Mani Marte pt10

Title: Mani Marte? 10/33
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: Beckyboo
Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,
Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.
Feedback: Sure I’d love some.

Thranduil and Viresse watched as Legolas and the Twins departed. They were joined by both a Mirkwood and Imladris escort. The Twins and Legolas claimed they just wanted a change in scenery but Thranduil didn’t trust them. That was the main reason he had added a Mirkwood escort. He wanted to know if anything strange happened. And he wanted to have someone to watch Legolas in Mirkwood.

Virsesse, sensing her husband’s distress, slipped her hand into his and placed her head on his shoulder. She whispered into his ear a statement that did not alleviate his fears one bit. “They do not know.”

“But for how long?” He whispered back.

The Twins felt uneasy lying to Thranduil but felt equally uneasey about betraying Legolas’ trust. Most of all they truly wanted to know what had happened to their beloved old tutor. Erestor’s distance as the twins aged had never bothered them, as they had thought him a boring teacher. But they did trust him and they considered him almost family.

A week into the travels the Twins and Legolas set camp, slightly farther away from the rest of the party. They waited a few minutes then put the first part of their plan into action. Elrohir lay down on the bed roll and Legolas climbed on top of the younger twin as Elladan got behind Legolas forming another sandwich.

“Why do I have to be on bottom?” Elrohir whined.

“Youngest first,” Elladan said calmly.

“Then Legolas should be here.”

“And they say you are the smart one,” Elladan said with a smile. Elrohir was about to respond with an angry retort when he realized exactly what that would mean.

“Oh,” Elrohir whispered.

Legolas smiled, it had been so easy to convince the twins to this plan sure it would leave them undisturbed and he had his own agenda. Suddenly he pressed his body tight against Elrohir and pulled Elladan down as well.

“Wha…” Elrohir whispered.

“We are being watched,” he whispered hotly into the Half-elf’s ear. Then he placed his loin cloth clad crotch against Elrohir’s and started rubbing. Elrohir gasped in surprise and pleasure as Legolas continued the slow rubbing affecting both twins at once.

Elladan was the first to start with false moans and cries, “Legolas, so tight.”

Elrohir, on the other hand, was trying not to succumb to Legolas’ constant rubbing. He was biting his lower lip and a light blush was covering his cheeks. Legolas smiled and whispered again.

“We want to hear you,” with that said he licked Elrohir’s ear and the twin let out a low deep moan, causing him to flush a deeper red moments later. Legolas grinned and nearly doubled his efforts.

“It seems the Princes are more than just friends,” an Imladris archer said to his Mirkwood equal.

“Let us give them some peace. We have left the true dangers of Mirkwood behind. They will be fine for a few hours.”

Legolas knew they were alone but he was finally starting to effect Elladan and Elrohir was a writhing, gasping mess sure to climax soon. He had his arms wrapped around Elrohir who had his eyes closed and his head turned to one side. The more aroused he became to more embarrassed he was.

“Elrohir,” Legolas whispered with a smile on his face. “Look at me.” Elrohir slowly turned to the other Elf and Legolas kissed a truly stunned Half-elf.

“Little brother’s shy,” Elladan whispered, smiling. “But no more kisses,” Elladan said sounding slightly possessive. He had sensed his brother’s embarrassment at being aroused and found it funny, but the kiss truly unnerved him.

Legolas shrugged as Elladan looked around, straining his ears. As Legolas had predicted they had been given a discreet distance. He stood and reached for his leggings, his arousal nothing compared to Elrohir.

“It seems to be clear, though maybe you and Elrohir should finish up,” he said with a grin. He let out a laugh when Legolas started rubbing faster and Elrohir actually screamed in completion. A sound that echoed through the trees.

“Well if they hadn’t left before…” Elladan started. “Quite the vocal range there Elrohir.”

His brother’s only response was to turn bright red and turn away from both Elves as he fought for control of his breath. Legolas laughed as he stroked Elrohir’s cheek. He finally had enough of both Elladan’s and Legolas’ teasing and with a quick buck, tossed Legolas off of him and gathered his clothes as Elladan doubled up in a fit of laughter until his head was pushed into the soft earth.

“Elrohir!” Legolas exclaimed shocked. Elrohir simply smirked, until he was tackled by the beast that was his bother and they started wrestling on the forest floor. Quickly Legolas dressed as the twins fought for dominance over the other. Finally Elladan had Elrohir pinned and he addressed the pair.

“If you two are quite done I thought the plan was to leave before dawn.”

Elladan stood offering an arm to Elrohir who took it as he looked around searching for his tunic. Legolas held it out with a grin and Elrohir blushed yet again.

“You would think you were a virgin,” Elladan said laughing.

“Oh just shut up,” Elrohir muttered as he pulled a parchment from his bag. “Legolas I need an arrow.”

“And I thought you had had enough.”

“Oh for Valar’s sake,” Elrohir grabbed an arrow from Legolas’ quiver and planted a note to the tree.

Hours later one of the guards, who was sent to gather the Twins and Legolas, saw the note pinned to the tree. ‘We decided to take a short cut. See you in two months.’ The Elf looked at the three signatures and sighed. The twins had spent centuries roaming the woods between realms with the Rangers. They would never be found if they didn’t want to be found.


Glorfindel smiled as he sat beside Erestor in the garden. The sketch pad he had given Erestor sat on an easel as the other Elf added a background to the image he had drawn of Glorfindel. It showed him sitting at the base of a tree. Now Erestor was drawing Asfaloth at the moment, grazing beside him in an open clearing.

It was a beautiful sight and Glorfindel was stunned that Erestor had kept this talent hidden for so long. The only thing that bothered Glorfindel was Erestor’s single mindedness when doing a project. The plate of lunch Tella had brought had barely been touched in two hours.

“Erestor you have to eat,” Erestor popped a grape into his mouth and continued to sketch. “Erestor!” The Elf sighed and finished the last touches on Asfaloth’s mane before turning to Glorfindel. He lifted a handful of fruits and shoved it into his mouth. He then took a long drink of his juice never taking his eyes off Glorfindel. “Thank you.”

“Yes mother.”

“Was that a joke? Did Erestor make a jest?” Glorfindel asked smiling and Erestor rolled his eyes. He picked up the charcoal and Glorfindel stopped his hand. Remembering Erestor’s last reaction he started to let go, but noticed the Elf had no reaction this time. He held the hand for a few seconds longer but still there was no reaction.

“Finish your lunch first,” Glorfindel said gently, finally releasing the limb. Erestor sighed but continued to eat.

As Erestor finished his lunch, Glorfindel took in the changes in the Elf. He was finally starting to show, though it could very well be fat as well as the child. Though humans were the only creatures that he ever saw getting round in the middle.

“What are you looking at?” Erestor asked.


“Why? You want to have a long stare at the freakish Elf?” Erestor exclaimed, his eyes filling with tears as he took up his art supplies and ran. Glorfindel stared in mute shock. He replayed the scene over and over again in his head and still could not find an answer. He took the plates back to the kitchen and decided to risk asking Tella.

“Oh he may get emotional, it is normal if a pregnant Elf. Oh dear, I wonder how he will deal with…never mind.”

“Deal with what?” Glorfindel asked, curious.

“Well I also know that most pregnant elves go through a highly amorous phase.”

“Erestor? Highly amorous? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was untouched before this,” Glorfindel’s smile faded as he realized that there was a distinct possibility that was true. “I hope not.”

“As do I.”

The two turn when Erestor entered the room. He picked up a plate of lembas and a jar of preserves before leaving the kitchen.

“Cravings,” Tella said before he could ask.

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