To Be Claimed pt01

Title: To Be Claimed 1/?
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Elrohir/Legolas/Elladan, Legolas/Boromir, Arwen/Aragorn (implied), 
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Legolas’ older brother went down the wrong path Thranduil swore he’d keep his youngest son from the same path. When Legolas goes to the Council of Elrond he almost learns the hard way what it is to be claimed.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warning: Non con, Spanking, 

Legolas leaned against a tree and wondered about what he had done earlier that day. His father had sent him to inform Lord Elrond of the escape of that Gollum creature. Would he really want him on such a dangerous quest? He was surprised he had even let him go at all even with all his pleading. If it hadn’t been for his brother…

“Saes Ada…”

“Legolas! Dina!” His mouth clamped shut instantly this wasn’t what he had planned. He had wanted to show his father that he was mature enough to take on such a task. Not whine like a baby but his father didn’t even consider his request.

“Legolas…” Legolas rolled his eyes and turned to his brother. Crown prince and the carbon copy of his father and such a goody goody pain in the arse. 

“Forget I asked…” Legolas mumbles not interested in fighting with the both of them. He stomps out of the throne room not caring how much of a child it made him seem. 

“Father…I think … you should let Legolas go.”


“He gets bored here. Boredom can lead to unsavory behaviors. Besides we must send someone, would Elrond not be pleased if you sent one of your sons.”

“I could send you,” Thranduil says raising an eyebrow. 

“You could but I’m not the one running through the woods all day like some beast let out of his cage. He feels locked up, a little trip to Rivendell will do wonders for him. Nothing will really go wrong.”

“What of those twins? The hunt Orcs night and day that is not a life I want for my son.”

“He is one of the best archers I’ve ever seen, he can take care of himself.” 

“Tell him he can go.” The Crown prince nodded and left the throne room to find his brother sitting in a tree staring into to distance.

“Legolas get down here.”

“Leave me alone,” He muttered climbing higher.

“You can go,” Legolas looked down at his bother in surprise and jumped out of the tree. He grabbed his brother in a hug and started to jump around happily.


“Yes little brother! Now go thank father.” Legolas ran back to the throne room and he could almost see his brother throwing himself in his father’s arms as he walked to his own chambers.

Legolas sighed thinking the thoughts of his father and brother. How long would it be until he saw them now? Only time he guessed would tell. Legolas heard the man approaching and wondered if it was Aragorn and quickly decided against it. Aragorn had been raised by elves he would not make this much noise. 

He started listening more to his surroundings. He heard some nearby elves laughing and the man still stumbling through the wood in a way that meant that they did not want to be detected and thought they were doing well. ‘Maybe for weak mortal ears.’ He drew his knife as the laughter drifted away. 

A man finally walked into the clearing, the steward of Gondor to be exact. The man that was fool enough to believe he could wield the power of the one ring.

“Would you cut me as well elf?” Legolas placed his knife away. Boromir was many things but a threat was not one of them. In a blink Boromir had him in a choke hold on the tree he had been leaning against. Legolas gasped in surprise as he tried to claw Boromir’s hands off his neck.

Boromir removed one arm and punched the elf as he continued to choke him. Legolas’ vision danced as he finally blacked out. He opened his eyes moments later and his arms were tied over his head and Boromir was sitting on him. 

“Get off me!” Legolas gasped.

“Do I owe you my allegiance as well elf?”

Legolas didn’t believe this was all over one stupid comment. It was common knowledge among the elves who Aragorn was. Was it his fault this mortal didn’t know his own king?

“Do not blame your ignorance on me.” Boromir didn’t like that response and slapped the elf then flipped him over burying his face in the soft earth. 

“Have you not learned? I am the one in power here!” Legolas slumped into the dirt for a moment not really sure what to do to get this mad man off him. He suddenly had a thought of being beat into some kind of submission. Fear gripped his heart when he heard Boromir grip one of his own knives. He couldn’t help what happened next, he screamed, he refused to die like this.


He received a sharp blow to the head for his trouble and saw darkness creeping into the corner of his vision. He feels a slight draft as his leggings are cut and pulled away from his body. Was he going to be spanked, was Legolas’ only thought on what this could mean.

Legolas yelped as Boromir slammed his hand across his exposed bottom. He swallowed his yelps of pain as the spanking continued until Boromir’s hand tired. He could not stop his whimper as Boromir started kneading his burning ass and he could no longer feel his legs with Boromir’s weight on them.

“I will enjoy this,” Boromir says sliding his hand under Legolas’ tunic which had ridden up around his back and trying to pull it up over his head. ‘Now what?’ Legolas wondered as a thud was heard behind him and Boromir’s weight was removed from him. He was slowly turned over and locked eyes with a grim looking dark haired elf. 

