To Be Claimed pt02

Title: To Be Claimed 2/?
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Elrohir/Legolas/Elladan, Legolas/Boromir, Arwen/Aragorn (implied),
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Legolas’ older brother went down the wrong path Thranduil swore he’d keep his youngest son from the same path. When Legolas goes to the Council of Elrond he almost learns the hard way what it is to be claimed.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warning: Non con, Spanking,Elrond found them like that the next morning, his sons forming a prince sandwich. He smiled marveling at how young all three elves look in their sleep. He smiled locking eyes with his youngest son.

“Morning Ada,” Elrohir whispers.

“How is he?” Elrond said as he kneeled next to Elrohir.

“He cried himself to sleep…”

“Do you think it was wise then to share a bed with him?”

“He asked us to; he said he used to do it with his Nana and Ada.”

“Well he wouldn’t be the first elfling to share his parents’ bed.”

“Ada,” Elrohir moaned and Legolas stired waking along with Elladan. The prince sat up looking at Elrond.

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“Fine,” Legolas said blushing.

“Legolas we would all understand if you would rather go home, I know how upsetting what Boromir did can be for an elf. It would be a loss for the fellowship-“

“I pledged my bow to the ring bearer and I mean to keep it.”

“Elves have faded-“

“From a spanking? He made me feel foolish but-“

“What he was going to do after that,” Elladan whispered.

“I face death a lot, we are in the midst of battle in Mirkwood now.”

“But it wasn’t death that you were facing,” Elrond said. “He was going to force himself on you.”

“He did that when he sat on me.” Legolas replied.

“No, you know what I mean,” Elrond said a little annoyed.

“Legolas you have had a lover correct.”

“No I haven’t been bonded yet.”

“But-“ Elrohir started.

“Legolas if I were to say the term make love how would you take it?” Elrond asked.

“Love is not something to be made…”

“Sex he means sex!” Elladan exclaimed.

“Gender? I truly don’t understand what you are saying. What are you asking me?” Legolas asked and all three elves are speechless.

“How old are you?” Elladan asked.

“Nearly three thousand.”

“Legolas how often do you leave Mirkwood?”

“This is the first time I have ever left my home.”

“And do you live in a box?!” Elladan exclaimed.

“No, I live in the palace.”

“Legolas there is a bath prepared for you and your clothes have been mended.” Legolas nodded and heads into the other room.

“I had heard rumors but I didn’t believe it.”

“Believe what Ada?”

“Legolas is Thranduil’s youngest child by nearly four thousand years. After he banished his second son, he and his wife had Legolas.”

“Why did he banish his son?”

“Depends on who you believe, Erestor has it on good authority it was an orgy in the throne room.”

“An orgy?!”

“Yes well, needless to say Thranduil didn’t take it well that it was in his throne room and his son was being taken by a stable boy.”

“Maybe the other way around,” Elladan muttered, “Is Thranduil as pigheaded as they say?”

“Well you see a living example in Legolas, how he stamped out all knowledge of sexual activity.”

“How is that even possible? What about physical changes when he was younger?”

“Who knows what he told him, but clearly he didn’t know what Boromir had in mind. Which in a way was better for him.”

“But it is still bothering him.”

“He feels like he was a weak fool.”

“Which we all know is far from the truth,” Elrond said.

“What do you think will happen to-“ Elladan starts.

“Boromir? I’d rather not spend time thinking on it.”

Legolas made his appearance then, fully clothed with a towel wrapped around his head. He was barefoot and looked around the room.

“Have you seen my boots?”

“In the corner,” Elrohir said pointing. Both twins can’t take their eyes off Legolas who bends over to retrieve his boots and Elrond smacked them both.

“Behave! Don’t use it against him.”

“Ada!” Elladan exclaimed.

“We are appalled.”

“That you would think.”

“We would do such a thing,” Elrohir finished.

“Devils,” Elrond muttered.

“What thing?” Legolas asked.

“Tease Aggy,” Elladan replied.

