Mani Marte pt13

Title: Mani Marte? 13/?

Author: Blue Gold


Beta: Beckyboo


Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.

Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.

Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,

Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.

Feedback: Sure I’d love some.

Erestor paced his room. It couldn’t have been more than two hours since Tella had brought him lunch but hunger was nagging at him. He had gone to the kitchens for snacks before and usually he was ignored, but today Erestor was terrified that the Twins or Legolas would see him and break his other hand.

Finally his craving overwhelmed him and he made his way down to the kitchens. Shaking his head at his own silliness. The Twins and Legolas would never spend their time inside. He entered the kitchen and saw that the cooks were already starting to prepare the dinner: a soup of some kind.

He carefully gathered a tray of lembas, preserves and some lemons. Erestor was sure that normally he would be disgusted by the strange combination but currently he wanted something sweet and sour. The head cook glanced in his direction, poured him a small bowl of the soup and placed it on the tray.

“I would have someone carry it for you but I can’t spare any hands right now,” the cook said, not wanting to admit anyone other himself and Tella would no doubt spit in Erestor’s food out of spite. He, on the other hand, didn’t care one way or the other, Erestor was just another mouth to feed. “Hold the tray like this,” he added noticing Erestor’s one handedness.

As Erestor took a moment to perfect his balance the cook added a spoon and a freshly baked sweet cake from a platter and sent Erestor out of the room. “Now off with you or dinner will never be ready,” he said waving a wooden spoon with a small smile.

Erestor made his way down the hall without any problem and looked up at the daunting, winding staircase. He took a deep breath and slowly started his ascent. He was half way up the staircase pausing for breath when he heard the voices coming down the stairs.

He looked about him but knew he couldn’t go anywhere. He would never reach the bottom in time and if he tried to run it was most likely that he would fall and snap his neck. Elladan was in the lead followed by Legolas and lastly Elrohir.

Erestor cringed as the oldest Peredhil glared at him and took a menacing step towards him. Erestor’s hand started to tremble, rattling the tray and its contents. Elladan laughed and continued to walk.

Legolas did the same except he ‘accidentally’ bumped into Erestor causing the tray and the hot soup to spill onto Erestor’s good arm. Erestor bit his lip hard enough to draw blood to keep from screaming again. Elrohir stared at Erestor, no discernable expression on his face.

“Elrohir!” Elladan snapped and the Elf quickly made it the rest of the way down the stairs. “Stop staring at the fat slut and come on.”

Elrohir sighed and followed his brother and friend.

Erestor shakily made his way up the stairs, still clutching the remains of his snack on the tray. Once inside his room he put the tray down on the desk and made his way to the bath. He carefully slipped his hand out of the sling and pulled at the simple clasp to his robes, letting the soiled material slide off.

He looked in the mirror, there were some red splotches on his stomach. Blisters were forming on his arm and Erestor sighed as he took a wash cloth then realized he couldn’t clean his arm in the same fashion. Erestor glanced at the tub and sighed. After all the trouble he had had standing the last three days, he wasn’t sure he would bath until his hand was healed.

Erestor had used the washcloth for the past few days to keep from smelling. Not that he did anything to exert himself. He had stopped going on his walks and going for that snack had been the first time he had left his room since the twins and Legolas had arrived in Imladris.

Erestor took one of his old robes and slipped it on then walked over to the tray. The sweet cake had absorbed the soup that had spilled in the tray and would taste horrible. The lembas had done the same but would not taste as bad. He picked up a piece of the soggy lembas and munched until his craving was sated, though he still wanted some preserves. After a moment consideration he took the small jar and the spoon and ate it that way.

Yawning Erestor curled up on the chair and wondered how much longer it was until Glorfindel returned. He truly missed the blond warrior and that in itself surprised him. He had taken him for granted while he was here.

A knock sounded pulling him out of his thoughts and he tentatively called, “enter.” He looked up fearfully and sighed in relief as Glorfindel entered the room.

“I’m back my pregnant beauty. Miss me?”


“Of course you did, so what did you do while I was gone?”


“Seemed to have gotten into the preserves,” Glorfindel said wiping a bit of red from his chin.

“Oh I didn’t realize.”

“I would think not,” he said with a chuckle. “Unless you wanted me to clean you up.” Glorfindel frowned suddenly. “What happened to your hand?”


