Slash 100 – LotR – (6)III

Title: Father
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Thranduil, Erestor
Prompt: #10 Years
Word Count: 707
Rating: PG
Summary: A revelation about Erestor’s family tree
Author’s Notes: Erestor 13, Thranduil 15

Having given up on the box and assuming that the healers had enough time to work without him being in the way like his son and Erestor already were, he put it aside and headed to the healing rooms.

Nithron was in the bed, Erestor curled up in a tiny ball besides him, Thranduil in a chair near the bed one hand in Erestor’s hair as he drifted in an exhausted sleep. Oropher approached the sleeping trio and lifted Thranduil first, despite the fact that his son was likely too large and too old to be carried. Glancing at Erestor he wondered if he could carry the smaller elf at the same time.

“Leave him, he will fear for me if he wakes anywhere else,” Nithron said and Oropher started.

“I would have thought they gave you something to make you sleep.”

“They did, it will work soon. He is not disturbing my injuries.”

Oropher nodded and made his way out with Thranduil still asleep in his arms. Returning the next morning Thranduil at his side he found Erestor still asleep as Nithron stared at the ceiling.

“Why don’t you take Erestor to breakfast?” Oropher suggested. Thranduil nodded and with a smile went to wake his friend. Shaking his friends shoulder Erestor woke with a start.

“What what? Ada?”

“Go to breakfast Erestor,” his father said ignoring his sons addled state.

“Yes ada,” he replied automatically being led to the dining hall by a smirking Thranduil.

“So why did you want the children gone?” Nithron asked none too kindly.

“Am I that transparent?”


Oropher shook his head and took a seat. The same Thranduil had been asleep in the night before.

“What will you do now?”

“I don’t know, I suppose I will find another talan.”

“That won’t be necessary. You can stay in the palace, Erestor’s new rooms are being worked on now yours will be next door.”

“I see. But that is not why you came here.”

“No.” Oropher said placing the now opened box in Nithron hand. “Who are you?” He asked holding up the crown.

“I am the sixth and last son of my father. Prince of Halda O’line, home to liars, thieves, pirates, and anything else the rest of Middle Earth doesn’t want.”

“Never heard of it, but why this. Why is the gem on the crown cut to look like a Silmaril?”

“A what?” Nithron asked.

“What does this mean to you?” Oropher asked hoping to get the truth before Nithron realized what he revealed.

“Well ada said it was the bane of our very family, he’d usually start to curse and rub the scars on his hand then.”

“Your father had scars on his hand? Just the hand?” Oropher whispered.

“Yes,” Nithron replied not noticing that Oropher had paled.

“Could he sing?” The grin Nithron showed was more than enough answer for Oropher. No wonder Erestor had no idea who his mother was, he was sitting before Oropher right now, with the curse of the kinslayers, passed through his father. And it was clear he had no idea about the curse or his own history.

“What do you know about Elven history?”

“Not much actually, we learned to survive first. Once you turned 50 we had more scholarly pursuits. Our home was not the safest place for a prince. Or anyone.”

“Hence your proficiency with herbs.”

“Healing and defending that was what Ada preferred us to learn.”

“Wait, you said once you turned 50 you learned your history? How old are you?”


“But Erestor is 36. That would have made you…”

“47 when he was born I know.”

“That is why you left home,” Oropher reasoned. If Nithron did not know his history or about the curse he must have been terrified. He was barely an adult when he had a child.

“Who is…”

“Ada! I brought you some tea. And scones and soup.” Erestor said carrying a tea tray as Thranduil followed with everything else.

“You brought?” Thranduil muttered.

Oropher sealed the box and the crown, shifting the letters so they no longer spelled Erestor’s name and put it aside as he took the tray for Erestor and prepared to have breakfast as if nothing had happened

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