He drew a dagger a grimace on his face as he looked Legolas over and despite the fact he couldn’t feel most of his appendages he tried to wriggle away. The elf grabbed his arms and swiftly cut the binds. His arms fell lifelessly to the side and he saw his wrists rubbed raw.

“Can you stand?”

Legolas struggled to his feet and fell over almost instantly the feeling not back in his legs and what was left of his leggings binding his ankles. A cloak was tossed over him and he turned to see his savior finishing binding Boromir. He blinked and turned again to see him keeling besides him. Legolas head snapped back and forth almost violently as he realized he was saved by twins. Twins which would make them Elrond’s sons, he was setting a wonderful example for Mirkwood, sprawled out in the mud.

He tried to stand again this time gripping the cloak in his hands as he sought to cover himself and stumbled into one of the twins arms. He smiled and lifted Legolas into his arms like one would do a baby. Legolas looked at the elf about to speak when he fainted.

“He fainted,” Elladan said glaring daggers at Boromir.

“Do you know him?” Elrohir asked.

“No, he’s very beautiful, maybe he’s from Lorien?”

“ Maybe, Grans won’t take it well.”

“Well? I think we should kill him now, it would be more merciful.” Boromir started struggling. “If you were only that lucky; I never wanted to see an elf in that condition again.”

“I want to get him to father as soon as possible. You can handle him,” Elladan said already looking off towards the house.

“Quite well,” Elrohir replied as he looked down at Boromir whose hands are bound and who has a rope collar around his neck Elladan took off in a run and left his brother to deal with the human.

He arrived and quickly approached his father who was speaking with Gandalf and Aragorn. His cloak is covering most of Legolas and for a moment Elrond fears the worst.


“My god man! Don’t you know your own sons?!” Gandalf chuckled and Elrond gestured wildly to the bundle. “Oh no he’s fine. This is another elf, I think he’s from Lorien,” Elladan said as his father led him to the healing wing.

“What happened?”

“We found that stupid, smelly, disgusting, man, no offense Aggy, trying to…” Elladan’s words caught in his throat as memories of his mother came to him. “We made it in time, before he could…”

“I understand lay him here,” Elrond said as he pulled back the cloak. “By the Valar. Of all the elves.”

“I know Grandmother and Grandfather will be upset-“

“He’s not a Lorien elf. Elladan, this is Legolas son of Thranduil, youngest prince of Mirkwood.”

“Thranduil? The elf famous for his torture methods?”

“One and the same,” Elrond said as he checked over Legolas, “He didn’t do anything; he seems to have a blow to the head that is why he fainted. Who was this man?”

“I don’t know he was in the dress of Gondor. Elrohir is coming into the house now, he’s tied up. We weren’t sure if we should kill him or not.”

“We’ll send him to Mirkwood to pacify Thranduil. Though I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Stay with him we shall go deal with the man. I have a feeling I know who it is.” Elrond led out the man and the Istar. “I’ll send Elrohir to you.”

Elrond met Elrohir as he stood with some guards clearly not sure what to do with his captive. “I shall take him, we will send him to Mirkwood.”

“Mirkwood?” Elrohir said.

“That elf you saved is Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, Thranduil’s youngest.” Elrohir’s eyes widened as the full weight of what his father said landed. But he felt no pity for the dead man, “your brother will need some assistance once the prince wakes go.” Elrohir nodded and headed to the healing house. He entered the room where Legolas and Elladan are and saw his brother cleaning the dirt off Legolas’ face.

“Did Ada tell you?” 

“That we have a little prince yes.”

“Why did he…”

“A blow to the head, he will wake soon.” Legolas moaned then as he looked between the twins, confused with a throbbing pain in his head.

“Am I seeing double?”

“Depends how many of us do you see?” 

“Three?” Legolas said as another dark haired blur enters his vision. 

“Three?” Elrohir and Elladan said together.

”Well its nice to know one of you all see me,” Erestor said. While he looked nothing like the twins all Legolas could see was colorful blurs. And at the moment he saw three dark heads and pale faces that were slowly becoming clearer.

“Sorry Erestor we didn’t hear you come in.”

“I noticed. You’re father has asked me to tell you, that the prince’s attacker was dispatched with Glorfindel and some warriors and they make their way to Mirkwood. He also said do whatever you could to make the prince more comfortable.” 

“Alright, thank you Erestor,” Elladan says smiling at Legolas who’s vision had cleared and was trying to find something to distinguish the twins. Elladan nudged his brother who had been watching Erestor leave. He looked at Legolas.

“Identical, who knows maybe one day we’ll show you what makes us different,” Elladan said. “Now as for father’s orders. Up!” Legolas looked startled and Elladan clarified. “You will be much more comfortable in a real room and not in a stuffy old healing wing.”

