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^*^Give me my space back, You’ve gotta just go
Everything just comes down to memories of you
I’ve kept it in but now I’m letting you know
I’ve let you go^*^

Haldir sat down on the bed beside Aragorn. “Did I interrupt?”

“Not really,” Legolas muttered.

“Elrohir is pregnant?” Aragorn asked finally registering what Haldirhad just said.

“Seems so…keep up Leggy.” Haldir said giving Legolas a once over.

“Your not even smiling was it that bad?”

“Some one came in a matter of seconds,” Aragorn said annoyed.

“Who was on top?”

“Haldir!” Legolas exclaimed.

“Shh, well Leggy bear?”

“Me,” Aragorn replied pushing ‘his’ blond hair out of his face.

“And you didn’t think you were a little much for the human? Hello you are an elf. Do it the other way around sweetie.”

“And you would know this how?” Legolas asked.

“I have my secrets cutie,” he said giving Legolas a peck on the cheek. “So what should I do? It’d be nice to have a family with Elrohir but not if his father and brother keep trying to kill me.”

“They’ll calm down,” Aragorn said.

“But will he even want me? I don’t know and that worries me. Will he try to keep me away from the little one?”

“Elrohir would never do that,” Aragorn said.

“Leggy bear, I thought it was your pookie that knew all about those twins. They are his brothers after all. Aragorn?” He asked turning to what appeared to be the human.

“He is right,” Legolas started, “Elrohir would never do such a thing.”

Haldir looked between Aragorn and Legolas and back again. He frowned as his mind started fitting pieces together. Haldir shook his conclusion off and turned his attention to Legolas.

“Well, if you guys aren’t up for trying again…” Aragorn snorted and made a face. “Yes well then I want to go have lunch.”

“With me?” Aragorn whispered.

“No with the human, yes you Leggy.”


“Gandalf! Finally,” Merry and Pippin exclaimed in unison and the wizard knocked them both on the head.

“There Are 827 waterfalls in Rivendell.”

“But we said the pretty one,” Merry pointed out and Gandalf pulled out his pipe instead of bopping the hobbit on the head again.

“Why are you two so eager to see me?”

“Well it’s your potions,” Merry started.

“What about it? Did Aragon and Legolas finally get together? I saw them, they are acting quite odd.”

“See that’s the problem.” Merry began to explain all the reactions he saw in the dining hall and Gandalf’s smoked his pipe with a slight frown. Nothing too serious, it would seem he would just have to counter act the effects. Though what the effects on Aragorn and Legolas he wasn’t sure. He would have to keep an eye on the pair.

“Come on little hobbits, we have some repairs to make. Now explain again to me why you decided to feed everyone various potions?” Gandalf asked as he refilled his pipe.

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