“Erestor don’t you understand how long I’ve cared for you? I was sure you had feelings for Ada and not for me.”

Erestor stared at Glorfindel.

“But I…” His words were cut off by a surprise kiss. “Glorfindel,” he whispered stunned and was suddenly awakened by a door slamming.

Erestor sighed, his dreams continued to get stranger and stranger. Like he could have possibly known Glorfindel’s father. He touched his lips, the kiss had felt almost real. ‘And why would he want to kiss a pregnant monstrosity? Glorfindel befriends YOU out of pity and YOU know it.’

Erestor stood and made his way to his book case. He randomly grabbed a light title and sat back down at the desk. He started reading and realized it was a guide on sword play. He sighed but continued to read, not willing to get up again.

Elladan and Legolas exchanged a look and frowned. It shouldn’t have taken Elrohir half this long to gather lunch for the three of them. They stood and Elladan lead the way to the kitchens to see where his younger brother had gone.

“Yes, Master Elladan. He was here, he asked us to prepare a tray and said he would return in a few moments. That was nearly an hour ago.”

Elladan shook his head having no idea what Elrohir was up to. Using their bond he searched for his brother and was shocked at the rage that assailed him. What had happened to Elrohir between the kitchen and now?

“Come,” he said pulling Legolas away from the food as the blond archer devoured sweet cakes. He dragged Legolas to the training field where Elrohir had already sparred two warriors into submission. The third looked about ready to collapse, barely able to deflect Elrohir’s raging blows.

“Elrohir!” Elladan exclaimed, certain his brother was not in his right mind. He quickly grabbed a training sword and took the grateful challenger’s place. Talking to his brother as he tried to disarm him.

“’Ro, please stop, talk to me,” Elladan shouted over their two swords clashing.

“Well?” Legolas said glaring at the warriors who had had their training interrupted by the rampaging half- elf. “Go!” He yelled just as he heard a sword clang to the floor. He turned quickly in case Elladan needed help but sighed relieved when he saw that it was Elrohir who had been disarmed.

The young Prince did not stop there though. He swung his fist at Elladan who caught his hand and spun him into a fierce hug. He refused to let go despite Elrohir’s initial struggles. Then he heard it. The first gut sob as Elrohir collapsed against Elladan, burying his face in his chest.

“What happened?” Elrohir shook his head and continued to sob as the pair sank to their knees. A third form circled behind him stroking his hair, and he smelled the strange yet now familiar scent that was Legolas.

“Let’s get him inside,” Legolas whispered as Elladan carried his brother.

Once in the Twins’ bedroom Elladan put his brother down noticing he had calmed down.

“Will you tell us what happened?” Legolas asked, taking a seat at the bed.

“I went to see Erestor.”

“Why?” Legolas snarled.


“Like him, I know you preferred his lessons to Glorfindel’s. What did he say that upset you so?”

“Glorfindel,” Elrohir muttered.

“’Ro you are making no sense what exactly happened?”

“I went to his study and he told me to enter. He was sitting on a chair and I told him I wanted to talk to him and I had something very important to say.”

“What did he say?” Legolas asked.

”For a while nothing so I just started to speak. I asked what had happened to him?”


“No, never mind, Erestor. There is something I should have told you ages ago. Do you have any idea how I feel about you?”


“I think I have been in love with you for the last few thousand years. At first I thought it was a childish crush that would pass given enough time. But it never did, even now as you are you beautiful to me.

“Oh I didn’t realize.”

“I see that now. Please if you tell me the truth, I’m sure I can convince Ada to reinstate you. All you have to do is say yes. Please Erestor.”


“Erestor don’t you understand how long I’ve cared for you? I was sure you had feelings for Ada and not for me.”

“’Ro you didn’t,” Elladan said shaking his head.

“I did and then I kissed him.”

“Elrohir!” Legolas exclaimed.

“What went wrong?” Elladan asked. “He wouldn’t take back his lie?”

“When I pulled away he whispered Glorfindel’s name. Apparently I had bored him so much he fell asleep and was dreaming of kissing Glorfindel,” Elrohir said with disgust.

“Just when I think he can not sink any lower…he will pay,” Elladan said.

“I don’t care,” Elrohir growled. “He can go die for all I care.”

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