Remember Me pt02

Title: Remember Me 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: NONE any one wanna?
Pairings: Legolas/?, Elladan/Elrohir, Aragorn/Eowyn, Turin/Laieth, Eowyn/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After a life in bondage can Legolas be the king the Mirkwood people need him to be or is his enslavement just beginning?
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: Angst, Incest, Character Death, minor het
Authors Notes: Don’t worry the ? is a good thing it’s a surprise! So is the CD I swear! A few more Evanescence lyrics may be sprinkled about. And a smidge of Josh Groban. This is the sequel to ‘Bound’ and makes a lot more sense if you read that first.

The trees sang they were so glad. Shadow was departing, and their herders had awoken again. The darkness in their brother’s and sister’s were past and those that stolen away the trees they had called friend had been crushed beneath their roots.

He learned all this as he walked the whispers of the trees aiding to heal his broken mind as he moved. The music was faint at the moment a mere whisper and he had to pause constantly to hear. But the trees aided him. They knew what called and in those moments fell silent.

A whispering, a calling that allowed for no rest, no stopping no end to the music as he feared any long pause would draw it away even as he worked to come nearer. But all would be worth the pain, and the cold as the music would make him warm and whole again. A spike in the sound and his pace quickened as the music sharpened.


Legolas blinked tiredly and suddenly sat up. He was at the side of a fire and he wondered what was going on. The last thing he remembered was calling out to all those of Mirkwood still in bonds. Looking about he saw their increased number and also saw that they had prepared a camp.

Standing he swayed dizzy. And a set of strong arms supported him. He looked up into the concerned gaze of Celeborn and confusion washed over him.

“Slowly, it is not all who can call a soul from Mandos and those who do must rest afterwards,” Celeborn said easing Legolas to the ground. Once seated Elrohir appeared at their side with a cup of tea and a plate of food for Legolas.

“Thank you,” Legolas whispered sipping the tea before taking a bite of the roasted rabbit. In a few moments time it was gone and Legolas was surprised at how ravenous he felt. As if he had been asleep for days.

“How long was I asleep?” Legolas asked looking up at the darkened sky as if it would reply.

“Not long, some hours,” Celeborn stated looking at Legolas who turned to Celeborn as if he hadn’t realized he was there.

“Come Legolas, share a song with us.” Elani asked pulling Legolas to his feet and guiding him to a small circle while casting a distasteful glance in Celeborn’s direction. Legolas allowed himself to be led and sat.

But no words were forthcoming, it felt as if all the songs in him had dried up and died. Shaking his head he tried to recall the words to any song he had sang before and came up empty. “I’m sorry, no songs will come for me tonight,” sighing he stood and made his way back to his blanket but Celeborn was already gone.

Sitting he stared at the stars for a long moment and wondered what he was to do now. Blood or no he felt like no one’s king yet all looked to him as a savior of their people. But he would not have even known where Mirkwood was had he not seen it on a map.

Shutting his eyes, he wondered what he would do once they got there. How would he put an entire kingdom back together? With his troubled thoughts Legolas eventually fell into the dreamscape.


Elladan watched Elrohir and wondered what was bothering him. He had shut Elladan out of his mind and seemed intent on brooding. Wondering if Elrohir had confided in anyone else he drew his horse closer to Laieth. The elf barely glanced at him.

“No I do not know what is bothering him, you two should actually try and talk to one another.”

“He’s blocking me out.”

“Words, spoken ones,” Laieth said shaking his head. Elladan rolled his eyes but did move to catch up with Elrohir.

“Why…what troubles you?”

“Because I do not want you prodding inside my head something is troubling me?” Elrohir snapped.

“Yes actually, you only do that when you are upset, angry, or trying to hide a surprise.”

Elrohir rolled his eyes, especially since he knew it was true. But he didn’t want to guilt his brother into doing anything he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to make Elladan start worrying about the repercussions of their love as well. He did enough worrying for the both of them. At least one of them deserved to be happy and living in an ignorant bliss.

“Fine, it is nothing too serious I…I just worry that we haven’t seen the last of that smelly human and that makes me worry about Legolas,” Elrohir said addressing another concern he had instead of the one closer to them.

“What can he do with an army of 4 men? They all fought bravely with us but barely enough went home to form a scouting party let alone an army. And he would have to be mad to go up against Legolas alone.”

“I suppose you are right, but we know he will not let this go.”

“We will deal with that in due time.” Elladan said gently squeezing Elrohir’s shoulder instead of kissing him like his heart demanded because he was no fool and could not do such in front of any crowd. Elrohir turned to him sadly.

“How is your leg?”

“Quite happy to be on horseback I assure you,” Elladan said though the jerking of the horse was irritating it was nothing compared to trying to walk. Even with the aid of Gandalf and his father it would be a few days yet before he felt fully mended. “It itches,” he mumbled absently and Elrohir smiled.

“I wonder what Mirkwood will look like.”

“I heard in its day it was quite the mix of talans and stone structures. Much may still be standing yet. And the palace was much like that of the mortal realms.”

