Behind Closed Doors pt09

Title: Behind Closed Doors 9/10
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OFC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse, mentions of rape

Glorfindel looked at Lindir a book of poetry in his hand as he walked smiling towards the garden. Both elves turned at the sounds of sobbing. Glorfindel and Lindir came up upon the source of the sobbing at the same time.

“Melpomean? What’s wrong?”

“The last thing I ever told Erestor was that he deserved it. Who deserves to be ravaged by a pack of orcs?” Melpomean stated between sobs.

The two elves sat on either side of the councilor and smiled softly wrapping him up in a three way hug letting the elf calm himself down. Glorfindel pulled back smiling at the elf and wiping his tears away.

“Did Erestor ever get any of this?” Melpomean asked tears starting anew. It was Glorfindel’s turn to look distressed.

“Erestor did, he was quite the cuddler in his day,” Lindir said with a soft smile.

“What?” Glorfindel asked.

“Do you remember when I came to Imladris?” Lindir asked,

“How can I forget? You thought us the most disgusting individuals on the face of arda.”

“I don’t understand,” Melpomean said looking between the two elves.

“It is not a happy tale,” Glorfindel warned. “I suppose I should begin. You already know I brought Erestor to Imladris as a child. I was not the best guardian. The chief advisor before Erestor he had an affinity for children.”

“Affinity? He was a child molester! He was a monster.”


Elrond led Erestor to a different wing of the house. The child followed silently with slow measured steps.

“Erestor this is Lindir, he has offered to teach you music. He has only been living in Imladris a couple of weeks.”

“Hello Lindir,” Erestor said with a formal bow.”

“Well hello little one,” Lindir said with a bright smile. Nodding to Erestor he pointed to a chair. Erestor climbed in and looked at the elf.

Lindir grinned at the child and handed him a flute as he picked up his own. “Have you ever played the flute?”

“No. What does it do?” Erestor asked.

“It plays music,” Lindir placed the instrument to his lips and played a light short melody, one he would try to teach Erestor in the next few weeks. Erestor stared at him in awe and at the flute in his hand then back at Lindir as if he could not understand how the sound Lindir made could have been produced.

“Put it to your, lips yes just like me and blow,” Lindir said and winced at the sound that came out of Erestor. “Here, Lindir said taking a seat. Come sit in my lap.”

“I did it wrong?” Lindir nodded patting his knee.

Erestor slid out of his seat and looked at Lindir. “In my mouth?” He questioned.

“Yes but first in my lap.”

Erestor nodded and moved to Lindir’s side his hands reaching for the elf’s tunic. Pushing it aside he pulled at the ties to his leggings. Lindir jumped up in shock pulling away from the child.

“What are you doing?” Lindir asked.

“I got it wrong, I have to be punished, so I can learn better.”

“Your teacher taught you this?” Lindir asked horrified.

“Yes, I’m too slow sometimes too. Can I…” Erestor stopped rubbing his elbow.

“Can you what?”

“It still hurts from yesterday, can you just put it in my mouth? He told me to tell him next time because afterwards I couldn’t walk.”

Lindir fell to his knees a fist in his mouth to drown out his sobs. He pulled Erestor close to him and hugged the child.


“Oh valar, you mean he…” Melpomean whispered.

“Constantly I assume,” Lindir said his voice breaking, “He had been Erestor’s teacher for nearly five years before I arrived.”

“He taught Erestor everything,” Glorfindel added. “No one paid him any attention, what’s worse is I remember yelling at Erestor when we banished the elf because he was sad to see him go.”

“Erestor was sad to see him go?” Melpomean asked completely confused.

“He was the only one who spent any time with Erestor, I realized sadly after the incident with Rumil, no one explained to Erestor why the elf had to leave. We all assumed he knew, why would he have known? He was taught what to believe by that elf, he never saw anything wrong with it.”

Glorfindel hung his head. “The things we expected of him. He never showed an interest in courting. Not that he ever received any encouragement with it. He had no friends, he had no peers, most avoided him, I’m positive he had no idea what Rumil wanted from him, physically or emotionally.”

“Can anyone join or is this a private party?” Elrond asked having spied the threesome in the garden.

“It is not a party,” Glorfindel said morbidly.

“What is the dour topic?” Elrond asked.


Elrond sank down heavily besides Glorfindel. “Is it just me or are you just realizing a whole lot of wrongs we piled on Erestor as if a veil had been lifted,” he said sliding an arm around his partner seeking comfort.

“It is not just you,” Glorfindel said with a sigh.

“I can’t believe after that monster, I simply ignored him,” Lindir murmured. “The first couple of nights after I found out I had him stay with me, I would sing him a lullaby, I had never seen someone so happy.”

“Did he still act that way? I never noticed something that made him happy?” Elrond asked.

“That is just it, one day he never came near me again, he was polite and formal but he just did not approach me and if I began to sing he was gone. After a few weeks I ignored him as well. I completely dismissed him from my mind. What is wrong with me?”

“He was terrified to sail,” Elrond admitted quietly. “Completely terrified, I thought he simply didn’t want to leave what he knew and would get used to the idea once he was on his way. I ordered him to go three times before he would leave his little box of a chamber. I told him it was for his own good. Was I even right?” He asked in a dying whisper.


Manwe looked away from the elves and their conversation and at Vaire. “So you did not think to continue to weave your manipulation now that he is gone? So I suppose it is his fault that they are feeling this pain.”

Vaire opened her mouth to respond and realized Manwe was not even looking at her or paying attention to her. His eyes already focused on something in the distance. His jaw dropped and he ran from his seat towards the void.

Tulklas looked in on Melkor again and despite what he had said at the trial he was starting to believe there was a different creature before him.

Erestor looked up at the valar, and Tulklas waited. He wasn’t sure how much was left of Melkor’s mind at this point. Everyday he would have a new question. That and the fact that he only ever answered to Erestor, and would not acknowledge the fact that he was indeed a valar.

“Why can’t I die?”

“Do you want to?” Tulklas asked not bothering to answer the question Melkor had to know the answer to. If he could die he would have been sentenced to death long ago.

Melkor sighed looking at his chains. “It wouldn’t make much of a difference would it? I don’t understand why I’m not hungry.”

“You are Valar you have no need of it.”

“I don’t want to exist, everything would be better.”

We can not unmake ourselves.”

Melkor looked towards the void, and started to speak so softly Tuklas actually got within reaching distance of the valar.

“Can you unmake me? You made me so you can? Make everyone forget me, being nothing would good. If I had to be something I guess…a flower maybe, they are soft, but nothing would be best.”

Tulklas took a few steps back, MelKor sounded like a demented child. “The world you made is pretty, I like the soft things, but I was bad.”

“Who are you talking to?” Tulklas asked wondering if Valar could truly go mad.

“I’ll come with you, will it be quiet?” Melkor asked standing as his chains fell to the floor and Tulklas surged forward to stop him and couldn’t move. “Okay,” Melkor said softly as he was engulfed in a swirl of rainbow colored lights and vanished just as the hold on Tulklas vanished and Manwe appeared at his side.

“He’s gone those chains were forged by Aule himself not even a valar could break them.”

“Not a valar,” Tulklas said understanding that Melkor had indeed been having a conversation. “What does this mean?”

“It means Melkor is out of our reach now.”




“Its time for you to go to bed. There is a lot of work to be done tomorrow.”

“Mmm,” the valar mumbled sleepily.


“Manwe! My tapestry is unraveling!”

“Calm yourself, I will assume it is only the parts that directly affect Erestor?” Manwe asked with a sigh returning to his perch.


“I’m sure all will be made clear by daybreak.” 

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