Remember Me pt01

Title: Remember Me 1/? 
Author: Blue Gold 
Beta: Chesyuli 
Pairings: Legolas/?, Elladan/Elrohir, Aragorn/Eowyn, Turin/Laieth, Eowyn/Faramir
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: After a life in bondage can Legolas be the king the Mirkwood people need him to be or is his enslavement just beginning?
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson. 
Warnings: Angst, Incest, Character Death, minor het
Authors Notes: Don’t worry the ? is a good thing it’s a surprise! So is the CD I swear! A few more Evanescence lyrics may be sprinkled about. And a smidge of Josh Groban. This is the sequel to ‘Bound’ and makes a lot more sense if you read that first.

Frozen inside without your touch, 
Without your love, darling, 
Only you are the life among the dead.

Opening his eyes, his mind was muddled and confused. The one thing he was sure about was that he had to keep following the music; it was faint but he could still hear it. And he knew he just had to follow.

Walking blindly, his ears were his guide turning to where the music was the clearest. Silence was his greatest fear; He simply had to continue to follow the sound, continue to hear the music and all will be well. Everything would be all right again and he would be where he belonged. 


Elladan, Elrohir, Turin and Laieth all rode alongside Legolas who was starting to worry them. He hadn’t spoken a word since Thranduil fell. The only time they had not seen him was when Elrond had taken him and given him a package that hung on his horse, the contents hidden away from prying eyes.

The twins had declined joining their father, though they had made their choice clear. They wanted to remain among the first born. They would simply sail at a later date. Fear was a driving factor in that, they were not sure if they would be able to face their mother or the Valar. 

Elrohir sighed; he had no idea if it was they or if it simply him that held these fears but Elladan had agreed to stay as well. And for now that was all he wanted. He was more worried about their grandmother at the moment. They were entering Lothlorien and they knew those elves were planning to leave as well.

Elrohir still wondered what Legolas would do to get all these elves out of their forced bondage in Lorien; but it was clear he had a plan. Legolas pulled his horse to a hault and dismounted, the rays of the sun giving him a false glow. He stood in the center of a clearing and the twins dismounted and made to follow Legolas when they were stopped by Turin and Laieth.

“He needs to do this alone.”

Legolas was blind to world around him. All that he knew was that his people were trapped and only he could free them. And not even the white witch could stop what he did next. Nothing would hold them back.

You see into my eyes like open doors,
leading you down into my core, where i’ve become so numb. 
without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold,
until you find it there and lead it back home. 

Legolas’ eyes shone green as he continued singing and the first of the Mirkwood elves appeared. Pink sashes started to litter the floor as each elf dropped the symbol of their bondage, as they went to join the rest of the elves. The twins watched in shock as an elf in chains approached still dragging the chains that were holding him along with part of the wall that the chains had been attached too. They grew more shocked when the chains fell off.

Legolas on the other hand could hear every elf as if it was a voice in his head and he called them each as his singing continued.

”[wake me up]
wake up inside,
[i can't wake up]
wake up inside,
[save me]
Save you from the dark.
[wake me up]
bid my blood to run,
[i can't wake up]
before you come undone.
[save me]
save you from the nothing you’ve become.”

More and more elves came each dropping their pink sashes as Legolas continued. His voice ringing through the entirety of the Golden Wood. 

“now that i know what i’m without, 
you can’t just leave me.
breathe into me and make me real.” 

Legolas stopped and the twins watched as two final elves stepped forward and then watched shocked when they realized it was their Grandparents. They had not seen Celeborn for years now and wondered how he felt about all this.

They already knew their grandmother’s point of view and they waited to see what would happen.

“Return to your masters and I will allow the rest of you to leave this wood alive. And forget this foolishness.”

Not a single elf moved and actually another elf straggling because of a broken leg chose that moment to drop his sash and pass her by. Galadriel reached to grab his arm and was stopped by Legolas who stopped her with a cold green glare.

“They are not yours, witch.”

“How dare you! I am the Lady of Light. I will not be insulted by the likes of you.”

