To Be Claimed pt03

Title: To Be Claimed 3/?
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Elrohir/Legolas/Elladan, Legolas/Boromir, Arwen/Aragorn (implied),
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Legolas’ older brother went down the wrong path Thranduil swore he’d keep his youngest son from the same path. When Legolas goes to the Council of Elrond he almost learns the hard way what it is to be claimed.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warning: Non con, Spanking,Aragorn swore the chatter between his brothers and Merry and Pippin would drive him mad. They had found their hobbit equivalents. Now they were singing to each other.

“Oh oh! I have one,” Elladan exclaims.

“Aggy and ‘Wren sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

“Elladan for the love of-“

“Arwen? I mean really not only is she a girl, she’s our sister,” he says making a face.

“You don’t like girls?” Pippin asks. Elladan winks.

“Legolas could you come here?” Legolas who had been walking silently behind Gandalf, Frodo, and Sam dropped behind.

“Yes?” Elladan took Legolas’ face in his hands and kissed him. Elrohir shakes his head.

“He never just answers a question,” Elrohir whispers to Merry as Elladan pulls away. “Stay,” Elrohir says wrapping and arm around Legolas’ waist and kissing his cheek when he starts to go back to his original position. “So what’s the best part of Mirkwood?”

“The trees,” Legolas says grinning, “they are always so interesting, and they keep us safe.”

“Yes, you use very little wood in building your homes correct?”

“Yes it is mostly stone,” Legolas says catching Gimli’s attention.

“Stone you say?”

“Yes Master Dwarf, built with the aid of the dwarves ages ago. But those are the stores and the dungeons.”

Aragorn calms this conversation much more to his liking then the previous song and dance. They were making good time, and had yet to encounter the enemy. He looked to the sky and notices it is late afternoon.

“Gandalf, should we not find a camp?”

“Yes, yes we should, night will be soon upon us.”

They find a nicely secluded gale and set up camp. Aragorn decides to take the first watch, followed by Gimli, and Gandalf will watch until daybreak. Elladan, Elrohir, and Legolas split up to gather some food. Elladan and Elrohir each return with some berries and a rabbit to roast. Legolas appears with berries that he’s feeding to a rabbit on his shoulder.

“Uh Legolas,” Elladan says handing his brother his rabbit. “Aren’t you going to kill it?”

“Why would I do that?” Legolas asks sitting down still feeding the rabbit berries.

“So we can eat?”

“You each caught a rabbit, that is more than enough, plus there are more than enough berries for now and the morning thanks to my friend here.”

Both twins just stare at Legolas who continues to feed the rabbit as Aragorn snickers from his post. “I want to see this,” Elrohir says as he gives the rabbits to Sam, who starts preparing them.

They follow Legolas into some dense brush that they had ignored on their walk and find an enormous patch of berries. They look around and smile they would have never found that little niche. Legolas releases his little rabbit friend and it ran off into a bush.

“This place is so secluded,” Elrohir said.

“Yes, its perfect,” Elladan added. He looked at Legolas who had started to look at the stars along with Elrohir. Elladan joins them though his mind is elsewhere.

“This is nice, it hasn’t been this calm in Mirkwood for years, with the spiders and all.”

“Spi…Spiders?” Elladan stammers.

“Yes you know giant spiders they terrorize the woods. No one would dare walk the dark paths alone,” Legolas stopped talking as he realized that Elladan had blanched. “Elladan?”

“Brother doesn’t like spiders. He fears them.”

“There are giant spiders in Rivendell?”

“Giant? Ha! They are no larger than your hand and even that would be extremely large,” Elrohir said and Elladan turned a shade of scarlet.

“Elladan its alright, spiders are horrid creatures,” Legolas said as he put an arm around the embarrassed twin then gave him a hug. “Your dagger is poking me,” Legolas whispered.

“That’s not my dagger,” Elladan said winking at his brother who rolled his eyes, “Its not like we have a watch tonight.” He added as he and Legolas separated.

“And we are in a secluded little spot.”

“Legolas my darling, its time for lesson two.”

“More kissing?” He asked with a smile.

“Something like that,” Elrohir responded. He looked at the thorny bushes and wondered if this was actually the best place for this. He shook his head.

“I think a better place for this would be that little clustering of beech trees we had seen? Beeches are some of the softest trees on Arda,” Elladan said and Elrohir smiled leading Legolas away.

They reached the other clearing and Elladan had Legolas lean against a tree as the blond watched both brothers. Elladan approached him first cupping his head and he closed his eyes waiting for the kiss. When it was not forthcoming he opened one eye and Elladan grinned. Legolas rolled his eyes. He had to keep in mind that Elladan was highly playful.

Elrohir shoved his brother away who crossed his arms with a pout and walked over to another tree. Elladan knew it was his brother’s turn to go first but it didn’t mean he had to be happy about it. Legolas watched him with sad eyes and whispered to Elrohir, who smiled and nodded.

Four hands started opening his tunic moments later. Elrohir sunk to the floor and started working at the fastenings to his leggings. Legolas didn’t understand why he needed to be undressed for the kisses this time. He looked at Elladan questioningly, since he couldn’t make eye contact with Elrohir.

