Tangled Web pt08

Title: Tangled Web 8/?
Author: Blue Gold
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Pairings: Erestor/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, *Flinn/OMC, Flinn/Amrod, Amras/Amrod, Lindir/Melpomaen, Erestor/Thranduil, Glorfindel/Orophin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A web is a strange thing with tangled lines all leading to the same point. Your path can be straight, you can go in circles for what seems an eternity or you can end up trapped, stuck forever in the grand design. This web goes beyond life, death, mortal, immortal, elven and half-elven to find one connection in the middle of it all and that connection is Erestor.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: AU Angst, Mpreg, incest, child loss,
Authors Notes: *Despite the name Flinn is not an original char but for the sake of the story *Flinn* must remain *Flinn* for a while. Halda O’line is my own creation and another necessary plot piece that will be explained. AU as in I took canon and pretended I didn’t know it! Deal!

Glorfindel went after Erestor and found the elf in their chamber sitting at the window staring out towards the Misty Mountains. It was a very empty Erestor that he saw.


“I…” Erestor shook his head and let out a whimper.

“I’m sorry Erestor…I should have…”

“Glorfindel I know you did everything you could. No matter the elf you would have. But he’s always been there…why did he have to come? He spent ages surrounded by the most deadly woods in all of Arda and was taken down within reach of a safe haven. It’s my fault, I should have never sent that letter,” Erestor sobbed tears falling down his face.

“Erestor don’t do this, no one could have known this would have happened. And do you think he wouldn’t have come the moment he heard the news no matter what it was you requested? That’s how parents are.”

Erestor looked at Glorfindel and just returned his stare to the window. “I…” when he felt Glorfindel approach he raised his hand to stop the elf’s approach. “I just need some time. Alone.”

Glorfindel looked at Erestor and reached for the smaller elf again. “Please,” he whispered and Glorfindel felt he could do nothing but comply. He stepped outside the room and leaned against the door, hearing Erestor’s pain through the door and unsure on how he could do anything to help.

Thranduil approached the door and was surprised to see Glorfindel standing there a frown on his face his eyes shut as he leaned against the door.

“Why are you not with Erestor?”

“He asked to be left alone,” Glorfindel said with a defeated shrug.

“He says a lot of stupid things,” Thranduil said pushing Glorfindel aside lightly as he entered the room. He crossed the room and Erestor glanced up once and nearly threw himself in his friend’s arms.

Feeling like a useless extra Glorfindel made his way back to Elrond’s office. The half elf looked up at him and frowned. “Why are you not with Erestor?”

“He asked to be alone then welcomed Thranduil with open arms.

Elrond’s frown deepened and he looked at Glorfindel, “Do not be jealous, it is beneath you, and beyond inappropriate at a time like this.”

Glorfindel shrugged and began to speak about ways of changing the patrol to ensure this never happened again. Elrond nodded at his suggestions and added a few of his own.

“I will leave it up to you to work out the details and present them to me later but I think it will work.”

Glorfindel nodded and headed to his office needing something to do to take his mind off what was happening in his rooms. Ever since he had learned Thranduil had been Erestor’s former lover he had pushed it aside, but seeing Erestor leap for Thranduil while ignoring his own attempts at comfort was gnawing at him.

He knew Elrond was right, but his heart was not one for logic. Even as he told himself that Thranduil had actually known Erestor’s father and may be in just as much pain he couldn’t seem to get his heart to go along. So instead he lost himself in paperwork, much like Erestor had been doing for months.

Stepping back into the adjoining office that was Elrond’s he was surprised to see the lord gone until he passed the twins room and he heard his lord’s laughter along with Celebrian’s and the shrieks of the twins and Legolas.

Continuing to his room he opened the door and was frozen by what he saw. Thranduil was stripping Erestor and his love was passively allowing it or not so passively as he wiggled out of his leggings.

