To Be Claimed pt04

Title: To Be Claimed 4/?
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Elrohir/Legolas/Elladan, Legolas/Boromir, Arwen/Aragorn (implied),
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Legolas’ older brother went down the wrong path Thranduil swore he’d keep his youngest son from the same path. When Legolas goes to the Council of Elrond he almost learns the hard way what it is to be claimed.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warning: Non con, Spanking,

Elladan looked around the dark dank mine bored. Gandalf had made them set up a makeshift camp as he tried to remember the way through the mines. Elrohir was in an open space teaching the Hobbits some basic sword moves.

Gimli was sitting silently with Aragorn probably sad about the bodies they had found of the dwarves that used to live in the mine. He looked over at Legolas and his breath caught. The elf was sitting across from him polishing his bow. Legolas was oblivious to the effect he was having on Elladan.

For a few moments he just watched Legolas’ hand move up and down on the shaft, then stick out his tongue in concentration. That was the last straw. He looked up at Elrohir and saw his brother was still occupied.

“Legolas,” he whispered standing and walking the short distance to the other elf.

“Yes?” Legolas asked looking up at him with a small smile.

“Come with me.”

“Is it orcs?” He asked with a frown.

“No no, nothing like that,” Elladan says leading him to a corner. They were still close enough to the group to hear the hobbits swords clash, but away from prying eyes. He didn’t waist any time, pinning Legolas to the wall and plundering his lips.

Legolas moaned into the kiss and Elladan pulled away and put a finger to Legolas’ lips. He then slipped in behind Legolas wrapping his arms around the slender waist as he rubbed his growing erection against Legolas’ backside.

Legolas released a startled gasp wondering what on earth Elladan was doing to him. The twins had shown him so many things he had never imagined before already. Was this just another lesson?

Elladan’s hand slipped into Legolas’ leggings and he moaned. Elladan removed his hand and turned Legolas around kissing him breathless. When he pulled away he smiled. “Shhh.”

Legolas bit his lower lip and nodded and Elladan had to hold back a moan. The innocent Mirkwood prince was driving him wild. He slid to his knees and turned him around yet again so he was at eye level with the perfect bottom.

He pulled the elf’s leggings down carefully leaving Legolas some decency and kissed his way down the now exposed skin. Legolas shuddered and bit down on his lip again to keep from crying out.

Elladan spread Legolas’ cheeks and just barely brushed against Legolas’ puckered opening. Legolas clamped both hands over his mouth and Elladan just made out the muffled moan. He grinned and licked it again.

Using his hands, Elladan guided Legolas into spreading his legs further apart and had a tight hold on his hips when he penetrated the virgin hole with his tongue. Legolas barely held in his groan.

When Elladan started moving in and out of his body effectively fucking him with his tongue he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last standing. His legs were a quivering mess.

Elladan grinned and started moving in earnest searching for the one thing that would make Legolas lose control. His tongue suddenly brushed the bundle of nerves. And even with his hands over his mouth the yelp was audible to those near them.

Elladan continued to brush Legolas’ prostate and wondered if the elf would faint again. He looked so cute sleeping. It took a few moments to realize Legolas was saying something and listened while continuing his actions.

“A…A…Aragorn…” Elladan pulled away sharply not believing Legolas had feelings for his ‘girl’ loving brother. Until he realized there was another set of legs in front of them. He stood slowly pulling up Legolas’ leggings in the process and looked directly at his irate brother who was currently holding Legolas up.

“Elladan, we are in a goblin infested mine and lost do you really think this is the right time to be doing that?”

“Do you see any goblins right now?”

“Did you hear me approach?” Aragorn snaps back as Legolas finally releases him and stands of his own accord. “Legolas do not go along with my lustful brother’s every whim.”

“What’s lustful?” Legolas asked.

Aragorn’s mouth opened and shut a few times as his mind tried to process what he had just heard. How did someone over 20x his age not know what lust was. But before he could ponder it any further. Gandalf’s voice rang out stating what part of the mine was the right way.

The trio walked back to the group and Legolas retrieved his bow and twin knives, before falling in step with the rest of the group. Elrohir separated from the hobbits who he thought were progressing nicely in their sword training to join Elladan and Legolas.

“Did I miss anything?” Elrohir asked noticing Legolas’ flushed appearance and his still apparent erection.

“Nothing of importance dear brother,” Elladan said.


“What’s lustful?” Legolas asked still thinking of the new word.

“And where did you hear that,” Elrohir asked glancing at Elladan.

“Aragorn said I shouldn’t give in to Elladan’s lustful ways.”

“What were you two doing,” Elrohir asked now glaring at his brother who stared at the light from Gandalf’s staff as if it would reveal the secrets of the Valar to him.

“Elladan was kissing me again and them he did this thing with his tongue and my entire body felt aflame.”

“Oh,” Elrohir said. “Its um, wanting to do those things, you know kissing and such a lot.”

”Oh so are you lustful too?” Legolas asked.

“Not as much as dear Elladan I would suppose,” Elrohir said glancing at his brother.

“Is it a bad thing? Aragorn seemed upset.”

“Not bad, there are just more proper times for it and that is what upset our dear little Aggy,” Elladan said finally speaking up, “So Legolas, how long have you been studying archery?” He said wanting to change the subject before Elrohir realized Legolas was not talking about simple kissing.

“Since I was 10 years old. Ada got me a child’s bow and tiny arrows. I still have the little set in my room. It would be perfect for a hobbit actually,” Legolas says looking towards the group of halflings. “I wish I had known, I would have brought it.”

“But then you would have to have taught them to shoot. As it is now they are making some basic progress with the swords. Though Frodo doesn’t seem very taken with learning sword play,” Elrohir said shaking his head. “And the twin knives?”

“Ada would not let me near even blunt weapons until I was 24. So that was when I started.”

“Interesting, your ada is very protective is he not?”

“Yes, I suppose but it is in love.”

“And that is the only way to do things,” Elrohir said kissing Legolas’ cheek as they walked in silence for a while through the mines. As each of the twins slipped an arm around Legolas’ waist. 

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