Behind Closed Doors pt03

Title: Behind Closed Doors 3/?
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse,

“Will it really be that easy?”

“He was left with nothing to fight us. There will be no one to protect him and I will never give him the option of coming to me.”

“What of Rumil? I do not want to see a valiant elf suffer. Especially one under our brother’s domain. He will not take that well.”

“Give your lady the truth, that will protect him, and you know he will not have the normal reaction.”

“Does he have a normal reaction?”

“Now that is a foolish question. There is nothing normal about that bestial farce of an elf. And every day he lives is an insult to the song.”

“But he will not die.”

“No but he will suffer, as he made everyone suffer.”


“Haldir!” Melpomean exclaimed and despite his previous claims to the contrary he pounced on his lover the moment he was clear of the horse, much to everyone’s amusement. Haldir spun the slighter elf in his arms and then proceeded to kiss him breathless.

“Well seeing as my dear brother is occupied I would like to thank you Lord Elrond for our welcome to Imladris, it is our pleasure to be here and it will be our pleasure to safely escort your wife to Lothlorien when the time comes.”

The rest of the elves who had ridden with Haldir and Rumil also dismounted and they bowed to Lord Elrond.

“Thank you Rumil is it not?”

“It is,” Rumil said as a moan emitted from either Haldir or Melpomean. “Sometimes it is hard to believe he is my elder brother.”

“Well let me introduce you to the captain of our guard, Lord Glorfindel, and my Chief Advisor, Erestor.”

Rumil nodded to each in turn his eyes lingering on Erestor, slight, pale, and in a black robe he looked the perfect treat. Elrond saw the look in Rumil’s eyes and almost felt pity for the poor elf. The best he would get from Erestor was a monotone decline, the worst a blank stare.

“I will show you all to your quarters if you will follow me,” Erestor said already turning. Elrond snorted when he saw Rumil’s eyes instantly jump to Erestor’s bottom and quickly disguised it with a cough.

Erestor was oblivious to it all leading the four elves to their quarters as Glorfindel decided to pry the couple apart.

“Just get to your rooms,” he said with a smile shoving them forward.

Erestor lead the warriors to honored guest chambers. “If there is anything else you need please feel free to ask.”

“Erestor wait.”


“I was just wondering would you be at the celebration tonight?”

“No,” Erestor said and walked off down the hall.

“Wait!” Rumil exclaimed chasing the elf down.

“Yes?” Erestor asked wondering what the elf wanted so soon. “Are you hungry?”

“What…yes,” Rumil quickly amended.

“The meal is not for a few hours yet but I can bring you to the kitchen. I am sure that something can be prepared for you.”

“Please,” Rumil said wondering how hard it would be to get a smile out of the elf. Following him to the kitchen he tried to ignore the way everyone seemed to stare their noses down at Erestor, though he did notice that none did it to his face.

“So how long have you lived in Imladris.”

“All my life,” Erestor said nibbling on a stale dry roll.

“So your parents reside here as well?”

“I do not have parents.”

“Nor do I, Haldir and Orophin raised me.”

“I see.”

“Do you have siblings?”


“How did your parents die? If you do not mind my asking.”

“I do not mind for I do not know.”

“Surely someone must know.”

“If they do they have not told me.”

“But…they are your parents. The person who raised you must know.”

“I suppose I could ask him,” Erestor said even as Glorfindel and Elrond entered the kitchen intent on stealing some treats as the head cook waved a large wooden spoon at them.

“Lords or no! You will not be making off with my pie again! It is bad enough I have that one here, I swear he curdles the milk,” she said gesturing towards Erestor and Rumil just stared shocked that an elf would be so rude.

“Lord Glorfindel,” Erestor started as Elrond snuck out with the famed pie, the cook swatting the blond with her spoon though it was quite lightly.

“What is it Erestor?” Glorfindel asked already sounding irritated.

“Who were my parents?”

“How on arda would I know?”

