Mani Marte pt33

Title: Mani Marte? 33/33
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: Beckyboo
Pairings: Erestor/?, Elrond/Thranduil (implied), Erestor/Glorfindel, Thranduil/ Viiresse (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Erestor learns he’s pregnant and starts crying rape. But is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to hide the shame of his unwedded relationship with another elf by spinning a fine web of lies.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: “?Rape?”, Angst, MPREG,
Authors Notes: Loosely based on some happenings in the LOTR RPG I’m currently playing, In Silpion’s light. Thanks to Az and her mad Elladan for the inspiration. ;) Thanks to Milly for helping all this make sense.

“Are you sure about this Erestor?”

“Yes. You said it yourself: I am hiding here. With the Twins returning at the end of the month and Amrun’s family returning to the Gray Havens, it is as good as a time as any before I have any other changes of heart or excuses.”

“He does not deserve you.”

“No, but lucky for him he will have me anyway.”

“We will miss you but I wish you luck. When will you depart?”

“With the Twins.”

“They leave in a few weeks. I will add Haldir to their escort.”

“Add Rumil as well,” Erestor said softly and Celeborn grinned.

“He has already asked for a temporary leave to travel to Imladris. I have the feeling I will be loosing three great warriors.”


“Orophin will not abide being left behind,” Celeborn said with a smile. “I am sure your bonded mate would like to know.”

“Good day Celeborn.”

“Erestor,” Celeborn said with a nod. Erestor left the Talan and made his way towards the archery grounds knowing that it was where Amrun and Calanmir usually met to play under the watchful eye of the adults. He came to a halt as he was approached by Haldir and a sullen Calanmir.

“Son what’s wrong?”

“Dan and Ro are leaving too! Everyone is leaving!” Calanmir said with a sniff.

“Would you like to go to?”

“With Dan and Ro to ‘mlaris?”

“Yes,” Calanmir thought it over and Erestor added, “Haldir, Orophin and Rumil will be coming as well.” Haldir glanced at Erestor who mouthed ‘Celeborn’. Calanmir looked at Haldir.

“What about Amrun?”

“He is going to the Havens again but he leaves the same day. We could travel together part of the way.

“Okay, when we go?”

“It’s a few more weeks yet.”

“How does Glorfindel feel?” Haldir asked.


“How do I feel about what?” Glorfindel asked, using his tunic as a towel, as Erestor eyed his husband watching the slick skin shine in the sunlight.

“You have a bit of something there on your chin,” Haldir said with a smirk and Erestor rolled his eyes.

“We are going with Dan and Ro to ‘mdis.”

“Im-la-dris, say it for me.”

“Im-la-dris and Haldir and Fin and Rummy are coming.”

“Oh I see. We will pack and I will have to teach you the proper way to greet smelly Elrond.”

“How?” Calanmir asked.

“Like this,” Glorfindel said blowing as raspberry.

“Glorfindel behave. Calanmir don’t listen to your Da.”

“Okay, so I don’t have to eat carrots?” Calanmir asked.

“Our little diplomat,” Glorfindel said lifting Calanmir onto his shoulders. “I say he is a little Chief Advisor in training.”

“Only three and he can already replace Figwit,” Erestor said with a smirk.

“Put away the claws love,” Glorfindel said giving Erestor a kiss on his cheek.

“Well I should go see Celeborn. Make sure your Da is good,” Haldir said winking at Calanmir.

“Lunch time Da!”

“No shouting on my head,” Glorfindel said. “What would you like to have?”


“And?” Erestor asked walking along side Glorfindel.

“Cookies and juice.”

“I think we will have a little more than that,” Erestor said softly as they made their way home.


Elrond stood and followed his daughter out of the room to welcome his sons back to Imladris. Once outside he was surprised to see the larger than normal escort. He was more surprised when he spotted not one or even two of March Wardens but three. Rumil was riding beside Elrohir and Orophin was in the lead with Haldir riding beside. Elrond’s jaw dropped when he saw Erestor.

