go to bed.” Elrond said sternly. The Twins nodded solemnly.


It was nearly dawn before the potion was ready. Together Elrond and Thranduil fed Erestor part of the potion and rubbed some into the bruised skin. Elrond labeled the rest of the potion and salve and placed both on a shelf as Melpomaen entered the room.

“My Lord Elrond, King Thranduil, your children are calling for you.”

“Ah yes, sit with him, you saved his life,” Elrond said clasping a blushing Melpomaen on the shoulder as they walked out to the Twins room.

Elrond and Thranduil entered the room to find the Twins trying to coax a sobbing Legolas out of a corner. Elladan walked over to Elrond. “We told him it was okay and you would make E’stor better but he doesn’t believe us.”

Thranduil and Elrond glanced at each other before Thranduil approached and Elrohir stepped away from Legolas. Thranduil took a seat cross legged on the floor across from Legolas. “Son, I want to talk to you. You did not do anything wrong. You did not know the spiders you had were the same as the big ones.”

“They were blue,” Legolas whispered sniffling.

“And the giant ones are gray and black, then when you found out you told us right away so we could help Erestor. A bad Elf wouldn’t have told us because they didn’t want to get in trouble. And you are sorry right?” Legolas nodded. “Well then the Twins are right, when Erestor is feeling better you will see. I know he will be very happy if you help make his book.”

Legolas sniffed but moved into his Father’s arms and Thranduil smiled. “I think someone is waiting for you.” Legolas looked up and Elrohir held out a hand to the blond. He pulled him to their workstation which was their small play table covered in leaves, flowers, paint, feathers, parchment, quills, charcoal, paste, cloth, twine and even a small pot of ink. There were a few completed pages childish drawings which Elladan neatly stacked and placed to one side creating a place for Legolas as Elrohir lead him to the seat.

“Ada?” Elladan asked. “When’s breakfast?”

“It’s dawn, it will be sometime yet. Most Elves are still in bed,” Elrond said smiling.

“Oh,” Elladan said.

“But we could go raid the kitchen. I would do it myself but I seem to have forgotten where it is,” Thranduil said with a wink.

“Okay,” Elladan said glancing at Legolas and Elrohir who were working together to place a single black feather on a page. Elrond moved closer as Elladan decided to properly lead Thranduil he had to be sitting on his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Elrond asked.

“This is E’stor page, see,” Elrohir said pointing to the carefully written name on the top of the page. Elrond smiled and didn’t dare mention it was spelled wrong.

“It’s wonderful,” Elrond said stroking Elrohir’s hair. Legolas tilted his head and whispered to Elrohir. “What’s your Ada’s name?”

“My Lord, that’s what the big Elves call him,” Legolas frowned having heard the same term used for his own father.

“What does your Nana call him?” Elrond grinned immensely amused by the conversation.

“Why are you so happy?” Thranduil asked.

“Ada,” Legolas whispered waving his Father over when he placed the food he had down on another table in the room.

“Yes?” Thranduil asked and Legolas waved him closer before whispering in his ear. Thranduil grinned and whispered back. “Elrond, Lord Elrond.”

“Um Lord Elrond how are we gonna put the book together?” Legolas asked looking at the pages.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it,” Elrond said Melpomaen would be happy to fulfil such a request. “Excuse me, I want to go talk to your Mother.”

“Bye Ada,” Elrohir said as Elladan waved his mouth full of his and Thranduil’s hoard.

“By Lord Elround,” Legolas said and Thranduil snickered.

“Ada!” Legolas said looking up from his pasting. “You should make E’stor a page too.”

“I suppose I should,” Thranduil said sitting down looking at the supplies and pulled some parchment and a quill to him but stopped. Grinning he took the paints instead.

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