The twins stand and Elladan helped Legolas to his feet as Elrohir covers him from the waist down. They travel through the halls towards their own private rooms. Elrohir sat Legolas down on the bed as Elladan calls a servant from the hall.

“Would you prepare a bath and set out the scented oils? You know the ones.” The servant nodded and Elladan grins. He walked back in.

“Now to get you some new clothes. At least until your own are mended and cleaned,” Elladan said as he looked at the dirt covered tunic. Legolas nodded as Elrohir rose to join his brother and they were arguing good naturedly about what color to dress Legolas in.


“No no, he’d look much better in gray and black.”

“He’ll look better in color! Oh how about red?” 

“Are you mad? Red, next he’ll want yellow.” 

“I do not own yellow clothes, do I look like ‘Wren?”

”Well in this light…”

“Green,” A voice whispered. The twins both turn realizing it’s the first time Legolas had spoken.

“Light or dark?” Elrohir asked.

“Dark, please.” The twins pull out three sets of sleeping robes all in darkening shades of green and Legolas chooses one of an olive color.

“My lord the bath is prepared.”

“Thank you,” Elladan said smiling, “That will be all go get some rest.”

“Yes sire, I took the liberty of adding a bottle of wine.”

“You think of everything,” Elladan said kissing the servant on the cheek. “Good night.”

“Let me just take the prince’s clothes,” Elladan turns and sees that his brother has led Legolas to the bath. He walks in and sees a naked Legolas as he stepped into the pool. Elrohir looks moments from drooling, he walks over to his brother and whispers.

“There is enough water in the tub without you adding from your mouth brother,” before Elrohir can respond to defend himself or deny it Elladan grabs Legolas’ clothes and runs away. “Here you go.”

“Goodnight my lord.”

“Darling,” Elladan said and shut the door going back into the bath. Elrohir was pointing out different scented bath oils. Legolas pointed to one and soon the scent of strawberries is wafting in the bath. Elladan rolls up his sleeves and grabbed the strawberry soap.

“Legolas would you like some wine?” Elrohir asked.

“No, thank you,” Legolas whispered.

“Just relax, I’m going to wash your hair,” Elladan said working up a nice lather. 

The twins lather, rinse, and repeat cleaning Legolas thoroughly. Elladan stood holding the towel open for Legolas as Elrohir had another for his hair they towel the elf dry, wondering why Legolas didn’t question them or even seem to be embarrassed even after what happened.

“Legolas, are you cold?” Elladan said looking up at his face having noticed some trembling. He wanted to behead the Steward of Gondor at the sight he sees. Legolas was crying, he pulled Legolas into his arms instinctively and stroked his still moist hair and Elrohir rubbed his back as he started speaking.

“Legolas what happened wasn’t your fault.”

“I…weak,” Legolas muttered his head still being held by Elladan.

“You are not weak, its that stupid man that was weak to try to do such a foolish thing.”

“Do not do this to yourself,” Elladan added, “it was not your fault,” he said leading the still crying elf back to their room as Elrohir took the olive sleeping robes. Legolas is clearly smaller than the twins as the robe continued to hang suggestively exposing one pale shoulder no matter how much Legolas adjusted it. Both twins’ eyes linger on the shoulder.

“Can…I…I mean…I…” Legolas asked sniffing.

“Go ahead, anything you want,” Elrohir said.

“Can I sleep with you?”

“Me?” Elrohir squeaked his voice tiny.

“Well you both,” Legolas says blushing slightly.

“Both?!” Elladan gasps nearly falling over in his shock.

“I’m sorry, its just that I don’t think I can sleep alone tonight.”

”But the both of us?” Elladan asked his turn to squeak.

“When I can’t sleep I usually go into my parents chambers. They would let me sleep between them…” Legolas stops feeling foolish for even mentioning it, he hadn’t done it in centuries.

Elrohir still not sure if he can speak after the shock Legolas gave him nodded. Legolas looked expectantly at Elladan who’s grinning broadly but also nodded. He felt foolish for even thinking ‘that’ was what Legolas wanted. The elf had almost been raped for valar’s sake.

“We shall just change. You may lay down if you want,” Elladan said.

“For a moment I thought-“ Elrohir whispered.

“As did I brother, but think of what he went through, he does not even seem to realize what that sounded like.”

“I think he’s a little muddled not to realize what ‘that’ sounded like.”

“Which is all the more reason we should give him all the comfort we can,” Elladan said pulling on his sleeping robe. 

“I agree,” Elrohir said pulling on his own robes and walking to the bed where Legolas was sitting in the center yawning. They each take a side and Legolas laid down on his side wrapping an arm around Elrohir who’s in front of him and Elladan wrapped an arm around him from behind, stroking his hair when he realized Legolas was crying again. 

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