Tangled Web pt07

Title: Tangled Web7/?
Author: Blue Gold E-mail: midnightscribbles@gmail.com
Beta: spell check Archive: http://www.midnightscribbles.envy.nu / http://www.slash.midnightscribbes.com Pairings: Erestor/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, *Flinn/OMC, Flinn/Amrod, Amras/Amrod, Lindir/Melpomaen, Erestor/Thranduil, Glorfindel/Orophin
Rating: NC-17 Summary: A web is a strange thing with tangled lines all leading to the same point. Your path can be straight, you can go in circles for what seems an eternity or you can end up trapped, stuck forever in the grand design. This web goes beyond life, death, mortal, immortal, elven and half-elven to find one connection in the middle of it all and that connection is Erestor.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson. Warnings: AU Angst, Mpreg, incest, child loss,
Authors Notes: *Despite the name Flinn is not an original char but for the sake of the story *Flinn* must remain *Flinn* for a while. Halda O’line is my own creation and another necessary plot piece that will be explained. AU as in I took canon and pretended I didn’t know it! Deal!

Glorfindel was alert as he patrolled the borders. There had been rumors of a pack of wargs that were nearing the valley and with the warming weather foul beasts tended to travel farther than they normally would. And with wargs usually came orcs. The fact that there was a thunderstorm coming did not calm his nerves one bit. The darkening sky simply meant the sun fearing beasts would be out and about all the sooner.

He was the first to hear the hoof beats of the quickly approaching horse. On high alert he steered his horse to intercept the other, while making a series of short bird calls to position his guards in the right place.

What he saw had him draw his sword even as he spoke softly to the injured rider. “What happed?” He asked even as he took note of the claw marks on the horses flank and the blood on the elf’s tunic.

“Warg riders, at the base of the mountain…help them..” Glorfindel did not waste a moment as five armed patrolers on horse back appeared along with four more on foot. The four on foot quickly mounted behind those on horse back and took off in the direction the fifth waiting for Glorfindel.

Glorfindel lifted the nearly collapsed elf and placed him on his own horse and stroked the white mane. “Take him home.” The other horse now free of its burden followed behind at a slower pace but kept up for the few seconds that Glorfindel watched. Before another patrol group appeared to make sure their escape was uneventful. Glorfindel signaled for another group to take the longer route to the mountains to make sure none of the beasts escaped and to aid any elves forced to flee.

Arriving at the site he was dismayed to find his warriors performing the grim task of staking warg and orc carcasses for burning. He looked about for survivors and saw one elf being tended to. It was then that he noticed a small blood spattered wooden box at his feet. Picking it up he approached the elf that was being tended and saw the extent of his wounds and frowned. They would have to be very careful moving him.

“We have found no others my lord, they must have been taken, some are already following the trail but we do not know what they will find.”

“We must be quick, he needs care, can he tell us how many were in your party?”

The elf despite his pained and weakened condition, knew that this would be a chance to save his fellow elves and summoned his strength to answer.
“Five, two archers, two swordsman, and Nithron.”

“There are three elves missing,” Glorfindel spoke to his remaining men as one entered the clearing carrying a dirty bloody elf. “Two, you three escort these two back to the healing halls. Careful with their injuries, I will join the others in the search.”

Even as he spoke his instructions the first large drops of rain began to fall. Moving quickly he and the remaining elf of the patrol group set out in silence quickly following the trail obvious to elven eyes. Less than a quarter mile away they found the other border elves hacking at slashing at the last standing warg the carcasses of the orcs already fallen.

With the help of an arrow the elf made short work of the last warg. The elf it had bee dragging was lying pale and still on the ground unconscious. Glorfindel quickly selected two guards. “Take him back to the healing house and send for the night shift early. We will need all the help we can get to find this last elf,” Glorfindel muttered not pleased as a streak of lightening crossed the sky and the storm intensified.


It was a very disheartened patrol that returned to Imladris that night. While they had found and destroyed two more packs of wargs they had been no signs of the last elf. No trail had been beyond the point when the last patrol group had separated and they had crossed far into the woods in either direction.

They were not even sure the packs they had killed had had anything to do with the attacks as they were not with Orcs. The valley was safe for now but Glorfindel was not pleased in the least. There was an elf that was never found and that simply did not sit well with him.

Making his way to Elrond’s office he entered to find the half elf speaking softly to pacing Erestor trying to hold the elf still. Erestor looked up as the blond entered and whirled on him all his emotions swirling on his face. Glorfindel wondered at the fear and despair he saw there and supposed it came from the elves that had returned with the injured Mirkwood party. Erestor must have feared for his safety.

“Erestor there is not a scratch on me, what on all of arda is the matter?”

Erestor opened his mouth to respond and instead his eyes narrowed on Glorfindel’s side. Reaching for the box he shook his head as he quickly shifted the wooden symbols and had the box open revealing a crown.

“How did you…”

“Glorfindel? Did you find the missing elf?” Thranduil asked as entered the office. “Its…”

“The storm washed away the trail we searched in every direction for miles but there was no sign we had hoped that maybe they had found their way to the valley. There was nothing more we could do. We found another pack of wargs and put them down but they did not even seem to have been part of the original group.”

“Erestor? What is in that box?” Glorfindel said moving to his lover’s side.

“It’s…was…ada’s it was all he had left from his family. He never even told me what happened to them. There was no sign of him?”

“I’m sorry Erestor, I didn’t realize…” Glorfindel began knowing he had done all he could but now he was already rethinking some of the things he had done. He tried to pull his love into his arms.

“Why did he have to come? He spent ages surrounded by the most dangerous woods of all of Arda and was taken outside of a safe haven. It’s my fault,” Erestor whispered clutching the box to his chest.

“Erestor, he is at peace now, the halls provide comfort. I know he would not want you to have such thoughts or blame yourself.”

“How would you know?” Erestor snapped. “You never even met him.”

“I know you; anyone who could raise you would never want such a thing.”

Erestor looked at Glorfindel and simply shook his head. ” I…” He fled the office the three elves staring behind him.

Glorfindel sunk into the chair head held in his hands. “I forgot…I spoke so…how could I forget.”

“Go to him,” Elrond said placing a hand on his shoulder. Glorfindel gazed up at his lord and with a sigh left the room. “Thranduil, can you explain the crown?”

“I have seen the box on many occasions, I have never seen inside until today,” Thranduil added.

“Let’s hope Erestor knows,” Elrond said not liking the fact that the jewel was crafted to look like a Silmaril,” shutting the box, Thranduil looked for something to clean it off, shaking his head he left the room not wanting Erestor to think of his father’s death every time he saw it.

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