Figure.09 pt04

^*^I can’t separate
Myself from what I’ve done,
I’ve given up a part of me
I’ve let myself become you^*^

Elladan carried an unconscious Elrohir as he ran down the halls of The Last Homely House. After throwing up yet another time, Elrohir had simply collapsed. His breathing was shallow and every few moments his body would jerk as if he wanted to throw up again, but finally had nothing left.

Aragorn followed close behind and was glad when they past Haldir’s crouched position. He pulled him up and the pair followed Elladan to the healing house. Elladan searched the empty room annoyed. There were always healers here.

“Leggy Bear what’s wrong with Elrohir?”

“ADA!” Elladan’s shriek startled Elrond who was just walking into the room.

“What have I, told you about yelling?” Elrond reprimanded until he notices his other son lying nearly dead in his brother’s arms. “Put him down here. Elrohir, son can you hear me?”

“Ada,” an exhausted and hoarse voice whispered.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“Hal…” Elrohir said noticing the silver haired elf staring at him with tear filled eyes.

“What did you do to my SON?!” Elrond roared startling Haldir so much he just started crying again.

“He didn’t do anything, its Elrohir who left him a sobbing mess,” Aragorn said putting an arm around Haldir who sobbed into his shirt.

“Whatever Legolas….”

“Ada, Elrohir has been throwing up all morning, I did not know he held all that food in him. He fainted a little while ago.”

Elrond, with a last glare at a sobbing Haldir, turned his full attention to his son. There were few things in all Arda that could make an elf this sick. He would need to examine his son. He sat down beside Elrohir who had fallen into an exhausted sleep.

He checked his temperature and was glad he didn’t have a fever that lessened the chances of it being poison. “Has he eaten anything strange recently?”

“No.” Elladan responded, as he glanced at the other two elves in the room… why were they there? No his real question was, why was Haldir there. His brother had been fine until he had gone partially mad for a time.

Aragorn wondered absently if this was the same haughty elf he had seen so many times. And the same annoying flirt. He knew Haldir and Legolas were friends but he seemed like a completely different elf around who he thought was Legolas. Where was Legolas?

“For the love of an orc!” He suddenly exclaimed remembering that he had planned to go find him and apologize.

“What’s wrong?” Haldir sniffed.

“I have to go find, Le..Aragorn. I have to apologize to him.”

“Well don’t let me keep you, shoo,” Haldir said wiping his nose on his own sleeve.

”Want to come?”

“No I want to make sure Elrohir is okay.”


Aragorn walked outside the house to the gardens remembering that this was Legolas’ favorite place. He walked past an annoyed Gandalf and stopped.

“Gandalf, what’s wrong?”

“Blasted hobbits. They told me to meet them by the waterfall for lunch.”

“Which one? There are dozens.”

“Therein lies the problem my elven friend.”

Aragorn turned his head as he suddenly heard his own voice screaming “No!”

“What in Mordor’s name is going on?”

“Oh that, well Aragorn cleaned himself up for you and it seems the ladies of Rivendell have taken notice. It does help that he is a king, if he ever gets his lazy behind to Gondor and stops pouring all the work out on Faramir.”

“What kind of notice?”

“Go see for your self. I have some hobbits to see about some weed.”

Aragorn walked into the next clearing and was startled to see Legolas running with most of his robes torn off. He was running for his life straight towards Aragorn.

“Stay away you harpies!” Legolas yelled as he stopped behind Aragorn using him as a shield.

“My my my Legolas you sure look stunning for one dressed so plainly.”

“Mmmm I could eat him up, I could.”

Aragorn and Legolas exchanged a look and without another word took off back to the Last Homely House. The ladies wouldn’t dare follow them there or at least he hoped so. They ran into Aragorn’s chambers and Legolas panted excessively trying to form a sentence.

“You…humans…have no stamina.”

Aragorn who wasn’t even a little breathless smiled. Had he always looked that good? His robes half torn off, the sweat, shining in the sun and the steady rise and fall of that broad chest.

Aragorn walked over to Legolas, and with one motion had what was left of the robes on the floor.