“You know as a mortal he’s too old to be called Aggy.”

“But as an elf, he’s a baby so he will be Aggy until he reaches his majority,” Elladan replied stubbornly.

“He’s past 50,” Elrond said as he stood.

“I’m going for a 100 with him,” Elladan said grinning.

“I’ll leave you two to clean yourselves up and I shall see you all down soon for breakfast.”

“Yes Ada,” the twins say as he leaves their chamber.

“Sit we’ll be right back.” In the bathroom the twins watched as a new bath was filled for them and they started talking.

“So, brother, what should we do about the beautiful innocent Legolas?”

“I think we should be his teachers in the fine art of love making.”

“But we must take it slow, no reason to shock the poor boy,” Elrohir said stepping into the bath.

“But we don’t have much time, the fellowship leaves today.”

“Hmm, now that is quite the dilemma.”

“Well let’s give him something to remember us by.”

Once bathed they dress putting on a little show for Legolas who is too busy enjoying the view outside to notice. The twins sighed as they sat on either side of Legolas.

“Legolas we’re going to do something, feel free to tell us to stop anytime.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Kiss you.”

“Oh okay,” Legolas said having never experienced more than a chaste kiss from his parents or brother.

“Who gets to…” Elrohir asked. And they play a game of rock, parchment, sword, to decide and Elladan wins.

“But you can go next.”

Legolas watched as Elladan leaned in closer to him and he turned his cheek for the kiss. Elladan gripped both sides of his face and stared into the deep blue eyes. Legolas’ eyes fluttered closed and Elladan took that as his opportunity to press his lips to Legolas’. The prince had no intention of opening his mouth even when Elladan lightly brushed his teeth seeking entrance. Elladan rubs the points of Legolas’ ears and slipped his tongue in as the prince moaned in delight.

Legolas was very tentative not sure what to do to the tongue invading his mouth and not sure he cared with the strange new feelings Elladan was causing to run through his body. The bolts of pleasure that shot directly between his legs, or the dizzying floating sensation he was causing with his mouth.

As much as he didn’t want to stop he knew he had too, he was running out of air. Elladan pulled away leaving a panting and slightly dazed Legolas lying on the bed. Elrohir replaced his brother spending a moment just looking at Legolas’ flushed face. His hair like light forming a halo, around his head. He was an angel fallen down into the dark haired devils den. Legolas’ eyes opened and Elrohir smiled as he leaned down and kissed his jaw, and leaves a wet trail down to Legolas’ collar bone.

Elrohir grins as Legolas arches into him and he claims the petal soft pink lips. This time Legolas’ opens his mouth when Elrohir seeks entry and is rewarded by the skill of his tongue, to send shivers cursing through his entire body. Elladan pulls his brother away when he started to grind into the inexperienced prince.

“Brother I think that’s a little much.”

“Aye,” Elrohir said slightly breathless as Legolas panted. The twins wait until he catches his breath then help him stand four hands working to smooth the golden hair. “It’s so sad that you have to leave today, there’s so much more we could show you.”

“There’s more?” Legolas asked in wide eyed disbelief.

“Much more,” Elladan said chuckling as he pushed Legolas’ hair aside as he kissed the nape of his neck.

“Mmm,” Legolas said sighing, “Its too bad you can’t come.”

The fellowship was about to depart when a loud commotion was heard. Aragorn turned and covered his face as his brother’s came racing towards him. They kissed their sister’s cheek as they passed and stood directly in front of Aragorn.

“We’re coming too!”

“See we figure you need elves like us on this…”

“Mission?” Pippin asked grinning.

“Exactly!” Elrond stared as his son’s as he experiences déjà vu. First the hobbits listening in on the council now this.

“But,” Aragorn starts.

“Oh come on Aggy we’ll be good,” Elrohir says. Gandalf looked between the twin then at Legolas who up until the twins showed up again, had been cold and expressionless, now smiling like a child receiving sweets. Gandalf winked at Elrond.

“A fine addition to the fellowship indeed,” Gandalf said.

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