Slash 100 – LotR – (4)I

Title: Fathers
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Thranduil, Erestor
Prompt: #27 Parents
Word Count: 2,612
Rating: PG
Summary: A misunderstanding brings a father’s rage.
Author’s Notes: Erestor 13, Thranduil 15

Oropher opened the door to Thranduil’s room and froze. The boys had finished weapons training and as usual retreated to Thranduil’s room until their afternoon lessons. And now he knew why, sprawled out on his stomach and half atop Thranduil was an asleep and clearly naked Erestor; he watched as the sheet they had been sharing was slid more off their bare chests and rode up Erestor’s naked leg as the younger elf shifted curling up more against Thranduil.

Oropher slammed the door and watched as Erestor was the first to stir. He sat up rubbing his eyes and looked towards Oropher. The king simply crossed his arms and glared.

“Thran,” Erestor whispered shaking the blond.

“It can’t be time yet, let me sleep,” Thranduil muttered.

“Thran!” Erestor hissed, “You did something.”


“He’s your ada, what did you do?”

“Wha…” A still mostly asleep Thranduil asked before sinking back into his pillows an arm groping blindly for Erestor. “Sleep,” was the last thing he mumbled.

“Can it wait? He’ll be up in time for the afternoon lesson.”

“Erestor!” Oropher snarled. “Get up.”

Erestor did as he was told smoothing the sheet over Thranduil and standing by the side of the bed waiting expectantly.

“Get dressed!” Oropher added further enraged that Erestor was not wearing a loin cloth and did not seem the least bit disturbed. What were these ghosts of parents teaching the boy? How to seduce a future king?

Once Erestor was dressed continuing to look at him with wide innocent eyes he gestured for Erestor to follow him and he led Erestor to the front of the palace.

“What…I don’t understand…”

“Go home!”

“But what about…”

“Go now!”

Startled Erestor made his way to the trees, and for the first time Oropher noticed that the child turned towards trees where fewer elves lived, before vanishing completely from sight. Heaving a deep sigh he turned to the guard who was trying her best to act as if she had not watched the entire scene.

“Spread the word, that…” Oropher was at a loss for words at what he thought Erestor was and settled for a growl, “is not welcome back in the palace or near my son.” Ignoring her sudden raised brow he marched back into the palace.


Erestor walked to the gate waving to the guard he saw there every other day and when she moved to block his passage he attempted to go around her a smile still on his face.

“Want to see if my training with Thran is any good?” Erestor asked smiling.

Frowning she lowered herself to one knee before Erestor. “I’m sorry but the King has ordered that you are not to set foot in the palace ever again.

“Why would he do that?”

“He didn’t say, did something happen?”

“No, I didn’t even get to tell him I split Thran’s arrow, it was in the bull’s-eye and everything. Can I talk to Thran?”

“You are not allowed near him either.”

“But he’s my best friend…he didn’t even know I left…he’s going to think I left him, like those other kids did. He’s gonna get mad; I don’t want him to be mad at me…can I just talk to him? Say bye?”

“I’m sorry I can’t, please go,” she said standing refusing to acknowledge Erestor further.

“But I have to talk to him, I’ll leave after, I promise.”

Erestor pleaded, he begged, he screamed, and still she ignored him. Dejected he finally turned and headed back home. Glad his father was gone for the moment he paced and tried to figure out what to do.

He would write Thranduil a note, maybe Thranduil was being punished, he’d just write and ask to be sent a note when he could visit again. Though he wondered why Oropher didn’t just tell him. That time Thranduil had gotten in trouble for throwing a book at his old tutor, Oropher had told him and he had spent some days with the king watching him work.

Composing his note took longer than he thought as his first few drafts sounded angry and he knew how Thran got when he was angry. Night had fallen and his father entered the talan a roll between his teeth.

“You are home early good,” he said handing Erestor the roll. Erestor took it absently.

“Ada you drooled on this,” Erestor whined though he finished off the roll realizing he hadn’t eaten the entire day.

“Did you eat today?”


“Erestor, you are much too thin to not be eating and you should be taller I’m sure of it. Didn’t you say Thranduil was taller than you?”

“He’s older than me.”

“Mmm hmm, I’ll make you a platter.”

Erestor followed his father into their modest kitchen poking at the various herbs in small pots around the room as his father gathered some bread’s and cheeses. Erestor pulled out some lemons and a jug of water. Together they made dinner and sat down to eat.

