Behind Closed Doors pt10

Title: Behind Closed Doors 10/10
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian, Haldir/Melpomean , Celebrian/OFC
Rating: R
Summary: Melpomean is the first to show more than indifference to Erestor. But After a lifetime of such treatment can Erestor change the elf he was made into.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson
Warnings: AU, Angst, child abuse, mentions of rape

“Erestor! Wake up you silly elf!” Erestor groaned as something large and loud bounced around him.


“I don’t know how Ada puts up with you as Chief Advisor you never get up in the morning.”

“Elladan, my dear dear brother, get out.”

“Erestor, its your binding day…” Elladan started.

“I know exactly what day it is; it will still be my binding day in an hour. I wanted a night ceremony for a reason.”

“Well you didn’t get one, I tried,” Elladan said with a sigh and if Erestor had been looking at the half elf he would have noticed him signal another into the room.

The next moment the sheet was snatched off a very naked Erestor who was tossed over a very broad shoulder.

“ADA!” Erestor shrieked.

“What? I’ve seen it, so has Elladan, now you are getting up right now.”

“Ada!” Erestor sputtered as he was dropped into his tub. Glorfindel squatted at the side waiting for Erestor to push water out and his hair of his eyes. He tried his best to glare at his father and the blond simply laughed and pushed him down into the water again.

Erestor sat up spitting out the water and was well out of Glorfindel’s reach before he attempted another glare. “Is this how you treat your only son?”

“With a son like you who would want another?” Glorfindel asked with a smirk.

“Ada Elrond,” Erestor replied instantly used to this game with his father.

“Yes well we all know half-elves just aren’t wrapped to tightly,” Glorfindel laughed as he pushed up the sleeves of his tunic and took the soap ready to wash Erestor’s hair.

“Will you still wash my hair?” Erestor asked softly already melting under the touch.

“I would think I would have been replaced by Rumil.”

“No one can replace you, sometimes maybe?” Erestor asked turning to peer at his father.

“Erestor? Are you alright?” Glorfindel asked his tone serious.

“Ever since what happened with Nana ‘brian I’ve felt strange. How did I even do what I did? What did I even do?”

“You saved your mother’s life.”

“Normal elves can’t turn a pack of orcs into a pile of wild flowers!” Erestor exclaimed throwing up his hands.

“Rumil said you were as if you were in a trance, and the language you spoke seemed so old, and so like music instead of words. Erestor both Elrond and Galadriel are blessed or cursed with second sight, but you were the one who begged her not to go. You were the one who woke in the dead of the night after she snuck off as to not worry you and chased her down. Because of you the only damage she suffered was a tear in her dress and a bruise on her cheek. You are a hero.”

“Ada…ever since it happened I have been having strange dreams.”

“What sort of dreams?”

“You, Ada Elrond…everyone disliked me. Mel spit on me.”

“Mel? The same Mel, who tied up your soon to be bonded mate, and told him if he so much as mad you frown he would find himself bald and painted green?”

“I still wonder how he got the jump on Rumil,” Erestor whispered with a smile.

“I’m sure he had plenty of help from Haldir.”

“It’s just a silly dream, is that all?”

“Well there was this really strange one, where you had a beard…”

“Beard? And how old do you think I am?” Glorfindel scoffed.

“Ada,” Erestor snapped. “I’m being serious.”

“I’m sorry, go on.”

“I was chained, you were holding the chains, and you hit me…so hard something broke. Ada Elrond was watching everything, but his eyes were so strange…he was sad but the twins…I think it was the twins…but Elladan had white hair and Elrohir’s was black as pitch. Everyone was angry at what I did.”

“What did you do?”

“I don’t know.”

“I always wake up at the same part.”

“What’s that?”

“Someone asks a question, and I say Lindir singing to me, I can’t even remember the question ada.”

Glorfindel wrapped his arms around his dripping son. He knew Erestor was distressed, he could tell the moment he reverted to calling everyone Ada and Nana. At some point after the twins were born he had reserved that title for Glorfindel alone.

Ignoring how wet he was getting he held Erestor close and had the elf look into his eyes. “Does anyone here hate you?”

