Mani Marte pt27

Title: Mani Marte? 27/?
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: Beckyboo
Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,
Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.

Erestor woke to a strange tugging sensation. Opening his eyes he looked down to see his son pulling on his hair as if he indeed did want to wake him. Smiling as he lifted his son into his arms, the baby gurgled and drooled slightly and Erestor’s smile just increased, as he had no idea of the stress going on outside his doors.


“Elrond, we really…” Thranduil started entering the office.

“Not now Thranduil. I’m sorry…”

“But this is serious…”

“So is this. Erestor’s child is missing.”

“Who would take a baby?” Thranduil asked, surprised.

“That is the problem,” Elrond said as Figwit rushed back into the office.

“Melcer…Belgor…or whatever his name is, is still in his cell. He has no idea anything is amiss.”

“I’d hate to ask this but, after recent events, Viiresse…”

“I don’t see any gain in taking the child. I didn’t sleep much last night, I would have known if she was gone.”

“And Legolas?”

“Is still in bed with Elrohir,” Elladan said, walking into the room. “The guards did not see any one leave the house last night.”

“Where’s Glor…”

“None of the house servants or guards saw anything. The nursemaid didn’t hear a thing and she was next door,” Glorfindel said casting a sharp glare in Thranduil’s direction. “What do you want?”

“Nothing. Excuse me Glorfindel.” Thranduil said icily brushing past the elf.

“What do we do now?” Elladan asked tugging on Glorfindel’s arm, trying to keep him from attacking the departing Elf King.

“We have to send out scouting parties. One can not get far with a nursing baby,” Glorfindel said.

“What if they don’t want…I mean…” Elladan started.

“Who would want to kill him?”

“Oh Valar, we have to tell Erestor this?” Elladan started.

“Like he will care,” Glorfindel muttered.

Elrond raised a brow. “When was the last time anyone saw Erestor?”

“Midday,” Galadriel said entering the room, Celeborn close behind. “The babe is still here. “

“You couldn’t have said that sooner?” Elrond snapped.

“Well if someone had informed me they thought the babe was missing sooner,” Galadriel said with a glare. “Don’t you all think it’s about time to see Erestor?” Galadriel said strolling out.

Elrond stared after his Mother in law and finally turned to Celeborn. “Why so surprised? Are you all coming or not?” Celeborn said strolling out.

The three other Elves followed Celeborn and, after a moments consideration, Figwit followed as well with a sly nod to the other ‘Advisors’. They made their way to Glorfindel’s room and Glorfindel was shocked to hear laughter.

“I do not have breasts, so please stop trying to nibble through my robes,” Erestor said with another chuckle.

Glorfindel was shocked. Not only was Erestor speaking, he was laughing. But who was he speaking to?

“Erestor could you come out here?” Galadriel said, having not even allowed Glorfindel to enter the bedroom.

“And bring your guest,” Elrond snarled, sure this time he had caught Erestor red handed.

Erestor laughed again. “Seriously, what do you think you will find under there? I will get you some food.”

Erestor came out of the room and took a step back when he realized just how many Elves were in the room. Were they planning to throw him out right now?

“What about the other Elf?” Elrond asked.

“What?” Erestor asked.

“Who were you talking to?”

“Oh. Him,” Erestor said moving his arm and showing his baby.

“You?! YOU had him all along?” Elrond yelled.

“Be quiet, you savage!” Erestor hissed when the baby started to cry. “Shhh,” Erestor said, offering the child some hair which he started to chew and stopped crying. He released the hair after a moment and turned his head again sucking on his robes. Erestor giggled at the tickling sensation. “Why do you keep doing that?”

“He’s hungry,” Elladan said with a smirk. “I’ll take him to the nurse.”

“Oh, of course,” Erestor said handing Elladan the baby with a shake of his head.

Elrond was still fuming and the second the door shut he started yelling. “How dare you just take the child! Who do you think you are?!”

Erestor looked at Elrond for a moment as if to make sure he was serious before responding. “His father,” he replied simply and Figwit couldn’t help himself he laughed. It was all too silly.

“GET OUT!” Elrond roared turning to the laughing Elf, who fled in shock, Elrond had never really yelled at him before. He then turned back to Erestor who was standing calmly watching him rage. “You…you…I WANT THIS OVER TODAY!”

“You do realize we are all Elves here and none of us are deaf?” Erestor asked wondering where this calm was coming from. But Elrond just didn’t bother him in the least. Now that he thought about it he had been calm for a long while now and hadn’t had any chest pains.

Glorfindel had never been so proud of Erestor and didn’t bother to hide his smirk. He hadn’t expected Erestor to take his son. But logically he should have checked here first.

“I think what Elrond is trying to say: is today at midday he wants to meet to find out what truly happened once and for all and, you know, put Elves like Melcer on trial,” Celeborn said, nearly shoving Elrond out of the room.

Galadriel walked over to Erestor and gave him a kiss on the cheek before walking out. “Stay strong, my little scribe.” Erestor blushed as Glorfindel walked over to him.

“Little Scribe?”

“Um, yes well. I told you about my childhood. I would follow my father about as well mimicking his actions. I had my own quill and parchment.”

“That had to be the most adorable site on all of Arda,” Glorfindel said and Erestor’s blush deepened. “So how are your ribs?”

“My what?” Erestor asked. “Oh yes, I had nearly forgotten. They don’t hurt nearly as badly as before.”

“That’s good,” Glorfindel said finally breaking down and asking, “Can I kiss you?”

“What? Oh, um, I suppose. Wh…” Erestor’s words were cut off by the blonds lips on his own. He wasn’t sure what he should be doing beyond allowing Glorfindel’s tongue free reign in his mouth and decided to simply allow the light dizzying sensation his…what was Glorfindel? Lover? Mate? Friend? No he was clearly not that last one, they were much more.

Glorfindel pulled away from Erestor’s lips loving the flushed, slightly dazed expression. Kissing his way along Erestor’s jaw he nibbled on an ear. Erestor let out a moan and knew his legs could hold him no longer, slumping against the blond.

“I think we should take this to the bed,” Glorfindel whispered huskily into Erestor’s ear who shivered at the air blown across his ear. But stiffened when he actually comprehended the words. “Erestor?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” Erestor whispered and with their bodies pressed so close together, Glorfindel could feel his diminishing arousal vividly.

“It’s alright,” Glorfindel said with a kiss to the tip of Erestor’s nose before releasing him. “We should get ready for later. This nightmare will finally be coming to an end. “

Erestor nodded solemnly, deciding it was as good as a time as any to put aside the maternity robes. Plus this one felt heavy and excessively hot.

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