Mani Marte pt31

Title: Mani Marte? 31/?
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: Beckyboo
Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,
Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.

“Calanmir! Please come down. Do not make me call your Ada,” Haldir said with a sigh. He had already dressed and did not want to climb up to fetch the three year old. Calanmir looked down at Haldir and pouted then got out of the tree by diving into the Haldir’s arms. “We have to get you cleaned up and dressed. We will go see your Da.”

“Why are Ada and Da in different Talans?” Calanmir asked as he was lead away from his home.

“It is part of the tradition for today; they will see each other at the ceremony.”

“Can we go see Ada next?”

“Yes. But you have to be dressed first and Glorfindel has your clothes.”

“Okay,” he said as they reached Haldir’s Talan. Climbing up they could already hear voices.

“Are you a warrior or not?”

“This is not battle! It is my binding ceremony.”

“Battles are easy. It’s peace that is difficult.”

“Da?” Calanmir called, walking into the room and looking at the dark haired Elf at Glorfindel’s side. “Hello.”

“Calanmir, this is Maglin; a very good friend of mine from Imladris.”

“Im-la-dris,” Glorfindel repeated.

“Like Ada’s pictures?”

“Yes that is the place.”

“It’s pretty,” Calanmir said as his eyes drifted to Glorfindel’s tunic. “Yellow flower. Like in the big picture of you.”


“Elrohir its been 3 years, besides Rumil seems nice.”

“I thought Legolas was nice,” Elrohir muttered.

“You can’t doubt yourself every time you meet an Elf you find attractive.”

“Elladan he was a monster! He didn’t care one whit about what he had done…and I would have let him,” Elrohir shuddered at the thought. Elladan glanced across the clearing to where Orophin and Rumil were standing much like they were, whispering to each other and glancing at the Twins. “Don’t look!” Elrohir hissed, hitting his brother on the arm.

“Fine, let’s go visit Erestor, if you refuse to trust your judgment.”

“I trusted my judgment with Legolas and look at where it got me.”

“Elrohir be honest, you weren’t thinking. It was a more carnal thing and you know it. You are too young to be celibate!”

“Elladan!” Elrohir exclaimed, mortified as Orophin and Rumil stared at the Twins slack jawed. Smiling, Elladan waved and dragged his crimson brother away.

“What was that?” Rumil asked his brother.

“We may have an ally. Now how exactly do you tell them apart?” Orophin asked.

“Elrohir is the one with the eyes that can see into your soul,” Rumil whispered.

“Valar, not all of us are love sick puppies.”

“Elladan is in the blue tunic with a tear at the sleeve of his right arm.”

“Thank you,” Orophin said with a sigh. “Now, let’s make sure everything is perfect for the happy couple.” The pair resumed arranging the few items that had been brought out for the ceremony on a small table in the center of the clearing where Celeborn and Galadriel would be both presiding.


“Erestor calm down. You and Glorfindel have been practically married for the past few years.”

“Its not the ceremony I am worried about,” Erestor whispered, wringing his hands as he paced the talan. Elrohir’s head popped up and for a moment all he could do was stare. Erestor looked amazing, the time in ‘Lorien had done wonders for the already beautiful Elf.

He was in a pair of form fitting black leggings and Elrohir saw the outline of muscles he was sure weren’t there before. Climbing up further he saw that Erestor was wearing a simple white shirt, cut perfectly to mould to the Elf’s skin and again saw a change in Erestor’s form. He was still a slender Elf, but did not look nearly as fragile as before.

“Any day now baby brother,” Elladan said beneath him. Erestor turned and smiled as Elrohir scrambled his way into the talan, followed by Elladan who blinked surprised when he saw Erestor. “My, I would say ‘Lorien agreed with you!”

Erestor blushed slightly. “Thank you. Glorfindel insists on sparring and Haldir insists on archery. Between the two of them and Calanmir it’s a wonder I get any rest.”

“So we will not see you in Imladris any time soon?”

“I do not know. How are things there?” Erestor asked.

“There is such a backlog of letters and documents that we all help Ada and it is still not enough, thanks to that fool. But now we have a system that means we are only a week behind on everything,” Elrohir said with a sigh as Elladan jabbed him.

“That bad?”