Glorfindel pulled the door shut having seen enough and Thranduil looked up at the shut door and rolled his eyes. He was glad at the very least that Erestor was not aware of what had just happened. It had taken long enough to get Erestor to admit he needed rest.

Leading Erestor to the bed the elf was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Thranduil placed a chase kiss on Erestor’s forehead and made his way out of the room to find the blond. Erestor did not need this now.

Looking up and down the corridor he headed for the twins room, he found the entire family and Legolas in Elrond’s lap twisting the midnight strands between his fingers.

“Hi ada,” Legolas said with a smile.

“Hello son, don’t you think its time for bed?”

“He can sleep with us,” Elladan exclaimed waking Elrohir who had fallen asleep on his brother’s shoulder. Elrond glanced at Thranduil who nodded much to Legolas’ delight.

Elrond carried Legolas to bed as the twins scrambled on and after a moment of sleepy thought settled on either side of Legolas. Kissing their children on the forehead the trio then exited to let the children sleep knowing despite the late hour there would be much more giggling before they slept.

“Have you seen Glorfindel? I need to speak with him.”

“Why?” Elrond asked.

“He saw something, I do not want him to get the wrong idea. Now is not the time to be causing Erestor more grief. His child and now his father, Erestor can not take much more without breaking and losing Glorfindel would be too much.”

“Where is Erestor?” Celebrian asked, now worried about the state of the usually happy advisor.

“Asleep in Glorfindel’s bed.”

“I will stay with him should Glorfindel returns, what is it that he saw?”

“I was helping Erestor prepare for bed.” Celebrian held up her hand.

“Say no more, we all know Erestor’s preferred sleep state. He has roamed about in that state enough.”

“Well, he was always like that, even his ada said he was a little naked terror and the sheer amount of trouble Erestor’s nudity caused when we were younger,” Thranduil smiled. “I remember once ada thought us lovers.”

“You never were?” Celebrian asked having sensed this from the pair.

“Yes but at the time I was just beginning to think about such things. And Erestor while aware of such wasn’t thinking about it at all, I had to spell out why ada was so upset at finding him naked in my bed.”

Celebrian giggled and shook her head. “I seemed to have missed the worst of Erestor’s nude escapades. By the time I settled in the valley Erestor was hating Glorfindel clothed.”

“I remember the letters, I wanted to come here and knock the blond over myself at first, then at some point I realized Erestor loved him, even if the fool didn’t realize it, I teased him about it constantly. Then they went and became a couple and I wanted to beat the blond for making Erestor hide it. He was so sure it would not last and that was the real reason it was kept a secret.”

“I did not even know Erestor corresponded with you so frequently.”

Thranduil shrugged. “I never used my royal seal on those letters. Sometimes I just slipped a few words in at the end of one of his father’s letters. But I digress where would I find Glorfindel?”

Elrond turned and indicated for Thranduil to follow as Celebrian went off to see Erestor. Opening the door to Glorfindel’s office found the blond pacing angrily back and forth.

“Glorfindel I need to speak with you,” the elf spun on Thranduil and landed a punch on his eye.

“Glorfindel!” Elrond exclaimed as Thranduil retaliated. “Thranduil stop!” He added as the blonds starred to brawl in earnest he attempted to separate them and got pushed back for his efforts. Glorfindel tackled Thranduil then and the battle was blows after blow against one another across the floor.

“Fin?” Erestor whispered pushing open the door and gaping at the sight before him. Thranduil had Glorfindel pinned to the floor and was raining blows on the elf. Erestor rushed into the fray trying to pull his friend away from his lover and was elbowed in the stomach for his trouble. Sinking to his knees too close to the pair a blow to his eye followed before Elrond was able to pull him away.

“Let the beasts fight, I will tend to you,” Elrond said leading Erestor into his office, that was joined with Glorfindel’s.

Both fighting elves heard this and Thranduil stood ignoring Glorfindel to see what was wrong with Erestor.

“Valar Erestor your eye is already swelling,” Elrond exclaimed as the elf hopped onto his desk as Elrond pulled forth some minor healing supplies he kept in his office.

