Mani Marte pt32

Title: Mani Marte? 32/33
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: Beckyboo
Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,
Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.

Glorfindel shook his head as he slowly made his way out of the Talan. He felt like kicking himself. Of course Erestor would push himself to the brink this night. Erestor worried about the feelings of others long before he did his own. Glorfindel should have been the one to put a stop to it, knowing Erestor would have pretended to not to have been scared at all.

Making his way up to Haldir and his brothers’ Talan, Glorfindel was surprised to see only the light of a few candles. Looking at the couch he saw two forms entangled together. He couldn’t see who they were as there was a curtain of silver and black shielding their faces.

Glorfindel was about to make his presence known when Elladan darted into the room. “It’s not a bush but I suppose we can accept,” Elladan said nodding to his partner in crime: Orophin.

“Elladan!” Elrohir exclaimed, blushing. “Glorfindel?!” The blond shrugged.

“You’re late,” Haldir remarked, entering the room last, smirking at his blushing little brother.

“I had to take a cold bath, very cold,” Glorfindel murmured.

“Well, I hate to tell you this but Erestor shares another’s bed,” Haldir said grinning.

“And who would that be?” Glorfindel asked with a roll of his eyes.

“Well Rumil’s bed but he shares it with an Elf who steals hearts as easily as the leaves fall.”

“Haldir, I’m quite tired. Which is Rumil’s room?” Glorfindel said, tired of the game, his mind whirring on what could be done to aid his lover.

“That one,” Haldir said pointing. Glorfindel nodded and went into the room. Erestor was sound asleep on the left side of the bed with Calanmir curled close to his father in the center. Glorfindel climbed onto the right. It was then he noticed the tear stains on Erestor’s face and his heart constricted. He had to help his lover face his demons and the bedroom was the last place Erestor needed to feel pressure. Slipping his hand under his tunic he fingered the pendant and curled his arm protectively around his family.

He could not do this alone. But he was not alone, Erestor was loved in ‘Lorien the way he had been feared in Imladris before his fall from grace. Glorfindel thought the stories Erestor had told of his childhood had barely been the beginning. Glorfindel had yet to meet an older Elf who did not have a story of the delightful, considerate child. And the young ones, remembering times when, fresh from the library, he would tell a story to one child and by the end be surrounded by nearly dozens.

Erestor was loved dearly here and it was here that Erestor would heal. Now knowing what his course of action would be Glorfindel finally allowed himself to fall asleep.

It was Calanmir who awoke first the next morning pleasantly surprised to be flanked by both his parents. Smiling he wiggled his tiny body out of Glorfindel’s hold, waking the blond.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Glorfindel asked, one eye open already pulling his Calanmir back onto the bed. Before the child could answer Glorfindel started tickling and it was the musical laughter that woke Erestor. Looking at the pair Erestor couldn’t help but smile.

“Looks like we woke your Ada,” Glorfindel said, stopping the tickling as Calanmir gasped for breath.

“Why you here?” Calanmir asked.

Erestor looked nervously at Glorfindel, who smiled at his bonded mate. “We decided we missed you.”

“Really? Its okay I like Rummie and his brothers, I would come back.”

Glorfindel stared at Calanmir then back at Erestor. “So this is what you were like at three. Amazing.”

Erestor simply blushed. “Ada I’m hungry.”

“Well, let’s get you breakfast then,” Erestor said though he cast another glance at Glorfindel.

“We will talk later,” Glorfindel glanced out the Talan. “When it is not five minutes after dawn,” he muttered.


Erestor followed Glorfindel, even though the Elf had explained his idea he was still nervous. But he had to admit Glorfindel was right, even after all this time he still harboured his fears and Glorfindel alone would not be enough to help him deal with them.

“Glorfindel, Erestor, this is a surprise,” Celeborn said smiling. “I would think you two would still be enjoying your first day as a bonded pair.”

Erestor shuffled on his feet and Glorfindel smiled. “Um about that, can we sit?” Glorfindel asked clutching his lover’s hand close.

“Yes of course,” Celeborn said, leading them to a private sitting room in the very public Talan. “What is it you would like to discuss?” Erestor glanced at Glorfindel, not sure how to begin. “Ah, Glorfindel would you excuse us?”

Glorfindel glanced at Erestor who shrugged helplessly. Sighing, Glorfindel rose. And that began a pattern. Every day after the noon meal Erestor would go speak with Celeborn and return silent and introspective. Glorfindel hoped this was a good thing but did not want to pry on whatever it was that they discussed.

One day after being lost in thought under a tree with Calanmir sitting in his lap, Erestor got a strange look on his face and then simply smiled when Glorfindel glanced at him confused. Erestor simply waved the blond away and Glorfindel resumed showing Calanmir how to tie feathers to an arrow that had yet to be sharpened.

“Can I start shooting arrows when I’m four?” Calanmir asked as he held up his feathered arrow and it promptly fell off. Frowning he picked it up to work again.

“No,” Erestor said, never too distracted to hear Calanmir.




“Calanmir,” Erestor warned. “When did you start learning?” Erestor asked Glorfindel.

“Twenty, so that is when you will learn.”

“Twenty!” Calanmir exclaimed wide eyed. “But that’s so long!”

“Not really your Ada didn’t start until he was five thousand years old.”

Glorfindel laughed at his son’s gaping jaw and wide eyes. “So is twenty that long?” Calanmir slowly shook his head.

“Glorfindel how old am I?” Erestor asked with a wry grin.

“Er, 5723?”


“What?! I always thought you were older than Elrond.”

Erestor shrugged. “No, just more serious,” Erestor said as he started to tickle Calanmir. “Oh, and Celeborn wants to see you.”