The Elf wore a tight blue tunic, darker blue leggings and a quiver on his back. There was a sword at his side and Elrond had to admit that Erestor looked like he could use it. Looking for Glorfindel he spotted him with a smaller version of Erestor on the horse in front of him.

“Ada!” Arwen exclaimed nudging her father with an arm and he realized he had been openly gaping. “Welcome home!” She said rushing up to meet the Twins’ horses. Elladan slid off first hugging his sister.

“Hello sister dear, don’t forget to greet your brothers.”

“Brothers?” Arwen asked pulling away from Elladan who had a wicked grin on his face.

“Why Elrohir and his dear love Rumil!” Arwen glanced at her brother who was blushing as he dismounted, Rumil just as red.

“Don’t tease, come here,” She said opening her arms to Elrohir and Rumil, the latter much more reluctant to enter the hug.

“Put me down Da!” Arwen glanced up not recognizing the child. Then realizing it could only be one child if he was calling Glorfindel da.


“Pretty lady ‘Wen,” Calanmir said smiling as he was swept up into her arms.

Erestor was the last to dismount, strolling to the children and Glorfindel. He lifted Calanmir into his arms laughing when his son chose Arwen over him and passing him over to her as he reached for her.

“Elrond there’s a touch of drool there,” Glorfindel said noticing the way he was gawking at Erestor. “He has a way with the ladies does he not?” Glorfindel said slipping an arm around Erestor.

“He has a way with everyone,” Erestor said noting that Elrond was still a distance away. “I do not bite Lord Elrond.”

Elrond cleared his throat. “Er…welcome home, Erestor, Glorfindel and um…”


“Of course,” Elrond said. “Well your rooms are as you left them.”

“Room. I share a bed with my bonded mate and our child,” Glorfindel said hiding his smile when Elrond looked slightly green. “Something wrong?”

“No. There will be a feast inn the Great Hall in an hour’s time to welcome everyone home,” Elrond said before walking off. The Twins exchanged a look and shrugged.

“Calanmir come, you have to take a bath then we will have dinner.”

“Okay, bye!” Calanmir said as Arwen placed him down on the ground.

Walking together the trio made their way to Glorfindel’s room and were stunned when they opened the door. The study had been converted into a nursery and the shelves filled with children’s toys and books. None of the weapons Glorfindel left behind were around and all of Erestor’s drawings and paintings were hanging on the walls in beautiful frames.

“Surprise!” Tella exclaimed coming out from Glorfindel’s bed chambers Maglin close in tow. “Before you ask we moved all the sharp things to Erestor’s room. You can unpack the boxes when you want. But seriously, you can not have such things thrown about anymore. So what do you think, little warrior? Do you like your room?”

“Mine?” Calanmir asked starring in awe as he lead Erestor by the hand around the room, touching various objects. He paused at the bed. “Why it so little?”

“Why because you are little,” Tella said with a smile.

“But Ada and Da are big, they can’t fit.”

“They will have their own bed,” Maglin said and Calanmir shook his head.

“I sleep with Ada and Da,” he said seriously trying to mimic Erestor’s tone. Tella was about to say something when Erestor intervened.

“Well if one day you want to go you your own bed it is there. Want to see the big bed?”

“Okay!” Calanmir took one look at Glorfindel’s bed and attempted to climb on. Erestor caught him in his arms.

“Uh uh, not until you take your bath,” Erestor said and Calanmir made a face as he was led into the bathroom.

“I’m clean,” Calanmir said looking at his hand, he wiped it on his navy leggings then held it out for inspection.

“Bath,” Erestor said switching Calanmir into his other arm.

“Okay, Da bring the boats!” Erestor shook his head with a small smile. “Thank you for everything Tella. It is lovely.”

“It’s the least we could do,” Tella said with a smile, pulling Maglin away from Glorfindel where the pair were having a hushed conversation. “We’ll leave you three to your bath.”

“Bath?” Glorfindel asked having missed the conversation.

“Yes Da,” Calanmir said, “bring the boats.”

“Yes Captain.”