Erestor shook his head and opened his mouth to speak.

“No, have I ever laid a hand on you?” Erestor shook his head. “Not even for a spanking? And clearly you could have used a dozen.” Erestor rolled his eyes.

“Do you remember when Lindir came to stay with us?” Erestor nodded. “You were smitten, you abandoned your dear old parents for Lindir and his voice and his flute and lyre, and any other instrument he touched. I think just maybe you are feeling the same way again.”

“Same way?” Erestor asked confused.

“At some point you realized you had tossed your family away and you were afraid to come back and you felt guilty being near Lindir. I’ll tell you what I told you then, since you clearly have forgotten. Do try to keep it in that supposed sharp mind of yours this time please. It is perfectly fine as you grow up to drift away from your family. We will not begrudge you a new interest or a new mate, and we will always welcome you back with open arms if and or when you are ready.”

Erestor sniffed softly into his father’s chest. “Erestor?”

“I love you ada,” Erestor replied wrapping his arms around his father.

“I thank that silly wizard every day for you,” Glorfindel replied. “I love you. Now we have a ceremony to prepare for.”

Glorfindel and Erestor returned to Erestor’s bedchamber to find both Elladan and Elrohir waiting.

“So which one of you was taking the bath?” Elrohir asked taking in Glorfindel.

“Keep talking and you will be next little brother.”

“Keep talking like that and I will not give you the message from your dear Rumil,” Elrohir said and Erestor who had moved to his wardrobe turned to glare at his brother.

“Spit it out.”

“Hmm, what was it again?” Elrohir whistled innocently ignoring Erestor who was moving closer to him in order to smack him if the raised hand was any indication. “Oh yes, I love you, and they are trying to help. Seems your lover thinks you will begrudge our help, I have no idea why,” Elrohir said as Erestor smacked his shoulders a few times before returning to the wardrobe.

He slipped on a simple robe, and moved to the door. “Where are you going?”

“Do you really think I would leave Mother out of this? She doesn’t have Arwen yet, I would not survive it,” Erestor said leaving the three elves behind in his room.

“Arwen?” Glorfindel echoed the twins, “Who’s Arwen?”

Both shrugged, “Is he feeling better Fin?” Elladan asked.

“He is, nervous, still terrified about what happened with Celebrian, and worried about leaving us.”

“But he is not going anywhere, ada is not giving him up,” Elrohir pointed out.

“He will have a mate, honestly I think that the fact that Erestor is not blood to any of us here bothers him more than he is willing to admit. He seems to have the idea in his head that if he binds with Rumil he will have to leave us behind. If Erestor had to move to Lothlorien I do not think he would be able to go through this.”


“Mother?” Erestor said knocking slightly.

“Come in,” Elrond’s voice called and Erestor pushed open the door. Both elves were seated on Celebrian’s chaise and both looked slightly teary, and Elrond had a note of awe in his expression.

“Arwen,” Erestor whispered softly not even realizing he was speaking though they both heard him.

“Erestor who is Arwen?”

“The Eveningstar, love of Elessar, king of Gondor.”

“Gondor has no king,” Celebrian stated softly and Elrond took her hand, indicating she should look at Erestor, whose eyes were a swirl of colors encased by black.

“Estel will rule, as is his right as a descendant of Elros, until he returns to sit at his brother’s side. Their love like the elves will not fade. The will not pass into the west, for the dark one is light and the song is changed by the all father.” Both Elrond and Celebrian watched with rapt attention wondering what was happening to Erestor.

“The age of men shall be with the elves at their side. The turner of giver of gifts shall give and flowers will bloom on the deaden land. The final balrog slayer shall rise in white, and charge into battle, the littlest ones turning the tide. Elves will rise, elves will fight, and their lights will grow stronger and bright for the 13th wishes it so. Dagor Dagorath is no more for he who was chained has passed through the door.”

At that Erestor collapsed and Elrond was amazed he had the presence of mind to catch the elf after the words that Erestor had spewed forth. Erestor eyes cleared moments later to find himself laying on the chaise with his head in Celebrian’s lap Elrond scribbling furiously on a scroll.