“I bruise easily.”

“I know but…” Elrond shrugged. “What happened to Celebrian?”

“She went to get me tea.”

“Oh,” Elrond said mixing a paste to ease the swelling and pain as Thranduil entered followed by Glorfindel.

“Why were you two fighting?” He asked looking at Thranduil who had his head tilted back due to a bleeding nose.

“What are you wearing?” Glorfindel asked noticing the long shirt.

“It’s yours, It might be your sleep shirt, but why were you fighting?” Erestor asked again.

“Oh your lover should answer that one,” Thranduil snarled.

“Someone just answer me.”

“Seems your lover was jealous.”

“Glorfindel does not get jealous. Why were you attacking him?” Erestor snapped. Glorfindel stared at Erestor and Elrond rolled his eyes at the blond. Of course Erestor would choose his side.

“Me?” Thranduil snapped. “I…I’m going to bed,” he said annoyed leaving the room he would not snap at Erestor now. The elf did not need the extra pain. Glorfindel could tell Erestor whatever he wished.

“Why did he hit you?” Erestor asked as Elrond placed the salve on his face and Erestor hissed. Elrond frowned, it would burn in open wounds but there was just the swelling.

“It’s cold.” Elrond rolled his eyes; Erestor was still just as bad a patient as the twins.

“The swelling will be down in a few minutes, and then you can remove it when it hardens,” Erestor nodded sliding off the desk taking Glorfindel’s hand he pulled the blond from the room.

“Why were you and Thranduil fighting?” Erestor asked one last time with a yawn.

“It was nothing, let’s go to bed,” Glorfindel said ignoring Elrond’s eyebrow. Erestor led Glorfindel to their rooms, and tossed off the shirt he had been wearing before climbing into their bed curling under the blankets, before peering out for Glorfindel.

“You know you could just sleep in clothes,” Glorfindel said a touch more angry than he should have been and understanding finally dwelled on Erestor.

“Please tell me you did not attack Thranduil because he saw me naked.”

Glorfindel remained silent.


“I…he…I’m sorry Erestor.”

“Do you feel the urge to attack all the elves that see me naked? No of course not, Melpomean, Elrond, the twins, they are all still in one piece. Why Thranduil?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Why would you attack my oldest friend? Because he saw me undressed? He’s seen it thousand’s of times…you didn’t attack him…” Erestor began to seethe. What, do is wife and child mean nothing? Is that how little you think of him? How little you think of me?” Erestor yelled jumping out of the bed. “It doesn’t matter that he loves his wife or that my heart belongs to you. I wanted him once and I must want him again. Everyone else be damned!” Erestor shouted grabbed Glorfindel’s sleep shirt and stomping out of the room.

Glorfindel sighed as he sat down on his bed wishing he had listened to Elrond instead of that voice in the back of his mind.

Erestor stood outside the door to Thranduil’s rooms shifting from foot to foot, sighing he raised his hand to knock, lowered it down again and shook himself. Taking a deep breath, Erestor raised his hand and knocked on the door, surprised when it opened almost instantly.

“Yes?” Thranduil asked.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions like that. It was just that you were on top of him and …”

“Erestor its fine, look at me, “Erestor looked up and Thranduil’s words died in his throat. “Valar, Erestor I’m so sorry.”

“What?” Erestor asked confused.

“Your eye.”

“Oh, I don’t feel a thing,” Erestor prodded the salve lightly. “It’s still a little soft, a few more minutes,” He added entering the room.


“Glorfindel?” Celebrian said finally returning with the tea and a light snack. “Where is Erestor?”

“He caught me fighting with Thranduil, he left. He was quite insulted.”

“As he should be. Really Glorfindel.”

“Now he is who knows where. Who am I kidding he is most likely right in that blond monarch’s hands.”

“And who’s fault is that?” Celebrian asked. “Why does Thranduil bother you so?”