“I am the King of Greenwood the Great, and the likes of you will not destroy another of my line.” Legolas tilted his head and smiled at Galadriel. “You could never forgive the fact that my woods are bigger than yours, eh, Gladdy?”

“Gladdy?! You are nothing but the son of sniveling imbecile.”



“Oropher?” Celeborn whispered. 

“So that is where the brains of the operation lie. Runs in the family, eh, Gladdy? Kinslaying, Kinslaving or should I say kinlaying?”

“You…you…filthy decrepit.”

“I am not the one in a line of Kinslayers, nor am I the one who enslaved an entire elven realm. Are you sure you are ready to sail west, my dear? Your reception may be a surprise. Now will we pass through your woods unchallenged or will we spear your frigid head on a spike and then pass through your woods unchallenged?” 

“You…I…” Galadriel hissed, enraged. 

“Go,” Celeborn said simply.

“Celeborn! What is this nonsense? I know they are distant kin, but you owe them no more than I owe Feanor! I have paid my price.”

“And they are free elves.”

“I don’t believe this!” Galadriel turned and stormed off. Celeborn watched with a shake of his head. 

“How did you…”

“My grandson can call Mirkwood to him. His call goes farther than he knows. He could not deal with that witch alone. Please catch him,” Oropher said as Legolas’ eyes returned to blue before rolling back into his head as the spirit of his grandfather returned to Mandos’ halls.

Celeborn caught Legolas before he hit the ground and realized he had just found his answer. This was what would separate him and Galadriel. Sighing, he walked over to his grandsons. “Would there be room for one more on this journey?”

“Of course!” The twins exclaimed hugging their grandfather as Laeith took Legolas. And with Turin’s help he mounted his horse. Legolas was a deadweight but breathing evenly so the elf was not too worried about his future king.


“Stupid wench!” Aragorn snarled slapping Eowyn. “Can you not see I am in council?” The council members all avoided looking at the scene all used to their kings outbursts and fits of rage. Faramir’s hands were gripping the table so hard that those closest to him could hear the wood creak.

“What? Damnit speak! You have already interrupted me.”

“I wanted to tell you…I am with child,” Eowyn said quietly.

“Who’s is it whore?”

“What?” Eowyn stammered stunned.

Aragorn grabbed his wife and queen angrily and shook her savagely. “Who’s child is it?”

“Yours,” Eowyn said, near tears.

“And for this you wasted my time? I did not need to know that now. Be gone.”

Eowyn fled and Aragorn turned back to the council.

“Sire, this is great news! The people will be quite happy to hear you have an heir. It will put their hearts at ease,” the oldest councilor said and Aragorn glared. The old man reminded him much too much of Erestor who always talked down to him.

“I don’t care! We have a war to plan now get to work!” Aragorn sneered.

“But what will we gain from attacking an elven realm? The people will not accept this, they will need a reason for it. Some reason to attack creatures that until recently they thought were legend and a realm that few know exist.

“I don’t care! He has to pay!” Aragorn yelled and marched out of the room leaving the advisors to deal with preparing for war.

“Even Denethor at his maddest was no fool! We have no army! Yet he wishes to attack this Mirkwood.”

“We must try to get to the bottom of this. Maybe we can simply send some assassins; it seems a singular vendetta.”


Faramir held a sobbing Eowyn close and wondered what he could do to make things better for the Queen. He still loved her and wanted to keep her safe[semi-colon] but at the same time, he had allowed this to happen. He had not put up a fight and was made a prince in his own right, not by any skill of his own but by some past memory their new king had of his brother Boromir.

Finally calm, she pulled away from the prince. Wiping her red rimmed eyes she asked the question Faramir had asked himself a thousand times. “Why did I choose this life?” 

“My lady, the gods have a plan for all of us. You just have to be strong until that plan is revealed.”

“I fear I have little strength left.”

”Take strength that your brother comes. In a days time he will celebrate this news with you.”

“He will,” Eowyn said with a sigh. “But my own husband challenges my loyalty. How could he think…”

“I do not know. But do not fear, he will see his folly and he will feel joy ere he first lay eyes on the babe.”

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