Elrond took a deep breath, pushing the door open after knocking. He was surprised at what he saw. A wet Calanmir was running around the room laughing while being stalked on both sides by Erestor and Glorfindel. All three Elves froze, looking at Elrond.

Erestor was the first to come out of it. He already wore a towel around his waist and he scooped up Calanmir in the towel then started rubbing him dry, keeping his feet from touching the ground.

“Ada!” Calanmir whined.

“Do you mind? Find someone else’s husband to drool over,” Glorfindel said pointing to the door. Elrond vaguely wondered how Glorfindel could be so imposing in just a towel. Turning, he left the room and Glorfindel walked over to Erestor and started to dry Calanmir’s head.

“Da,” the child whined as Glorfindel moved to his feet causing massive giggles.

“I will poke that half-elf’s eye out,” Glorfindel said as Calanmir went into his room to pick out something out of his new wardrobe.

“He’s just surprised, the Twins acted the same way.”

“They did?”

“Yes, before the ceremony I did look different,” Erestor said slipping on a gray tunic and black leggings. “Will you be getting dressed at any point in time? I would like to eat.”

“Ada, I’m stuck,” Calanmir said walking back into the room and bumping into the bed. Erestor smiled and pulled his son’s head out of the sleeve and adjusted the shirt so all the right parts went into the right holes. Calanmir yawned and Erestor lifted him up.

“Are you tired?”


“Well then to bed.”

“But I’m hungry too.”

“This is what we’ll do: we’ll have dinner in bed so when you are done you don’t have far to go to sleep,” Glorfindel said with a smile


The next morning Erestor woke to a tiny hand in his face. Moving Calanmir’s hand he went into the bathroom and dressed, putting on a pale purple shirt and black leggings. He was pulling on soft boots when Calanmir woke.

“Were are you going Ada?”

“To do some work,” Erestor said smiling at the dishevelled and sound asleep form of Glorfindel.

“Can I come?” Calanmir asked excitedly.

“Shh, don’t wake your Da,” Erestor said and Calanmir put his hands over his mouth and wriggled out of the bed. He then reached out to be lifted by Erestor who obliged and made his way to the office.

It was midmorning and Erestor would have already been hard at work. So he was vaguely surprised to enter his office and see Figwit just settling into work. He looked up at Erestor, surprised, as he placed Calanmir down on the ground and the child started to explore.

Figwit glanced at him then back a Calanmir. “He’s cute must take after Le…” Figwit never finished the sentence as Erestor had the Elf by the throat and was hoisting him out of the chair.

“Don’t you dare say that name in my son’s presence,” Erestor hissed coldly dropping him back into his chair.

“What are you doing here?”

“Get out.”

“What? You’ve been gone nearly four years, and last I heard you were stripped of your position. You can’t tell me what to do or where to go.”

“Calanmir, go into that room there and ask that Elf for some drawing paper.”

“Okay,” Calanmir said happily going into Elrond’s office and pushing the door shut behind him.

“I will say this slowly. You have five minutes to pack any horrendous belongings of yours you dared place in here. Then you will get out of MY office and MY chair.”

“Just because you went to ‘Lorien and put something on those bones of yours doesn’t mean you frighten me,” Figwit said puffing up and Erestor realized for the first time the Elf was about two inches shorter than him. “I am the Chief Advisor of Imladris and I will not be displaced. I have had this position for five years.” Erestor simply laughed.

“You think you can just waltz in here with your bastard Prince and take over?” Erestor snarled then, angry beyond reason.

“How dare you insult my son,” he growled.

“The son you didn’t want? The one you ignored for months? What made him finally matter Erestor? Becoming Crown Prince of Mirkwood? Is that why you claim to love him now?” Erestor grabbed Figwit by the collar of his robes and shoved him out to the balcony. He held Figwit’s face inches away from his and his tone had the deadly quality of a parent protecting their child from a threat.

“You ever dare repeat those words to my son and I will cut that worthless tongue from your mouth. You even imply such a thing and I will castrate you. Are. We. Clear?”

