The Garden

Title: The Garden
Author: Blue Gold
Beta: Beckyboo
Pairings: Erestor/Glorfindel, Elrond/Celebrian (implied),
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Glorfindel plans a picnic and Erestor has other plans. And is that the Lord of the Valley in the bushes?
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story. They are owned by Tolkien/Jackson.
Warnings: Voyeurism, PWP (though a plot is worming its way in)
Authors Notes: *Sequel* of sorts to The Library, same universe different day.
Glorfindel entered Erestor’s study and paused to watch his lover work. Erestor’s desk was surrounded by other Elves and he stood behind it, delegating to the lower Elves. The expression on Erestor’s face was unreadable as he addressed each Elf.

A light tap on Glorfindel’s shoulder caused him to turn. “Planning a repeat?” Elrond asked and Glorfindel grinned.

“You enjoyed it then?”

“I doubt Erestor would approve,” Elrond said avoiding the question.

“Let me worry about what he approves of. I was planning on stealing him away for lunch. There is a nice picnic waiting for us in the garden. You can join us, publicly that is. I have no plans for debauching my love.”

“I will think on it,” Elrond said as all the Elves were dismissed by Erestor. They bowed to Elrond and Glorfindel as they made their way to the various tasks that they had been assigned. Glorfindel strolled into the room first looking down at his now seated lover who did not look up from the parchment he had just started to read.

“Yes Glorfindel?”

“How did…”

“Even Lord Elrond knocks,” Erestor said. A light rap interrupted them and Elrond entered the room. “My Lord, the Dwarves have accepted the payment and will be arriving in a fortnight.”

“Good, good. Am I interrupting?” Elrond asked glancing at Glorfindel.

“No, Elrond dear. I just wanted to see if I could drag Erestor away for a quiet luncheon.”

“Glorfindel I have work to do.”

“Go, you must eat,” Elrond said not wanting to keep Erestor from his lover.

“You could join us,” Glorfindel said again, thinking it was about time Erestor became more relaxed with Elrond. The pair were friends; sharing tea, talks, and the occasional game of chess, but Erestor was still overly conscious of his rank, or lack thereof.

“I will consider it,” Elrond said leaving the study.

“Why did you do that?” Erestor asked, standing as Glorfindel tucked some stray hairs behind his ears.

“You do realize Elrond considers you a friend?”

“Yes of course,” Erestor said.

“And that he considers all his friends equals?”

“What are you trying to get at?” Erestor asked not following Glorfindel’s train of thought.

“Stop calling him Lord.”

“You used to tell me the same thing about yourself.”

“And you didn’t listen until I bedded you.”

“You bedded me? Is that how it happened now?” Erestor asked with an arched brow. Glorfindel grinned and kissed his lover in the hall.

“What do minor details matter?” Glorfindel said with a shrug.

“Minor? Continue to the Gardens I will meet you there,” Erestor said turning suddenly. Glorfindel grabbed him by the waist and turned him to face him, but his expression was blank again. Hoping he hadn’t angered his lover he released him and watched as he walked off.


A few minutes after he began unpacking their lunch he was joined by Erestor. He wondered about the flush on his lovers pale cheeks but, instead of questioning it, he pulled out a platter of strawberries.

“I believe I owe you these,” Glorfindel said with a cheeky grin when Erestor blushed.

“Why the Library? I have to work there.”

“If it makes you feel better you can ravish me in the armoury.”

“Where Elves come and go all hours of the day and night, yes and have a full audience,” Erestor said with a roll of his eyes.

“Would that bother you?”

“To have some stranger watching that? Yes.”

“What if it wasn’t some stranger?”

“That would never happen,” Erestor said taking a strawberry into his hand. He Swirled his tongue around the ripe, red fruit and Glorfindel watched, entranced. When Erestor finally bit into the fruit, Glorfindel couldn’t believe how arousing he found chewing at that moment. Erestor held the other half out to him and Glorfindel happily devoured the fruit.

Erestor picked another strawberry and traced the outline of Glorfindel’s lips. The blond grinned and Erestor pulled the fruit away and ate it. Glorfindel closed the distance between them and whispered in the delicate ear.

