Slash 100 – LotR – (3)

Title: Saved
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Thranduil, Erestor
Prompt: #059 Food
Word Count: 618
Summary: Oropher notices something at the Lunch table.
Author’s Notes: Anyone who’s read Tangled Web will recognize the universe but it is not necessary to read it to understand the fic. Ages (human) Erestor 3 Thranduil 5.

Oropher watched as Erestor ate or more accurately didn’t eat. He kept slipping things into his lap as Thranduil devoured his food completely oblivious. Erestor would have lunch with them about every week since that fateful day and Oropher had finally begun to notice despite the large amounts of food on Erestor’s plate, more than Oropher could ever eat the child’s plate was empty by dessert.

He watched as Erestor slipped rolls and whole cuts of meat into his lap. Curious Oropher wondered how he never noticed this once Erestor stood. It would be quite the impressive stash. It also made him wonder seeing as it had been three months and he had yet to meet Erestor’s parents. Most parents would have tried to worm their way to Oropher by using their child to get to Thranduil.

Sadly, it was why Thranduil had few friends, for once the parents learned they would get nothing more than casual play groups with Oropher popping in for a brief greeting they stopped bringing their child to play with the prince. Erestor was the only child whose parent seemed to be avoiding him completely.

The child would vanish shortly after lunch and usually return few minutes later very pleased with himself.

This time he waited and discreetly watched. Thranduil was taken to wash up and most the elves clearing the table ignored the tiny child. Erestor slipped out of his seat and lifted a small sack from under his seat than ran out of the hall darting between legs.

Oropher quickly followed just catching the tail end of Erestor being placed down by his father who disappeared into the trees as Erestor waved happily bouncing in place and Oropher quickly made his way back inside.

He had only seen a quick glance of Erestor’s father but looking at the child and the father he knew what had to be done.

That night when Erestor prepared to leave before sundown he had a large basket filled with fruits, meats, sweets, and breads prepared and even a bottle of wine.

“Erestor wait.” Erestor paused glancing at Oropher and then back at the sky.

“I just want you to give this to your parents and tell them they are welcome to come to dinner or lunch with you anytime. I would love to meet them.”

“Its so big!” Erestor exclaimed wide eyed.

“Yes, don’t worry, this is Thranduil’s wagon,” Oropher said sure if he tried to give Erestor an escort he would not take the food. “You can bring it back tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Erestor said dragging the wagon out of the palace hewn into a cave and into the Greenwood and the many talans within.

“Your ada and I have a lot to discuss little one,” Oroher said to the vanishing child wondering why there were hungry elves in his realm.


“Erestor what’s all this excitement?”

“Look what Thranduil’s ada gave me!”

“Really?” He said eyeing the large basket.

“Why?” Erestor looked up at his father.

“Opher said you were invited to dinner.”


“Ada I did good right?”

“Yes you did perfectly, come I will try to deal with this dinner scenario later. I made special soup.”

“With carrots?” Erestor asked excitedly.

“Carrots and potatoes,” he said and tried not to feel guilty about the fact that his son thought boiled carrots and potatoes made a worthy soup.

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