“Don’t like to hear the truth?” Enraged Erestor pushed Figwit away from him and he fell to the ground below. Since they were only on the second level of the house he was not seriously injured and landed butt first in a rose bush.

Erestor took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of his nose and supposed that was the anger that Celeborn claimed he had not been willing to express. Well there was no better candidate then Figwit.

Erestor pushed the office door open and was surprised to see Calanmir in Elrond’s lap as he drew a picture on parchment. The Elf Lord was smiling and allowing the child to instruct him on what he was allowed to do in the picture.

“He has your talent Erestor,” Elrond said carefully and Erestor shrugged.

“Oh, you may need to have someone tend to the rose bushes outside. A large pile of warg droppings just fell into it.”

“By the name of Figwit?” Elrond asked with a raised brow.

“To some I suppose.”

“So you are taking on your duties today?”

“I do not see any reason to allow any more damage to be done. It may be another day or two.”

“Oh, there are some things we need to discuss,” Elrond said seriously. “Excuse me little one I need to have a talk with your Ada.”

“Go sit in the chair the other Elf was sitting in,” Erestor said as Calanmir gathered up the supplies.

“Okay,” Erestor said after Calanmir shut the door. “What do you have to say to me?”

“First you raised a lovely son.”

“I had help.”

“Oh yes, congratulations are in order.”

“I suppose. But is this what you really need to discuss?”

“No, but it does have to do with Calanmir. As Thranduil named him heir he will have to foster in Mirkwood, most likely when he reaches 40.”

“Over my dead body,” Erestor growled.

“As Prince of Mirkwood there are certain things that he can only do there.”

“Like what? Learn to wear green?”

“Erestor I am merely the messenger.”

“Fine is that all then?”

“There was one more thing. Erestor I apologize for the way I treated you during your pregnancy. And those months after it.”

“Oh. And it only took five years. Good day Elrond,” Erestor went into the next room and Calanmir held up his drawing. Still childish but you could see the artistic skill of the child in a simple drawing of a horse.

“Ada, I’m hungry.”

“Well let’s go wake that sleepy head that’s your Da and have a late breakfast.”


“Son, how would you feel about sleeping over with Elrohir, Elladan, Haldir and his brothers tonight?”

“Like a party?”

“I suppose, we can ask them later. But don’t tell Da, it will be a surprise.” Calanmir nodded thinking about his upcoming celebration. Walking into the room they saw that Glorfindel was still asleep and the two dark haired Elves slowly and silently stalked the room and pounced on Glorfindel tickling him awake.

Laughing as he woke Glorfindel grabbed Calanmir and started blowing raspberries on his stomach as he pulled Erestor closer for more tickling and turned the tables on his would be attackers.



“Right there.”

Glorfindel looked down to where Erestor was pointing and stared at the Elf. “I don’t see anything.”

“Right there. It’s as plain as day.”

“Erestor I have no idea what you are talking about. Calanmir do you understand your father?”

“What’s cheek?” The eight year old asked.

“Its what your new little brother has,” Erestor said pointing to the baby who was fascinated with sucking on his foot at the moment.

“Is that yellow hair like Da?” Calanmir asked looking at the blond haired, gray eyed infant.

“No.” Calanmir simply shrugged as Erestor yawned.

“Love it’s only been a few days, you need some rest.” Erestor sighed and leaned down to kiss the baby’s head and stroke the soft hair. Calanmir mimicked the action and so did Glorfindel. Leading his husband to bed, Glorfindel helped Erestor to settle then went to tuck Calanmir into his own bed. Returning he smiled as he saw Erestor snuggled amongst the furs.

“I still say he’s cheeky.”

“Erestor he is 4 days old. He can not be cheeky.”

“All I have to say is its all your fault.”

“You made that clear in the delivery,” Glorfindel said nursing his sprained wrist.

“Not that, the cheek he gets from you.”

Glorfindel laughed and kissed Erestor holding him close as he felt his lover’s breathing even out. Shaking his head at Erestor’s cheek argument he settled down to sleep as well.

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