“When? Now?”

“When you have time,” Erestor said quietly.

“There you are,” Haldir said hovering over the family. “I believe I have archery practice with you.”

“Yes yes,” Erestor said, sliding Calanmir to Glorfindel’s lap.

“Where Rummy?”

“Kissing Elrohir,” Haldir said with a grin.


”Teasing Elrohir about kissing Rumil.”

“Who I play with?” Calanmir asked used to running around while his fathers worked on archery and sword play.

“I have a surprise for you, a family recently returned to ‘Lorien after spending some time in the Gray Havens. They brought their son. He’s three as well. He’s at the archery grounds with his parents if you want to meet him.”

“Ada?” Erestor stood extending an arm to Calanmir. Walking hand in hand to the archery grounds Glorfindel went to meet with Celeborn. Joining his mate and son nearly an hour later he grinned as he watched Calanmir chase a silver haired child about his height around a nearby grove of trees. Laughing as their roles were reversed and Calanmir became the one chased.

“Its nice to see him play with another child,” Glorfindel said slipping an arm around Erestor’s waist as they watched their child.

“Yes. What did Celeborn want?”

“Nothing too important,” Glorfindel said with a smile. “Were you waiting for me?”

“Hmm? Oh yes,” Erestor said lifting the sword from where he had impaled it in the soft earth.


Despite Glorfindel’s brush off earlier, Erestor didn’t believe for second that Celeborn had discussed nothing. It just worried him. And tonight was the first night Calanmir had slept away from them since the bonding ceremony and Erestor couldn’t doubt that he had been using his son as a buffer. You couldn’t have relations with a three year old sharing the bed.

So here he was, a large book in his lap, hoping he would stay out here long enough for Glorfindel to fall asleep. His hopes where dashed when Glorfindel in blue sleep pants and nothing else came into the room. But instead of asking Erestor to bed he simply sat at his feet and rested his head on Erestor’s knees.

Erestor waited but no explanation was forthcoming. Glorfindel merely sat there and finally Erestor shut the book and placed it aside. “Is there something you wanted?” Erestor asked, a little worried even though Glorfindel hadn’t even hinted at wanting more than kissing since that night a few months before.

“Yes actually,” Glorfindel said with a dazzling smile.


“To kiss you,” Glorfindel said, standing and lifting Erestor out of the chair before sitting down and promptly placing Erestor in his lap. His arms lazily draped on the arm rests. “If you’re not too busy reading your upside down book.”

Erestor had the decency to blush. Glorfindel replied with a kiss to the tip of his nose. Erestor shut his eyes and shook his head slightly before moving to kiss Glorfindel’s lips which opened welcomingly to his own questing tongue.

Glorfindel allowed Erestor to set the pace and his lover didn’t notice at first as one of Glorfindel’s hands strayed lower on his body, rubbing his half hard shaft into full arousal. It wasn’t until Glorfindel slipped a hand into Erestor’s gray sleep pants that he was fully aware of what Glorfindel was doing and moaned into the other’s mouth.

Glorfindel smiled and ran his thumb along Erestor’s slit who whimpered, eyes shut, panting softly from the kissing and what was happening in his sleep pants. Glorfindel slipped out from under Erestor and kneeled on the floor. Reminding Erestor who watched through half silted eyes of a cat.

Glorfindel was glad Erestor was wearing sleep pants as he easily slid them off Erestor’s slender hips, before he could protest he had licked Erestor’s erection from root to tip and all his mate was capable of was a moan.

Slowly moving his hand up and down Erestor’s shaft he kept his eyes pinned on his lover trying see if there was any discomfort or fear. Erestor’s only problem seemed to be deciding whether he wanted to watch what Glorfindel was doing or simply throw his head back against the chair and enjoy the sensations.

Glorfindel licked his lips and tasted the tip of Erestor’s erection causing another whimper from his love. Slowly he took more of his lover in, his tongue swirling on the shaft. Erestor jerked his hips up wanting to get more and Glorfindel fought off his gag reflex as he eased his lover back into the chair with a hand on his hips before he started moving up and down on the shaft.

Using one hand to keep Erestor in place he started to fondle his balls with the other and Erestor was lost. His head thrown back he did not even realize the noises he was hearing were his own moans and whimpers as a burning seemed to start from his lower stomach and move out. Glorfindel started to hum and Erestor was undone.

An increase in Erestor’s volume was all the warning Glorfindel got before his lover’s seed shot down his throat. Swallowing what he could, some dribbled down his chin and onto Erestor’s stomach. With a smile and noting Erestor was watching, Glorfindel wiped his chin and licked his fingers clean before licking the few spots off Erestor. He watched it all, his eyes half shut but his surprise still easy to see.

Glorfindel rose to his feet, completely ignoring his own erection, and lifted Erestor who was quite content to become one with the chair and walked into the bed room and placed Erestor down.

“Wow,” Erestor murmured as Glorfindel wrapped his arms around him so they were facing each other.

“Goodnight love,” Glorfindel said quietly and was taken by surprise when a hand tentatively slipped into his sleep pants. He gasped as Erestor’s fingers lightly teased his shaft, moving in a nervous up and down motion.

Glorfindel placed his hand over Erestor’s and after a few guided strokes, Glorfindel was too incoherent to be of much guidance. But Erestor had gained enough confidence to continue with strong, sure strokes that brought Glorfindel over the edge.

Glorfindel stared at Erestor in a daze and when he brought a hand up to taste his mate, Glorfindel felt another burst of pleasure. He was sure when he and Erestor were finally fully together it would be the death of him.

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