“Elrohir exaggerates,” Elladan said not wanting to make Erestor feel guilty into returning to their father. Knowing the Elf had never apologized for treating Erestor the worst out of all of them.

“Erestor are you ever going to put on your robes?” Tella asked coming in from the other room, a beautiful silver-gray robe in her hands. “Hello boys!”

“Tella,” the Twins said in unison.

“Erestor there is another reason we came to see you. What do you think of Rumil?”

“He’s the youngest of two brothers, always protected he comes off as shy but is a very sweet Elf. I enjoy his company and Calanmir has dubbed him his favorite horsy.”

“See! A perfectly nice Elf! Now I want to find you two kissing in the bushes before the day is out!”

“Don’t you two know Rumil though?” Erestor asked confused.

“As children, our last few visits always seem to find him on duty. I think it has been nearly 700 years since we actually saw him.”

“Oh,” Erestor said.

“Erestor,” Tella started waving the robe. With a sigh Erestor approached and with trembling fingers tried to button it.

“Erestor are you alright?” Elladan asked.

”Fine,” Erestor said, still shaking.

“Sit down,” Elrohir said as Tella pulled up a chair and placed it behind Erestor.

“Erestor you know its normal to be nervous. I was so overwrought on my binding day that I kept Maglin waiting for nearly an hour as I left the house took a step then fled back to my room.”

“If it makes you feel any better, Glorfindel is wearing a hole into my Talan,” Haldir said climbing in with a fully dressed Calanmir on his back.

“He is nervous too?”

“I think he would find war simpler,” Erestor sighed though he did not know why Glorfindel’s nervousness made him feel relaxed. He glanced at his son who was strangely silent. Calanmir was staring at the Twins, slowly looking between them.

“Do you remember them?”

“Dan and Ro,” Calanmir said still studying the twins. Finally he pointed to Elladan. “Dan.”

“How does he do that?” Tella asked. “It took me years to tell them apart. Even now I make mistakes.”

“I have no idea,” Erestor said with a shrug as Calanmir approached the Twins for a hug.

“You have gotten so very big since we last saw you,” Elrohir said.

“I’m three now,” Calanmir explained.

“Yes you are and I think you can say our full names now: Elladan.”



“That’s what I said,” Calanmir said with a pout.

“Yes and Elrohir.”


“Perfect,” Elrohir said with a smirk at his brother who rolled his eyes.

“Ada, Da said I can’t climb any more trees today.”

“And he is right, you have to stay clean for a few hours yet.”

“The trees are clean,” Calanmir said. “They won’t get me dirty if I ask.”

“Well that may be but you still have to listen to your Da,” Erestor said in a no arguments tone.

“Okay…Ada, Da has funny braids today. Are you gonna have funny ones too? Because of ta’diton?”

“Tradition, and no, I can not do them.”

“I can do them for you,” Tella said standing behind Erestor. “And I have the perfect accents.” She said, taking out a box of tiny crystals. “When woven into the hair they looked wonderful.”

Erestor shrugged not one to argue. He had never bothered with braids and because of such never adorned his hair. “Do as you wish, you will get no argument from me.”

An hour later Erestor stared into the mirror. “Are you sure it looks alright?”

“Ada looks pretty, like Da in his nice tunic,” Calanmir said from his perch on Elladan’s shoulders.

Erestor smiled. “I suppose I should put on my robe before Haldir returns,” he said lifting the silver gray material. This time not faltering as he fastened the robe. Suddenly a thought came to him that next time he was in this Talan he would be a bonded Elf and his hands may not be the ones removing the robe, he shuddered.

Was he finally ready to lay with Glorfindel? The way a bonded Elf should? Could he truly deny his mate such, from a fear that totally unfounded? Glorfindel would never hurt him. He knew it totally, yet he was still terrified. It wasn’t logical or rational and Erestor was an Elf who prided himself on having an abundance of both.

He opened his eyes when he felt a weight about his legs and looked down to see Calanmir hugging him. His child never seemed willing to let him brood and it was hard to do when looking at that angelic face. Lifting him into his arms Erestor hugged him tightly and kissed him.

“I love you.”

“I love you too Ada.”