“I don’t know, Erestor reminded me quite loudly that he was happily married with a son. It would be like me feeing jealous of Elrond.”

“But Erestor does not confide in Elrond, he hasn’t known him his entire life. ”

“But I didn’t care until Erestor told me…”

“That they were lovers once.”


“Once, in the past, they have both moved on. Why are you stuck in the past, Glorfindel?”

“I do not know.”

“Leave it behind before you lose your present.”


“Go apologize you fool.”


Thranduil wiped the last of the hardened salve off of Erestor’s eye. It was no longer swollen but had turned a horrible black color.

“Stop that, you apologized,” Erestor said climbing into Thranduil’s bed.

“Do you think that’s wise?”

“That idiot can think what he pleases,” Erestor snapped though Thranduil could tell there wasn’t as much fury in the words as Erestor was prone to.

“You really love him don’t you?”

“I have a thing for blonds,” Erestor said turning over to his side. “Goodnight.”

Thranduil sighed and climbed in beside his friend sighing when Erestor tossed the shirt to the floor. “You know sleeping in the nude has always caused problems.”

Erestor rolled over to look at his friend wincing slightly. It was then Thranduil saw the large bruise on his chest. “Not one word,” Erestor said.


“You said sorry, go to bed you oaf.”

A while later Glorfindel opened the door to Thranduil’s guest chambers rose in hand and tried not to scream at the sight that greeted him. He was ready to slam the door when he heard the half asleep mumble.

“Fin I want…” Erestor’s sleep heavy voice went straight to his groin. He had been happily woken many a time before by the same call. He had no idea what kind of dreams Erestor had at times but they always worked out very well for him.

He hadn’t even realized he was approaching the bed until he lowered himself besides Erestor. “Love, I’ll give you anything you want.”

“Mmm,” Erestor murmured sliding his hands along his naked body. Glorfindel tried not to stare and he forced himself to do what he must.

“Erestor wake up.”

“I am,” he mumbled.

“Erestor open your eyes.” Erestor sighed his hands dangerously close to his erection, but he slowly focused on Glorfindel voice and his position at the side of the bed, a faint smile of his face. Erestor blinked wondering who was at his back then, as he saw faint strands of blond hair. He turned and saw the vacant green eyes and fell to the floor trying to flee Thranduil’s side.

“Love, are you alright?” Glorfindel asked Erestor to stand. The elf peered nervously at Thranduil but the elf simply rolled slightly, murmuring the queen’s name.

“Fine, what are you doing here?” He asked pulling on Glorfindel’s shirt again. Glorfindel held up the rose.

“I wanted to apologize for being a fool. An insulting one at that, I should have known better.”

“Yes you should,” Erestor mumbled though he did walk over to Glorfindel, and pull him down to his level for a kiss. Glorfindel wrapped his arms around Erestor and felt that his erection was still there prodding against his leg.

Glorfindel grinned and led Erestor to the wall beside the door before sinking to his knees.

“Fin no! We’ll wake Thranduil,” Erestor hissed.

“Don’t worry,” Glorfindel said pushing his shirt up and licking his lips. Erestor put a hand over his mouth as Glorfindel’s tongue teased him, causing Erestor to gasp. Erestor swallowed back his scream but barely as Glorfindel suddenly swallowed him whole. Hands shaking he had no idea what to do with them as his gasping cries rose in volume.

He didn’t have the presence of mind to even glance at the bed or he would have seen Thranduil sit up with a start hearing the cries before seeing what they were and ever so slowly and silently sinking back down as Erestor let out a shriek of completion.

“See he’s still asleep,” Glorfindel said with a smirk kissing his lover.

“You…you…” Erestor gasped still short of breath from the orgasm.

“Now let’s go to my room, it’s been much too long since I felt you inside of me.”

Erestor moaned, the thought making him feel a renewed arousal and leaned heavily against Glorfindel letting himself be led to Glorfindel’s room never noticing Thranduil’s wide awake state or his deep frown.

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