“There are a lot of parts of you we want to kiss,” Elladan explained and Elrohir kissed the inside of his thighs then to prove their point and licked him as well and Legolas shivered. Elladan attacked his ear and he moaned in a near delirium from the pleasure.

Elrohir’s tongue was in his belly button and Elladan continued to lavish attention on his ear. Elladan started kissing his way down his chest and Elrohir his way up They met at his nipples and Legolas knew the only thing that kept him upright was the beech tree.

He moaned again louder and was glad they were so far away from the rest of the fellowship. Elladan claimed his lips yet again, stifling a yelp when Elrohir took his cock into his mouth. What on earth was Elrohir doing? Legolas tried to pull away to ask when Elrohir started sucking, his hips jerked forward and he didn’t care what Elrohir was doing as long as he kept doing it.

Legolas’ entire body tensed as it prepared for some completion. He cried out when Elrohir pulled away but it was also muffled by Elladan. Elladan finally broke away for air and stared at the perfectly aroused prince’s profile. Elladan was painfully hard and he groaned as he loosened the ties of his leggings. He felt something off and was surprised the feeling was coming from Legolas. Legolas was scared.

Elladan put a hand on his brother’s shoulder and pulled him away lightly from Legolas and his brother got the hint and sat back on his heels looking up at them both. “Legolas why are you scared?”

“I…I feel as if I’ll die if Elrohir continues but I want him to continue. I don’t understand what is happening.”

“Wait…wait. I know you have never…Legolas you have touched yourself before right?”

“Like Elrohir is doing? I can not bend like that.” Elladan laughed but quickly turned serious.

“With your hand.” Legolas shook his head.

“This isn’t possible,” Elrohir said from his squatted position. “Even if he didn’t know.”

“We’ll deal with that later. Legolas nothing bad will happen to you. As a matter of fact what will happen is exceptionally good.”


“Legolas give me your hand.” Legolas turned to fully face Elladan and held his hand out to Elladan who placed it on his erection after using his other hand to move the cumbersome leggings. He moved his and Legolas’ hand up and down on his penis and moaned. “Just keep…ah!” Elladan gasped burying his head where Legolas’ head met his shoulder. Elrohir sat back on the ground crossing his legs as he thought on what Legolas had said.

Legolas kept up his tentative strokes until Elladan panted harder and then Legolas stopped. “Don’t,” Elladan moaned and Legolas started again bringing the elf to orgasm. Elladan slumped against Legolas panting. Legolas taken by surprise by the weight falls.

Luckily a bored Elrohir had moved from his position in front of Legolas. Elladan pushed himself up and Legolas groaned. Before Legolas could stand Elrohir straddled him and grinned.

“I can’t let Elladan have all the fun.”

Elrohir captured Legolas lips in a kiss leaving the inexperienced prince breathless as he kissed and licked his way down his chest as Legolas squirmed. Elrohir licked the underside of Legolas’ erection and the prince bucked. His hands were clawing the earth as Elrohir took the head of his penis into his mouth and started sucking.

Legolas thrust up trying to get more of the sensations that Elrohir was causing and Elrohir held him down moving at his own agonizing speed. Legolas’ head thrashed from side to side as more earth came loose in his hands as he came close to orgasm. He came screaming Elrohir’s name.

Elrohir licked the panting elf clean. He looked up at Legolas and smiled. “So what do you think of your lesson?” He received a blank stare from Legolas as a response. “He fainted.” He turned to search for his brother and found him asleep besides the beech tree.

“Elladan wake up.”

“You’re done?” He says yawning, he looks at his brother and from his sitting position he’s at crotch level with Elrohir. “Point that thing elsewhere!”

“Legolas fainted, could you…”

“Yes, go take care of that.”

Elrohir returned a few minutes later and found Elladan struggling to put Legolas’ tunic back on. He helped him and they carried a decent but still unconscious elf to the camp. Their dinner was waiting for them and quite a few stares from the rest of the fellowship.

“Is he alright?” Merry asked.

“Yes. See he’s walking up now,” Elrohir said.

Legolas blinked slowly as he returned to awareness. He was in Elrohir’s arms and the half-elf kissed him on the brow as he helped him to sit up. Elladan handed him his plate and they all started eating.

“What were you doing?” Merry asked.

“Oh, well first we were kissing, but then Elladan and Elrohir started to take my clothes…” Legolas started when Elladan clamped a hand over his mouth wide eyed.

“Legolas,” Elrohir whispered, “we don’t discuss such things so casually.”

“Why? Its not wrong is it?” Legolas asked as Elladan moved his hand as the hobbits and his baby-brother snickered. Elladan mouthed the words ‘smelly human’ then kissed Legolas’ cheek.

“Of course not, but think about it you didn’t know anything about it.”

“Oh. Um who told you?”


“Lord Elrond told you such a thing?!” Legolas exclaimed.

“Not exactly he explained some things, and we found some books in the library that were highly educational. And of course you learn from your partner,” Elladan finished grinning. “Now finish your food, you’ll need your strength.”

“Sometimes you frighten me,” Elrohir whispered to his brother who continued his mad grin as he ate.

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