Mani Marte pt25

Title: Mani Marte? 25/?
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: Beckyboo
Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,
Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.

“I just don’t know what to do any more. I just can’t believe he lied to me,” Glorfindel said staring out the window. “The proof is down the hall but still, I can’t believe it. And then with the baby. For a moment…why did he choose that moment to cry?”

“Erestor has very cold hands as of late. Not to mention babies have been known to be extremely sensitive to emotions,” Celeborn replied.

“How bad is it really?”

“Even with the weakened condition Erestor was already in it will be a slow, wasting death. At the very least it will be months before he passes. It is why most take their lives while they still can.”

“Is there anything…I mean…”

“You underestimated your worth. With out you or the child depending on him Erestor continues to sink. The only acknowledgement he gives me is eating barely enough to sustain a small bird.”

“But why is he shacked?”

“Elrond claims it is for his own safety and refuses to relinquish the key. There is a mithril chain or trust me he would not still be there.”

“What about that lover?”

“He always asks me to leave so he can visit with Erestor…Glorfindel I really don’t think you…”

“I will speak with you later.”

Glorfindel made his way to the healing wing, moving with the stealth of a seasoned warrior. Reaching the door he was unnoticed by the two occupants.

“Erestor open up,” Belgor said with a smirk as he removed a small vile from his tunic. “Though I don’t think anyone would believe you if you did speak up, but I do what I get paid to do.”

Glorfindel watched, wanting to be sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. Relief was washing over him and at the same time guilt. Guilt for ever doubting Erestor, for not running that Elf through like he first wanted.

Glorfindel cursed in his moment of distraction, Belgor had opened the vial and was trying to force it into Erestor’s mouth. Moving quickly he yanked the Elf’s arms back as the vial flung to the floor as he pinned the other Elf.

“What the…get off me!” Glorfindel knocked the Elf unconscious with a blow to the head and used some binding to tie and gag him before turning to Erestor. The dazed expression worried him and he picked up the vile. Sniffing the contents he could not identify them and he sighed. Herbs and potions were not his strong suit.

Sure that the other Elf was no longer a threat he turned to Erestor. Crouching beside the bed he took Erestor’s hand in his own. “Erestor, can you ever forgive me? I listened to that fool instead of following my heart. I just…” Glorfindel stopped as Erestor pulled one of his hands away and reached for the Elf’s face shaking his head he wiped the tears.

“What?” Glorfindel asked, not sure why Erestor was shaking his head. “Don’t cry for you?” Erestor nodded. “Erestor it’s the least I could do,” Glorfindel stood then leaned to kiss Erestor on the lips. “Erestor I love you.”

Erestor could only stare his mouth agape as Glorfindel smiled. “I can not begin to tell you for how many years I wanted to tell you that.” Erestor shook his head his mind racing. “No, you do deserve to believe and you deserve all of Imladris grovelling at your feet. Don’t you have any idea how wonderful you are?”

Glorfindel took Erestor’s shackled wrist and smiled. Pulling a hair clip out of his hair he picked the lock. He then lifted Belgor’s still form and locked him in. “We need to go somewhere where this conversation is not one sided.” Lifting Erestor into his arms he carefully carried him to his rooms.

Mindful of the injuries he placed him down on the bed and arranged his numerous pillows so Erestor could sit. He returned with water and Erestor’s sketch pad open to a blank page. Handing Erestor some charcoal he smiled again.

“Just write. Do you love me?”


“For how long?” Glorfindel asked as his heart soared.

‘I don’t know.’

“Bind to me.” Erestor went pale and swallowed nervously before he responded.

‘Too fast…why…not worthy…’

“Erestor you should think much more highly of yourself. There is nothing worth more than you.”


“You are none of those things. For centuries I watched you, never knowing how to approach you as you kindly put down my advances. For a while I assumed you were not interested then I decided I had to make you interested. Nothing worked. You are a tough Elf to get to know.” Glorfindel watched as Erestor shivered and moved to remedy it.

Turning he went to quickly start a fire. Erestor was still ice cold. So he pulled off the blankets from the house of healing and watched as Erestor blushed because the Elf was topless. Grinning Glorfindel went to his closet and pulled out one of Erestor’s pregnancy robes because it was richly lined.

Erestor glanced at him surprised and Glorfindel shrugged, not willing to admit he hadn’t been able to part with anything that was Erestor’s. Though he had taken the drawings the first day in a rage. But even then he hadn’t destroyed them. Just hidden them away.

“Erestor, do you know who sent in that Elf?” Glorfindel asked as he helped Erestor dress in the robes. He then pulled the fur blankets over him as best he could while Erestor was in a sitting position.

‘She.’ Erestor wrote simply, his head lolling to the side.

“He’s a she?” Erestor gave Glorfindel a look that had the blond sure if he could speak he would be receiving a sarcastic insult.