“So did you split any more arrows today?” His father asked between bites.

“No, I didn’t see Thranduil today.”

“Really? One would think you two were joined at the hip.”

“They wouldn’t let me in.”

“What do you mean they wouldn’t let you in?”

“The guard, she wouldn’t let me in.”

“Did she threaten you?”

“Ada!” Erestor whined knowing that protective tone all too well.

“Did she?”

“No she just said I couldn’t come in then ignored me.”

“I see.”

“Ada don’t do anything, I think Thran is being punished. I wrote him a note to let me know when I can see him again.”

“The last time he was punished I thought you spent time with Oropher, and visited the library. You were not barred from the palace.I should go over there.”

“Ada I’m almost of age!”

“Erestor you are not even halfway there! I am here to take care of you.”

“I can take care of this.”

“Okay, okay, you will take care of it, your old ada will just tend some herbs.”

“Ada you are not old.”

“Sure that’s what they say to all the ancient elves I’ll be growing a beard soon.”

Erestor giggled, and moved to his father’s side and tossed his arms around him. “You know you haven’t told me any stories in a while.”

“Well there is one my ada used to tell me let’s get ready for bed.”


It was a light drizzle when Erestor made his way to the palace gates. The guard glanced at him and heaved a deep sigh.

“I know, just give him this note.”

Turning her nose up at Erestor she pulled the hood of her cloak over her dark brown hair to keep from getting wet as the drizzle intensified.

“I don’t understand! It’s just a note! Why can’t I even come in and talk to Thranduil! Why won’t anybody tell me anything?”

She took one more look at Erestor and turned opening the gate she slipped inside and slammed it in his face shocking the child. Not two minutes later a guard Erestor had never seen took her place.

“Be gone!”

“I’m waiting for…”

The guard drew his sword and leveled it at Erestor. “I will say it once more be gone!”

Erestor took a step backwards then ran when the guard advanced on him. Shaking he made his way to the trees and ran blindly for home. Climbing into the talan he was surprised to find his father drying his hair.

Turning his attention was instantly on his shaking son. “Erestor are you alright?”

“They…they wouldn’t even let me give him his note…and he pulled a sword at me…and…”

“He what? Erestor let’s go. Its about time I shared a word or two with this supposed king.”


“Stay here.”

“I’m coming with you.”


Together they left the talan and made their way back to the palace. Snarling when he saw the guard at the gate he glanced at Erestor once. “Is that him?” A quick nod and his father had approached the elf and with two quick blows had him slumped in the mud. Erestor stared open mouthed as his father removed the keys and opened the gate.

“Come, I have a king to speak to.” he said to his son snapping the gate shut behind him and followed Erestor’s lead. Erestor waved to servants as he passed and they all waved at the child dubbed Thranduil’s shadow before he pointed to a set of doors.

“He’s usually in his office now.”

“Good,” was the reply right before he kicked open the door in his rage startling Oropher who had a very bored Thranduil in his office as well, as his riding lesson had been cancelled on account of the rain.

“What is the meaning of this?” Oropher yelled as an unknown elf entered his office.

“I could ask you the same question! What kind of king has guards drawing weapons on children!”

“My guards would never…”

“Now you call my son a liar? Will wonders never cease.”

“Who is your son? I have never seen you a day in my life.”

“Erestor! Why did you have him barred from his only friend? And threatened by your thugs.”

“Ada? You said Erestor wouldn’t visit anymore. You told the guards not to let him in? He’s my best friend…he’s the only friend I have my age.”

Oropher could see the betrayal and hurt in his son’s eyes. “It was for your own good.” Turning on Erestor’s father he glared. “How dare you! How dare you attack your king like this, This is your fault, you who trained your son to be some child whore.”

“Erestor, take Thranduil out into the hall.”

“But ada…”

“NOW!” Erestor jumped out from behind his father grabbed Thranduil and fled the room shutting the door behind him.

“That’s your ada?”

Erestor nodded shakily, “I’ve never seen him so mad! He…he hit the guard.”


“At the gate, I told him he pulled a sword on me and he just walked over to him and wam, wam.”

“What happened?”

“He was out cold! Right there in the mud, ada took the key and opened the gate, then locked him out!”


