Slash 100 – LotR – (7)

Title: Library
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Thranduil, Erestor
Prompt: #66 Rain
Word Count: 629
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Something new to try
Author’s Notes: Erestor 15, Thranduil 17

It was raining and Erestor was bored. He kept casting glances at Thranduil who was sitting across from him remembering what they had done just a few days before. The feeling of Thranduil rocking above him had brought forth feelings he didn’t know he had.

They were both sitting in the Library and all he wanted to do was drag Thranduil back into his chambers for a repeat performance. Almost as if he was reading his mind Thranduil looked up at Erestor and smirked before returning to his book.

Blushing and feeling all kinds of embarrassed, Erestor fled to the shelves to compose himself. His erection throbbing painfully as all he could think about was his best friend, and how much better that would feel naked.

He was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t realize he wasn’t alone until Thranduil grabbed him from behind causing Erestor to jump.

Thranduil smiled as he looked at Erestor and the pink staining his cheeks and the bulge in his leggings.

“You know you promised me a next time.”

“Well how was I to know our Ada’s would have so many things to for us to do? Its not fair, there is a huge thunderstorm outside, canceling archery, and riding and instead of doing what we want we have to stay cooped up in here and bone up on our dwarvish.”

“We are alone now.”

“You see a bed?” Erestor snapped.

“Well there’s always this,” Thranduil said sinking to his knees grasping at the ties to Erestor’s leggings.

“What are you…” Erestor gasped as Thranduil gripped his erection. He bent his head forward and before he could ask a question Thranduil licked the tip. “Oh!”

“Shh, we are in a library,” Thranduil said with another smirk. Before returning to his task, licking and occasionally taking the head into his mouth and looking up at Erestor who was blushing beautifully as he struggled to remain silent each new sensation causing his breath to hitch.

Thranduil was staring at Erestor’s face so he was taken by surprise when the elf’s hips jerked forward sinking his entire length into his mouth causing Thranduil to choke. He pulled back coughing as he turned his head away from Erestor.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t…it just felt so.”

“It’s alright,” Thranduil said placing his hands on either side of Erestor’s hips to keep him in place as he resumed what he was doing. He did attempt to take Erestor deeper into his mouth but he could only go half way.

Bobbing his head up and down he resumed looking up to see Erestor’s reactions and saw the elf was in quite a state, all from him. Erestor’s back suddenly arched and Thranduil felt a stream of something salty hit the back of his throat. Pulling back while keeping Erestor in his mouth he watched as the elf reached orgasm his hips jerking under his hands.

He pulled off Erestor with a last lick and a shudder, and watched as the elf came back to himself, sure it was only him that was holding the panting Erestor up. He waited until his best friend pushed his hands aside before standing and capturing Erestor’s lips in a kiss.

“Do you want me to…” Erestor said gesturing towards his leggings.

“Whenever you want but not now.”

“But don’t you want to…”

“I already did,” Thranduil said standing back and Erestor could clearly see the wet spot in his leggings.

“Oh, we have to get out of here. And get you a new pair of leggings. Stay behind me.”

Thranduil nodded glad that Erestor hadn’t teased him as they snuck out of the library as a pair and never noticed Nithron who had come to allow them some freedom from the library.

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