‘Works for…she…she pays well…she wants this…she!’ Glorfindel grinned he was annoying Erestor. The hole in the parchment was proof of that and he would take annoyance to fading any day.

“Oh sorry, she I wonder who she could be,” Glorfindel said and a ball of parchment hit him on the head. “Okay okay, bad joke. I’m going to talk to Elrond and send Celeborn to see you.” Erestor nodded and Glorfindel left.

Stopping in the nursery on his way to Elrond’s study he smiled at Grandfather and Grandson. “Why is it with all the wise Elves here I am the only one who ever considered giving Erestor writing utensils?”

Elladan laughed and earned a giggle from the child in his arms.

“Oh, it seems Erestor’s lover was an Elf hired by Viiresse to place doubt on Erestor. Said Elf has also been feeding him this,” Glorfindel said tossing the vial to Celeborn, with a sniff the Elf lord frowned deeply and made to leave the room.

“He’s currently getting reacquainted with my bed,” Glorfindel said and was gone.

Marching determined into Elrond’s study he slammed the door in Figwit’s face. “First I need you to toss that stinking refuse that has the nerve to call himself an Elf into the dungeons.”

“And where will I find that refuse?”

“Shacked to a bed in the healing wing of course keep up! Second…” Elrond held up his hand.

“Figwit I know you can hear me and that you heard Glorfindel. Come take the key and inform the first House Guard you see to do what Glorfindel said.”

The door opened and a slightly pink Figwit came in and took the key and retreated. “Now you were saying Glorfindel?”

“Second I’d like to throw the Queen of Mirkwood in besides him but some how I don’t think that would work. So I would like everyone! And I mean everyone! In a nice large room and I want the truth now!”

“What? Why would you want to…Glorfindel I’m very confused. Who is everyone for starters?”

“Every ruler of an Elven realm residing here. And I would like to know why that vapid harpy decided to hire an Elf to not only claim he was Erestor’s lover but to poison him as well.”

“What?! How do you know this?!”

”Its amazing what you learn in the shadows and one thinks you will never be able to say anything.”

Elrond stood rubbing his temples and poured himself a glass of wine one for Glorfindel as an after thought. “Sit down and explain this to me slowly.”


Elrohir giggled as Legolas fed him. The blond was pampering him to the extreme especially since he had learned that because of Elrohir’s mixed heritage it would take him longer for his arm to heal.

“Legolas, really. You are moments away from chewing for me.”

“Legoals?” Both heads snapped to the door where Elladan stood with a frown.

“What? He’s not breaking anything see?” Elrohir said indicating his nest of pillows.

“Not that, your mother did something…I’m not sure what it means but you may want to go into hiding.”

“What did she do? And why would I want to go hide?”

“Because all hell is about to break loose and its name is Glorfindel. Valar, I feel like Figwit. Okay from what I heard, seems what’s his name, you know Erestor’s ‘lover’ well he was hired by Viiresse.” Legolas let out a tiny squeak, and Elrohir gazed in open mouth shock. “Also he was paid to feed Erestor something, what it was I’m not sure. Grandfather took it.”

“But why would she…” Elrohir stopped and both he and Elladan focused on Legolas.

“I…I have to go,” Legolas squeaked and fled the room.

Moments later he barged into his parents room where Thranduil and Viiresse were sitting on the balcony having lunch. “Mother!”

“Legolas don’t shout,” Thranduil said calmly.

“Why did you do it?” Legolas yelled, ignoring his father. “What were you thinking?! Now they are out for blood and think Ada guilty!”

“What did you do?” Thranduil hissed.

“I took care of the problem,” Viiresse replied.

“By hiring a fool that was exposed, passing him off as Erestor’s lover and having him drug him as well?” Legolas shrieked so loud his voice was little more than a squeak at the end of the statement.

Thranduil pushed his chair back and with a shake of his head left them both. “Thranduil!” Viiresse called but the King ignored her.

“Why did you do it mother? Did you actually think Father was guilty?”

“He said something…I just wanted to be sure…I did not want to risk…”

“Why not stab him in the heart? It would have been kinder,” Legolas snapped and turned to leave.

“Legolas, how can you be so sure?”

“How can you have any doubt Mother?” Legolas said and left a brooding Queen of Mirkwood alone to find his father. He found him sitting by the river near where he and Elrohir had gone swimming.

He plopped down beside him.


“Why are you so sure I am innocent?” Thranduil said looking into Viiresse’s eyes placed into his face.

“Ada, you would never do such a thing.”

“But your Mother…”

“Wanted you to be safe. Just in case, do not be angry with her.”

“You break hands in my honour and she hires liars. What a family I got myself,” Thranduil said with a shake of his head. “Do not worry about it son. I will take care of everything.”

“So you will talk to Mother?”

“I will talk to Mother,” Thranduil said sadly.

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