“Who are you to order my son…”

“A child should not have to hear his father be an idiot and Erestor has seen too much of my temper and clearly you need some facts corrected for you. Firstly and most importantly, you are not and never will be my king; I would not bow to the likes of you. I found a tree in a forest I liked you had nothing to do with it.”

“You reside in my wood…”

“I’m sure a few valar would disagree on the ownership of those trees. Now you must explain to me how a disgusting and depraved individual like yourself clearly had a son in his right mind?”

“What?” Oropher asked too shocked to retaliate.

“You called my son a whore, a child who hasn’t so much of had an erotic thought. Yet he is some whore? For what? Some trees? Get over your arrogant hide, I have no need for you oh so amazing throne.”

“You lie, you have nothing, you were starving.”

Oropher finally saw a crack in this raging elf and decided to go in for the kill. “So you sent your son off to the palace. Befriend the little prince, steal some food here and there, then you worried what if that prince gets bored of your little waif. So a little something to keep his attention.”

“You are sick. I’ve seen child whores, I’ve seen children who spread their legs for a crust of bread, and I’ve seen those who will happily dangle that crust. You think I would wish that on my son? You can keep your…”

“Nithron?” A shaky voice whispered opening the door and Erestor’s father whirled. “Something’s wrong with Erestor,” Thranduil said holding a slumping Erestor against his shoulder.

“Ada? I don’t feel well.”

Oropher watched as Erestor’s father completely forgot about him turning to his son. “Erestor what’s wrong?”

“I’m cold,” Erestor whispered. “And everything is fuzzy.”

Oropher watched as Nithron touched his sons face followed by slipping a hand under his shirt. “You’re burning up, and you’re soaking wet, I should have never wasted my time with this idiot, I’m going to take you home.”

Even as he spoke lightening flashed and thunder struck and Erestor clutched him tightly. “But you said it’s…dangerous.”

“I know but the herbs I need are at home. I know I also said that you shouldn’t stand in the rain for hours on end.”

Erestor blushed, “It was a little drizzle.”

“We have herbs, well the healers do,” Thranduil said worried if Erestor left he would never see his friend again.

Oropher watched as Nithron listed four herbs and Thranduil nodded knowing each of them. “Alright, I’d rather not bring Erestor home in this mess anyway. Erestor can you show me Thranduil’s room?”

“Yes Ada.”

“Alright, Thranduil bring those herbs to your room and have someone bring some boiling water as well.”

“Okay,” Thranduil said running down a corridor.

Oropher followed as Erestor led his father to Thranduil’s room. He watched as Erestor was stripped, he quickly took a towel and handed it to Nithron who didn’t so much as glance at him toweling Erestor dry.

Oropher went to Thranduil’s dresser and pulled out one of his sleep robes, and the matching leggings.


“Sure you don’t want to check to see if he’s faking or not?” Nithron snapped and took the clothes. He took one look at the sleep shirt and tossed it aside and lifted the leggings.

“Thran’s clothes are too big.”

“I told you, you are too thin,” Nithron said and lifted Erestor and placed him in the bed pulling sheets over him. “Be useful and start a fire.”

Oropher looked as he was going to argue but instead sighed and moved to Thranduil’s fire place. As he completed the fire, Thranduil entered with herbs and a healer in tow.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing in an elf, I just want to…”

“You will get away from my son before I flay you,” Nithron snarled and the healer took a step back. “Thranduil did you bring the herbs?”

“He has them, he wanted to know why and kept asking questions and stuff so I just told him to come because Erestor needs it now.”

“Is this palace full of idiots?”

“Give him the herbs, and then return to your duties.”

“But my lord…”


“So you so have your uses. Thranduil and the hot water?”

“She should be here in a minute, what are you doing?”

“Erestor told me you have begun studying herbs, come I’ll show you.”

Oropher watched as Nithron explained the herbs to Thranduil who glanced at his sleep clothes. “Oh your father put those out.”

“Erestor won’t wear those, he told me what happened with the sleep shirt. He just sleeps naked.”

“I know, I couldn’t even get him to wear clothes his first year, they would be thrown all over the talan in seconds.”

“Ada!” Erestor whined.

“Hush you. I was lucky by the time you learned to remove the diaper cloth you were trained.”

“Ada!” Erestor moaned tossing an arm over his face blushing fiercely.

“What, you were the little naked terror.”

Erestor moaned and pulled the sheet over her head. 

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