“Now let’s go tell your Da that,” Erestor said as he made his way out of the Talan, Calanmir still in his arms. He stood at the base of the Talan as the Twins and Tella made their way to join him.

Haldir arrived a few minutes later, a black sash in his hands. Erestor placed Calanmir down and allowed Haldir to tie on the blindfold. He was then led by the silver Elf and smiled when a tiny hand slipped into his free one.

They walked and Erestor heard rather than saw when they entered the clearing. Suddenly Haldir released his hand and if it wasn’t for Calanmir he would have felt lost. His son lifted his hand and placed it in another and he smiled, recognizing Glorfindel.

Galadriel’s clear voice rang out in the glade. “We are here to bind the souls of these two Elves and gain the blessing of the Valar for this sacred union.”

“Bring them together in the way their hearts already know that they belong,” Celeborn added.

“Blindfolded, it is not your bodies that seek each other out but your very souls to entwine you for all eternity…”

Galadriel words started to fade into the background of Glorfindel’s mind as he felt Erestor’s trembling. Rubbing the fingers he whished he could do more to comfort Erestor. But unless he wanted to break tradition he could not touch his love for a while yet.

Erestor, while trembling slightly, was enthralled by what Galadriel was saying, having never been to a binding ceremony. He noticed when Glorfindel started rubbing his fingers and squeezed his hand, a ghost of a smile on his face.

“Do you both freely join with each other for all eternity, under the eyes of the watchful Valar in love?”

“We do,” Erestor and Glorfindel said together.

“I bind you, Glorfindel Lord of the house of the Golden flower to Erestor beloved child of Lothlorien until the end of time itself,” Galadriel said as Celeborn removed the blindfolds.

Glorfindel looked upon his bonded mate and gasped, Erestor looked as if he had taken the night sky stars and all and asked it to be his hair for the day. Erestor blushed lightly and Glorfindel gave in to the wish he had had since he had entered the clearing and pulled Erestor into his arms for a hug.

“If you have them you may exchange tokens now,” Celeborn said and Erestor nodded as he took something out of his pocket. Two lockets dangled on mithril chains. The shape was of a golden flower and Glorfindel was stunned at the beauty.

“Open it,” Erestor said quietly. Glorfindel did just that and inside was a picture of Erestor holding Calanmir close. He opened the other and it was an image of him holding Calanmir. He recognized Erestor’s work immediately.

Grinning he shut the locket and carefully placed it around Erestor’s neck and handed it to his lover for him to do the same. Erestor carefully placed it upon Glorfindel’s head and his lover could resist no longer and drew him into a kiss.


Sobbing, Erestor ran through the trees to Haldir’s Talan. Climbing in he was surprised to find the Elves awake and talking to the Twins. He tried to slip past them all but Haldir noticed him instantly.

“Erestor? What is wrong?” Haldir asked standing.

“I couldn’t…I…”

“What happened?” Elladan asked. leading Erestor to his own seat.

“We were…”

Glorfindel lead his bonded mate to their talan and was surprised to learn the preparations hadn’t stopped at the glade. There were flower petals all about the outside of the Talan and a trail leading to the bedroom.

“Are you sure?” Glorfindel asked.

“Yes,” Erestor whispered hoping Glorfindel didn’t notice how much his voice shook. Glorfindel nodded and held Erestor close as he started to kiss him. At the same times his hands began opening the gray robe he had barely noticed the entire ceremony. Erestor’s eyes had absorbed him totally.

“Your hair looked beautiful today.”

“Thank Tella,” Erestor said, slightly breathless as Glorfindel pushed the robes off his shoulders.

“In the morning,” Glorfindel murmured huskily as he kissed his way down Erestor’s jaw causing the other to shiver. Glorfindel pushed Erestor down on the bed and that’s when the other froze. The kisses didn’t stop as Glorfindel had yet to notice and he started to pull at the ties to Erestor’s leggings.

“Must I cut these blasted things off?” Glorfindel growled impatient to get to his mate. Though he finally noticed Erestor’s reaction or lack there of. “Love?”

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered and ran out of the room and the Talan.

“I just couldn’t…where is Calanmir?” Erestor asked.

“Rumil’s room,” Erestor nodded and went into the room wondering if his son would be the only Elf he would ever be able to sleep with.

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