Figure.09 pt03


And now,

You’ve become a part of me

You’ll always be right here,

You’ve become a part of me^*^

A/N starting here:~**~**~ Aragorn and Legolas will be referred to by the person they are and not the body they inhabit. All characters will of course refer to them as the body they see in front of them. I hope you can still follow it.

Figure.09 3/?

Merry and Pippin walked into Gandalf’s guest quarters and were startled to find the wizard gone.

“Uh, Pip what are we going to do?”

“He has to be here he said he was going to go with us back to the Shire with us. Remember he wanted more pipeweed.”

“Okay so let’s leave him a note.”

Dear Gandalf,

We (Merry and Pippin) tried your potions and we’re not sure what happened. Elrond and Erestor are fighting and Arwen says she’s in love with Gimli. We’re worried about side effects and stuff. Would you join us for lunch by the pretty waterfall?

Merriadoc Brandybuck

Peregrin Took

“That should do,” Merry said taking the parchment and laying it out on the bed. They walked into the hall and Gimli was running away from Sam who had a bent frying pan in his hand. They pressed their bodies against the wall and let the once happy couple pass.

“What do you think happened to Aragorn and Legolas?”

“Let’s hope they woke up Merry, come on let’s go to the kitchen and start packing our lunch.”


Aragorn opened his eyes and looked over at Legolas who was brushing his hair. He sat up to get a better look at what the elf was doing to his body. Legolas had a comb, brush and small sheers laid out in front of him along with a small bottle of scented oil. He seemed to have been at work for hours.

“Aragorn, have you ever combed your hair?”

“What’s wrong with my hair?” He asked in a huff.

“I am surprised I did not find any small creatures living in it is all,” Legolas replied.

“What are you doing to me? I’m not an elf! I’m not to be made pretty.”

“Aragorn you can’t be ‘pretty’ I am just trying to make you clean. Maidens are pretty, flowers and birds are pretty. You are Aragorn. It’s quite a difference.”

“Actually friend you are Aragon,” Aragorn said.

“How do you think this happened?” Legolas asked as he fought with yet another tangle in his hair.

“I have no idea, I say we go see the wizard.”

“You think Mithrandir had some hand in this?”

“How else Lego…Aragorn?” Aragorn asked.

“Why did you call me that? I just inhabit your form.”

“Because until we get to the bottom of this I don’t want anyone to know what happened. This is all quite strange.”

“Do you think Shadow has returned to Middle Earth?”

“And why would Shadow want us to switch bodies? No Leg…Aragorn the answer is here.”

“Now why are you wearing those old things?” Legolas asked looking at his spare set of traveling clothes.

Lord Elrond provided me with some beautiful robes.”

“Me? Why are you dressed like that? Where did you even get robes?”

“Elladan, your…um…my brother is very helpful.”

“And why did you shave my face?” Legolas asked huffy.

“It is my face.”

“If you’re going to act like that I feel no remorse in using your body. But I have a question.”

“What do you mean using? What have you been doing with my form?” Legolas asked looking at Aragorn.

“Why is it so small?”

“Why is *WHAT* so small?” Legolas growled believing he already knew the answer.

“You know what. It gets long but its still quite thin and yes small.”

“You…you…you touched me? You’ve had my form for not even half a day and you already touched me?!”

“Like you didn’t.”

“I didn’t! I have respect for my friends, even when it is I inhabiting their forms! I would do no such thing.”

“Elves,” Aragorn muttered.

“If you have not noticed as of yet you are one now!” Legolas yelled stomping out of the room and slamming the door. Legolas stood for a moment with his ears ringing and wondered what he should do.

He couldn’t believe it, but he knew his friend wouldn’t lie. And he surely wouldn’t be happy to be asked why *it* was so small but *he* wasn’t small himself’. Though the sensations he experienced more than made up for it.

Something he had heard many times before came unbidden to his mind and he smiled as he opened the door. ‘Power can be held in the smallest of things.’

He walked into the hall and wondered what the sound his sensitive elven hearing was picking up. It sounded like sobbing. He followed his ear and saw a silver haired elf crouched on the floor behind a pillar. Lindir’s hair was ‘whiter than silver so that would make this,

“Haldir? Are you alright?” The marchwarden looked up and blinked.

“Lego….Legolas?” He sniffed. Legolas sat down beside Haldir and started praying Haldir wasn’t attracted to him as well. Haldir threw his arms around Legolas and started sobbing onto his shirt.


“Its horrible! Last night I thought all my dreams came true, Elrohir and I we made love then he woke up this morning, looked at me and ran to the bathroom to vomit! Every time I come near him he does it again. Then…sniff….I heard him talking to Elladan and he says he has no idea why he slept with me! I don’t understand…sniff…why did he take me to his bed then?”

“Are you sure it was Elrohir?”

“Of course! Even the hobbits can tell them apart. I told you that’s just a joke. Leggy bear are you feeling okay?”


“Did you finally get that adorable little human?”

“Um…” Legolas just shakes his head.

“Its okay, you will and I hope he won’t say it’s a mistake like EL….RO…HIR,” Haldir said sobbing again. Legolas separated himself from the sobbing elf and walked to Elladan and Elrohir’s conjoined rooms. If they felt it was alright to interfere in his love affairs he would do the same to them.

He walked into Elladan’s chambers but, they weren’t there, he opened the door to the bath that joined the two rooms and there was Elladan holding Elrohir as he vomited into the smaller pool usually used for washing hands and faces.

He sank to the floor hugging his brother’s legs Elrohir was covered with a thin sheen of sweat and looked almost green.

“Do you know Haldir is in a corner sobbing his heart out for you?”

“He does not even know it is me!”

“He does and he loves you Elrohir!”

“But…” The younger twin moaned and got shakily to his feet to vomit again!

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