Figure.09 pt02

^*^And I knew as they escaped away, I was,
Committing myself to ‘em, and every day I regret,

Saying those things, cause now,

I see,^*^

Figure.09 2/?

Legolas was the first to awaken, alone in a room. Despite Merry and Pippin’s pleading Aragorn and Legolas were not placed in the same bed. He looked around and didn’t recognize the room. It wasn’t his usual one he stayed in when in Rivendell.

He stood and tried to focus his vision. It was strange he could see clearly but not well. He couldn’t make out anything a significant distance away. What was in that drink? It had affected his sight, and his hearing he realized as a servant knocked on the door.

“Enter.” Legolas gasped his voice sounded horrible. Was he getting ill? Don’t be foolish. Elves don’t get ill. He just needed some water. He saw the jug on the small table beside the bed and reached for it. He was so shocked by the sight he beheld that he knocked the whole thing over. He looked again. Dreaming I must be dreaming.

Legolas looked at his hand again and nearly fainted. There was hair! He was covered in dark coarse hair like some…some…HUMAN! The servant glanced at him then walked out, he had to get to a mirror. He looked around but whomever this room belonged to apparently didn’t use one. He walked into the bath and looked into the pool and fainted right there on the bathroom floor.

Aragorn woke feeling strangely light. He was in a very soft bed, softer than his own and he realized it was the sheets. The nice ones Elrond used for guests. He sat up and stretched his arms yawning slightly. Woops he realized he had slept in the wrong room. Not the first time hiding from everyone got exhausting. He rubbed his hands against his chin his normal habit and didn’t notice the change at first.

His stomach rumbled and he remembered that he had been on his way to breakfast. What had happened? He had taken a drink then everything got oddly fuzzy. He heard the servant moving outside and called ‘Come in’ before they knocked.

They smiled blushingly at him and he shrugged. He felt something brush his shoulder that didn’t feel like his usually oily hair. He lifted his hand and noticed then how pale and slender it was. He touched something that felt like the silk sheets he was lying on but did not feel like his hair. He took some in his hand and saw it was some long golden hair. He gave it a tug.

It’s real?

Aragorn scratched his chin and this time noticed the lack of facial hair. What on earth? He had long blond hair and was so pale? By the valar he had been made into a woman! What had he done to deserve this fate? He moaned into his hands.

”My lord?”

”Leave me.”

The servant walked out. Wait she said lord He lifted the sheet and sure enough he had leggings on and there was a small bulge. Very small. He stood and walked over to the vanity. At least there was a mirror in here so he could see why he was a long haired dainty male.

Aragorn froze in the mirror. He wasn’t a long haired dainty man. He was a long haired elf. Legolas? He was Legolas? Whatever dream this was Aragorn knew he didn’t want it to end. He slipped off his leggings and took off the tunic he was wearing.

He stared open mouthed at the sight before him, never happier in his life that Legolas had a full length mirror. Legolas naked was a sight to behold. His chest was perfectly defined, covered by slender muscles. He couldn’t help but touch one of the pale pink nipples and roll it in his fingers until it hardened. Aragorn’s breath quickened as he traced his hand along Legolas’ waist.

He looked at Legolas’ penis and decided to take back his original small thought. It was long and slender now that it was fully erect. Staring at a naked Legolas made him hard fast. He reached down and started stroking himself and sighed in pleasure.

It felt great, Legolas to do with as he pleased. Legolas was such a…Aragorn froze as he heard a giggling couple headed his way. Their voices sounded familiar but that couldn’t be right. What would Arwen and Gimli have to giggle about? He resumed his task and teased the point of Legolas’ no his ear and almost collapsed.

He thought about moving to the bed but then he wouldn’t be able to see the sight of Legolas lost in his rapture. He opened his half closed eyes and the image of Legolas covered with a thin sheen of sweat, mouth opened in an O of pleasure as he thrusted into the hand pleasuring him sent him over the edge.

Aragorn cried out his completion as the door opened. He was only aware of them on a subconscious level. He was too busy experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life. One that brought him down on his knees as it peaked. He panted his cheek leaned against the mirror when he looked up to see his betrothed staring at him with a dwarf.


Aragorn jumped up and grabbed the nearest article of clothing. “Arwen, Gimli, uh…”

”That was something I never needed to see my friend,” Gimli said though he was slightly disturbed at the fact he liked what he saw. Like right now Legolas blushed all over.

”Hey! Stop that! I won’t lose my dwarffy-muffin to Legolas! Its bad enough Aragorn drools over him.”

”But you don’t want to marry Aragorn, Winky-Poo. Come on this room is occupied!” Gimli exclaimed pinching Arwen’s bottom as the elven princess jumped and followed her dwarffy-muffin out.

”Dwarffy-muffin? Winky Poo? Well if she’s gonna get it on with a dwarf I’ll have Legolas all I want.”Legolas! If he was the elf then in theory the elf was him. Aragorn opened Legolas’ dresser. He hadn’t brought much with him but this would do until he got some better clothes.

Legolas opened his eyes and felt some pain in his head. He touched it and grimaced. Then he panicked. It was a dream, he wasn’t Aragorn. He looked in the water again and paled. He *was* Aragorn. And he smelled he realized absently.

He had to get clean, but that would mean getting naked. And seeing Aragorn, the thought had a high level of appeal. No! Aragorn was a friend not to be betrayed by his base carnal desires. But he had to bathe. I won’t look Legolas nodded to himself as he stripped. He climbed into the water quickly and avoided looking down.

Elladan walked in then and looked dazed.

”Elladan? Are you alright?”

”Ada’s in the hall throwing scrolls and calling Erestor a…I can’t repeat it. Elrohir and Haldir have been…Frodo wants to properly thank Glorfindel…and I thing I saw Arwen with the dwarf. Brother I’m scared.”

Legolas didn’t have a response for that. Things were amiss in Rivendell indeed. But he seemed to be the only one who wasn’t himself. “Have you seen Ara-Legolas?”

Nay, brother,” Elladan said with a grin. “I see you are finally admitting you have feelings for him! Though I wish you would let me shave you.”

”Please do,” Legolas said not enjoying the coarse hair every time he touched his face.”

Elladan drew a small dagger and Legolas started to rethink what he said. “Close your eyes and don’t move.” Legolas swallowed but did as he was told.

Aragorn was dressed in traditional Legolas wear. Tunic and Leggings as he walked past a room where shouts and elvish curses that sounded strangely like his foster father could be heard. He pushed open the door as Erestor ran out covering his head. If he was a man a vile of oil would have hit him in the face as an elf he caught it and slipped it into his pocket.

”And stay out you TRAMP!”

”I’ll just tell everyone how the Lord of Rivendell is LACKING and most likely didn’t father his children with his that TINY little THING!” Erestor said and stuck his tongue out when Elrond missed him with a small statue. “And he throws like a Girl!”

Aragorn crept slowly away afraid to draw any extra attention to himself. He saw Sam stomp in the direction he came with a frying pan. “I’ll show him!” The hobbit exclaimed enraged. Aragorn didn’t care to find out who would be on the receiving end of that pan Arwen or Gimli.

He made it to his room safely and Elladan walked out. He grinned broadly at who he thought was Legolas opened the door and it was his turn to faint.

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