“I should move, I’ll hurt Arwen,” Erestor said sitting up and Elrond looked at Erestor sharply though the elf missed it.

“Erestor, it has not even been a full month it would take much more than your head resting in my lap to hurt the baby. How did you know I was with child? And a girl at that?”

“You didn’t tell me?”

“You walked in on me telling Elrond,” Celebrian said and Erestor frowned.

“I don’t understand.”

“You had a vision, a very vivid vision.”

“Is everyone going to be alright? Why don’t I remember this?”

“It’s fine though I do wonder about seeing Glorfindel in all white,” Celebrian said with a laugh.

“Why would Ada wear that? What are you writing?” Erestor said shifting to look at Elrond’s scroll.

“Your prophecy, I want to discuss it with Celeborn, Galadriel, and Mithrandir to name a few, Maybe Saruman.”

“Leave him to the ents, Fangorn for orcs indeed,” Erestor muttered then frowned. “Now where did that come from?”

“Seems there is a little more prophecy left in you. Erestor I want to say some things to you, just say whatever comes to mind.”


“Wargs Ass,” Erestor gasped blushing and avoiding looking at both elves.

“Interesting,” Elrond said after a pause.


“White wizard. That’s not right,” Erestor started immediately.

“Do not concern yourself with right, just answer. Balrog.”

“They dug too far, they dug too deep.”

“The One Ring.”

“My Precious.”


“Where is the horse and the rider. Where is the horn that was blowing?”

“Steward of Gondor?”

“Traitor, Fool, Prince.”

“Elrond…” Celebrian tried to interrupt.


“One of the nine, dwarf friend.”

“Thranduil?!” Elrond exclaimed.

“Elrond stop!” Celebrian snapped.

“No Legolas,” Erestor replied at the same time.

“What is it?” Elrond said looking at Celebrian.

“Have you forgotten what today is?”

“Today…oh! Erestor, I’m sorry, you have to prepare.”

“Yes he does! Now out, go tell Fin,” Celebrian said waving Elrond away. He nodded and left the two. “Now to get you ready.”


“Are you sure they are going to do this?” Erestor panted.

“Yes,” Rumil whispered his head on Erestor’s shoulder as he breathed sharply through his nose.

“I can’t keep this up much longer,” Erestor said wriggling slightly causing Rumil to moan.

“Don’t wiggle,” he said grasping Erestor’s hip tightly. Erestor was seated before him, his knees bent back on either side of Rumil. Rumil seated with the headboard of the bed as somewhat a resting post, one hand on Erestor’s hip the other keeping him from reaching completion with an iron grip.

Thrusting shallowly, Erestor’s mouth opened in a silent scream. Gasping as Rumil stilled, “Don’t move.”

“Sorry, a few more minutes then…” Rumil suddenly fell silent a hand over Erestor’s mouth as he sat up slightly causing Erestor to shake kissing his shoulder in apology as the elf trembled.

Erestor heard the approaching footsteps then and moaned into his mate’s hand as he finally began to move. He pulled his hand away from Erestor’s mouth and placed it back on his hip as he stroked the elf’s weeping erection. Erestor screamed just as the door opened to the shocked stares of both their brothers as Erestor came and came hard; taking Rumil and slumping boneless against the elf panting as Rumil rode out the waves of his own orgasm.

The brother’s backed out quickly shutting the door the prank long forgotten as Haldir went off in search of Melpomean, Elrohir after Lindir, Orophin and Elladan exchanged a glance and shrugged taking each other’s hands.

“Does it run in the family?” Elladan whispered suggestively.

“You will find out.”

“I think you hit Haldir,” Rumil whispered kissing Erestor’s neck. The elf didn’t respond and Rumil tilted Erestor’s head to see the glazed look and soft smile and grinned. Pulling out of his lover he wondered about the sudden strong scent of flowers, but couldn’t be bothered to investigate as he settled them both in the bed to sleep.


Elrond dragged Glorfindel and a giggling Celebrian out of the breakfast hall blind to all else or he may have noticed the exceedingly large number of couples showing their affection, as all over Imladris flowers burst into full bloom.

Manwe turned away from Imladris then smiling softly. “Live well brother,” he whispered softly.


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