“Alright, thank you for your time.” Glorfindel stared at Erestor shaking his head.

“Why did you think I would know such a thing?” He asked somewhat curious as Erestor had never mentioned parents before.

“Rumil wanted to know, he said the person who raised me would know.”

“The person who…and you asked…” It was a very disturbed Glorfindel who entered Elrond’s chamber where he and Celebrian were already eating the pie.

“Glorfindel?” Celebrian asked, ushering him to a seat beside here. “Why do you look so upset?”

“Erestor just…I just…”

“What did he do now.”

“He considers me his father.” Elrond nearly choked on his pie as Celebrian tried to understand.

“Why is that so upsetting? It is a little strange but it is not as if he expects something from you. How did the idea get into his head?”

“I think it has always been there. All those times when he was younger he would come to show me his completed lessons, I never even thought about it. But I used to show them to my father as well. He would have them all over the walls in his office. It made me so proud. Yet, I always tossed them aside and sent him off wondering why he had to bother me. He would ask me the strangest questions about families and what they did.”

“Glorfindel, do not let one as disturbed as Erestor upset you,” Celebrian said glaring at her husband for still eating pie instead of comforting his lover.

“Yes, really Erestor had plenty of people in his life. He probably simply wanted to impress someone by claiming you as his foster father.”

“He was with Rumil,” Glorfindel said with a nod.

“See,” Elrond said handing him some pie.

“I can’t believe I was letting that upset me, there were times when I didn’t see Erestor for months, a father indeed. I spend more time caring for my horse.”

“That would be like Erestor claiming me for a mother,” Celebrian said with a roll of her eyes. Sometimes I wish we could get rid of that little nuisance once and for all.”

“We could send him to Lorien.”

“With me! Elrond!”

“No, I would not subject you to that, this is what I am thinking, you go to Lorien, with Erestor, I will find some ‘official’ reason to send him, and then you stay maybe a week then you and your lover slip back, with the messengers, they should be about to depart. He will stay there for months, then it will be winter and he will not be able to return. We could be rid of him for almost a year.”

“Elrond, I knew there was a reason I married you.”

“It was not for my dashing good looks?” Elrond asked aghast.

“Mostly it was for your seed, but your cunning mind is quite an asset,” Celebrian said with a wink.

Elrond rolled his eyes as Celelbrian batted her lashes innocently. “That is quite the plan,” Glorfindel said with a grin. “I suppose I should be happy you are on my side.”


Melpomean knocked on Erestor’s door and the elf answered dressed in the same dreary black robes as always and Melpomean nearly forced himself into the tiny room.

“You are going to the celebration tonight.”

“No I am not.”

“Yes you are I have gone to the tailor and gotten robes for you,” Melpomean said indicating the light blue robes draped over his arm. “You are getting yourself a lover, now dress.”

Feeling as if he didn’t have a choice Erestor slipped out of the woolen robes he was wearing and into the red as Melpomean searched his room for a mirror.

“Where is your mirror?”

“I do not have one.” Mel shook his head and when all he saw was old brush that must have torn out hairs with every stroke he brought Erestor to his room, and brushed his hair until it shone, surprised at the difference it made in Erestor’s appearance. Smiling at a job well done he led Erestor to the hall of fire and they entered the celebration.

Rumil stared at the vision in blue that entered the hall along with everyone else, though he was one of the few not to burst into a fit of laughter. Melpomean turned beet red, and was quickly saved by Haldir.

Erestor’s expression was blank but he knew how much it must have been hurting the elf. Rushing over to him and ignoring the snickers and whispers, he guided Erestor to another door that seemed to lead out into the garden.

“I don’t care what those idiots thought you look wonderful.”

“Thank you.”

“Really? Would you like to stay out here.”

“Yes,” came a slightly breathless voice as Rumil tugged Erestor through the garden he had never entered like an expert until they were truly secluded though you could still hear the music from the celebration.

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