“If you continue like that I will have no choice but to ravish you again right here.”

“You will be doing no such thing,” Erestor said seriously and Glorfindel frowned, the tone didn’t leave much room for argument. “You will not because I am quite prepared to take what I want.”

Before Glorfindel could respond he was shoved down onto his back and straddled by Erestor who leaned down and captured his lips in a kiss. While they kissed Erestor’s hands worked on the ties to his leggings.

“Erestor…” Glorfindel gasped, pulling away. “I didn’t…I mean I don’t have…”

“Haven’t you learned?” Erestor mumbled as he nibbled on Glorfindel’s ear tip, “a good advisors is always prepared.” Sitting up now that he had freed Glorfindel’s hard member from his leggings he arched up and slowly lowered himself down until he was sitting in Glorfindel’s lap.

Elrond walked towards the garden a bottle of Miruvor in his hands. He Wondered why he was so wary in the first place. He was walking towards the clearing when he heard something that froze him in his tracks.

“Valar Erestor, you are so tight.”

Elrond started to walk away then turned. Walking closer he was surprised to see Erestor fully clothed and Glorfindel the same. If Erestor wasn’t panting as he impaled himself on Glorfindel’s shaft he would have believed nothing was going on.

He watched as Glorfindel gripped Erestor’s hips as the Elf moved of his own accord. His robes keeping everything out of sight except for a pale, perfect leg. Elrond almost didn’t notice the hand in his leggings as he started to free himself. With a gasp he freed his straining member. He nearly dropped the bottle as he turned to look at Erestor who was a strange picture of abandon and seriousness with his robe still on.

He watched as Erestor rolled his hips atop his lover causing Glorfindel to groan. He watched the blond for a few moments but his attention was drawn back to Erestor as Glorfindel decided to focus on Erestor’s ignored member. The Elf let out a moan and started moving faster and Elrond couldn’t help but wish it was him giving Erestor such pleasure, causing such abandon.

When Erestor came Elrond did as well shooting off into the bushes. If someone had told him a week ago he would be hiding behind some trees finding release watching Erestor and Glorfindel he would have had them examined for a head injury.

Turning back to the couple as he tucked himself in, he saw that Glorfindel had come as well in his distraction and that the two were panting as Glorfindel stroked Erestor’s hair. He couldn’t hear the half whispered conversation and decided he had spied long enough. Smoothing his robes he momentarily forgot the bottle and it slipped from his fingers with a thud.

“What was that?” Erestor said sitting up suddenly.

“Nothing,” Glorfindel said, trying to pull Erestor back down to his chest.

“I heard something,” Erestor said looking around nervously as Elrond remained frozen behind a tree, not sure how he could explain himself.

Glorfindel sighed but had a feeling he knew what it was. He decided he should look before Erestor took it upon himself. “I will go take a look, I am sure it was nothing.” Carefully slipping from his lover’s body he rearranged his leggings and made his way into the trees.

He found a flushed and nervous Elrond standing against a tree. Turning back to Erestor he saw the Elf watching the area like a hawk. “Erestor it was nothing, there are no signs of someone running off and no one is here. But I will double check.”

“Oh,” Erestor called back and Glorfindel watched as he started to unpack the lunch. Quickly pulling Elrond along he got him to another clearing and grinned.

“We must stop meeting like this.”

“I should have left, Erestor…”

“Erestor is not as stern as you believe. That Elf snuck off moments before lunch, removed his leggings and prepared himself when all I wanted to do was have an innocent lunch.”

Elrond’s eyes widened as he pictured Erestor doing all these things and couldn’t help but want the enigma that was that Elf.

“Glorfindel, stop playing warrior and come eat. I will have to return to work soon.”

”Yes love,” Glorfindel called going back and leaving Elrond where he stood. Turning once he said; “The offer still stands.”

Elrond sighed. How was he supposed to tell Glorfindel he was willing to take him up on the offer but he wanted Erestor not the blond? Erestor who knew nothing of this, but had a sexual side that was drawing Elrond.

Final story *The Party* coming soon!

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