“What are you…” Aragorn silenced those lips with a kiss as he shoved a now nicely naked Legolas on the bed. “But…I’m…how can you be attracted to yourself?”

“Aren’t you?”

Legolas was about to respond in the negative when he actually got a look at his face. His hair was still unbraided and lightly framing his features. His eyes were darkened with lust and when he lightly licked his cupid’s bow lips Legolas swallowed. ‘Those are my lips?’ he thought disbelieving.

“Thought so,” Aragorn responded smiling and reached down and devoured the mouth that for 90 years had been his own.

Legolas moaned into the assault, he couldn’t believe his own form was arousing him but here he was. He could feel the hardness throbbing between his legs and apparently so could Aragorn as he took it in his hand and started stroking.

“Why…why are you…”

“Doing this? Legolas…”

“…still dressed,” Legolas gasped finding it unfair that he was the only naked one. And uncomfortable. Aragorn smiled.

“And here I thought you were still being a prissy elf.”

“Elves are not prissy!” Legolas huffed shoving Aragorn off him.

“Am I going to have to tie you down?” Aragorn asked as he took off the tunic and leggings, a light clinking caught his attention. He picked his tunic back up and smiled at the vile of oil he was holding.

“I’d like to see you try,” Legolas said sitting up.

“Elves are stronger than humans,” Aragorn said holding Legolas down by sitting on his thighs and holding his arms down at his sides.

Legolas stared at the feral grin on the face that was supposed to be his and sank into the bed knowing he could never overpower Aragorn as he was now, but did he even want to? ‘Not really.’

Aragorn nodded as Legolas relaxed and he released his arms reaching to kiss him again as he popped the cork on the oil coating his fingers. Aragorn reached over to kiss Legolas’ ear as his fingers hovered over his entrance.

“Aragorn,” Legolas whispered.

“Hmm?” He asked lazily tracing a pattern on his ear with his tongue.

“Do you like people licking on your ears?”

“Not really…its more of an elf thing…Oh sorry,” he said as he pulled away. Legolas smiled and pulled Aragorn down to him for a kiss. Aragorn took the distraction to slip his finger past the tight ring of muscles as Legolas squirmed beneath him. He moved his finger about slowly and slipped in a second searching for something.

When Legolas let out a deep moan and started pushing down on his fingers he knew he had found it. Aragorn slipped in a third finger alternating between stretching and rubbing his prostate. When he felt that Legolas had been sufficiently stretched he pulled out his fingers, and smothered Legolas’ whimper with a kiss.

He slowly entered Legolas and smiled at the way he was biting his bottom lip as Aragorn hit his prostate. Aragorn pulled out nearly completely and slid in again and Legolas screamed his orgasm. Aragorn was stunned, he hadn’t even gotten started…he hadn’t even touched Legolas yet.

“How did you even…” Legolas blinked as the feeling passed and stared at Aragorn.

“That was it? That’s it? Why do you mortals even bother?” Legolas asked trying to sit up. “Could you get out of me? That is highly uncomfortable.”

“But I…” Aragorn sighed and pulled out and flopped onto the bed next to Legolas. Legolas sighed and used his callused hand to bring Aragorn to orgasm.

“Can we not do that again?” Legolas said as he stood and starting searching the room for some clothes that weren’t torn.

Aragorn didn’t respond his body still enjoying the sensations of climaxing. A few minutes later he was finally coherent and Legolas was still searching for clothes. Aragorn just stared at Legolas, even though he wasn’t in his body he was still a prissy elf. He watched as he checked the clothes for wrinkles and stray threads before finally pulling on yet another set of formal robes.

“Maybe you shouldn’t wear those, you saw what happened last time.” Aragorn watched as the face that should be his formed a perfect pout. But before he could do anything the door burst open and a frantic Haldir burst in. He shut the door and Aragorn grabbed a sheet to cover himself.

“Isn’t a little late to be shy Leggy Bear?”


“Legolas, you told me Haldir was your first,” Legolas said quickly. “Why did you run in here?”

“I have a slight problem.”

“What is it?” Legolas asked.

“Well um, it seems Elrohir is pregnant and both Elladan and Elrond want my head,” Haldir said looking around worried.

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