“Do you think Legolas will make a good king?” Elladan asked looking at the blond who was sleeping on his bed roll.

“I think he will be fair and kind, but I think he is missing something very important.”

“And what would that be?” Elladan asked.

“An Erestor, to do all the paper work that appears.”

“I am sure Erestor would not agree with your assessment of his duties,” Celeborn said sitting in front of the twins, but between the three of us I think we will be able to help. And I am sure Legolas knows more than you think.”

“Maybe, Aragorn did drag him to lessons, I swear that boy had a possessive streak as wide as Mordor.”

“He just wanted someone to suffer with him, but I’m sure Legolas enjoyed it,” Elrohir said. “Look how fast he picked up archery.”

“It is no surprise Mirkwood had the fiercest archers in their day. They would put the Galahrim to shame,” Celeborn said.

At another part of the camp Legolas’ fate was being discussed in a wholly different manner. “But Elani will Legolas agree to such?”

“He must it is his duty as king.”

“But everything thing is changing so quickly.”

“All the more reason to do it right away,” Elani said stubbornly.

“And do you have a prospect? Yourself perhaps?” She asked with a sneer.

“Of course not, he is like my son.”

“But he is not.”

“He is still my sister’s son.”

“A sister with a different fathers, Elani, Legolas is only close to one female and that is you. Who else would he even consider for taking as his queen if you bring this up?”

“That is not why I am saying this, he will need to have heirs. What if something were to happen to him like it did Thranduil what then? He would need a child to carry the royal line.”

“Or a queen with all the rights and powers if her dear sweet husband has passed. You will not place this burden on Legolas.”

“It is not a burden it is a gift.”

“For who? You or him.”

Elani simply ignored her friend curling into her bed roll. Until she had mentioned it she had not ever really thought about putting herself in the position as queen. Simply one as a temporary figurehead. And knowing the way Legolas was she assumed it would be an age before he found a mate.

The elf had never shown attraction for another even before Aragorn. She had brushed it off in the past assuming elves blossomed at their own rate but now she wondered if there wasn’t something more to Legolas’ lack of interest to make him feel that way.


Aragon nodded at his advisor and inwardly they all let out sighs of relief. They had just averted a war they had no chance of winning and simply at the cost of a few thousand gold pieces.

“SO now what?” Aragorn asked looking at his advisors.

“Now you sit back and hope that they can do what they were paid for. If they fail there will be no ties to you. If they succeed you get what you want.”

“Good good.”

“There is also the matter of the dwarves they have finished rebuilding the second level and are requesting some additional lodging for another group arriving to help build.”

“Yes whatever, give them what they need, greedy little buggers,” Aragorn muttered.

“Sire they are repairing the walls out of good will,” the advisor said leaving out the part when their leader had said he was doing it for the Queen and if they were lucky the king would choke to death on his dinner.

“And eating me out of house and home,” Aragorn growled. The advisor nodded not daring to mention the price of the kings two mercenaries easily out weighed the trivial cost of the dwarves.

“Yes sire,” he said quietly and wondered if Denethor had actually been that bad. He was starting to miss the old lunatic. Aragorn stood and stomped out of the room.

“Well that went well.”

“Yes at least we averted a war we didn’t have the men to have.”

“Yes let’s hope those men succeed for Gondor’s sake. I do not want to think what should happen should they fail.”

“Then we may see women and children take up arms to satisfy that one’s thirst for vengeance.” The two advisors left and a silent Faramir slipped out from his hiding place used to using it since his father had been in charge. He shook his head and headed down to the dwarf settlement.

Stopping the first dwarf he saw he said, “I seek the one called Gimili.”

“Aye laddie and you found him.”

“Then I need you to get a warning to your elf friend. The king has been dissuaded from going to war with Mirkwood by sending two to take care of the new king. He needs to be warned. I recall you two were acquainted.”

“Thank you laddie,” Gimili said stroking his beard. “This a strange land that chooses that one for king and makes you a prince.”

“It is his birthright, none can challenge it.”

“A dwarf earns his title,” Gimili grunted into his beard.

“Many feel he did.”

“Bah! Luck and an elf to protect his back side! That Queen of his, now there is a lady missing her beard! Killed a demon she did, What did he do, hit a few orcs?” Faramir smiled as his thoughts went to Eowyn. “I think the people weren’t the only ones to choose the wrong king.”

The prince shrugged and turned on his way. “Neither are decisions I can change.”

“Laddie you never saw my elf angry, he’ll be hunting that backside soon enough,” Gimili said with a laugh and a hope he was right.

“Good luck,” Faramir said walking away.

“Now there goes a real king,” Gimili muttered before returning to work as he worked out a plan to get to Legolas.

“Dinn, you still have them maps of the woods?”

“Which woods?”


“Aye, but you best not go there, not even for all the gold horded away. That land is evil.”

“But I’ll not be going for gold, but for something much more precious, a friend,” Gimili said seriously.

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